Boston Bombing — 15 May 2013
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The Set-Up and attempted Assassination of Dzkhokhar Tsarnaev

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Framed by Zionist operatives, including Jew David Green, Dzkhokhar Tsarnaev was the patsy for the Zionist-orchestrated hoax attack at the Boston Marathon. The purpose was to create hate against Islaam, while soliciting sympathy for Zionist causes. Here is a powerful video by the Justice for Dzhokhar group. Use the mouse to click and slow to read the inserts. Zionism descended with all its evil and Boston and all of America, attempting to create the guise for the systematic implementation of martial law, all based on the false guise of Islamic terror.

In order to do so patsies were selected. These patsies were Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

He is a prominent youth in the area, a respected student, highly scholarly. It is this young man who earned nearly a 4.0 grade point with honors. Here he is on the sixth row in with his graduating class:

He’s right there on the sixth row, fist on chin. Let the liars be damned this man had nothing to do with this, even as a supposed FBI trainee: nonsense.

High powers in the Zionist cabal had already plotted against them and put their Sayanim Jewish agents in charge of framing them, including Andrew Kitzenberg and David Green. The photo showing Dzhokhar running around the corner of the brick building is a fabrication: he wasn’t there.

It’s brutal and tyrannical, and it could happen to any of us at the hands of these Zionist thugs.

His character and intelligence

Feel the sadness and despair for his plight: it’s real.

These are the kinds of individuals routinely destroyed by Zionist Jews, the true filth of the earth.


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  1. That video on Dzhokhar’s real life made me cry. This is atrocious what has been done to these brothers. The people orchestrating this probably have children or grandchildren of Dzhokhar’s age. How dare they do this to a young person? They are monsters who must not even see these young men as humans… just their pawns.

    • Your grasp of reality absolutely slays me! How do you account for the WITNESSED gun battle? The WITNESSED car jacking? He wasn’t sitting in his little grren Honda cowering while a 10 minute ginfight went down! He was WITNESSED getting the bombs from the trunk, and HE was WITNESSED throwing a pressure cooker bomb down the street! What are you proposing? That some black ops shadow organization cleverly hid them in his car, and Shithead #2 decided to take advantage of that bounty??!!
      I had wondered why the boat was confiscated, and today the answer is revealed, while hoping to die a martyr like “Speedbump”, he had time to write a manifesto. This is no innocent patsy. This is no poor yongster led astray. This was a P.O.S. that was activbely involved with the making of the bombs, wasalso trying to cover his tracks by directing friends to clean out his room. He WAS without a doubt involved with the shootout on Laurel St, and there is witnesses, and a picture of him trying to run down the LEO’s that had taken down Speedbump. I am seriously thinking that all involved in this site are not the least bit concerned with “finding the truth”. Stirring up controversy and throwing out unsupported theories is more what I see. If he was innocent, the first thing he would do is turn himself in to the LEO, just like the originally misidentified “bomber” did. He was at the VERY LEAST a accomplice to the hijacking. I have NO doubt forensics will show that Speedbump’s weapon fired the shot that killed the MIT cop. So that makes him an accomplice to MURDER. He was also fully involved in the gun battle, witnessed throwing the pressure cooker bomb. So how could you possibly think that he is even remotely innocent?! How can you just dismiss the fact that Speed bump ADMITTED to the bombing!!
      (also, getting in a 10 MINUTE!!!! gun battle with LEO after killing one, just displays the utter arrogance these two showed!!)

      • Hi Kevin
        Lots of info. May I ask your sources, are you an eyewitness?

      • kevin griffith, how could anyone see Dzhokhar throwing pressure cooker bombs at anyone? We were told by your beloved media that pressur cooker bomb should be detonated. And another point – I own pressure cooker. If it gets filled with metal junk heavy and solid enough to severe human thigh, even if it’s small pressure cooker – it’ll weigh around 25-30kilogramms.
        I heard that “witness” s interview you are referring to, right here
        The interview here is edited already but when I heardit first time, this “witness” was actually saying that he saw Tamerlan running down the street while simultaneously shooting his gun, throwing grenades AND pressure cooker bomb. Gimme a break!

