Boston Bombing — 27 April 2013
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Updated with new photo and lies from the London Telegraph, 4-30-13

Martin Richards Family is Fake: Proof

Note: there is no possibility that Martin Richards was killed at the Boston Marathon ‘bombing.’ That is proven by the fact that evil Zionists maliciously photoshopped his image into the scene. It is also proven by the fact that there are no medical records and no medical evidence of the death of a child at that site. No more proof is needed. That means he didn’t die, at least not at the marathon.

To a large degree Martin Richards, as well as the entire family associated with him, is the product of Photoshop. Many readers have pleaded for this photo to be analyzed, which was finally achieved. It does show great evidence of photographic manipulation:

Martin-Richards-Family with arrows

Yet, before that is analyzed, see this article from London’s Telegraph:


What an incredible claim it is. There is no evidence of any of these individuals at the finish line nor near the second blast site, the Forum restaurant. No one meeting the description of his wife was anywhere to be found. There was no little girl meeting this description at either site. Nor, as is claimed elsewhere in the article, is there any evidence that Mr. Richards actually ran the marathon. He is not on the roster.

Martin-Richards hand

There are numerous anomalies, which were detected. Foremost of these is in the hands, that is the right hand of the purported mother and the left hand of the supposed father.  Regarding the hand of the father it is enormous. Covering virtually the child’s entire left upper torso it raises the suspicion that this is not a natural picture and that is not truly his hand. Notice the length, too. When a portion of the wrist is added, it is longer than the length from the top of his neck to the root of the neck. Could that hand and wrist have been shopped in?


The dark edge around the precise part of the wrist and forearm is highly suspect, since this is the area where the hand was likely put in, that is to have the effect of a loving family. Dark line is hard and appears anomalous, found mainly in the suspect area. Red arrows show likely areas of cut-and-paste.




Regarding the right hand of the mother, as well as her wrist, it appears deformed:   Bizarre reddish-brown defect, completely anomalous, found at area of suspected cut-and-paste. Her forearm is completely deformed and is, in fact, a violation of nature. This would indicate that both the mother and Martin Richards were shopped into the frame.

The daughter is also anomalous and was almost assuredly artificially placed. Defects abound:  She simply does not appear to be a natural part of the photograph. Admittedly, the arm is seemingly out of frame, but it should be at least to a degree visible.  More importantly, a hard edge is found along her hair-line, again, indicated her head and body.


See the hard, blackish-brown edge here, which is sharp and isn’t a shadow. Rather than following the hair line, it ends at the mother’s pants. That’s the residue of a cut line.

Hard edge on the left side of her head, right screen, is clearly visible. she was cut and placed into this frame. Satanists seem to lust in the abuse of children. Notice, too, the light. While there is a degree of light reflecting the father’s face and to a degree the mother’s, she has none. Here is another defect which proves photoshopping. Notice the edge of the top of the cabinet. It is hard on either side of the two adults, but in-between them it disappears, a physical impossibility. martinrichards3

It can be seen that this defect has as sharp edge, a defect left by the Photoshop cutting tool. This means that all these people were artificially installed into this background.


Similarly, this photo, touted by the Zionist perpetrators as being Martin Richards at the Marathon, is an absolute Photoshop corruption.  It is so badly done that it is hardly worth mention. Was this miserably inadequate job done here or in Tel Aviv?

Another version shows clearly that this is the Zionist-orchestrated media’s doing, not a matter of compression or other issues:

Now, enlarged:

Notice the clear sharp edge from the sloppy cut-and-paste rush job to create an image of him at the Marathon. Plus the sloppy job of disguising the cut job, with all matter of corruption along the right edge of his face.

A person would have to be mentally blind not to see this is a fake, made highly obvious by the straight edge cut-and-paste on the right cheek and chin area, where the hair of another person has been cut of, rigidly.

