Sandy Hook — 29 January 2013
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The Photoshopping of Victoria Soto: cut-and-paste, missing fingers, grotesque hands, bizarre facies, and much more

Victoria Soto is alive. There is no way such a person died on December 14. For such a death to occur in a hail of bullets there must be a crime scene. A murder investigation is required. Fingerprints must be taken. Any evidence on-site, like weapons or other deadly instruments, must be secured and removed for evaluation as well as fingerprints. Forensics teams are brought on site. Evidence must remain in place or be removed in a secured fashion by protocol.

There must be transportation of the remains, and the body must be ultimately identified by next of kin. An autopsy may well be required. Blood and other human tissue, as would be expected in consequence of such a brutal killing must be cleansed from the scene.  Protocol after protocol must be followed.

In Sandy Hook on December 14 none of this was done. In fact, the one gun which was shown live on camera, a kind of rapid-fire shotgun found in a trunk, was manhandled by the inspecting officer without gloves, a gross violation of investigative protocol. In fact, now, the entire place is restricted, enclosed by razor wire-topped fencing.

Regardless, there was no reason to waste time on forensics.  That’s because no child, student, or staff were killed that day.

Where is Victoria Soto, now? Is she with the Greenberg family? Is she planting trees with Noah Pozner in the Israeli entity? Soto is a major player in this fraud. She needs to answer some very serious questions about her role. Her whereabouts must surely be determined. Regardless, there is no reason to fabricate her photos unless the entire official story is a fraud.

A concerted, international effort has been made to forge the various pictures of Soto, especially any photos involving other people. Her solo photos are only more rarely fabricated if at all.

The photos prove the hoax perhaps more than anything else. No one can tak us out of what we are seeing.

Are any of her photos real? Turns out, the majority of them have been heavily corrupted. Here is perhaps the most stark example:


Is this not clearly evident? All the people in this photo are looking in the same direction, toward the camera-person, except one: Victoria. She looks like a statue, a mannequin, in that pose. She is staring off into space with a clearly contrived facial expression. then, look at her arm: it’s defective. All this is analyzed as follows:


Here is that same Soto, same dress and facial expression, in yet another fabricated photo, in this case solo with Carlee:


This is just as clear and evident as the one above,. an absolute fabrication. Notice the anomalous chest-to-chest configuration. Soto has simply been cut and pasted into this picture, which can be seen by the unnatural and straight cut line of her floral dress. Notice also the straight line between the two outfits.  However, is she the only fraud in the picture? Carlee Soto’s picture, too, is anomalous. The chest is sticking out with a bizarre arching backwards of the back. Vicki’s arm seems unusually fat a large, even though this is a sweater. This ‘fatness’ is a sign of using the Photoshop paintbrush; in other words, it was artificially enhanced. The purpose: to create that consistent pattern sheen in this photographs of ‘loving’, hugging sisters/friends, but always in unnatural postures–virtually always with arms and hands around each other in suspect poses, because the process of creating such poses is corrupt.

This same arching backward of the back is seen, here:


That arching is due to the stretching backwards of the image when manipulating the photo. The upward arrow denotes the “straight” anomaly, where the lines of contact between two photoshopped individuals is abnormally straight, tight, or cut-out (jagged). Notice, too, the differences in this photo directly above and the one above it. In the one with the curly-haired Carlee she is clearly taller and bigger than Victoria, while in the straight-haired example (just above by the beach towel) she is smaller and shorter.

These are bizarre photos, chest against the other person’s side, are another consistent pattern. That is from the cut and paste affect. The hand is also defective. It has that typical Photoshop look,  the flattened fingers devoid of perspective, with variation of colors on the flesh, in this case with some pink paint on the fingernails.  Truly, Victoria Soto, in fact, both of them look contrived. The lighting is wrong for the background. If they had a spotlight on them, it would affect the background as well. Yet, the background is dark throughout. This is fake.

The hand also appears fake. Notice the angle of the head on the neck and the facial expression. Are they not the same? In other words, are the photoshoppers simply cutting of Carlee’s and Vicki’s heads and then placing them on other people’s’ bodies, making them look as if sisters. Here is a close up of the hand:


Count the fingers. The fifth one is missing. They forgot to paint it in. There is also the characteristic flattening of the thumb and fingers, which is commonly seen in these corrupt photos, which is in part due to the fact that these hands are computer-fabricated.

