Sandy Hook — 18 March 2013
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The Fake Teachers of Sandy Hook: Ann Marie Murphy and More

This is part one in a series of installments, which will prove that all the so-called teachers who died are fakes and didn’t even teach at the school.

All the teachers of Sandy Hook are phonies. Not a single one of them who was supposed to have been killed that day was really killed. Nor were such teachers even in the area at the time. Nor were they even legitimate teachers at the school.

It has been the premise of this Website from the beginning that the entire claim for a massacre by Adam Lanza is a hoax. That means that the victim list is fraudulent. It also means that none of the purported massacre victims could have even been in the area and surely not in the Sandy Hook school or within the firehouse. Otherwise the claims for their deaths would have been quickly disputed.

Since there were no deaths of any children or school staffers, then, this would create a significant basis for investigating the fraud. It would mean that the identities of the purported victims are themselves fraudulent. It would also mean that possibly in some cases the identities were completely faked, in other words, the individuals who died didn’t even exist.

The three teachers who were supposed to have died are as follows:

  • Victoria Soto
  • Lauren Rousseau
  • Ann Marie Murphy

It is important to prove this case, since these teachers are largely the hub of the fraud, that is on the basis that they committed heroic acts attempting to save the lives of children. If these teachers did not even exist, if they were not even legitimate teachers at the school—or at any other Connecticut facility—then, this proves the entire operation a diabolical fraud. It also proves as fraudulent the various collaborators of such ‘teachers,’ who will be listed, here.

The following is the legitimate staff list for the school, published 2011, which includes all the various staff members enrolled by the state:



It can be seen that none of the purportedly murdered teachers are on this roll. Nor are any of the other three adults who were reportedly killed, including Dawn Hochsprung, Rachel D’Avino, and Mary Sherlach. Regardless, this is a crucial finding: it is a highly significant fact that these individuals are not listed and, simultaneously, non-existent as known residents of the area.

The excuse that some of these individuals became staff members after this time is truly inane. What a coincidence it is. No long-established residents of Newtown were killed: only newcomers, specifically those who were in place less than two years before the operation.

Is that not the most bizarre conception known, that is the fact that in a disputed massacre none of the acclaimed adult victims are listed within the system—within precisely the school where they were supposedly slaughtered? This is a kind of categorical proof of the hoax. Who can dispute it? No doubt, there is a cast of characters, here, including teachers, who are real and definitively known. They, too, are a part of the hoax. These scam artists masquerading as teachers in the midst of a school massacre are as follows:

  • Natalie Hammond
  • Janet Vollmer
  • Katilin Roig
  • Yvonne Cech
  • Maryrose Kristopek

All such individuals told malicious lies regarding the faux massacre, Vollmer being among the most venomous of these. It is Vollmer who is a direct associate with arch-Zionist and gun confiscation artist, Michael Bloomberg.

Now, it will be noticed, too, that the real principle who is listed is also a ‘Donna’: but despite the fact that according to the Newtown Bee she was assigned to the school by the middle of 2010 there is no Dawn Hochsprung listed. Thus, her very existence in Sandy Hook is questionable, except being there as an embedded Mossad mole.

Note, too, three other operatives, who spread additional lies about the operation, notably Becky Virgalia and Kris Feda. All such individuals are worthy of intensive investigation for their role in this hoax and fraud.

Two fake teachers in one class?


Actually, this is an oxymoron: the entire issue is fake, both the teachers and the students. There was no such class at Sandy Hook, and these teachers simply do not exist. Let anyone prove otherwise. Both Ann Marie Murphy and Victoria Soto were artificially installed into this frame, as is likely the case with all the children. There is no other possibility. A fake massacre means that the victim list is also fraudulent.

Ann Marie Murphy: artificial teacher

There was no teacher in Sandy Hook Elementary by this name. There was only an Anne Murray: not the same person. Note the attempt to create in the false victim list a name similar to the one listed. “Murphy” goes along with this specific scam of her being from a large Catholic family.

As the story line goes this woman attempted to save the lives of the children in her classroom by putting her body between the bullets and the children. Specifically, she is reported to have attempted to protect Dylan Hockley from the bullets, another non-existent person.

Here is the image extracted from the ‘class photo’ above. It can be seen that the head is too small for the body. Essentially, this is a fabricated person, who merely exists through Photoshop.