The curvy cut border and the failure to color correct  is also highly noticeable around the left side of the hair-line, down around the ear. Thus, Martin Richards wasn’t  even there. Therefore, he couldn’t have been killed. In other words, his death was faked.

The fake Marathon image

This is a complete fabrication. The boy’s head was simply installed into this image.


Notice the dark region under his neck, not seen in the man to his right.

All the photos placing him at the Marathon are fake. Let anyone prove otherwise.

This child, Martin Richards, is a real individual. Is this, though, an older picture or a current one? Moreover, where is he now?  child?  Who is this child whose name has been abused by faking his death? It has to be fake, after all: why else would the Zionists artificially place him at the Marathon by photoshopping his picture? Moreover, why is the only publicly provided family picture depicting him a corruption? That would mean that the parents shown are not his real family. He had been pre-determined as one of the three deaths, and to substantiate this, the House of Rothschild and its media assets faked the pictures and the family.


Other photos–300×300.jpg


This one hardly needs any comment. That shoulder is nearly as broad as his entire head.

One other ‘family’ photo was found. Does anyone find this believable?

They painted in a fake strap (yellow color!) for the boy…but they forgot to pain them in for the girl. It’s a party hat floating in space:


It gets worse. They did a hack job when the cut in the mother’s arm:


Now, enlarged:


Clear and obvious hard black edge (it’s not the shirt) with major cut line defects and an anatomically impossible sharp edge, loss of tissue on the forearm edge. That’s a raw cut-and-paste job, no other explanation. Perspective of the arm is affected by Photoshop: it is exceedingly flat.,g_face,h_340,w_647/01NX7ffPQ2Cd3WwM9mEN2A.jpg

Note: am attempting to find other versions of this photo. If anyone can do so, please post in the comments.


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  1. Lovely, but patently untrue. Sorry, but I know the family’s next door neighbor. They live on Carruth St in Dorchester which is a section of Boston.

    • All the Sandy Hook parents actually lived in Newtown, too. Most moved there within two years of the event. But their family pictures are all photoshopped. Why would that be? I would like to know more. How close were the families next door to them? Are they certain they had three children? Did they see them all together frequently? When did the Richards’ move in? Any further contributions of details you can show are welcome.

    • That hat is so fake. Here is blatant evidence of putting Dzhokhar at the scene by photoshop. It’s a massive failure:

      • it is gone. Did you download it by chance? The video has been removed!

        • If you mean the video of Mrs. Tsarnaev, it is back up with the editorial. Is a different video missing? Please define.

        • I wonder why it is down. Luckily, I remembered the Youtuber who made the video. I just sent her a message asking what happened to it. It was such a good one. We’ll see.

  2. Thank you for this excellent analysis. Your findings are confirmed by the fact that there was no “bomb” on the sidewalk. This boy was shown early on in the media. He was depicted standing next to a back pack which supposedly contained the bomb. But all the pictures show clearly that the there was NO bomb there on the curb. The smoke bomb was actually located INSIDE the store – along with the actors. When it went off, everyone outside ran away. Then, under cover of the smoke, as planned, the CIA-orchestrated “mise en scene” was put in place on the sidewalk within the space of ten to fifteen seconds. The cast members were well rehearsed. As a result, when the smoke cleared, there was no longer any trace of the previously crowded sidewalk. A theatrical scene had been put in its place. Please continue your “deconstruction” work on this absurd scene.

    • This is an impressive addition to the Richards fraud, that is that there really wasn’t a curb bomb after all. It does make sense that the smoke bomb arose from an area other than the curb. Thnks.

      • So the person that I know who got his leg blown off really didnt have his leg blown off? This site is a fraud.

        • You know someone who had his leg blown off and you just happened to find this site? If true, I am sorry for your friend. What brought you here? Why are you interested in a site like this if you claim to know someone who got his leg blown off? Just wondering.

