Boston Bombing — 11 May 2013
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Title change: Jeff Bauman Busted as Amputee Actor, Staging Confirmed

Note: Operatives Caught Staging Bombing Hoax at LensCrafters Brick Wall

In the name of God, the merciful, the giver of mercy

Note: this post proves that the Boston Bombings were a staged hoax made in Hollywood and that Jeff Bauman is an actor amputee and not an injured or amputated person from the Boston hoax bombings.

Thanks to AnonPyrates Jeff Bauman was identified on-site just before the detonation of the smoke bomb. He can be seen, here, wedged between the main cast of characters in this hoax, the lady in pink, the one in purple, the  other in peach, and the man behind them in the hoodie. All are operatives for the Zionist-controlled government. Down low, he is likely propped up on his prosthetic stumps. During the chaos he will be carried immediately to the sie, likely by the man in the grey hoodie and black sweatshirt.

Woman in peach is looking down at Bauman. It will be noticed that the woman in peach has a highly distorted shirt. That’s a laptop hidden within her blouse. More on that later.

Some people have protested that these women are innocent bystanders caught in the chaos. That is clearly not the case, and whoever says so is suspect.

In the fight against tyranny it is crucial to expose the criminal elements, such as those who faked the Boston bombings, who brutalize the people with the exposure they well deserve. Here, the plot and scam of the great ones of the Zionist-orchestrated empire will be exposed to the fullest. It is all captured on HD camera in the following group of videos:

As people ran for their lives, despite not being in any known or clear danger, the people on the other side stayed in place, hidden, suspiciously still.


Who could really see what was going on in those first few moments. The level of disguise was exceedingly high:


The second smoke bomb was a key element. Now, people were really frightened and began moving out of the bleachers. The got help. DHS and mercenary-based moles were strategically placed in the bleachers, and after the second bomb exploded began yelling to people to “get out” and “get off the stands (bleachers), now.” It was forceful and deliberate and it was a part of the plot to mobilize the regular people so they couldn’t witness the scam. Moles and government trolls were all over the regular people, driving them out: see the video.

However, in those initial seconds when a portion of that Hollywood-like haze clear what can be seen? It is truly the unfathomable. The operatives are congregated at the bomb’s epicenter, the front facade of the building. After all, the blast came from inside out, not from the curb inward:

Caption: Fake bomb, Hollywood-style, Smoke ‘n Mirrors

Looking closely, it appears that at this time of the smoke blast there is one person leaning against the freshly broken LensCrafter’s glass wall, along with a person standing before it with fairly large legs. There are seemingly two others to her immediate right  (left screen). The whitish-appearing glass can be seen and in contrast to that is a man seated. As this is a crime scene all images that were captured will be even while blurry for the sake of evidence:

Caption: virtually the exact  moment of the bomb-blast

It is an important image, because it shows the skit which was done by the three fake cops for the media houses, where they were drawing their guns for mere public consumption. Are they from the actor’s guild, too? At the blown-out window there is a person, there, standing up but no one can be made out sitting down at that moment; admittedly, nothing can be said definitively, because of the resolution. However, there appears to be standing up at least two others are moving in that direction. The place, otherwise, is essentially deserted. There is virtually no one visible in the line of the blast direction, which was essentially straight out from the building.

There is also virtually no one clearly visible against the LensCrafter’s building: possibly only one person, possibly two, persons there, both of whom are seated. Who are they? One of them is this man, Christian Williams, who was already spotted at this site, in fact, a few feet left of screen at the other part of the LensCrafter’s building:

It’s him, let there be no doubt about it and, yes, he has the fake stump in his right hand.

The self-styled magician and Mossad mole is just now getting ready to move his way down to the staging center, now that the glass has been clubbed or blown out with set charges by other operatives. See him looking precisely in that direction. He is likely awaiting the smoke disguise or a signal from on-high, bag apparently between his leg, Hollywood fake stump in his right hand.

Yet, look at that one more time. Operatives running into LensCrafer’s, Williams disguised on the ground. All this is clandestine. It is all to keep the plot secret from the American people, so they will continue to blindly support this illicit regime for whatever it schemes.


Vaguely, there is an outline of his image; he has now made it to the site. This activity of the people in these few seconds post-smoke bomb will be the area of focus of this article. It is essential to know precisely what happened–and when–in front of this facility. After all, a man has been brutally murdered over this, and people did suffer minor injuries, like scrapes, imbedding of street debris, and, perhaps, the occasional ruptured ear drum:


Notice the large piece of plywood. That will come into to play immediately.

Sequential photos in micro-seconds

This is just seconds or less later, and now it appears that there are more people there (or they could have been disguised by the smoke).
One of the key operatives is the person to the left of the man in black squatting in the middle, who is pointing towards the staging site, which is represented by the white-appearing tip of her arm. The other key operative is the man in the middle in the yellowish-green cap.


That man is a key coordinator, believed to be the following individual:

Caption: a later view after the Hollywood dust settles down

By this time, as seen above, they had successfully begun spreading fake blood about:

Caption: Obvious red against the grey pavement.