Then, there is this enlargement of the photo, showing further corruption. The tight, sharp lines between the two torsos are evidence that the two bodies have been installed against each other; it’s clearly a cut and paste. Why is it so important for the perpetrators to make it appear that these two are sisters? Obviously, that’s because they are not sisters.


Here are two people in a natural pose, also close together. Notice the difference, the lack of the sharp and unrealistic lines:


The people here are calm-appearing, naturalistic, with a kind of three-dimensional appearance. Notice the difference, that lack of stiffness, the lack of straight, rigid lines? Color tones and lighting are the same throughout. No heads or spines cocked backwards.

Another family fabrication

Many of the same people in the first ‘family’ picture are also found, here, including Ms. Soto.


The main anomalies are seen in three people, Victoria Soto on the far right, the woman in pink next to her and the woman at the far left, apparently Carlee Soto, in black. Additionally, the boy in the middle in the black shirt may be an artifact.

Here, it is important to look at the direction of the light, which never lies. In the legitimate individuals the light is striking on the left side of the head and body, as in the lady in turquoise and the young boy and man at the far left. With Soto and the woman next to her, looking at the heads first there is no light striking them. The light, though, strikes and reflects off of the woman’s arm. Thus, it is likely the heads were attached, especially Soto’s.

The boy in the white shirt in the front looks like the same person in the infamous devil’s sign photo, see below:


Truly, the eyes can deceive. However, with this photo it is beyond question.  However, the proof is found in the arm anomaly: that is the evidence of the sloppy cut-outs as well as the straight line of her dress on the left, a finding commonly seen in faked pictures. So, in fact, her image was graphically added to this photo, perhaps replacing someone else, since there are three glasses on the table. Here is another example of a falsified picture:.


Here is the hair close up: see the artifact? That piece of hair seems brushed in. Pixilation is normal, however, this can be painted in.


That’s likely a stroke of a brush. In fact, all this batch of hair appears contrived.

Here is Carlee Soto in real life. See the difference, how it is real and not glaringly artificial? Note the hair. Does it look real or painted?




For certain the head of Soto in the above picture is the consequence of cut and paste. There is a cut line slightly visible below the jaw. There is evidence on the neck of color adjustment. However, the big proof is the angled nature of the head on the neck, indicating cut and paste.

Here again is that consistent pattern of cutting off heads and pasting them in at an angle. Note also the black section of color adjacent to Carlee Soto’s gown; that is clearly anomalous.

Were these heads cut and pasted onto someone else’s bodies? Notice, once again, the head angles. Vicki Soto’s face appears to have been cut from another picture and put in another person’s head. Jillian’s head in particular is highly angulated, but so are the head of the other two. This photo goes along with the Christmas tree story told by Carlos on CNN: it’s as if it is “belittle the goy” hour.


Here is a brazen example of photoshopping. Look at how contrived these people are, all in entirely different parts of the region. The real evidence is in the Soto component. Look at the rock she is on. At the front edge it is cut in a straight line. Look at the grey ‘boulder': that is impossible it stops directly on the cut line. Everything about this photo is artificial:

Sitting on a rock in the bay, hoping the fraud will go away

This is exceedingly contrived. Look at all the poses, each person in totally different place or on a different rock.

Source: (als0),or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41018144,d.aWM&ion=1&biw=1230&bih=945&wrapid=tljp13583751628310123&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&

It is very important to look at this, and look at it again. No rock formation in the world would appear like that, unless the rock was cut off by a granite saw. However, then the rocks would have to be fixed in place: clearly, this photograph was manufactured.

Here is another dramatic example of fabrication. On CNN this photo was presented, captured from a video. The logo is retained to demonstrate the original source, the same one from which the Greenberg album photos arise. It says “Family Photos.” Can we hold CNN to it’s word?Someone has installed Vicki Soto’s body in this photo. In fact, they all may be installed but Vicki’s placement is most glaring. Her head has been cut off from elsewhere, or perhaps that same picture, placed in to a direction coordinating with the others. Look at it. It is huge, even bigger than the male’s. Her hand is also bizarre, actually quite large for the size of her body. Notice also the facial expression of Jillian: exceedingly contrived. Her hand is also anomalous and appears to be shopped in, being glaringly white and lacking all definition.


There are a wide range of anomalies, here. For now, the most dramatic will be addressed.