          I have not decided yet if the second bomb was real with real people injured. We don’t have enough information from that one as yet, in my opinion. There could be real mixed with fake to give this credibility… so that people such as yourself will be saying they know someone injured. But to say this site is a fraud is a blind dismissal of the information laid before you. Perhaps you do have an injured friend if the second bomb was real. He certainly is not pictured at the finish line bomb. There are only two amputees at the finish line. So that means all the rest were at the other bomb. Why don’t we have nearly any pictures from that site, with all those amputees injured there? These are the things we investigate.

          • I doubt we’ll hear a thing about the second bomb because nothing came of it, it was just there to take attention away from the main stage.

          • Other than fraudsters, like Haslet-Davis, claiming they got blown-up there. Her ‘Husband’ was also supposed to be blown up, Barbara Walters claiming “Severe” shrapnel wounds (had to repeat a lie).

          • Exactly. Most of the severely injured are alleged to be from the second site. We definitely don’t see several amputees at the finish line. Yet we see nothing but obvious liars claiming to have been injured at the second bomb.

          • In addition to Martin being killed, the story they tell us is that the sister lost her leg and the mother has severe brain injury. So if this is not true, this family will be moving out of their home where neighbors claim to know them. They will need new identities. As with Sandy Hook this will be hard for us to follow.


          • How conveinient, the Photoshopped mother can’t speak. Well said.

          • Yes, this site was listed under my google search for Boston Marathon victims. This site and everyone who believes that it was a hoax is sadly mistaken.

          • And that’s what I was told about 911.. sadly mistaken. I was told this for years before the movie Loose Change came out, and finally people started to accept that things did not happen as we were told. Most people wait for an idea to become popular. I do not.

        • Pat King… the name. A friend of mine used Mike King as a telephone name.

          I had a girlfriend who I caught cheating on me. When I asked who it was, she said she never saw him before but his name was Mike King.

          So, Pat, take your fake ass outta here. We have too many pictures that show what actually happened.

  3. This man Alistair Stevenson, who reportedly told of the bomb sniffing dogs at the marathon, bears an uncanny resemblance to Richard Martin’s father. I noticed this the first time I saw him. A few others have noticed this as well.

    Just another one of these bizarre “coincidences” that are rampant in these events?
    Or maybe brothers? Or just a bit of material added around the jaw and ears on the same man?

  4. These pictures follow the Sandy Hook modus operandi……everyone is “over” smiling, hands and arms posed in exactly the same way, “linked”around the children (claw hands, that is) would be interesting to see a bunch of the S.H. and B.M. family photos side by side to see the similarities. Looks like the “two” boys of this family shot are same boy at different ages. They did this a lot with Sandy hook stuff. How old is the “Richards” boy supposed to be….can’t tell if he’s growing teeth or losing them (huge monstrosities in the front). If they are “baby” teeth he still has them at Marathon and them loses them later? in other photos? He looks younger at Marathon than he does in some of his other pictures? How does that happen? Only in Zionist terror function, I guess…….

  5. And, lo and behold, today while interviewing the virulant Muslim-hating Ted Nugent, Alex Jones actually came right out and said, as if a matter of fact, that the CIA LET the Tsarnaevs do the bombing, as if he knows for fact that the brothers are guilty of such. Again, Jones is being exposed covering up for the Jewish crime families.

  6. If there had been a real bomb at the second ‘blast’ site that was powerful enough to cut people into pieces, it would have blown out windows across the street and all of the nearby windows. We don’t see that effect in any of the photos. Glass is very sensitive to blast concussion.


    The link above says that the photo of Martin came from CNN which raises a red flag as always. Secondly it says that Martin was at the finish line to hug his father. Why do ‘victim’ photos always come from CNN? The photo of Martin shows him a block away at the location of the second bomb. How can Martin be in two places at once? Why don’t we see any video or photos of Martin’s father running in the race?

    • His father did not run in the race. You did not get the memo? They changed the story after one of his friends outed him on the news and said he was injured and did not run in the race! If you search the runners in the race he is not listed there.