At this point there is an increase in activity, while some of the obscuring haze has cleared.

The fake blood spills can be seen more definitively in this next image.  Yet, there is something else that is seen more clearly, which is Christian Williams, the man in the grey hoodie. In fact, at least three people can be seen sitting  or squatting on the ground.


Enlarged the man in the grey sweatshirt is readily seen. Yet, what else is seen? It appears to be a man dressed in black and grey. Could this be Jeff Bauman?


Regardless, they are truly getting ready for action, being in that huddle, headed by the man in the yellow cap and the other unidentified person. Yet, regarding that unidentified person, such a one’s clothing appears exceedingly bizarre: more on that, later. If only a more definitive picture could be found. The suspicion has always been that Mr. Bauman already had one fake gore device on, as this was not put on under the view of the CCTV cameras.

Operative gives the high-five to the control room, “Ready for action, cameras, and more” or, more likely, ready to move Bauman on to the scene.

A clearer view, taken a fraction of a second later, less pixilation, the flow of the blood-paint clearly evident:



Multiple screenshots for purposes of evidence.

These screenshots are invaluable pieces of evidence. Mere seconds after the first blast it shows both Bauman and Hoodie Man in place for the staging. It also shows the signaling operative on the screen left giving the sign to the command center. The fake blood spray gun operative can be seen in operation to the left of screen, just under the checkered flag. It is the time when the operatives in the front are just beginning to tear down the blue vinyl barrier. It’s a good view. Let’s enlarge the pertinent area:

It’s happening, right now, with the man on the left screen giving the high-five, while Bauman and Hoodie man are still in place:

Pictures repeated as a form of evidence against the culprits. The first prop, on the left leg, had already been placed.

Now, the suspected staging area enlarged to see if there is anyone there yet or if it is unoccupied:

Someone now appears to be moving towards Bauman, the person being seen from the backside. Is this person moving a wheelchair over to pick up Bauman and deposit him? That’s what it appears. At this moment two people are still seated against the brick facade, with Bauman being readily seen just to right of Williams. Does that signal also mean the issuance of more smoke from the generators above? Look in the background. The man in the yellowish-green cap and Bauman seem to have disappear. Is this that moment of the ultimate, where Bauman is moved to the staging zone?

Now you see them, now you don’t: they’ve gone missing. Hoodie man and Bauman now in place on the ground. His head and hair, against the pavement, can actually be seen, stumps up  in the air, Hoodie man in front of him. Will work on lightening the images. If anyone else can do so, they will be installed into the post.


One video confirms the time of placement of this man, when there was much smoke remaining, in this case he was sitting up:

Who is Mr. High Five with all those Hollywood-style prefabricated (or explosively popped) tattered clothes? It’s not the hulk guy, but who?

Is this our man? He was there from the beginning to transport Bauman to the facade. Did he, like the others, push a button and explode his clothes?

Therefore, without doubt, the entire Boston bombing was a staged hoax to intimidate and gain control over the American people–to tyrannize and brutalize them, socially, physically, mentally, financially, psychologically, and more. It’s all a hoax. No one died and no one was severely injured. Time, now, to identify all the culprits and take them to task.




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  1. OH my goodness… the black woman pushing Jeff’s forehead… WHOA. If Jeff were really injured, would he not be already lying down, instead of doing that interminable sit-up??? She’s basically saying “lay down, stupid!” And hoodie-guy has his hands all over the gory injury, who does that??? And who puts on sunglasses midway through assisting critically injured people? That whole scene right there gives the entire story away, if you ask me.

    And that interview video of Heather. Gosh, that’s some perfect blow-dry she’s sporting, as well as the biggest false eyelashes I’ve ever seen, with gobs and gobs of mascara. And as with the other victims giving interviews (and I mean ALL of them), she’s incredibly chipper. No concerns about the event or its perpetrators, just “getting back to doing what I like to do.”

    Not one of these amputees or injured people developed any kind of infections or required further surgeries beyond whatever was supposedly performed within the first 10 days or so. Not one of them is angry, or depressed. All “getting on with their lives.”

    I always think while watching these interviews, how would I feel, speaking about something like this that had happened to me. I would be so very depressed, and jumpy with PTSD. I would be depressed about my altered body and the prospect of the long road to recovery ahead. I would be depressed about humanity in general, thinking how cruel people can be to each other. I would be depressed for the other victims, especially those who died. I don’t mean “lip service” depressed, I mean serious life-threatening depressed. My family members would be equally depressed, and so furious. My family and I would have so many questions, but mostly I would be nonstop crying for a year.

  2. The black lady –

    She lies there directly in front of Bauman and even has Bauman’s left leg – what remains of it with about 4 ” of bone protruding – on her head and in her face. Really now, I think a person would likely puke if a horribly injured person was literally touching you with his bone. She doesn’t even appear fazed though.