In this cut away there are several gross anomalies. Perhaps most striking is the placement and size of the Vicki Soto head. Clearly longer than the other ones it is artificially cut and then pasted onto the torso. There is a kind of Photoshop defect also at the chin: extra tissue. Then, too, look at her hand. Not only is it large and almost man-like it is an entirely different color that the wrist. The most glaring element is the hand around her waist, Jillian’s. That is not a real hand, as seen here:


Notice the flatness of this hand, devoid of all definition and form. The tip of he fourth finger is missing.

To get it to this size it had to be enlarged. Some might argue that this caused the abnormality through pixilation. Here is a real hand enlarged similarly:


Now, the nature of computer-altered pictures can be seen. There is as dramatic loss of definition as well as perspective. There is flatness to the features, especially the fingers and toes (those divinely made miracles that cannot be fully imitated):


Clearly, this is an artificially added hand. It is huge, much bigger than her hands in real life. It’s color is different from that of the flesh of the hand. The fingers are sharp at the tips, another claw-like hand.

What about Jillian? Is she real, or is she a fake?


Clearly, she, too, has been installed into the photo. Her pony tail is make-believe; the shoulders are shopped; the gown and straps also. Perhaps all the Soto heads in this image are the result of cut-and-paste.

ALSO: alerted by one poster, there is definitive proof of the photoshopping of not only Victoria Soto’s head but also her purported make-believe sister. See this close up, with caption:


Double alert:this is definitive and absolute evidence that the Soto family is not who they claim: they are impostors.

Then, there is the Schiavone corruption. Proclaiming herself as Soto’s best friend, instead of providing real and crisp photos this is the type of image that was uploaded:


However, the culprits were sloppy again. They didn’t notice that image, ghostly as it is, trapped between the two. See that clearly; it is a photographic impossibility; it is the compressed head and body of a woman or, possibly, a reflective image of a person in off of a near-by mirror.

Notice, once again, the contrived nature of the facial expressions. Yet, look between them; there is a compressed version of a women in the background, a physical impossibility. The women’s image draws all the way down through their hair.  Like nice friends they have the same kind of shirt, so why does Soto have her stock scarf in this picture? There is also the rather rigid-appearing sleeve on Schaivone’s right arm. Soto’s standard sunglasses are evident; there is also an anomalous straight appearance to her head on the right side. Her hair falls downward on the cut line perfectly straight as opposed to Schiavone.

Here is the photo again to demonstrate the tactics being used. Notice the facial expression of Soto in both the photos. Notice the look in the eyes, the teeth, cheek bones, the facial and dimple lines, darkness under the eyes and hair pattern on the skin of the upper forehead; notice the scarf. Faces are stretched when shopped in, but this is precisely the same. Even the hair pattern on the left side of her head is the same, as the hair rides her temple and carries down.

Both these photos were in the video of Schiavone’s TV performance. A collaborator at network news and a former Fox News cohort she orchestrated this cut-and-past, virtually face to face, to make it appear that they are best friends.

rachelschiavone6,photoshopped imagesotoheadshotcomparison,schiavone


Here is a close up of the element of the bizarre, that squeezed in image between the two frauds. It is clear and categorical evidence of a conspiracy by the major, contrived media against the people:


What follows are what appear to be real photos of Victoria Soto. Notice that she is virtually always alone in such photos. There is none of that contrived appearance. Nor is her head torqued at an angle. Nor is her image low resolution or blurred. This is merely further evidence of obfuscation by the Sandy Hook perpetrators:


Soto in schoolVictoria Soto, tank top

Now, compare the real Soto to the fakes ones:

Victoria Soto, excellentsotowithcarlee,new

And again:


Surely, there is a general likeness, but one group of photos looks lively and real, while the others are clearly contrived. There is no distortion of the anatomy in the real pictures, no anomalies of any kind; everything is clear and there is no “offending of the senses.” The face is expressive, three-dimensional. There are no sharp lines or divides on the clothing. Nor is there any tightness, twisting, and contorsions.

It appears that in the above case, again, Soto’s face was cut and placed into the head of another.

The photo record of Sandy Hook is a fake. That means that all the prominent people in the news, such as the Soto clan, Gene Rosen, the Phelps, the Wheelers, the Bardens, the Hockleys, the Rekos, the McDonnell’s,’ as well as the Soto’s, and more are all phonies. It also means every other component of this, including the claim for the deaths of children, teachers, and staff workers, is a diabolical lie.

Why not, when the perpetrators are of the propensity to set up donation and Facebook sites, in advance, and steal from the unsuspecting and innocent:

(logo preserved by screenshot for RIP Victoria Soto, four days before the event:



Money was and is being hauled in by the bucket-load. However, Americans are becoming increasingly wise, like the people who caught this:


That Facebook link was shut down as soon as the corruption was revealed by alert Internet sleuths.

