Sandy Hook — 29 January 2013
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The Lying Face of Neil Heslin

The following is an analysis of an interview between liar-in-chief, Piers Morgan, along with fellow fabricator, Neil Heslin, “a nice guy,” Morgan claims, that just cares about all the ‘evil’ in the world. Parents such as Heslin are actors. They are liars. This analysis helps prove it.

While in Sandy Hook hard evidence for the fraud may be tenuous, the words and facial expressions cannot be denied, which are widely available for public consumption. The face is a relatively accurate indicator of the emotional state, even the degree of truthfulness. People can be fooled by their eyes. They can also be fooled by words, whether verbal or in-print. Even so, let us analyzed the words of this interview in comparison with the facial expressions to see what is discovered.

Neil Heslin would have people believe that he lost his son, his best friend, in a hail of bullets. That son was shot execution style “in the forehead,” he touts. Because of such a horror, he proclaims, action must be taken. Guns must be restricted. Semi-automatic weapons must be banned. They are getting into the wrong hands, like the lone, crazed gunman who perpetrated Sandy Hook (sarcasm). It all seems so convenient, considering that this is the vigorous goal of global Zionism and  it just so happens that Heslin is a part of the cabal.

Yet, is he telling the truth? Can he prove he truly lost his son? Was there a crime scene to indicate an actual massacre, forensic investigation, detectives on-site, murder weapons, and more? Moreover, why is a young child with nearly the exact, if not the exact, appearance found two days after the event at Obama’s side?

Therefore, is Heslin merely telling tall tales for a hidden agenda? Is he a part of a well-coordinated conspiracy against the people? If so, surely, his face will tell or at least give a clue of his motives.

He wants rid of America’s power-base, including the free right to bear weapons. Repeatedly, he has aimed full bore against in particular semi-automatic weapons and also large capacity cartridges. Will he call for the same for his Zionist cohorts in the Israeli strip, including the so-called settlers, who are massively armed?

Regardless, he reveals himself fairly readily through his facial expressions as well as body language.

This would have to be revealed in such a manner, that is if this is a lie. That’s because of the scope of the fabrication, for instance, words such as in the preamble of the CNN interview that “Neil Heslin on his son, who perished…” Those are major, incisive words. If this was fabricated, then–or if truthful–this should be revealed through body language and more.

As hard as it is to believe Heslin could well be an actor. It has already been determined definitively that other parents were acting. The Parker video speaks for itself. Here, on one post the McDonnells have been exposed as actors. Others who were on the scene to give predetermined story lines included Gene Rosen, Coroner H. Wayne Carver, III, and State Police spokesperson Lt. J. Paul Vance. Behind-the-scenes actors who have been uncovered include Robert and Diane Licata as well as Robert and Barbara Sibley. Much remains unknown about the Sandy Hook debacle, but these are the definite issues. Nor is the motive of all such individuals for putting on this act fully defined. It makes no sense that it was merely for monetary gain, although anything is possible.

Since many of the other parents have been determined to be embedded actors it behoves any investigation to evaluate all the other parents for playing such a role.

There is a strong basis for such investigations. It is possible to detect lying or other deceptive intent through both facial expressions and body language. This is through the science of “micro-expression.”

According to the Website “Micro-expressions are fleeting facial expressions that betray underlying emotions that the person may be trying to suppress. They mostly happen around the eyes and mouth, and are very brief, typically lasting only between 1/25 and 1/15 of a second.” It is also noted that these expressions are usually facial but can also manifest in other parts of the body, like the legs, torso, and shoulders. These expressions can include twitches and tics.

The scientific basis of this expression reading was largely elucidated in the late 1960s by two psychiatrists, P. Ekman and W. V. Friesan.  According to the investigators regarding these micro-expressions:

…so brief that they are barely perceptible to the untrained observer. Micro displays may be fragments of a squelched, neutralized or masked display. Micro displays may also show the full muscular movements associated with macro affect display, but may be greatly reduced in time.

At least three of the well-published micro-expressions were detected in the interview, as follows:

Fear Widened mouth, slightly open. Wider eyes with raised eyebrows.
Contempt One side of lips raised. Head slightly back.
Disgust Raised upper lip. Wrinkled nose.

The contempt and disgust include self-contempt and self-disgust for fabricating the truth even though knowing better.

Thus, a forensic examination was done on one of Heslin’s key interviews, the one with CNN’s Piers Morgan.

The interview in question is found here:

It will be shown that in this interview there are countless micro-expressions occurring, including the aforementioned muscular movements.

Upon being interviewed by Piers Morgan Mr. Heslin started out by saying:

“Jesse was my son, but he was my best friend and my buddy, too. And I’m just really lost for words. We did everything together,” explained Heslin in honest and heart-breaking fashion. “He had so many favorite spots where he’d go, the diner in town here, the grocery store for his bagel or muffin in the morning, the Misty Vale Deli where he’d go to get his sandwich in the morning, also before school and his snack. I’m lost for words,” at which point he had the following facial expression:


Morgan begins the interview by talking about the little boy’s heroics, that he showed great bravery, and that, “obviously, his favorite teacher Vicki Soto” had died.  He then talks about everything he’s understood so far, and these are the facial expressions which occur:


Notice as Morgan crafts this lie he does so speaking from the corner of the mouth, while Heslin shows facial twitches at this time. Then, Morgan speaks with the words, “his last few moments alive,” when the following happens:


(1:04-1:05 on the timer, right when Morgan beings the word “alive”)