    And, you make a good point in another post – if the heat from the explosions were of such temperatures to cauterize the extraordinary wounds to Bauman’s legs, why was his face or hands not burned. In fact, when you view the pic of him in the wheelchair you’ll see not even the hair on his head or eyebrows or facial hair appears singed!

    Finally, no photos at all show anything resembling a tourniquet around either leg. There’s (if I recall) a cloth or something haphazardly wrapped around his left leg when he’s riding the wheelchair, but it is clearly not tight enough to provide any use at all. AND, recall that his saviour (I can’t recall the man’s name now) was quoted as saying he had his hand on Bauman’s artery as the wheelchair rolled, and therefore he saved Bauman’s life because otherwise Bauman would have bled out…. yet we see in your photos that before the wheelchair ride there are no tourniquets, no hands closing his arteries, and yet Bauman doesn’t bleed on the ground…. If this is the case, why did saviour guy need to close off Bauman’s artery later for the wheelchair ride???

  3. I respect your research, but I caution about pushing the “no one died/injured” idea.
    In all of these events, I’m sure the participants were told it would be safe and no one would be hurt. And more than a few surprisingly found them selves in for more added realism than they bargained for. If TPTB are willing to stage events like this, and murder to protect the lies, don’t you think they would be willing to cause real collateral damage on innocents or even sacrifice some of their pawns to create actual physical evidence?
    They might have assets on site to make sure the right photo opt happens, but that doesn’t mean everybody was in on it, and there wasn’t real casualties. be careful. TPTB lay traps upon traps. They would use one real dead body to discredit all of your research uncovering twenty fake ones.

    • and if anyone was murdered at those so-called controlled detonation sites, then, those DHS moles are all culpable for high crimes. Not one of them did even the slightest effort to give way to legitimate emergency medical care. No one called 9-11, no one applied pressure (no need to, the amputees are fakes): rather, they spent their time chasing away people.

      The obstructive nature of their behavior alone tells that it was a scam and there were no fatalities. No ambulances, no firemen for a bomb? It’s a joke.

    • Good point, disinformation is definitely a tool of the shadow gov.

  4. Does anyone know what that black girl’s name is or any info on her at all?

  5. ROFL you guys are idiots… “obvious red on grey pavement” you cant tell what’s going on in these blown up pixilated and blurry images! take your own advice and stop believing what you are spoonfed by these conspiracy nutjobs because it fits into your ideology… you have any idea how impossible this would be to keep something of this magnitude a secret? there would literally be hundreds, maybe thousands of people that would have to all keep quiet in order for this to not to go public. did you see any of the videos showing how many medical responders there were running to the scene? are you saying that every single one of the people running in to help was a conspirator? because that is what would have to have happened, those would have to be some pretty amazing prosthetics to fool EVERYONE that was there… a few frames from a camera vs. thousands of eyewitnesses…

    • How about this old lady, does she look like a legitimate victim to you?:

      Look at all the people that were involved with Sandy Hook, they’ve all still managed to keep pretty quiet.

    • Duh. It isnt a secret anymore asswipe.

  6. get real people the boston bombing really happened. and people were horribly hurt. and they were not would take perfect timing and people are not going to go though all that wow people wise up.

  7. The bombing may or may not have happened but the gov’t may or may not have had something to do with it.

  8. there most certainly a god wise up . billy

  9. Do any of you actually KNOW any of the victims?? My daughter is friends with Jeff Bauman. She has witnessed the friend that she danced with at her Prom struggle with learning to live his life on prosthetics – forever changed.

    She was actually the one that pointed me to these sites – disgusted that people truly believe that he was an actor. I find it all very sad…

    • Troll, we already know there are no victims. No one here is intimidated by such fabrications. If you are attempting to cover for the crimes committed by Bauman such as extortion you must know that that is a federal crime.

      • dont call people trolls just because they are speaking the truth. I guess then the ENTIRE town of Chelmsford and people like myself that used to live in that town are liars…Jeff Bauman was a victim not an actor. Federal crimes my ass. You people have no souls attacking others.

  10. This is definitely a joke. Right?

  11. You people are disgusting and clearly suffer from severe mental defects! I’m from Boston and our city was and still is traumatized by this heinous act of terrorism. 3 innocent people died including an 8 year old child. Yet here you nut jobs are trying to spread your sickness. DISGUSTING!! I hope this site is removed.

    • Troll, you are fooling no one with your inane post. “Removed?” By whom, the same DHS moles who imposed martial law on the people of Boston. You have proven that this is a hoax by your desire to censure this site. Troll Score: F -.

  12. btw god doesn’t exist. SCIENCE.

  13. that is an opinion. I suggest that you learn a little about science before trying to use it. I suggest studying: wave theory of matter, quantum entanglement, scientific method and the nature of scientific proof. you will find that most “proven” facts are really just strongly supported ideas subject to change at the drop of the next discovery and that most of detectable reality is a phenomena of the relative situation of the observer. an old but still relevant axiom, science cannot disprove the existence of anything, only an inability to verify evidence in support of it.

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