Medical Tyranny — 04 March 2013
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The Ultimate Crime Syndicate: the GMO Industry, Bribes, Racketeering, and More

Make no mistake about it the industry behind genetically engineered foods (GMOs) is a crime syndicate. The leader in this criminal activity is St. Louis, Missouri’s Monsanto.

Monsanto truly does cheat its way into the marketplace. It’s success should never be envied, rather, despised. None of what it has achieved is legitimate. Evidence of its criminal acts is extensive. Consider the 2011 SEC probe into the entity’s dealings, specifically the systematic bribing of foreign officials and potential customers. It was Monsanto’s former Chief Financial Officer who attempted to explain it away, admitting that the agri-giant had planned to infuse $150 million in cash into Latin America, before the products were approved. According to Monsanto’s own admission the SEC probe involves customer-incentive programs.

Yet, what was it incentivising? It was to buy loyalty for the sale of Monsanto’s goods, including the herbicide Roundup, by giving people cash in-advance. Calling this “incremental price concessions or trade incentives,” the company would give Latin American farmers, agri-business owners, and likely public officials tens of millions of dollarsi. This was, the probe determined, to “establish he brand” not just in Latin America but also globally. An immense amount of money $150 million is strictly bribe money for Monsanto to create market share.

There is no accountability regarding how such foreign companies or public officials would use the money. However, there is a track record, created by the entity itself. In 2005 Monsanto was forced to pay $1.5 million in fines after admitting to paying more than $700,000 in bribes in Indonesia, a country where it was consistently losing money. Since it could not penetrate the market legitimately, the only option was coercion. The Department of Justice and the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) charged Monsanto with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which prohibits the use of cash bribes to fraudulently gain market control.

What was the exact nature of the bride(s)? Monsanto specifically bribed an Indonesian government official with a suitcase full of cash to waive a strict environmental requirement needed to plant its controversial genetically modified cotton seeds. The bribe money was procured by radically inflating the price to the Indonesian government of Monsanto’s Roundup. It becomes readily apparently that the entire culture of this corporation is one of filthy corruption. From 1997 to 2002 the $700,000 in illicit payments was spread between an incredible 140 or more Indonesian government officials.

Even the family members of some of these officials were beneficiaries. The largest sum, $373,990, was to buy land and build a house in the name of a wife of S. Solahudin, a senior Ministry of Agriculture official. It was Solahudin, who was agriculture minister from 1998 to 1999 and visited the company’s US headquarters at its invitation, where he was lobbied to allow the cultivation of GM crops in Indonesia. Yet, again, what choice did Monsanto have, since it can only achieve market share through such corrupt acts? Just as the case was being settled in a Jakarta courtroom that very same GM cotton, which another recipient of bribes, agricultural official Monagro Kimia said was resistant to the pest of concern, Helicoverpa armigera, was being attacked by precisely that pest. In fact, hundreds of hectares of the miracle Monsanto GM cotton was being destroyed throughout that year while in contrast the non-GM varieties not only survived but were being harvested.

The SEC complaint also described another bribe committed by Monsanto when meeting resistance from new laws. See how Monsanto is: merely a vicious bully. Arising after the change of a new government the law would make it more difficult for the entity to gain approval for such projects. When Monsanto’s efforts to repeal the law through lobbying failed, it resorted to chicanery. According to the SEC suit, “When it became clear that the lobbying efforts were having no effect on the Senior Environment Official, the Senior Monsanto Manager told the Consulting Firm Employee to ‘incentivize’ the official with a cash payment of $50,000.”

How was this done? In February 2002 an employee of the consulting firm visited the senior official at his home and gave him an envelope containing $50,000 in $100 bills. The official took the money, saying he couldn’t promise he could get the law repealed, the SEC claimed. Yet, it was well known that the decree would adversely affect Monsanto, while having a protective result for the environment.

The corporation was relentless. According to the SEC the Monsanto manager then contrived a scheme, creating “false invoices.” This was to hide the bribe, ostensibly from the Indonesian government. This involved a $66,000 payment to the consulting company to cover the bribe plus the taxes it would have to pay on its falsely reported income. However, the Monsanto-inspired repeal was never achieved.

By its own hands Monsanto destroyed itself. It’s GMO crops pushed out of the country, it was left with at the end of 2003 merely the sales of its noxious herbicide Roundup plus conventional corn seeds. As is standard consequence for whatever it does great corruption was sewn. Farmers who purchased the experimental seeds on credit became indebted to Monsanto–one of its primary tactics. According to Friends of the Earth International said one Sulawesi farmer, Santi: The company didn’t give the farmers any choice, they never intended to improve our well-being, they just put us in a debt circle, took away our independence and made us their slave forever. They try tomonopolize everything, the seeds, the fertilizer, the marketing channel and even our life.”