The resolution is too poor to give definitive evidence, yet with careful inspection it is obvious that this picture is artificial. Here is the only other picture commonly available for this individual:

ann marie

Now the two side-by-side:

annmarieeann marie

Notice the pattern of the bangs and the facial expression, particularly the lips: they are similar (but not exactly the same) in both photos. Yet, what are those artificial-appearing regions on each of the cheeks? Could that be the residue of photographic manipulation?

Here it is enlarged:

ann marie

Look at this, and look at this, again. This is not normal and is surely not the result of any reflection. The bright whitish-appearing regions are surely anomalous and do not appear as a natural phenomena in photos, especially seeing that they are symmetrical. This would appear to be the consequence of either the paint brush or the blur tool in Photoshop. Notice how tight the edges are around these defects; there are no soft edges, as would be expected in any normal face. Those blur patterns were also detected in family pictures of the D’Avino, specifically on the face of Mary D’Avino.

There is also the red mask on her face which is also symmetrical. Unless she has lupus this, too, must be presumed to be the result of photographic manipulation. Difficult to tell but a part of her ear in the center on the right screen appears to be missing. The white angular components of her blouse also appear to make no sense and seem to be floating about in space.

Comparing this to an enlarged version of the other picture (loss of resolution is great):


Very difficult to see yet even so it must be presumed that this woman’s image was artificially installed into the photo.

Clearly and categorically, no woman by this name was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012. The Photoshop manipulation gives great credence to the school staff lists: two frauds which support each other.

Yet, according to the Zionist-controlled media the non-existent, non-Sandy Hook teacher Murphy was a world-class hero. “She was one of the 26 people killed…at Sandy Hook Elementary,” proclaim the arch-liars at CBS. It was all done with “a military-style assault rifle…”

Who are the individuals who support the Murphy lie? It is her purported father, Hugh McGowan, who reiterated the fraud that she had thrown herself before a hail of bullets. “Her body was found covering a group of children’s bodies as if to shield them,” McGowan said.

Arch-antagonist and terminal fraudster Nicole Hockley gave support to this fraud, when she issued a statement that she and her husband “took comfort” in “knowing that Murphy was cradling Dylan when he died.” Hockley is an extreme enemy of the people and is hereby exposed as a fraudster to the most extreme degree.

Other liars who are supporting this fake story include Taylor McGowan, a purported nephew. All such individuals are suspects for participating in the criminal Sandy Hook hoax.

The Cardinal from her home town of Katonah, N.Y., got into the act, praising her for all that never occurred, that is according to CBS “For trying to shield her student as both died in the gunfire,” and thus “Sandy Hook Elementary School teacher Anne Marie Murphy earned perhaps the highest praise from New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan…” In his pomp and buffoonery the Cardinal went on to compare Murphy at her ‘funeral’ to Jesus.  52-year-old Murphy’s funeral (NBC News).

“Like Jesus, Annie laid down her life for her friends,” Dolan told mourners at St. Mary of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church in Katonah, N.Y. Here is another example of the filthy lies—lies they will never dispute—told by the media fabricators:

Murphy, a mother of four who was a special education teacher, was reportedly found with her arms wrapped around 6-year-old Dylan Hockley. She worked with Dylan one-on-one, and the boy was so taken with his teacher that he kept a picture of her on his family’s fridge, the Connecticut Post noted. The Associated Press wrote that other children were discovered under Murphy’s protective embrace as well.

Said the Cardinal as reported by the New York Times, “I never had the honor of meeting Annie, so I’m at a disadvantage. Then, again, I never had the honor of physically meeting Jesus…And because I know Jesus, I feel as if I know Anne McGowan Murphy quite well.”

Murphy is listed as a mother, and her existence is attributed to Katonah’s large Irish Catholic clans, the McGowans. Her funeral reportedly drew hundreds.

Despite this pomp and fanfare the fakery is clearly evident, as demonstrated by the artificially created pictures as well as any lack of a real extended family—and a lack of even a single clear, realistic photo.

Yet, it was all a wicked fake and, though her image was used in vain, Ann Marie Murphy is merely one more fraud in an endless stream of corruption, obfuscation, and tyranny.

A list of the family members associated with this scam, according to the CT Post: Anne Marie Murphy’s husband, Michael Murphy, and daughters, Paige and Colleen Murphy.

Victoria Soto is a fraudulent teacher as well and was not a real part of any Sandy Hook school system. More on her, later.


Even though the woman is real, Victoria Soto has been artificially installed in this picture. She is looking in a completely opposite direction as all the others and has a cold stare on her face, as if she is a dummy, which could be a sign of photographic manipulation.

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