Boston Bombing — 12 May 2013
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The Boston Bombing Hospital Patients Are Fakes: Proof

Note: because of the urgency of disseminating this information an initial version of this post, The Hospital Patients Are Fakes: Proof, is initiated, here. More to follow, later.

Fraudster Marc Fucarile is a liar and a fake. Nothing that he says can be trusted. Nor can anything that is said by his so-called relative, friends, and girlfriend be held as anything other than a falsehood.

This nasogastric tube was photoshopped in. It doesn’t reach anywhere near his nostril. It does NOT go into his nose. Moreover, the right nostril has been taken out. Remnants of the blur tool are seen. He’s a fake, make no mistake about it.


Now fully enlarged:


The entire picture is man-made, that is it was never taken. Look at the proportion of the medical pad in the back; plus it is more detailed and crisp than the images of focus, which would be the two people. This is a fake: the family is fake and virtual. They’re all in on the scam.


Finger ghosts out, background anomaly, impossible crease in the skull (cut-and-paste defect), Photoshop-drawn hair, use of the blur tool in bracket; features exceedingly soft.

Therefore, are his injuries also virtual? Can’t be real, otherwise the family photos would be real.


What nurse put those tattered bandages on? Seems like they’ve been on for days. What about those severely injured limbs and the amputation?

Is that the cookie monster? Whatever it is, it isn’t a real injury, and it didn’t happen on April 15, 2013.


This is painted on. It’s not a real injury. You can see the paint, here:

No evidence of any injury to this leg of any kind. No cuts or residue of a laceration/abrasion. No scabs, suture holes, residual suture components, elevations, bumps: nothing. How about a bit of scar tissue? Bionic healing?

Regardless, what’s that brown swirl? Is that supposed to be blood? Or, a vein? The artificial is surely uniquely different that the real. Moreover, that is that brown component on the knee? How is that real, with those tight nearly perfect edges.

There are no sutures. Just paint. Another view of the cookie monster (silicon-Teflon fake):


Looks like he has a leg for sure, just going out of frame and hidden by the white object. More paint on the front of the knee going down the tibia. Let’s have a closer look:


The brush strokes are clear and evident. No way around this one. Look, too, at the attempt to cross the line with a stroke of paint horizontal and one vertical to give the impression of a suture. This is his knee. The leg goes down. He is likely even faking the amputation.

See his interview, here:

What are these people doing lying to the world?

BOSTON РWith tears on her cheeks and determination in her voice, Jen Regan of Stoneham, Mass., spoke publicly for the first time Monday about the challenges facing her fianc̩, Marc Fucarile, who was severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombings.

At Massachusetts General Hospital, Regan detailed Fucarile’s condition, which the hospital lists as serious. His right leg had to be amputated above the knee. His left leg suffers from multiple fractures. Half his body is burned, including some third-degree burns.

“Shrapnel litters most of his body, the most serious being his heart,” Regan told reporters as six of Marc’s family members stood by her. “Even though his heart was physically damaged, it did not lessen the size of his incredibly loving heart.”

Fucarile is one of nine bomb victims still being treated at Massachusetts General. Five others are in good condition, while three are listed as fair. They’re contending with injuries similar to those seen elsewhere in the city: broken bones, damaged tissues and shrapnel penetration, especially in the lower legs, according to trauma surgeon David King.

Fucarile recently regained consciousness, Regan said, and spoke to Regan about her and their 5-year-old son, Gavin. As she spoke, a photo on a wall nearby showed Fucarile and Gavin smiling at a New England Patriots football game.

“The first words he said to me when he woke up were, ‘I am sorry for being there. I love you and Gavin,’ ” Regan said, reading from a written statement. “He then proceeded to ask how his friends were, just proving how Marc is always worried about everyone else before himself.”

Though wounds have required close monitoring, none of those treated at Massachusetts General had developed infections, according to King. He attributes that remarkable record largely to techniques learned in Iraq and Afghanistan, such as conducting multiple surgeries in stages and letting affected areas heal a bit before doing the next one.

Discharged patients have generally moved on to rehabilitation facilities, King said. There they are continuing various types of therapy – physical, mental and emotional.

“We’re at the very beginning of treating and curing their medical and surgical problems,” King said. “The amount of rehabilitation, (plus) psychiatric and psychological healing that will be required, will honestly result in a lifetime of care and therapy.”

To aid Fucarile in his recovery, a cousin has created a website to collect donations at As of Monday, the campaign had raised $62,000 toward its $500,000 goal.