Are there still those who claim that GMOs are scientific and that they are the perfect blend of industry and science? Consider the consequences of a Chinese study, where Chinese authorities sacked all officials involved in the study. It was cheating yet again. The study involved testing different children through the consumption of different types of rice. However, the officials who approved the study failed to tell the parents that the test subjets, school children from China’s Hunan Province, were being fed GM rice. The research team had informed parents of the tested children about the experiment but withheld the truth that GM rice would be used.

At least in China there are laws against this. The officials were punished for “violating relevant regulations” as well as “scientific ethics and academic integrity…” The guilty parties included Yin Shi’an from China CDC (Center for Disease Control), Wang Yin from the prestigious Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences, and Hu Yuming from Human provincial CDC. The research involved the feeding of so-called Golden Rice, which contains genes which code for beta carotene production within the rice cells. Some 25 children, aged six to eight, were tested experimentally. Shi’an’s and Yin’s connections to the GMO industry are particularly telling. It was they, along with T. Guangwen, who in 2008 did the original research at Tufts University regarding GMO-infested Golden Rice. The research, approved by the NIH, involved 80 Chinese students in Hengnan County, Hunan Province, and was intended to explore ways to prevent vitamin A deficiency in children. When it was discovered that the researchers withheld the truth that GM rice would be used, that’s when the Chinese government took action.

Yes, the Chinese were able to catch the rig. However, will Americans be able to do so? Now, it has been found that Monsanto could well have rigged more than a few research studies but, rather, an entire election, California’s Prop 37. This was a vote of either yes or no for mandatory labeling of GMOs for all foods in the state. A team of investigators has determined that yes votes have been purged from a variety of districts, with the no votes gaining illicitly. It could well be determined that the proposition truly prevailed if it were not for fraud.

The world is becoming fed up with these GMO perpetrators, Syngenta’s unethical research, placing human beings at risk through deception, Bayer’s contamination of the American rice crop and the knowingly selling of AIDS-tainted blood, and Monsanto’s illicit bribes and coersion. No wonder the world is fighting GMOs in every way possible.


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  5. “Dr. Huber: GMOs & Glyphosate Global Impact of Devastating Consequences”

    “GMO Free Kauai Ohana

    “An impromptu interview with Dr. Don Huber by a local Kauai Mom, briefly covering some of the highlights of his presentation on Genetically Modified Crops, and the pesticide Glyphosate (RoundUp). – Scientists have recently discovered a mycotoxic / pathogen that is in GMO crops like corn, soy and wheat, that causes infertility and miscarriage in livestock animals and people. It’s impacting cattle and livestock farmer’s using GMO feed with up to 50% loss of fertility, and may be attributing to worldwide drop in Human Fertility.

    This new pathogen is being studied by scientists around the world at the moment trying to understand more, while the GMO Chemical companies are aware of this pathogen, they are keeping silent, and instead trying to discredit Dr. Huber, a man with 40+ years medical military intelligence experience who had the unique job of studying, monitoring and reporting to military and intelligence pathogenic threats to our food system and human population. Dr. Huber understands and spent a lifetime studying plant and soil pathogens, bio-warfare and protecting our nations food supply in the military.”

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  6. “The Hidden Epidemic Destroying Your Gut Flora”

    “Don Huber is an expert in an area of science that relates to the toxicity of genetically engineered (GE) foods.

    (Alternative terms for GE foods include genetically modified (GM), or “GMO” for genetically modified organism.) His specific areas of training include soil-borne diseases, microbial ecology, and host-parasite relationships.

    Dr. Huber also taught plant pathology, soil microbiology, and micro-ecological interactions as they relate to plant disease as a staff Professor at Purdue University for 35 years.”

    –Says Dr Joseph Mercola

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  7. Monsanto, Rural Debt and the Suicide Epidemic in India

    “A Roundup soybean seed emerging from the residue of the previous year’s corn crop, illustrating how growers plant directly into the residue, rather than plowing the soil. (Photo: Monsanto / The New York Times)Belén Fernandez’s Project Censored 2014 winning article, “Dirty White Gold: Monsanto’s Claim That It’s a ‘Sustainable Agriculture Company’ Doesn’t Hold Water,” exposes the myriad ways Monsanto destroys lives rather than “improves” them, as it boasts……”

    “Dirty White Gold: Monsanto’s Claim That It’s a “Sustainable Agriculture Company” Doesn’t Hold Water

    The website of US-based biotech giant Monsanto boasts that the corporation qualifies as “a sustainable agriculture company.”

    Given Monsanto’s legacy as a producer of the lethal defoliant Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, Southeast Asian agriculture would presumably beg to differ with this characterization.

