Sandy Hook — 20 January 2013
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 The Fake Faces of Sandy Hook: Actor & Actress David and Francine Wheeler

Benjamin Wheeler doesn’t exit, at least not in the way people have been told. Everything about him is seemingly fake. That was readily demonstrated by the parents of this child, David and Francine Lobis- Wheeler. They exposed themselves on national TV. No one had to do it for them. This is seen in an ingenious video by Scott Walker, It was Walker who first brought this to light. Great research.

At the Sandy Hook Promise press conference, the purpose of which is to steal America’s guns, Wheeler gave a dry but piercing speech about the need for national gun control. Seemingly expert in mind control he stressed certain words/phrases emphatically, which are in bold:

“I am David Wheeler. This is my wife Francine Lotus Wheeler, and (holds up the infamous green-background Washington, D.C.-produced photo), this is our son, Ben…”

He is mushy, to a degree, in this conversation. Now, however, his tone changes entirely with the following:

“We are parents, just two, of 149 million American parents. Parent is also defined as, “a point of origin.” Now, in the coming conversations we will likely hear much about the importance, the proper role of parenting, and parental responsibility. My wife and I have spent much of the past month rededicating ourselves to the task of being the best possible parents for our surviving son Nate. What we have recently come to realize is that we are not done being the best possible parents we can be for Ben, not by a very long measure (major emphasis, here).

If there is something in our society that needs to be fixed, clearly, healed and resolved, hat resolution needs a point of origin. It needs parents. I would respectfully request that every parent in the country who hears these words simply pause for a moment and think. What is it worth to you? What is it worth doing? What is worth doing?

What a crock of nonsense, which surely follows the old adage of “Thou doth protest” way too much. Regardless, who talks like this? Who plots such a speech in the midst of a such a dire loss? This is a fraud.

He is using the emotions of the day, the heart-felt thought of mindlessly murdered children, to manipulate not merely the local community but the entire world. His real take off point in the speech is the mention of a surviving son and “Ben.” This black ops campaign is aimed at the people’s emotions. He is trying to get into their minds. Wheeler is an operative.

Watch the video. Do these look like grieving parents? On the contrary the opposite is the case, especially the Lobis-Wheeler. No grieving parent who lost a little child to a gunshot wound behaves this way. Go find one. They don’t exist. Look carefully at the man. He has all the features of a spy. Both are on the government payroll. No one does this for free.

Let it be reiterated again, these individuals did not lose a child on that fateful day. The youth, as pictured, did not die in the school.

In the speech the male espionage operative said some words which apparently provoked an emotional reaction in the woman. He remained steady, speaking with a degree of intensity but not wavering, at least verbally. However, his fellow spy did lose control and had to compensate. She virtually burst out in laughter. To compensate for that she had to twist and contort her face to hold it back. It was when he talked about the ‘son’, saying “…possible parents we can be to Ben.” She lost control right after the words “we can be…”, as follows:

CIA agents busted CIA Black Ops Couple Exposed as Fakes

It can be clearly seen what she is doing. Who can argue it? She is using her facial and oral muscles to prevent herself from bursting out in laughter. What is so funny, anyway? It surely couldn’t be regarding any blood lust. Or is it? Is espionage central, both the CIA and Mossad, enthused about their gun grubbing fraud to the point of hysteria? Let’s look at this close up. It’s as real as the sunrise:

CIA, possilbe parents we can be___CIA woman, smirk


Look at all the fakes. Fake parents, fake speech, fake emotions (if that can even be said), fake banners, fake concern, fake picture, fake background, phony green towel, fabricated green ribbons. One of the greatest aspects of this fraud is that it is all government- issue, paid directly by desperate taxpayers. Doesn’t seem to be to0 terribly concerned about Benjamin. Let’s see how she appears after the “we can be for Ben” statement:

Cia fools

She’s really holding back, now. Look at that picture, circumoral muscles working overtime. Behind closed doors this operative is probably bursting in laughter. Too bad she didn’t take a dose of Botox, maybe it would have been possible to seen what she really thinks.

Regardless, from his appearance would you trust anything about this man? Would you believe he, this actor on stage, is telling the truth without investigating it? Moreover, Mrs. Green Towel appears to be laughing:

CIA black ops couple

Ah, but he’s got that green looped ribbon. Carlee Soto (is that her real name?) says Obama made millions of them. Regardless, he’s a Sandy Hook father. How dare anyone doubt him? Oh, and look at that mother. See her pain. She sure looks like she’s in despair. Rosen says he wants to give them all a hug. No wonder. Their helping him rid the world of those “obnoxious” weapons.