Fraudster #2 Adrianne Haslet-Davis

Haslet-Davis is lying, and she knows it. Relative to the Boston event all that comes out is a lie. She claims she’s a dancer. In fact, she may have been at one time, but not recently. She lost her leg, long ago. Not this comparison. Her dancing photos are a fabrication. The lower left leg was put in artificially, no doubt about it.


They are virtual patients: for a virtual massacre. However, the money may well be very real. Let it be said again ANYONE who claims to have suffered an amputation from the Boston hoax bombing and is/was hospitalized on that basis is a fake and fraudster.



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  1. He has the same schrapnel pock marks on him that the Corcorans had on their faces. Somehow those nasty holes completely cleared up on Sydney’s face. There’s just a few remnants on Celeste’s face. Those kind of holes in one’s face would leave scars. Look at Sydney’s creamy complexion now:,d.dmQ&psig=AFQjCNG5WppotnGi9DxzvahFUC7BHFhqnQ&ust=1368544239596411,d.dmQ&psig=AFQjCNG5WppotnGi9DxzvahFUC7BHFhqnQ&ust=1368544239596411,r:15,s:0,i:130&iact=rc&dur=749&page=1&tbnh=181&tbnw=273&start=0&ndsp=16&tx=126&ty=83

    • They don’t even look like the same people from photo to photo.

      Here is the photo of the mother’s legs, the leg damage looks fake (and the legs look way too long for her body) and if not how could she smilling just a few days later?

      • A friend of mine was in a motorcykle accident three weeks ago. He broke his clavicle and scapula and almost completely severed the nerve plexus in his right arm leaving his arm limb and numb. The doctors say he will never have a fully functional right arm even after surgery with stem cells inserted between the nerve endings. He takes strong painkillers of different types that makes him really tired and slow. He is sad and cries alot.

        The happy Boston bomb victims recovery is a joke and an insult to real trauma victims.

      • Look how those three men are just standing around with their back to the woman in red. None of them seem the slightest bit concerned about her nor the woman in the blue coat on the other side of them. No one is comforting them or checking them out. The people look like they are just standing around having coffee on the sidewalk.

        Also notice the weird plastic on the blond woman’s lower left leg. They have also altered this photo. I have other versions that don’t have that white blob covering her other foot. In the other one her sneaker is fully visible and matches the one behind her. Seems her sneaker blew off her foot leaving her foot undamaged. The sneaker is not damaged either. It just somehow blew off her foot still tied. I know they are reading the forums and YT comments, and then altering photos. We’ve pointed out her matching shoes and now they put this white blur in front of her shoe.

  2. It really is insulting. The fact that they think they have gotten away with this scam is infuriating. I don’t know how they’re living with themselves right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of them grows a conscience in the near future and either directly or indirectly helps to expose this fraud to the public. Or, maybe some envy will break out between the actors who aren’t able to cash in financially as much as some of the others, and they’ll trip up the operation that way. They’re only human after all, and sooner or later something will happen that will cause this crime to be exposed beyond the shadow of a doubt.

    • I hope so, too. But so far Sandy Hook is still under wraps. This site exposed every last bit of that fraud. Just when we are getting close to full exposure, they ramp it up and do another false flag to distract. It worked as hardly anyone is working on Sandy Hook anymore. We are getting more evidence with Boston, so I wonder if they have something bigger planned next. They are desperate now to distract.

  3. Lost my right arm in 86 in a coal minning accident, a rock fall completely covered me and the piece of equiptment i was on, mashing my right arm flat but not completely off. Took me 1 1/2 hours to finish tearing it off with my free hand.

    I cannot begin to tell you how much pain i was in and begged the Drs. to just knock me out even after being given all the morphine i could legally have. I was hooked to a morphine pump and in intensive care for 2 days but was released exactly one week after the accident and nothing they prescribed for pain did any good so i didnt take anything at all except a shot of whiskey or two. The phantom pain (never understood why its called that) remains with me to this day but the 1st 5 yrs were the worst

    I was 31 yr old then and pretty damn tough if i must say so myself, but i cannot for the life of me see any pain in these peoples faces for what they supposedly just went thru nor can i see any sign in their eyes of strong medication…they must either be superhuman to handle it so well or full of shit…..i’m leaning toward full of it. tennwalt

    • God bless ya, be well. Scrub your arm with the wild oil of oregano (P73). It has morphine-like properties and will help stabilize the nerve tissue, even late in the game.

    • Tennwalt – It’s an insult to real people like yourself what went down with this Boston marathon bombing. How it’s reported. These people are decadent. What’s odd is that the actual amputees who participate in this thing are so bad at acting out what actually happened to them in the past. Perhaps they have been directed to keep it subtle, so they don’t distract from the other extras having other injuries. That way the numbers can seem greater. This is one of the craziest things I have ever seen.