    • He was becoming too popular. Need to demonize him.
      ” Fuck America”….oh my……well then…. that changes everything doesn’t it…….he must be evil….kill him!
      Unfortunately many unsophisticated mouth breathers will fall for this tactic
      Even if he wrote this, which he didn’t, who could blame (a wounded unarmed 19 year old being pursued to the death by 9,000 troops) for being a just little peeved at his federal govt. or am I just an apologist. “Why do ya hate M’erica!?!”

  2. From The Talumud

    A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands.” TALMUD: Abodah Zara, 4b.

    “Every Jew who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” TALMUD: Bammidber raba c 21 & jalkut 772

    • The Talmud is the Satanic version of the Torah. The Jews have an oral version of the Torah called the Tenach, or which some call the Talmud, but the Talmud a minority of real Jews are familiar with is not the Talmud being used today. The Babylonian Talmud has taken precedence since 1905 and is blasphemous. In fact every Jew today is taught through this particular Talmud. It refers to Jesus as an idol, and His worshippers as idolaters. It claims Jesus was into beastiality and is burning in hell in a pool of semen. Now where would that come from? Satan Himself. The books of the Talmud are based on the teachings of the Pharisees. To understand why Jesus held such contempt towards this ancient sect of elitists, Christians must have some knowledge of the books of the Talmud—a set of 63 books written by ancient rabbis. These books contain the legal code which is the basis of todays Judaism and Jewish law. In fact, Talmudic Judaism is primarily a legal system in a literal sense. It
      has little to do with religion. It is more of an ancient political cult group with many followers who are not openly Jewish. This is why so many Jews openly claim to be Jewish and atheist at the same time.

      In fact the Talmud originated from the ancient Cabal occult and Pharisee sects. Jesus told them they were the Synogogue of Satan. Every Zionist today clings to what they think are the secret teachings of the Talmud. Welcome to the Internet where very little remains secret of anything. You can read some Tidbits about the Talmud at Talmud Tidbits
      Today the majority of Jews in Israel are practitioners of Pharisaic law—Talmudic law—which is the enemy of truth, Jesus, and God.

      THE NOAHIDE LAWS AND THE NWO. Why? Because George Bush, indicated in Public Law 102-14, 102nd Congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah.
      WHAT ARE THE SEVEN LAWS OF NOAH AND WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH YOUR HEAD? It was studying this that brought me to the Talmud. Since the Noahide Laws are based on the Talmud.

      Do you get the connection? In the same Year George W. Bush announced the emergence of the New World Order, he proclaimed the United States as being based on the Noahide Laws. Nevermind that our country was based on God, or a Bill of Rights, or a Constitution to protect us from tyrants such as he was. In fact, nothing was done then and nothing is being done now. People just don’t understand what they’re talking about and accept whatever the media tells them to believe. We have been set up. Our political leaders have replaced God with Satan and have replaced our Constitution with Dictatorial Powers to completely enslave each one of us.

      God’s Watchmen are Sounding the Alarms and have been, but very few are listening.

      So back to the Talmud. Follow the bouncing ball…Satanists…Talmud..Pharisees..Illuminati…New World Order. Who are the Illuminati? They comprise of the Bolshevik Jews of old, the Lubavitch Jews of today, the Zionists, the Communists, almost every government in the world and secret society that takes oaths to Lucifer and participate in blood rituals whether sacrifices, drinking, or both. They’re practices in ritual and black magic are taken directly from the Talmud.

      Is there any doubt that our end was ordained at the beginning? You can trace the Talmud Satanists back to the worship of Molech and even before that. It’s ancient. Today it’s the same practices and old lies just repackaged with a new name called the New World Order. Read about Jewish Ritual Sacrifice, it will open your eyes and make you realize that everything we have today goes back to the occult practices of the earlier days.