However, you really do know what you’re doing, don’t you? You know you’re putting on a con. That subconscious mind doesn’t lie, no matter how many ways you twist your face. Twist it all you want. Talk bombastically all you can. Drive your points home, if you will. It doesn’t matter. Your faces don’t lie, like this:

CIA, mr. green ribbon, withi red line

Precisely when did this happen? It was with these exact words at the beginning of the address, which was “And this is our son Ben”, where just after saying Ben the unfathomable occurs: Mr. Green Ribbon appears to bite his lip. Wonder where that old phrase comes from? Simultaneously, Ms. Green Towel casts her eyes away. Does that inspire confidence in anyone? Would you want such callous people as your parents? Not to mention that these parents have no resemblance to the picture (is it a real child?) in question.

What a joke: just like the incubator baby deaths, weapons of mass destruction, al-Qaeda, 911, this, too, is an elaborate lie. That includes the premise of Wheeler’s speech.

Then, here, too, is the incredible, where they both smirk, as captured by a screen shot taken  just as the word “Ben” is spurted out.

Spies in a row, actors in a row, and now smirks in a row. When will it ever end?

Two smirks in a row (after saying son is ben)

Smirking upon lionizing a reportedly brutally murdered son? How callous. Doesn’t anyone care? The only person with any emotion in this picture is the African-American women in the back.  She seems like a normal person. Seems like she cares somewhat. Can’t say the same about the Wheelers. All they care about is their own personal gain, which includes, incredibly, the disarming of America.

According to the Connecticut Post Wheeler has only been around since April 2012. If you moved all the way to another state, only to have your little child murdered, wouldn’t you be sick to your guts? Wouldn’t you be indignant, even angry? Wouldn’t you show some emotions? Would you smile and smirk? Would you be so filled with joy, or, rather, sarcasm, that you would have to twist down all your muscles to stop yourself from bursting out in laughter?

Now, for the audacious (not audition!) look at this, a child effigy:

Benjamin Wheeler, lighthouse

Then, for comparison there is this. Note the facial expression, along with the angle of the arms:

Ben Wheeler, upright

What thinkest, thou? Same picture, different back ground? You are right:

Perhaps it is such an astounding joke that Mrs. Lobis-Wheeler had no option but to smirk and laugh.

The speech wasn’t inane enough. They had to pull their drama act on that poor child, using him as a government stooge. Oh, right, the Boy Scout’s 21 gun salute. There is no way this kid died. It’s a Hollywood plot. A person goes to the movie, and while there is engaged, and it seems as if is real. These wicked ones want to constantly keep this falsehood branded into the people’s minds: steal their guns, rob them of more and more freedoms. Brand them with RFID chips. David Wheeler is a collaborator in this plot.

Does anyone really believe he and his wife could have orchestrated this–the dramatization of his child, the photoshopping, the grand posters, and more? Or, is that all the parents care about is the Obama/Holder wicked agenda? Who cares about the child. Let’s do what the Zionists and their federal collaborators want, which is to wage war against American minds for tyrannical control.

Wheeler supports disarming of Americans and, therefore, the destruction of their inalienble rights.  His miserable speech proves it.

The combination of going for the guns, the faking of photos, the millions of green ribbons,the color-coded funerals, the preexisting gun legislation, and the moving it town “just in time” is too much. It cannot be a coincidence. You’re busted, psyops agents. No wiggle room, here. Go into hiding, where you belong.

That’s one down, one set of fake Sandy Hook victims’ parents. 19 more to go.

Oh, an it was forgotten, there is one non-victim pair of parents proven to be phonies, Nick and Laura Phelps, whose real names are Richard Sexton and Jennifer Greenberg.

At least this time people don’t have to speculate merely about tears, that is the lack thereof. Now, they have to ask these impostures, really, “What is so funny? No one can argue on your behalf, now, that your tear ducts are exhausted. No one can say that you have your own special method of grieving, unknown in all history. We just want to know, what is so funny?”

Yes, we were brought up not to question, especially people in presumed authority, like ‘the government.’ Now, thanks to enlightenment, thanks to the Internet, we know better.