    Sustainability is also not the first word that comes to mind when contemplating Monsanto’s policy of sowing the earth with genetically modified seeds that destroy soil and are designed with nonrenewable traits so as to require constant repurchase as well as acquisition of a variety of other company products like fertilizers and pesticides.

    Nor would the term appear to define a situation in which nearly 300,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide since 1995 after being driven into insurmountable debt by neoliberal economics and the conquest of Indian farmland by Monsanto’s Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton.

    In tragic irony, many kill themselves by imbibing pesticides intended for their crops.”

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  8. “Upcoming march against monsanto to take place October 12th”

    “Millions of activists are preparing for another March Against Monsanto to take place on October 12. Marches will be held in over 400 cities around the world and are currently scheduled in 47 U.S. states. The event will protest the controversial use of genetically modified organisms and the dangerous heavy use of pesticides in our food supply.

    GMOs have never been properly tested for long-term safety. The only published study that examined the long-term effects of eating genetically modified corn produced horrifying effects in rats, but it was rejected by Monsanto and the general scientific community. The revolving door between government and biotech companies like Monsanto basically allows it greater government influence than even citizens seem to have.

    The use of GMO crops leads to increased pesticide usage, destroys the soil and biodiversity and contributes to bee colony collapse. GMOs have been linked to adverse health effects such as organ damage, sterility, infant mortality, birth defects, auto-immune conditions, allergies and increased cancer risks. Monsanto’s business practices are equally as evil, as they file lawsuits against any innocent farmer whose field was contaminated by their mutant seed.”

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  9. “March Against Monsanto Kicks of Worldwide in Second Round”

    “March against Monsanto in Denver, Colorado, October 12, 2013 (Photo via Twitter /astro yogini o/ @NautilusCarly) Mass demonstrations against the biotech industry kicked off worldwide Saturday in the second “March Against Monsanto” in 6 months.

    Demonstrations are scheduled in 52 countries and over 500 cities to call for a boycott of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), harmful agro-chemicals, and a return to food sovereignty for small scale and independent food producers and consumers.

    Photos, live-streams and tweets are pouring in across the social media sphere from rallies across the world.

    The first “March Against Monsanto” took place last May and drew up to two million people.

    See below for live twitter updates as they happen throughout the day.

    Food justice expert and activist Vandana Shiva, who is marching with protesters today in London in correlation with her “Food Freedom Fornight” series of food justice actions, published a video message for March Against Monsanto marchers:”

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  10. “The Perilous Road Ahead: Designer Babies and Other Patented Life Forms… Where Will It All End?”
    By Dr. Mercola

    “In 2001, a study1 announcing the successful birth of the world’s first genetically engineered babies—30 in total—was published. This staggering development didn’t receive media attention until nearly a decade later.

    The children were created using genes from TWO women and one man—a process referred to as ooplasmic transplantation, in which genes from a female donor are inserted into another woman’s eggs before being fertilized with a man’s sperm.

    What the ramifications of having the genetic traits of three parents might be for the individual, or for their subsequent offspring, is still unknown.

    However, based on what I’ve learned about the genetic engineering of plants, I’m inclined to say the consequences could be vast, dire, and most likely completely unexpected.”

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  11. “The “Safe” Garden Product that Can Destroy Your DNA” by Dr Mercola

    “Have you ever used Roundup to kill weeds in your lawn or garden?

    As the most widely used herbicide in the United States, there’s a good chance you have.

    In fact, millions of pounds are used every year on U.S. gardens, lawns and, extensively on farms growing genetically modified (GM) “Roundup Ready” crops.

    You may forget about the herbicide soon after you spray it — and may never give it a second thought when consuming corn chips or countless processed foods that contain GM Roundup Ready corn and soy — but it doesn’t just magically disappear.

    Instead, new research is showing that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is contaminating everything from food and air to groundwater and even human beings….”

    “Other independent scientific research has also found that glyphosate has the potential to cause grave health damage, including a 2009 study that tested formulations of Roundup that were highly diluted (up to 100,000 times or more) on human cells, and even then the cells died within 24 hours!iii

    The researchers hailed a warning cry that still has not been heard by regulators around the world, who continue to allow massive amounts of Roundup to be sprayed into the environment:”

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  12. Pepsi, Nestle, Coca Cola Revealed as Big Money Behind GMO Labeling Fight

    In Washington state battle, pro-GMO lobbyists forced to expose illegally hidden donors

    Following ongoing legal pressure from campaign groups and the Washington State Attorney General’s office, pro-GMO trade group the Grocery Manufacturers Association released a list of high rolling donors to their campaign aimed at blocking GMO labeling in the state.

    As was expected, major food corporations and GMO users such as PepsiCo, Nestle USA, The Coca-Cola Co. and General Mills, among many others, had secretly donated millions of dollars to the GMA campaign to stop Washington Initiative 522, which would require the labeling of all products containing GMOs if passed in November.

