Boston Bombing — 06 May 2013
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What do you see in this Boston Hoax picture?

What do you see and don’t see in this Boston Marathon bombing hoax picture? This is actually half the flickr image. First, there is the tattered clothes man, whose clothes were sheared by the scissors mole; he’s back from his jog. This alone is proof of the hoax, first he tears out from the smoke bombing site and then, while the regular people who are not operatives, run away, he comes back for more?

This is yet another proof that the entire claim of injured people is a scam as well as any claim of a bomb sufficiently powerful to harm anyone, whether here or at the Forum Restaurant. They’re both fake.

As pointed out be legal experts, here, the liability is far too great to perpetrate real injuries, particularly in the midst of preventive drills. The litigation would be aggressive and relentless. Boston surely can’t afford that.


Let’s enlarge it to see what else:


There is a man in black who seems frustrated, mid-screen; is the policeman checking to see if he is on the accepted DHS list?

The man in blue and grey is a definite operative and is intently working on a fake victim.

There is a man who bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Spielberg, There is a man there, who some people have regarded to have the appearance of Mr. appearance to Mr. Steven Spielberg; that’s not the case. He is physician Martin Levine. In many ways Mr. Levine appears to be the main director of  some of the staging in this event, as numerous screenshots have shown.  Carlos Arrendondo is putting on his DHS identity badge. The man in the orange jacket appears to be opening something up. What is it? Close-ups still don’t tell. Note his radio phone; he (in orange) has a high position.

The woman in the pink vest is also in the thick of it, as always. Yet, in this view in addition to having her purse, which has been demonstrated to be stained with fake blood, she has a back-pack.

Some of the fake injury actors have been moved out of the screen. The Spielberg look-alike physician, Levine, is checking on the status of the others. In the front, fake blood is seen or red paint on the pavement. No one is injured. It’s all fake.

Note: all the people actively working on the fake wounded are operatives with clearance from the DHS. Some have posted that the man in the turquoise shirt is a good Samaritan. Any good Samaritans were long ago chased away.

No EMTs, emergency firemen, doctors, or nurses anywhere. Why should there be? The injuries are fake.

Once again, actors, not EMTs or firemen, are presiding over the people on the ground; all people in this seen are paid DHS operatives and/or paid screen actors.

One more lying actor and fake injured clearly busted, the man in the sheared black pants.


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  1. Watch this one. The man stands up, fumbles around for something in his clothes (his fake blood packet?). He can’t find it, then he gives up and hurries to get back down on his back in the wounded victim position.

  2. Why aren’t you pointing out the red packet hanging off the mans pants next to guy with ripped pants? Who in other images is shown walking away from the crowd?

  3. what is he holding in his right hand ?

  4. These people are to be pitied! If these actions are real as they appear to be, one cannot imagine the Karma that they have created for themselves. Shameful and cowardly actions that have deceived so many people worldwide, how can they live with that? How?

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