      My sister lost a nerve in her arm, the ulner nerve, due to a careless surgeon’s removal of the pins after a bicycle accident fracture. He literally pulled out the nerve and snapped it. I saw her long and painful recovery, her wincing in pain even under heavy meds. Or my nephew who shattered his kneecap in a skating accident – he had to use a compress for weeks, holed up in my living room, moaning in pain. Whether you lose a limb or snap a nerve or have a crushing injury, the drugs do not allow you to go around smiling and appear at sports events within two weeks.

      Every doctor in Boston should be holding a press conference and denouncing this.

      Why aren’t they? What is this – the invasion of the body snatchers?

      • Dianne, thank you for your reply. You know, what gets me the most is the fact that there had to be plenty of eyewitnesses to this fraud, where are they? And like you said, where are the Doctors that can refute these absurb actors and their miraculous recoveries and instant healings of wounds and all without any sign of stress?

        Thats why people look at you crazy with wide opens mouths, they say…why hasnt anyone said anything and how could so many people be there and not notice…then you have to tell them who owns the media and hollywood and then they know for a fact your crazy. lol

        I know its not funny, but i have to laugh sometimes myself just to keep it together. It appears the dumbing down has been a great success thu SSRI’s, flouride, msm, propaganda, indoctrination in every factor of life from the cradle to the grave..they have done their homework and are eons ahead of us few who can see thru their matrix of deception but i have little hope the masses will snap out of it before it all comes crashing down.

        I am still an optimist though and it is heartwarming just to know there are that few that really do understand whats happening. I am glad you are one of them.

  4. Notice the propaganda about how surgeons learned so much in Afghanistan and Iraq about how to do these surgeries, the amputations. I don’t know if they learned anything from those wars. It’s a bit arrogant, though, to start talking about surgery techniques when you are just a reporter talking about a bombing in Boston. Or do they brag about their great amputations at MGH, thanks to our government’s brilliant moves into the mideast? Is it like a sales’ pitch as they are putting you under? Or when they are going on rounds? Somehow, I think it is made up crap.

  5. Hi, everyone! I wanted to ask you guys if you saw this video here with Marc F. interview:
    Please, watch it. He says here that he and his friends( ended up as “victims”, too) were just standing there when they heard first bomb going off and they thought that “it’s not good”. Then second bomb went off and it apparently affected him and his friends. So, I understand that he was at second site, right? Should be, since they were standing there, thinking whether it’s better to go on the road away from the buildings. But then he probably gets his scripts mixed up because in the end he says that the girl who died was there, right beside him. I guess he means Krystle C. But she was at the first site, she was very visible there. I do not know if I can save this video. If you know how to save it, please, do it because they may delete it soon.
    And I want to say that I’m very glad to have you all here and to be able to read your thoughts on what’s going on with our world. Thank you, guys!

  6. Marina that is a creepy video. He says he had “pins in his feet,” he says that twice. But one leg was blown off? When he mentions “the girl that died” at the end of the video, notice how he looks away as he says that. Also notice in the clip of his sister, she is doing that patented “tearless crying.”

    Also I went to Marc’s Facebook page. He has 676 friends. Let’s say that again: SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX FRIENDS. There is ONE comment related to his injury on his page, and it was posted on April 16th, under his most recent timeline post on December 27th. Even if he has his FB page set where no one can post on his timeline except himself, I would think at least more than ONE PERSON would have at least replied, under an existing post, about his injuries. The guy has one friend and 675 totally insensitive and uncaring friends on FB.

    Oh and yeah, that stump healed REALLY well.

    • And speaking of FB: as I was looking through Marc’s FB friends, I saw a familiar name, Jacqui Webb. I went to her page. Supposedly she had shrapnel injuries to her legs, and according to an article on her, “both her hands were burned and are wrapped in bandages.” Yet, she is posting like crazy on her FB page, starting on April 17th. Those must be some really special bandages.

      Marc’s FB:
      Jacqui’s FB:
      article about Jacqui:

      This article is even funnier. In this one, we are told they found a piece of zipper in her leg. When asked about it, Jacqui says it was “part of the bomb or part of the backpack.” This would be hilarious if it weren’t so evil.

    • Honestly this whole story could be told through the FB pages. Jacqui’s boyfriend, Paul Nolen, and also his brother JP, lost their legs. It is clear on their fundraiser pages (linked all over these FB pages) that both of them served in the Army. Wonder where they sustained those injuries? And as usual, love and prayers in the comments on everyone’s FB, not one word of sorrow or outrage, nowhere. Just not normal. Nope.