    The following is the list of the companies and their contributions in the GMA’s filing:

    • PepsiCo: $1,620,899

    • Nestle USA: $1,052,743

    • The Coca-Cola Co.: $1,047,332

    • General Mills: $598,819

    • ConAgra Foods: $285,281

    • Campbell Soup Co.: $265,140

    • The Hershey Co.: $248,305

    • The J.M. Smucker Co.: $241,091

    • Kellogg Co.: $221,852

    • Mondelez Global LLC: $144,895

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  13. Monsanto calls glyphosate ‘safe’ after AP report

    “The company criticized the AP report as lacking in specifics about health impacts, though the story cited hospital birth records, court records, peer-reviewed studies, continuing epidemiological surveys, pesticide industry and government data, and a comprehensive audit of agrochemical use in 2008-11 prepared by Argentina’s bipartisan Auditor General’s Office.”

    “Argentine doctors interviewed by the AP said their caseloads — not laboratory experiments — show an apparent correlation between the arrival of intensive industrial agriculture and rising rates of cancer and birth defects in rural communities, and they’re calling for broader, longer-term studies to rule out agrochemical exposure as a cause of these and other illnesses.

    Asked for Monsanto’s position on this, company spokesman Thomas Helscher told the AP in an email Tuesday that “the absence of reliable data makes it very difficult to establish trends in disease incidence and even more difficult to establish causal relationships. To our knowledge there are no established causal relationships.”

    Earlier, Monsanto criticized the AP report as “overbroad in indicting all ‘pesticides’ when we know that glyphosate is safe.”

    “The U.S. EPA and other agencies not only say there is no evidence of carcinogenicity but go further to give it the highest rating, “E,” which means there is affirmative evidence that glyphosate does not cause cancer in humans.”

    This claim of safety is part of the problem, Monsanto’s critics say. While glyphosate is less toxic in terms of acute exposure than many other herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, it is routinely blended with other chemicals when applied to crops. The spray that drifts from fields and seeps into groundwater adds to an overall chemical burden, a mix of many individual ingredients.”

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  14. Research Reveals Previously Unknown Pathway by which Glyphosate Wrecks Health

    “Former Navy Scientist Exposes Health Hazards of Glyphosate

    Former US Navy staff scientist Dr. Nancy Swanson has a Ph.D. in physics, holds five US patents and has authored more than 30 scientific papers and two books on women in science. Ten years ago, she became seriously ill, and in her journey to regain her health she turned to organic foods. Not surprisingly (for those in the know) her symptoms dramatically improved. This prompted her to start investigating genetically engineered foods.

    She has meticulously collected statistics on glyphosate usage and various diseases and conditions, including autism. A more perfect match-up between the rise in glyphosate usage and incidence of autism is hard to imagine… To access her published articles and reports, please visit Sustainable Pulse,3 a European website dedicated to exposing the hazards of genetically engineered foods.

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  15. Toxicology Expert Speaks Out About Roundup and GMOs

    Dr. Don Huber is likely the leading GMO expert in the world. He is an award-winning, internationally recognized scientist, and professor of plant pathology at Purdue University for the past 35 years.

    His agriculture research is focused on the epidemiology and control of soil-borne plant pathogens, with specific emphasis on microbial ecology, cultural and biological controls, and the physiology of host-parasite relationships.

    Genetically engineered foods, as well as conventional crops that are heavily sprayed with glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup), have lower nutrient density than organic foods. They also contain high amounts of pesticides with documented harmful health effects, along with novel, highly allergenic, proteins.

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  16. Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide May Be Most Important Factor in Development of Autism and Other Chronic Disease

  17. Here is a dishonest professor from Sri Lanka and see this individual’s deception and lies and
    Shame on you Professor Sunil J Wimalawansa for having written such a fraudulent article!

    Is the professor being bribed by the Monsanto industry?

    “There is no Scientific Evidence that Herbicide Glyphosate Causing Chronic Kidney Disease of Multi-Factorial Origin (CKD-mfo) in Sri Lanka”

    Posted on July 6th, 2014

    By Professor Sunil J. Wimalawansa

    “In spite of the pressure to ban glyphosate from Sri Lanka, the Government firmly rejected it at the recommendation of the Pesticide Technical Advisory Committee. There is an assumption that this broad-spectrum herbicide glyphosate, (used to known as Roundup, but now sold under a variety of trade names) may cause chronic kidney disease of uncertain aetiology (CKDue/uo).

    However, this consideration was promoted on a hypothesis written in an article, which lacks any evidence for such claims. There are major criticisms of both, supporters and opponents of glyphosate story; being non-scientific and biased. The author takes neither side and the comments below are based on scientific data available to-date.”

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