      • No truer words have been said. Occult: confirmed by both the Qur’aan and the Bible, Qur’aan, paraphrased, “mere occult practices practiced before the time of Solomon…”, that is instead of the truth of divine revelation.

      • Glad someone has done homework! The knowledge is there, one must only grow the balls to accept. Everything in media, all the false idols like Beyonce & Madonna, in our movies points to the dark powers manipulating the weak. The strong shall rise with a flash of lightning that will blind the wicked and free the imprisoned masses. If we could only get them to put down their internet porn -_-

  3. What happened to Dzhokhar could happen to anybody. A corrupt government could do this to anybody it chooses. This could be me. What defense would I have when you are blamed for this, the public is completely fooled, images are photo-shopped, and videos altered. If I was on his jury and all this fake information was made part of the trial, I would have so much reasonable doubt that there is no way I could vote guilty. Not with what I know.

    • Exactly.

  4. But will this all be exposed at his trial presuming he is still alive – he has been apparently segregated in a 10X10 cell and his own mother in an interview stated that the US officials informed her that she would not be able to see Dzhokhar even if she travelled to the US. Is he still alive or will they carry on their façade using their trickery and disguise creating a look alike to carry on more deception with a TRIAL of pretense. May God have mercy on their souls if this is true.

    • Hi linda
      No trial…ever. That “fix was in” from the start.

  5. “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”-William Shakespeare
    But careful! Make sure of your role in the ACT for that will be your imprint which you will be held accountable for and must answer to!!!!!

    • I know I speak for mostly deaf ears here, but how do we know Dzhokhar and his family is the ones they (and the MSM) say they are?

      Remember, we are so deep into the magic rabit hole that NOTHING is what it seems.

      Open the Dzhokhar-video in YT. Stop at 04:20. See something familiar with his eyes? And he is NOT looking at something in the roof… Adam Lanza style eye whites!

      • Dzhokhar is a real person who had a happy life. I am a regular commenter on this site and have been since Sandy Hook. My best friend lives in Cambridge, MA. Her daughter went to four years of high school with Dzhokhar and graduated with him. We have pictures of them accepting the same scholarship together. “Cambridge Ringe and Latin” is a prestigious public school with a focus on social justice. He had many friends and a promising life.

        As for his eyes in that picture he is looking up at the camera. Most people’s eyes show the whites when looking up. This is normal anatomy. The photoshopped eyes of Adam Lanza show the white surrounding the iris when looking straight ahead.

        • WOW! And Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbors stated that he was a good guy, as has the neighbor of the creepy kidnapper/rapist in Ohio. Ted Kasinski was a genius that do anything in the world he wanted…and he chose to make bombs!

          • And when listing bad guys don’t forget the infamous Kevin Griffith who goes to great lengths to makes excuses for a morally bankrupt corrupt federal government……horrible…

          • You are a very poor troll. At least take lessons from NJ.

          • Kevin, I have been out of the loop for a couple of days. I have not seen any posting concerning “serial murders”. I think this would cover Teddy and Jeffrey, I am concerned if maybe a serial murder did kill the brother, I heard some of them had flown in to Boston.

            It was the shooting of Asma Mughayar that swept away any lingering doubts I had about how it is the Israeli army kills so many Palestinian children and civilians.
            Asma, 16, and her younger brother, Ahmad, were collecting laundry from the roof of their home in the south of the Gaza Strip in May last year when they were felled by an Israeli army sniper. Neither child was armed or threatening the soldier, who fired unseen through a hole punched in the wall of a neighbouring block of flats

            An Israeli soldier posted an Instagram photo purportedly showing a Palestinian boy’s head in the crosshairs of his rifle scope, prompting an apology from the Israeli military.

