Sandy Hook — 01 April 2013
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The “Fake” Soto Grave-Yard Pictures

Fraudster extraordinaire, Carlee Soto, is at it again, assaulting the world through so-called social media mediums, Twitter and InstaGram.

Her tweets are hedonistic, obscene, and vile and could never be permitted even in the major, contrived media, let alone on this site without censorship. Therefore, their reproduction, here, is senseless. They can be reviewed at:

They clear show a kind of Psyops operation by Soto and collaborators aimed at the people’s senses.

Here are the two grave yard pictures tweeted by Soto through InstaGram, first the one of a simple plot of dirt with a few adornments:


Note that there is no grave stone. How could there be? No one died. That was followed by her posting of this photo, which, once again, has that appearance of being contrived:


In fact, it is contrived or, rather, photoshopped. How vile: Carlee Soto and her clan even willingly profane the visit among the deceased. Or, did they really visit?


There was no visit. It’s a fake. On the left screen that straight line is the edge of a house. Then, there should be trees in the background. Instead, there is a whitish fuzzy area, where the tree trunks and limbs are fully brushed out. That was the result of the installation of a photoshopped image. There are three humps at the top of the brushed out section, from the brush tool as the strokes were put in. If you look carefully there also appear to be blur marks on Carlos Soto’s forehead to crop off some of the bangs: give him a different look.

There is more in the background than this. The area between the two heads is brushed. The left edge of Carlos Soto’s face has a rigid line that cannot be a shadow and, thus, must be the result of cut-and-paste. There is also a cut line, clearly evident, marked with the red arrow. Also, Jillian Soto’s hair edge is rigid from the cut-and-paste operation. Jillian’s hair also has a see-through area, which seems anomalous.

What about these two? How is this normal?


Those are some significant stretch marks on Jillian Soto’s neck, another fake head shot. Carlee Soto appears completely abnormal; what a terrible, low resolution photo to put on-line. I thought she was an actress? What is she doing representing herself so inadequately? Furthermore, how can this defect be explained?


Does poor resolution or reflection account for a triangle of pink matter on her jaw and cheek? The photo is a complete fraud. Just like Victoria Soto wasn’t at the school that day, neither did the Soto clan visit this grave yard, as acclaimed. Regardless, the triangle anomaly is also visible without enlargement, so it is not strictly a defect of compression or pixilation:


Moreover, what is going on with the stance of Carlee Soto? How is this normal?


What is she attempting to portray, the “leaning tower of Soto?” No wonder they placed that inane green t-shirt before her to cover-up the obvious photographic corruption. Again, who can possible explain a stance at this angle in a normal stand-up photograph?

What about that Carlos Mathew Soto head shot in the grave-site picture? Seen that anywhere else?




It can be seen that it is the same head, recycled. Yet, how are the people to know? Their pitiful eyes deceive them. Note, for instance, that the eye squint and the dimple are the same in each photo.

Yet, all this fabrication is seemingly inconsequential to the social media guru Carlee Soto. All that the fraudster Soto has to do is call the death card, and people collapse:


It would appear that the entire purpose of Carlee Soto on Twitter (or, rather, her handlers who urge her onward) is to impale Americans with emotionally charged commentary, all to keep their minds in disarray and to keep the blood boiling towards gun control. She does so while simultaneously publishing the most lurid, lewd commentary possible, with special cohorts whose whole purpose is tweeting about ‘sex.’ In fact, other than blatant nudity by Soto herself (it is hoped that she doesn’t go that far; seeing her face repeatedly is grotesque enough) her tweet ‘channel’ virtually qualifies as a porno site.

Once again, Carlee Soto violates all norms by honoring a fake grave site and far worse, posting a fabricated photo of a grave visitation which never occurred. How could she have time or even the desire to go there? She is too busy following her own hedonistic fancies.



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  1. Carlee tweets that she “wishes she could wake up in a different life”…. well, I bet she does. And she said “all I ever wanted was what every other girl has.” Is she hinting that she was offered money and a fancy life, and is now just blackmailed to keep up this charade, or else? She says she doesn’t even have a DVD player. She’s just a slave now with no reward for her despicable role?

    Her statements also remind me of what Laura Phelps said on her blog. She said that she wished she could dig a hole in the ground and curl up in a ball in it. These people are seriously, profoundly deep in an un-Godly hole. Either they have moments of regret and realization of how terribly wrong their choices were, and/or they are living under threat of death.

  2. cousin of V Soto? +other photos you might find interesting:

    • Did you email them?

  3. what happenned to your missingleg post? anyhow i know u dont want to hear this but i DID go to knowlton street in stratford and the house w flamingos IS there. i also found the listing for carlos soto at same address in a 2008 phone book. . as far as marker stone–sometimes it takes quite a while for the stone to arrive. i will go investigate thie gravesite. here is somnething i thik u need to look at asap—missing hiker found-Mary owen sure looks just like Lauren Rousseau.

    Here is the link: http://nodisinfo.comfinally-a-real-vicki-soto-family-or-not/

    • This person Mary Owen looks nothing like Lauren Rousseau:

      Correct, sad case: no resemblance. also, younger.

    • That’s great. Very helpful. Will check on the Mary Owen thing. Will update based on your findings if you provide same in link form or typed; can you screen shot anything? Or email? The missing leg post was just updated.

    • Yes, the post says there is a house on Knowlton. The Assessor’s office, direct communication, said that the 1588 one doesn’t exist. Flamingos are a psyops scheme to consume people’s consciousness, just like the colored balloons and more. Google wound indicate that 1588 doesn’t exist, that’s 1588. Can you check?

  4. Anyone reading this have a genuine need to throw up when looking at the Soto’s graveside photo session?

    Drkresearch, ….I honestly have no words for what I am seeing in the tweeted pics. There is so much trivial inanity going on in this picture that I am actually experiencing cogitive dissonance.

    “Live/Laugh”???????????????? You are right about the Carlee Soto stance. Who the hell poses provocatively at the sacred burial site of a beloved family member??????????????? My god…..I am witnessing something so truly insane and irreverent that I feel I need to take a long, boiling shower. I feel that I must cleanse my mind of these filthy images.

    The video provided by Dave is a very telling video. This boy probably knew about the plans for a false falg mass murder and this is what he was alluding to in his tweet. There are no coincidences.

    Nothing about this entire, contrived fiasco is believable. Nothing.

  5. Have you seen this yet? Another WIDE EYED photo of Lanza

    • That photo is completely Photoshopped, that’s a 100% fact. Thank you for the post.

  6. This is crazy… I’m agreeing with JamieJamie.. just in disbelief. I mean, Vicki Soto is ‘Americas Sandy Hook hero’ for hiding her kids and giving her life and THAT is her grave site!?!?!?? No way. And the way they are posing beside it!?! This is too much.

  7. this is such bs

  8. Look up Victoria Soto on findagrave (you’ll find several, she’s the one who supposedly died in 2012).
    You’ll find the page with some pics, but no picture of the headstone!
    The entire Sandy Hooknose gun grab event stinks like a psyop!

  9. ha I just noticed in the first pic the gravestones on either side of her “memorial” are at least five feet back, where in the second one they are right there next to it. FAIL

  10. why are they smiling. I never saw anyone take a photo op and smiling at a grave site of a loved one?

    • It’s Photoshop magic. They probably weren’t even there.

  11. So…where IS Victoria Soto??

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