Go away, you spies. We’re sick of all your falsehoods and hoaxes. And most of all we’re sick of picking up the tab.




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  1. You are a very sad and deluded individual. to further add to the pain of parents by suggesting their children didn’t exist and make political hay of it? you have greatly lost touch with reality, are by no means a patriot, fellow citizen or decent human being. to present this trash on the internet is demagoguery of the lowest basest form and speaks to the toxicity of your character. You should be ashamed…

    • Interesting analysis of the highly-scripted performance by these allegedly “grieving parents”. Its obvious they are more emotionally driven by the “gun control” agenda than by supposed loss of a child.

    • Open your eyes and you will see it too.

    • The same old shit. Pain of the the parents? Maybe the undecent disturbed human being is you Roland if you can be fooled at the point of thinking that this grief is authentic.

    • If you think sandy hook is real then you are delusional. Take a good look at our government they want our guns, they want one world order, they want us to be week, just watch Obama 2016 love him hate him, you don’t know him. What a wake up call Obama deffinently has an agenda. Just get out of your happy bubble your government wants nothing good for you, they are not watching out for you, pay attention to what hitler did this is a repeat of what is to come , only this time all Christians will be dead for real. Investigate the way the CIA operates they kill!
      I hope you look into your government with an open mind and you will be amazed.

    • Why do you believe all the spoon fed BS our administration is handing out. Check out Robbie Parker Actor!

  2. Ok. I won’t badger you or call you names. I don’t think it is necessary. But I will say this. I know Francine. I worked with her a few years ago. I can assure you, she is not acting. I live in Brookfield, CT – bordering Newtown. This happened. I wish it all was just a government conspiracy to teach this Nation a lesson but sadly, it is not.

    Francine is not acting, she is a grieving mother. The odd facial movements are perfectly normal for someone in her position. If she were a government spy, she would be much better at lying. She wouldn’t have to keep herself from laughing. She would be better trained than that.

    As for the point you make about the “same picture, different background” you will notice that the pictures are different dimensions. The second, without the lighthouse, was cropped, hence the difference you noted.

    I promise you. This was not a lie or a hoax. Now, I am sure you will probably turn around and say that I am part of it, that’s fine. If that is your view, I won’t waste time and energy trying to convince you.

    But I will ask you to consider one thing. if you are correct, then what either of us says doesn’t matter. But if you are wrong, think about what you are saying to these parents. If their son really was murdered in his first grade classroom, what kind of message are you sending to the family members he leaves behind? Do you even care about that? Or are you really more concerned about the government trying to teach us a lesson that you will sacrifice your patriotism?

    What happened to this country? We were built based on democracy and patriotism. But when tragedies occur, we are faster to point the finger of blame or call foul instead of offering help or trying to understand the situation.

    I wish you good will and understanding and I hope one day you are able to see this as what it is. A tragic loss of life and not a hoax.

    If you choose not to believe me, that is your call. But I ask that if you, or anyone else who sides with you chooses to debate me on this issue, to do so respectfully as I have tried to do here.

    • This words will remain until the various individuals who claim to be parents at Sandy Hook prove that this isn’t a fraud. Let even one of them come forward and dispute this. Virtually everything said thus far from official sources has been proven to be lies. Then, too, there are the hundreds, count them, hundreds of photoshopped pictures, especially the family pictures. These are altered 10:1 compared to the solo ones. Tell me, is that normal? Would not anyone find this anomalous?

      Then, too, there are the millions of dollars that have been collected fraudulently by charities on the basis of the fatalities that did not happen. Surely, Ms. Lobis-Wheeler is highly intelligent and must know of this. Again, when the people behind this expose this crime instead of participating in it, then, there can be a major discussion.

      Yes, when Lobis/Wheeler come forward, like the rest of the parents, and explain clearly their actions, when they admit to this fraud, including the ludicrous, sudden onslaught of so-called Sandy Hook Promise, then, a proper discussion can be had.

      About pointing the finger of blame, there is merely one issue: this is not an emotional discussion. These are hard facts about a corrupt act foisted upon all the people of the world, including foreknowledge, fabricated photos, dirty tricks, lies, the exchange of money for favors, and far more.

      You mention patriotism. That implies holding to the people’s inalienable rights. What, then, of Sandy Hook Promise, which perpetrates fraud against the entire nation based on a hoax? If anyone’s patriotism must be questioned, it is the ‘parents’ themselves, who are working within the hand of an evil regime bent on destroying the people’s rights–their patriotic rights.