            The chilling image, which shows the back of the boy’s head, was posted by a 20-year-old Israeli sniper named Mor Ostrovski, according to pro-Palestinian news site

            Kevin, you maybe on to something going the serial murder route.

            pThe events surrounding Corrie’s death are disputed. Eyewitnesses said that the Israeli soldier operating the bulldozer deliberately ran Corrie over while she was acting as a human shield to prevent the demolition of the home of local pharmacist Samir Nasrallah.[8][10][39] They said she was between the bulldozer and a wall near Nasrallah’s home, in which ISM activists had spent the night several times.[10] On the other hand an IDF officer testified in court that on that day they were only clearing “vegetation and rubble” and that no houses were slated for demolition.[40] However, ISM activist Richard Purssell testified, “[t]hey began demolishing one house. We gathered around and called out to them and went into the house, so they backed out. During the entire time they knew who we were and what we were doing, because they didn’t shoot at us. We stood in their way and shouted. There were about eight of us in an area about 70 square meters. Suddenly, we saw they turned to a house they had started to demolish before, and I saw Rachel standing in the way of the front bulldozer.” Human-rights activists and Palestinians say that the demolitions had also been accompanied by gunfire from Israeli snipers. The director of Rafah’s hospital, Dr. Ali Moussa said that 240 Palestinians, including 78 children, had been killed. “Every night there is shooting at houses in which children are sleeping, without any attacks from Palestinians

  6. Can you post the Youtube link above the embedded Youtube video? I can only see a black box on my computer screen. If I knew the Youtube link, I could go to Youtube and see the videos. Can you fix this page?


  7. My gut told me that Dzhokhar was innocent of these crimes from the moment the MSM started reporting on him. They hadn’t yet released photos or any background information yet, but they had announced his name, and they were interviewing one of his friends from school. I’ve never experienced such an inexplicable feeling like that before–feeling like you KNOW something without any real reason for feeling that way. Something was not right. Then, when I heard his family and friends speaking about him, and I researched information online, my feelings that he was being set up compounded. This whole thing is so infuriating and so heartbreaking. I’ve actually cried over this. It’s really upsetting that people can be so ignorant and easily manipulated by the media and the powers-that-be. It’s terrifying, and extremely sad. I’m dumbfounded when I hear the comments people make about these brothers–just parroting the official story ( which has changed a dozen times since it began and is FILLED with inconsistencies) with such conviction. One would think they were privy to evidence that we have not seen with the way they speak of their alleged guilt. They just completely disregard the fact that we haven’t seen a SHRED of evidence that either of these brothers actually did any of the things they were accused of doing! It’s baffling! Dzhokhar wasn’t even CHARGED with murder of the MIT cop because of lack of evidence, but I see people every day online talking about how he and his brother murdered a cop!! It’s amazing. The brainwashing power of the media and television is really just astounding. If people would just take a step back–back away from the TV, and just LOOK and THINK and QUESTION–they would be very surprised at the stark difference between what is logical and plausible, and what they are being told by the ever changing “official story.” They would see the inconsistencies and outright LIES that the “officials” have told regarding this case. The scary part, though, is that I fear that for some, even if they did realize the lies, they would find a way to rationalize them, and disregard them anyway. What a sad, frightening state of affairs.

    • To all you idiots writing on this blog get a grip. Stop conspiracy theories you only show your ignorance and YOUR hatred, Please leave if you think this government is so bad. Go to these Middle East countries where you will have no freedom of speech.

      • Mr Vigeant,
        We do not create conspiracy theories – we merely post reality based on facts. The conspiracy surrounding the events of the boston bombing include the FBI, FEMA, and DHS trying to sell to the American people fraud and their imaginary necessity so they can substantiate their existence and validity when they, in fact, are completely worthless organizations that provide no benefit or value to America. So, if you want to come down on the conspiracy people, come down on those that set these conspiracies into motion. We merely point out these agencies’ shortcomings as they try to fool the world.

        As for this country – this is my country and the country I choose to live in. I choose to live in a county that has free speech, respects civil rights, has truth/honesty, freedom, and a small/contained government. My country is based on our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If our government does not do what its citizens expect of it, the option of people like you and me are to replace or modify our government. That is our obligation and duty. Our obligation and duty to our country does not include the option to leave if we are not content with it. That seems to be for those who are weak at heart and that is your option and choice. There are enough citizens of this country that will stay to make it right. But if you want to leave because you are a free-loader that leaves when the going gets tough, there is nothing anybody or I can do to stop you. In fact, I encourage you to leave so you don’t get in our way.