Victoria Soto IS a real person. Where is she, now? Will the real Vicki Soto show up?

Soto, highschool yearbook







The photo is completely contrived, placed ina picture of a hallway, apparently, to make it appear like a school. Look between them. A human being is squeezed in-between.

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  • Posted: 2:06 PM, December 19, 2012
Rachel Schiavone:“Vicki and I met freshman year of college and shared a dorm room together sophomore year, junior year and senior year. Vicki was a ball of energy with an incredible personality. She loved to dance, be silly, make people laugh and just do crazy things. She was always ready to have a good time and always up for anything. Her laugh was contagious and her smile would always make me smile too. For those of you who had the privilege of hugging Vicki you know that when she hugged you she put her whole heart and soul into every hug she gave. She would squeeze you so tight every time and you could always feel how happy and how excited she was to see you. Vicki loved chicken parm and in college she would make us all get in line so early just so that we could make sure to get a piece. She slept with her teddy bear at night with her fan on always and her eye mask. She loved to clean. She was crazy about being organized. Her favorite number was four and her favorite color as you all know by now was green. She loved ‘The Little Mermaid’ and one night in college when a boy came over to hang out with me, in the other room Vicki started blasting ‘The Little Mermaid’ song, ‘Go On and Kiss the Girl.’ I knew what she was trying to do though I don’t think that boy ever picked up on it. She was sarcastic and funny and so goofy but in the good way. She loved flamingos and she always called me Roni (sp?). If you were friends with her you probably had a nickname that she called you too. This past August when my boyfriend and I moved back to Connecticut after being in New York, Vicki was elated to have us home. We would meet up for dinners on weeknights and go out every weekend. She helped us move into our new condo and Vicki helped us set up our entire kitchen. She knew exactly where she wanted the plates to go and the dishes to go and I did not stop her. She was strong and totally fearless and it doesn’t surprise me at all that Vicki died protecting her kids












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  1. What in the heck does Carlee’s shirt say? What is that wrist band say? Bizarre photos for sure.

  2. In the first photo analyzed in this article, look at the two girls on the right in the back. One is supposed to be Jillian, I believe. Look at the size of their heads! They are tiny compared to everyone else. Carlos’ head is too small, too.

  3. I’d like you to know, Victoria’s mother sent me your website. She sees it, it is hurting her and I don’t understand why you are doing this. I am working with her family to have fake facebook pages removed, I’d like to answer any questions you have.

    • In fact, there is a question you can ask. Did you read the post about the missing leg? Ask Mrs. Soto if that is her son Carlos Mathew in that picture, and, if so, how did he get a new leg? Ask her also if that is a picture of her, there, with one leg of normal girth, while the other like a pole stick.

      If she can answer that, then, ask her how, for the first time in history, her and her son managed to grow new legs. One more: where is Vicki Soto, the one in the Greenberg album, these days? She has some mighty important questions to answer. Waiting.

      • You have my email address, feel free to email me so I can answer your questions.

    • Can you send me the link from Mrs. Soto and a copy of her email to you, so she can be answered directly? Waiting.

      • Don’t hold your breath. Apparently, the shills have found

    • Ryan, please DO as you said and “work with the families to have fake Facebook pages removed”. That is the point of these articles. We want fake Facebook pages removed and a confession to the public about this entire hoax. So please get right on it …and remove FAKE Facebook pictures!!!!

      • You people are absolute scum. Even when potentially confronted with somebody that may be linked to a tragic event, rather than err on the side of caution and consider their feelings if it is real and broach the subject carefully while still attempting to get the information you seek, you continue to push your own agenda with your head so far up your own ass so as to not even consider that you may be hurting other people by dismissing their pain as a “hoax”. You don’t give a shit about the truth; Your mind is already made up. If there’s one thing you nuts are right about, it’s that there are some truly sick people out there that care more about a ludicrous cause than about the welfare of their fellow human beings, as you have demonstrated with your sheer callousness here.

  4. I don’t see any comparisons on this site between Jennifer Greenberg Sexton (Mrs Phelps) and the “attorney” in James Holmes arraignment video. Has this been discussed and or debunked?

    • Debunked at this time. The attorney has a flat-featured face. That could well be disinfo. But will try to do a comp.

  5. Brother, whether you realize it or not. And I say this with all sincerity you are a child of the devil.

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