      • It is clear that debating with you is pointless.

    • You’re a liar. The lighthouse is clearly photoshopped, just over his left shoulder. This is not a cropping issue. Your lies are exposed. How much do they pay you?

      • Hulk Hogan, is that really you? Wrestle mania 3 at the Silverdome is still my favorite!

    • I am going to make it my business to have these criminal vultures arrested.. will start a petition.. I have 100% of the goods on so far 2 families.. wasn’t easy to find, but guess they are getting mighty careless, what with the support of the cocaine addled Muslim community organizer & communist plant..

    • Cropping that picture would not remove the lighthouse since the lighthouse rises above the child’s left (his) shoulder and yet that shoulder is visible enough in the photo with no lighthouse that if the lighthouse were ever actually there, at least part of it would be visible. HOAX! The Shadow Government is on crack if they think we’re this dumb. What assholes! Alien whores!

  3. Patti is a fake

  4. Patti is a clear troll / sub agent trying to muddy the water. As some one with a background in O & I, aka Operations and Intelligence. I can say without a doubt she is a gov. agent or troll. They whole context of her statement and her follow up comment is indicative of deception.

  5. Walker vid has been removed, like so many good vids on the subject. Maybe someone has re-uploaded a copy?

    See the memoryhole blog for more crisis actor visual comparisons.

  6. I think there is a way to stop that. We should go after all these Patti’s and expose their identity. Let’s turn the whole game 180 degree, make the hunters the hunted.
    And for these fake parents, we could invite them for interviews, separated of course and start with simple questions and compare the results later. I’m sure there are some specialists who know how to “interview” people and to get them cooperating.

  7. Sorry to post this here and yet, but have just seen the helicopter video. A school with about 38 teacher plus some other staff, and the parking area shows more then 100 vehicles, police cars etc. not counted, what does it tell us?

  8. One of the signals they send to each other is “victim family member” holding a framed studio-type portrait of victim/vicsim directly into the camera lens. This ploy has been noted over and over again since 911 and is used to alert those who know how to read the signals that it is another one of their staged events.

  9. This is the sickest story I’ve read in a long time.

  10. I worked with David Cole-Wheeler in Brewster, New York, six years ago, in 2007. He had ONE child, that’s right ONE… Brought him into the office once too. Never mentioned a second child. I do not for a second, believe what these two have stated.

    • What an excellent revelation by this poster. You are one of the first people to speak out who is a close witness to the real nature of these fraudsters. Photos were manipulated by Photoshop to create the impression of a second child. It shall be looked into more thoroughly, thanks to your post.

    • Uh…..because Benjamin wasn’t born yet maybe? Duh

  11. Obama is NO lover of Jews. If anyone is collaborating with Obama to disarm th USA , it’s Marxists and progressives here who would love nothing more then to see all Jews in Isreal pushed into the sea.

  12. David Wheeler = ACTOR.

    Fake Sandy Hook “father of victim.” Professional movie actor David Wheeler starred in the movie FAITHFUL (2001). It appears that David Wheeler played 2 roles during the Sandy Hook gun-grab Hoax. Role #1 was “father of dead child,” and Role #2 was DHS soldier in Newtown CT.

    MORE HERE (David Wheeler acting in MOVIES):

  13. How dare you? I know David and Francine Wheeler personally. I worked with David as an actor in New York. Actors are still real people. They have real children, just like anyone else. And just because they make their living as performers doesn’t mean they can’t experience real tragedy in their lives or suffer real grief. You are despicable, using propaganda to add to the grief of REAL PEOPLE who REALLY lost a REAL SON to violence.

    • I seriously doubt MEEGHAN that you are a REAL person either! Theres an awful lot of REAL people who seem to know these REAL actors and their REAL son. Very interesting how all these REAL people are tied to the REAL Democrat party. If you actually ask the REAL people who live in the Sandy Hook area, theyve never even heard of any of them. Your just another REAL liar working for man. Shame on you.

  14. I am certainly inclined to believe that our government is not above manipulating and lying to the public. Likewise, I have seen many of the purported interviews and much of what I have seen gives me reason to pause. However, even at this point, it’s all still speculative. The citizenry needs real proof–at the level of scrutiny of a good private detective or investigative journalist. Start digging through the school and local records to do people matches etc.

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