  8. Now the latest is that Dhzokhar scribbled a confession on the inside of the boat. This, after they had the boat in their possession since the Watertown capture! It’s like they’re trying to heap up so much evidence that even skeptics will finally give in, which will never happen in our case! A hundred wrongs will not make a right.

    • Exactly. It’s beyond absurd. It’s actually really insulting that they would dare to present this obvious B.S. as fact, and it’s scary and sad that there are people who will actually fall for this crap. Sickening.

  9. Scrawling something in a boat while dark makes no sense. Why would anyone even think this is something a reasonable person would do? If it makes no sense, it can’t be believed. Would it be in the best interest of Dhzokhar or in the best interest of the government? Who ever it benefits is the one that very likely wrote it.

  10. Dzhokhar might be already killed :(

    • Someone did a video showing that this is actually Tamerlan’s image. They overlaid the picture of the deceased Tamerlan and it’s the same. This is not Dzhokhar’s profile. I don’t know waht this is all about releasing this photo and saying it is Dzhokhar.

  11. Well, we can add this insulting joke of a story to the mess. Can we say “desperation?”

    The powers-that-be are really making this worse for themselves will all the absurd nonsense they keep piling on to try and lock up their baseless case against this poor kid. They’re embarrassing themselves, and insulting us.

  12. Oops, sorry about that–the previous posts weren’t showing up for me before I posted that link. Didn’t realize it was already being discussed on here.

  13. Did anyone see the DANCER A.Cooper interviewed last night? It’s so obvious how they try to manipulate the world – they showed a clip of her with only her eyes visible where tears run out as this is only what is shown! not showing anything but her eyes as an audio is also heard by her saying how terrified she is to go back out into the world and walk the streets of Boston, what was that? another heart string maneuver for all the brainwashed people to sympathize over – how is it possible that this goes on – how do people actually have the courage to lie and be deceitful to hurt others – and to go on national television for what? Money? because I know if one has the audacity to lie and lie and lie that person has no HEART OR SOUL!!!!!!! They also showed “What really happened in the shootout (as per their comment) on April 18″ admitting there was only one pistol that the brothers had which was empty upon retrieval at scene with more than 300 rounds of gunfire shot from police, but a whole army…. out the next day for ONE person UNARMED! oh but how convenient they let him get away on foot with massive amounts of police around? DISGUISTING! Jahar was a human being just like all of us – his life taken – how unconceivable and evil the orchestration of this whole affair is. One can only pray that despair, anguish and guilt will consume the people and actors in this horrific scheme.

    • Anderson Cooper is part of the Rothschild dynasty. CNN is run by the CIA. N’uff said.

  14. I invite anybody involved in the boston bombing hoax to come forward on this site and be a whistle-blower concerning the fraud and corruption of that event. It’s the right thing to do.

    • I’m praying that one of them finds their conscience and their soul and comes forward. It cannot be easy to keep such a devastating lie going, and it’s only going to get harder. An innocent kid’s life is involved, and they’re are taking part in destroying his life if they remain silent–if they seek the death penalty then these people will potentially have innocent blood on their hands…and all for what? Money? It can’t be worth it.

  15. They are still feeding the people more bullshit!! This is the big story out today “exclusive to CBS”. Now they say Dzhohkar wrote on the inside of the boat his confession, and his motive, which was how radical a Muslim he is:

    • It’s absurd!! I honestly cannot believe that they think people are this DUMB! It’s mind-boggling! I genuinely thought it had to be some kind of joke when I first found out about this whole “note” thing. I’m in shock at the level of absurdity. Do they honestly expect people to believe this crap?!! HOW?! They’re even saying that he found the pen in the boat!! So he’s bleeding profusely, dehydrated and exhausted, in and out of consciousness and hiding in a dark boat, but he somehow manages to miraculously locate a magic pen that writes on metal, and starts writing “F**K America, Praise Allah”. WOW. Are they KIDDING me?!! It’s laughable!! Who the hell is writing this crap??