    • Last comment and then I’m done for now… I guess I tend to be a Facebook sleuth… but on April 17th, Jacqui changed her FB profile photo to a collage of herself and six other victims, including her boyfriend and his brother, and Marc Fucarile.

      So, we are to believe that two days after the bombing, while in the hospital in between surgeries and with both hands badly burned and bandaged, this woman had the ability and time to make a photo collage of these people (did she even know them all ahead of time???), and post it on Facebook???


      • They are arch-fraudsters and are part of the plot. They should be investigated to the hilt.

  7. Did you know Paul Norden (one of the two brothers who lost a leg) was able to CALL HIS MOM FROM THE AMBULANCE on the way to the hospital? Just incredible *cough cough*

    And as with all the rest (including both brothers in another article), his mother doesn’t want to think about the “people who did this.”

    • Chimpazilla, I totally agree about it being ridiculous setup – I suppose people belive it because: in Hollywood movies people seem to sustain horrendous injuries and still keep fighting/doing whatever they were doing as if nothing have happenned. Secondly, real all-American heroes heal really super- quickly and don’t faint when their legs are blown off. Thirdly, I talked yesterday to one of my clients about BMB being fake and from her reaction I understood that for most people realising that they cannot trust media is equal to seeing their world shattered and disappearing fast. She was really scared. I had to start talking about regular things like home improvement projects to calm her down. And I live in Canada, this whole story seemingly does not affect us directly (yet) and I can only imagine how lots of people in the States react.
      This whole situation is so wrong. And for me most difficult thing is watching people making the choice of believing this not even thoroughly concosted story and condemning innocent people without stopping for a second and reminding themselves that there is such thing as presuption of innocence. That whole witch-hunt thing is horrible and I don’t even care if the Tsarnaev brothers were somehow connected to CIA/FBI/DHS or they were/are actors as well. What matters is the choice of american people to let go down the drain of their freedoms. Because next time it may happen to not dark-haired muslim boys but someone else. The lynch-mob mentality is wrong always and allowing this situation to happen was most damaging for people’s souls.
      Thak you for FB info, i’m not sure if I’ll be able to look it up because I’m not on FB (it’s too time-consuming for me) but I can sign in as my husband, I guess. All the best to you and all!

      • I can count the people I talk to about this on two fingers. The rest are like you said, unable to handle even the idea. I had a similar situation when I suggested to my mom that the bombing may be a hoax. She listened but couldn’t even reply… took a few seconds and changed the subject (which I allowed). I can’t speak to my husband, I always thought 9-11 was so wrong and he always thought I was a nutcase so I stopped mentioning it. If I mention this one he will think I’m so insensitive. I count on people like you in this forum for my sanity, frankly. Glad to have found this site. Thanks for your support from Canada, Marina! And thanks especially to Dr. K. Carry on!

        • Hey, did you see this video? I know it’s a bit on tangent, it’s about 9/11.
          Check out the comments, too. I haven’t seen it in full yet. My husband and I share the computer, so sometimes I can not get here. I’m sorry about your family being so prone to mass-media suggestions. My husband had his doubts about BMB, I just had to show him few videos and some photographs but he still thinks I’m wasting my time and that we are not going to learn the full truth. I explained to him that even so, for my own sanity I need to see as full picture as possible. I found another forum, the people there seem to be more technical because they check everything for fakery :
          There are many pages in this forum, you can go and start from the very beginning. There are some fairly weird people but I think they are shills and most members seem to ignore them .
          Here in Canada I would say quite few people believe that 9/11 and the rest of those shootings, bombings, etc., are hoaxes. It’s just canadians take it as a fact of life, sort of shrug their shoulders and say that they never believed anything that comes from US government. Any government, in fact. And mainstream media.
          Good luck to you, too! I’ll come later, I have some crazy idea about Krystle Campbell, I have to air this idea.

          • What is your “crazy” idea? You sound like me. I have told others of my theories including my own family and they seem to think I’m a little crazy :)

  8. You people are sick. I have seen these victims first hand. Are you people actually stupid enough to believe that hundreds of people can successfully fake amputations and totally fake two bombs going off in a highly populated uban area? There are literally thousands of witnesses that saw the bombs go off and now at least hundreds of thousands that have seen the aftermath of the victims and bomb sites. Pathetic sick people.

    • You are using the standard language of a troll. Are you a troll, and, if so, who do you work for?

      By the way, who did you see “first hand.” You will be taken at your word, here: give us the exact names and where you saw these individuals and what you saw, troll.

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