Boston Bombing — 17 May 2013
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Unknown Woman Caught with Fake Blood at Boston Hoax

Update with slight changes in style, some omissions; Also, mistake noted in ID. We do not know who this person is at his time, but it is actually NOT the previously named person. Our apologies to Mr. and Mrs. McDonnell. Once again, the ID was IN ERROR.

However, what is correct is that the woman in question is involved in this hoax, because she is, in fact, carrying what appears to be a Ziploc bag of fake blood.

Sandy Hook’s Lynn McDonnell Caught with Fake Blood at Boston Hoax?

In a revelation which brings this investigation to a new level, Sandy Hook hoaxers have been discovered on-site at the Boston bombing false flag event. Two such hoaxers are Rachel D’Avino and Lynn McDonnell.

Too bad for Sandy Hook hoaxers Lynn and Chris McDonnell. How did they get hooked into this fraud and why? Mr. McDonnell appears desperate to get out, but can’t seem to unleash himself. Like  others actors on the Sandy Hook stage the McDonnells seem desperately concerned about their reputation. Therefore, what to do? Join another Zionist-orchestrated hoax and perpetrate yet another high crime: the crime of cover-up? Yet, would, for instance, Mrs. McDonnell participate in yet another hoax for means of cover-up?

“Time to go, let’s get out of here. If they see you doing this on-site, we’re finished. Hold on, for now, until the all-clear is given.”


What appears to be the look-out man. Note below the obvious blood packet:


Here she is, fake blood packet in-hand. The only thing missing are the sunglasses on the head. Wears the burnt-orange jacket the same way as her other one.

At the Boston hoax site no one saw much of her, although all pictures must be scrutinized. Such a potentially incriminating asset: perhaps, once the danger was realized she was whisked away by the women in the red beret, out of sight. Even so, Sandy Hook AND Boston? Is Mrs. McDonnell a professional hoaxer or just an actress on the dole?

Note: former pictures removed as irrelevant. These pictures do show the woman transporting the fake blood. She could well be assigned for its deposition on a specific person.


Clearly, this is not the formerly named person (name withheld so as not to repeat the error).

They’re not the only cover-up artists caught at the site. One of our posters alerted us of the likeness of this individual: Rachel (actually Sarah) D’Avino. It is merely noted here until further analysis can determine this.

Regardless, reat use of the taxpayer’s assets, whoever it is. Regardless, why use additional moles when there is already a litany of already compromised ones. Bringing in new players increases the risks for additional additional disasters.

There she goes yet another transporter of fake blood. Some are speculating her identity as that of Rachel (Sarah) D’Avino. An analysis is in progress to determine this, but the likeness is considerable.


This is a formal apology for the error in attempting to ID the fake blood-carrying woman, including and especially to the McDonnells. Nevertheless, the woman, unknown, is clearly carrying those same type of fake blood packets used throughout this false flag event.






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  1. Phase 2 underway ….”operation name & shame”.
    Just a word of advise don’t carelessly throw real names around. If you have a good faith honest opinion that you have identified a persons real identity you can (and should) publicly disclose your opinion even if you are ultimately shown to be incorrect. This is a place to share theories and ideas. If you act in good faith with your disclosures; what’s left of the first amendment will still protect you from a claim of defamation. Keep working. Thanks.

    • With slight adjustments based upon opinion and assessment, the OP has been updated.

  2. wtf is this lady doing? late for the party

    • That blonde woman, wearing black, with silver sneakers and sunglasses on head, comes walking toward the main scene from @ 100+ feet, with loosely wrapped gauze around each pant thigh, and she’s carrying a big gold bag. She then walks directly in the main scene; Then she is seen outside the main scene, in front of it, concentrating only on ONE leg (right) with gauze loosely wrapped (over pants!). After this, she is seen getting help from 2 men (to walk – after all she did a lot of walking!), and finally gets her right leg fully bandaged up from thigh to ankle (looks like a soft cast). Would be hysterically funny, if it wasn’t a treasonous hoax perpertrated to defraud the public.

  3. hey, that Jing is great…

  4. Off topic but interesting. If you understand the signs you know bad times are coming. We few here are rightfully concerned about the apathy and complacency of the average American. I have some hope that America (the people not the government) is still the “sleeping giant” not a “brain dead giant”. I review all media, NPR typically tends toward left wing progressive/democrat viewpoints.
    In reality liberal vs. conservative; democrat vs. republican is all just another con to keep people busy with the details so we don’t pay attention to the big picture. You know divide and conquer. Look at this article but in particular review the comments some Americans may be waking up. However don’t get caught up trying to educate the unsophisticated ones there, this is where the action is.

    • The USA has had many Presidents. BHO is the first to declare war on the USA itself. Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, AZ Giffords and other fake events are absolute and terrifying proof of this. After each event he immediately rushes in to shed fake tears, hug people and declare ‘action’. Its all an act. The USA is sinking into a tyrannical nightmare if this isn’t stopped.

  5. It appears that brown sweat-top lady might be Alvino.

    • Note: retraction issued. A mistake was made in the attempted ID of the woman. The woman is carrying the blood packet but is not Ms. McDonnell. This is a full retraction of that ID and apology.

      • That is completely inconclusive also, the item in her hand is black. She has it in her hand the entire time in different pics and actually walks away with it. Check out high res from different angles.

        Using this theory, anyone with anything in their hands has a fake blood packet.

        What about those sunglasses on her head, perhaps they are xray specs?

      • Well done. Excellent way to deal with an unintentionally incorrect preliminary personal identification. Our MSM could learn from that.

        • DrK
          That is what attracted me to this site. You are willing to make corrections with full transparency. I don’t like anything to be hidden. If we make a mistake, correct it, apologize (if it involves a specific person by name), leave the corrections for all the world to see, and move on. If everyone did that we would live in a much better world. Well done IMHO.

  6. Obama is so careless with what his agencies like DHS are doing to the people with these hoaxes. Look at the following video as a perfect example. How did he know there wasn’t a small child on the other side of the door?

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