This happens precisely when Morgan says the word “alive” and can only be picked up by repeated fast-paced clicking of the mouse. Morgan continued with attempting to immortalize Lewis, saying he “showed great courage, that he was trying to get out of there;” at which time Heslin exhibits a vast number of facial movements, contortions, and twitches. two significant tics of his facial muscles. At this point Heslin goes through all manner of facial contortions, including twitches, tics, and more:

At the point, where Morgan says “he showed great courage,” he suffers his first tic, while Morgan continues to talk out of the corner of this mouth:



Then, precisely when Morgan uses the word “courage” Heslin suffers another tic:


Morgan now tells the story of Jessie Lewis “trying to get out of there, that he was aware something was happening. Obviously, his favorite teacher, Vicki Soto, was there. She was being heroic, too, but did it surprise you that in that moment even in his young age that he was showing such enterprising courage?”

At the moment that Morgan said “he was aware something was happening,” this occurs:


No facial expression could get more contorted than that. Clearly, Heslin, here, is telling tall tales. That would be the muscular contraction of which Ekman speaks. This happened at 1:11, again, right when Morgan said “something happening.” When Morgan added that “Obviously, his favorite teacher, Vicki Soto, was there” Heslin reacts by undergoing a variety of facial contortions, jutting out his jaw, squinting the eyes, in other words, additional large muscular movements:


While the jaw jut was particularly noticeable in the above at 1:14, however, this is what is seen:


It happens just as Morgan says the words his favorite teacher Vicki Soto: precisely when her name was said those eyes shoot dramatically up to the right.

Rolling his eyes back, moving his head back in extension, also well research as a sign of self-contempt, it gives him time to think of the next lie:


Eyes shut, nose crinkled, head rolled back, facial twitching, corners of the mouth at different angles: preparing for more obfuscation; the same with squint-eyed Morgan.


Heslin goes on to tell a tall tale about how brave his son was and how he had no fear of anything. He acts as if he is forlorn and sad and how it is so sad. He is sure to mention that his heart goes out to all, even the family of Adam Lanza, who should not be held responsible for what he purportedly did. Sounds like a truly forgiving and kind man; that impression was created purposely. It was just one more tool to reach Americans emotionally.

Now, he tells one of the tallest of all his tales, which is a Christmas story. Said Heslin, “My little boy said something the night before to me. And he said, ‘Dad, this is gonna be the best Christmas ever. And, and he was going on about it, and I said, ‘Jesse, you know, we’ll make it the best we can.’ And I, I don’t have much family. So, it’s kind of a quiet time for me. And he made Christmas happy for me and joyful. And he made it what it was. So, I said to him, “Jesse, we’ll make it the best we can.”

And the next day this tragedy happened that occurred, and I thought to myself, “Boy, was he wrong about that.”

Who in the world talks this way in the midst of such a horrible tragedy, especially doing so without even a hint of emotional distress? Nonetheless, the virtually the whole time he told this story he kept his eyes fixed towards the ground.  When it came to reiterating that fateful news of the purported death, “then, the next day…” this was his expression:


These are the lying faces of Neil Heslin and Piers Morgan. Unabashedly, they told tall tales to the entire world. They do so for their own vile agenda and were so adamant in that regard that they were even willing abuse both the children’s names and memories in that regard.

There may be some lessons in this. A liar and a cheat will often squint the eyes, close the eyes before speaking, and also talk from the corner of the mouth. One side of the lips will be frequently raised higher than the other. There may be twitches, contortions, and other bizarre movements. If the talking from the corner of the mouth is continuous, then, dishonesty can be presumed, and it was surely continuous in this interview. A combination of squinting of the eyes, closing the eyes shut, and talking from the corner of the mouth is particularly suspect.


Lying can be represented in the face, and that was surely the case in the Morgan-Heslin interview. The available research supports this, indicating that there is a natural instinct within the individual against lying, and, thus, when the lying is perpetrated the muscular system in the body, fully connected to the thinking brain, reveals it.


Heslin knows better. It can be seen in his face. The same is true of Morgan.  They not only know they are lying, they know that the entire Sandy Hook event is a diabolical fraud.

Perhaps the old adage truly does hold, which is “Don’t trust anyone who talks out of the corner of his mouth.” Look at Morgan. Is there even a single time when he doesn’t talk in that manner?

From the lies it was onward to gun control. That sweetsy-appearing Heslin showed his true colors through his anger and rage when he was confronted by activists regarding his attack on the 2nd Amendment.


The world is filled with great distress and difficulties. There is no need to add to its burden with filthy lies. Sandy Hook is one of the most vile lies of all time. Heslin is just one an additional player in the scheme, which amounts to one of the grandest hoaxes of all time.

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  1. You are a sick individual! I know Neil and it is terrible that you woul victimize him after all he has been through! Please get mental health treatment!

    • hey John Doe: STOP SHILLING. You don’t “know” Neil. Neil is another fraud, just like the other Sandy Hoax actors PRETENDING their kids died. The cat’s out of the bag. People know Sandy Hook was a GUN GRAB HOAX.

      Folks, watch the Documentary: “WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SANDY HOOK.” It reveals all the lying, fake, fraud, ACTOR, parents.

  2. Neil Heslin should be hang upside down throw gas and light on fire slow painful death people like this should be thrown out of my country.

  3. Him and family should be hang set on fire fucking Lying bunch of jews. We need get rid of them from united states this us my country we should have not help them in WW2

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