      • This is really mad and unbelievable. Now I feel really very sad for Dzhokhar, they have either already killed him or they will kill him without having any chance to defend himself to speak out the truth. This is disgusting and horrible, this young man’s life is being taken away so cruelly and nobody seems to be able to stop it.

        • Ness,
          I am with you on this sad story. I think something happened to Dzhokhar on May 5/13, I’m not sure what. May be he’s dead, may be he’s heavily drugged.
          And I don’t understand how all these actors can do their fund raisers (may it be someone else raising funds on the “victims”‘ behalf?) and, possibly, using this blood money to improve their lives? It can not be good for their souls.
          To uncover the real story is difficult because IMO what is needed to show that people that allegedly died in BMB, died some other time and place and not from the “bombs”. I do not know if information like that would be 1) available for general public and 2) wouldn’t be altered.

          • Hi Marina, thanks. I’m not sure what has happened to Dzhokhar either, but that’s for sure that they have already sealed his doom irreversibly. Now I’ve really just started to hope that they killed him earlier so that he will not have to suffer in their hands anymore.

      • The Mossad, the same ones who ‘wrote’ the Atta note.

    • Here’s a comment from this excellent (and funny) article:

      “They said part of the note said he didn’t mourn his brother because he was a martyr. There was no way he could’ve known for certain that his brother was even dead while hiding in the boat.”

      • Hi Jody
        Good catch I didn’t think about that. The note must be a lie. You just debunked the FBI.

        • F.B.I. – Facilitating Bombers Inconspicuously
          (in order to dramatically “catch” the patsy just in the nick of time) since before the 1st WTC.

    • I wonder what he used to write with. Most people on the “run” like he was don’t carry writing instruments. The news and these people really come up with serious b.s.

  16. The probability of finding a pen – 60%. The probability of finding a pen AND one that works – 30%. The probability of being able to write legibly in the dark, laying prone, and with bullet holes in your body -10%. The probability of being able to find a working pen AND writing legibly while in the dark, laying prone, and with bullet holes in your body – 0%. You know what I find really, really odd? It’s that if he was going to leave any messages, he could have tweeted his messages on this cell phone instead of writing it on the boat. It surely would have been quicker and easier to read. We all know he had a twitter account he used. Why wouldn’t he have his cell phone?

    • very true

  17. Collateral damage? – exactly! for them. What B.S. is next. Who thinks of this? waiting, squirming to announce a new concoction. It is so obvious what they are doing, wanting to prove to the world evidence does exist with an admission of quilt on the BOAT – INSCRIBED – too funny. Caught on CNN a so called senior analyst (what the hell is a senior analyst – no such title exists in real world) Thursday night say “IF IT GOES TO TRIAL” Leo u were right no trial ever! THEY ALREADY KNOW THE END TO THIS STORY!

    • Hi linda
      Yea I’ve been knocked around a bit, learned a few things, got some “scars” to prove it…they can’t even risk a “kangaroo court” on this one.
      He either “commits suicide” in custody or they will announce a quiet plea deal to “avoid the death penalty” and is never heard from again. He has already been tried convicted and sentenced to death in the court of public opinion…that’s all they want….moves their agenda forward until the next “event” distracts gullible america….

      • oh and “commits suicide” could be, dies of “complications of his self inflicted injuries”, “killed trying to escape”, “killed when he attacks a guard”, “killed by another prisoner’, etc. lots of options…

  18. The FBI and Mossad are evil and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they sacrifice this innocent young man after torturing and murdering his brother in cold blood. I had two theories either some foreign terrorist group paid the Tsarnaev brothers to carry out the bombings or they were framed like Lee Harvey Oswald and I strongly believe that Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were patsies used by the Zionist scumbags who want to terrorize people and blame Muslims for every brutal attack. F#$@ Zionists!

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