  8. I looked up the family and they do exist. But I don’t think they were at the marathon and that any of them were injured in any way. And all those pictures have definitely been photoshopped. I actually found the mom’s Facebook account and she posted something only two weeks after the bombing (and not anything related to the bombing at all)…not typical behavior of someone who is in a hospital with a brain injury and whose child died and other child lost a leg

    • The title is a bit of a spoof; but will look at re-adjusting it; That family does not exist, as pictured, as you have pointed out. On another note, will attempt to collect Ms. DCosta’s posts into an OP-ED.

  9. It’s weird how every site and youtube video i go to, someone claims to have known the family of the child, a neighbor of theirs and so on,
    same thing with Jeff Bauman.. I wonder how many CIA operatives/trolls patrol these sites!

  10. La mayoria de las fotografias han desaparecido.

  11. Most of the photographs have disappeared

  12. This is extremely sad and evil. Why is our government trying to accuse the Tsarnaev brothers? What do they know? These are obviously crisis actors. The actor Steven Spielberg was a paramedic at the Boston Marathon. The alleged principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School, Dawn Hochsprung “died” in the Sandy Hook Shooting trying to save the kids in DECEMBER 2012. But the exact same woman, instead named “Donna” got injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing in APRIL 2013. How do you die, and get injured months later? There is a GREAT AMOUNT of evidence proving this was a hoax. The FBI has been following and watching every step of the eldest brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev for years. A day ago in court, Dzhokhar (Jahar) is silenced. He has never given his part of what happened on that very day EVER. It is highly likely that they have drugged him, so he cannot talk. This is almost like a joke. There are so many potholes and lies in this investigation that it is inhumane. There was never a video of Dzhokhar or Tamerlan placing the bomb AT ALL. And when the explosion happened, BOTH BROTHERS WERE SCARED AND RUNNING JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND STILL HAD THEIR BACKPACKS ON. They continued their normal lives after, because they obviously did not do it. And if police are running after them and shooting at them, ANYONES natural instinct is to run because of fear. It is so sad to see these boys being blamed for the bombing because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Dzhokhar’s backpack was a light grey and Tamerlan’s was a darker grey. Both their backpacks were OBVIOUSLY VERY LIGHT and flat, unable to carry bombs in there, considering Dzhokhar was carrying it with only one shoulder! There is obviously something the Government and FBI want with the Tsarnaev brothers. Perhaps they know something? An ACTUAL eyewitness who saw the ACTUAL bomber asked why the police and FBI were after Dzhokhar and Tamerlan, when it was else someone else who did it? Tamerlan is allegedly dead and Dzhokhar is living a life of hell, and next week will determine whether he gets the death penalty or life imprisonment. I am not Muslim or in relation to Islam, however I am PRO-JUSTICE. These boys need justice, soon. May God bless them.

  13. This is a huge setup, it makes me cringe. All these people are crisis actors that probably get HUGE pay from the government. So much evidence is overlooked it’s just so inhumane. I hope they fucking snap out of it and let him go free. Incredibly evil.

  14. Huge setup. Bomb sniffing dogs were there. The premises were surrounded. The blood looked like RED PAINT. No blood was coming from any of the victims. Most of these people were crisis actors from the movie theater shooting, the sandy hook school shooting, and now the boston marathon. Who knows what will happen next? The government wants nothing but power, and will sacrifice anything and anyone to strip the scared citizen of their rights. Be smart. Seek justice. May God help these boys. Even though I am not Islam, I am HUMAN and so are THEY. No one should be wrongfully accused of ANYTHING.

  15. What happened to the evidence of the Boston news website informing the public of a bomb drill prior to the bombing? To not be alarmed by the bomb sniffing dogs And gave a precise time for it to happen. Then a post claiming the drill to happen in 1 minute which was 1 minute right before bomb. I saw the site. Was this legit?

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