Boston Bombing — 13 May 2013
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Updated with new picture and info

Ziploc Bag Terror – the Fake Blood Hoax

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We Don’t Want You to See Us Applying Fake Blood, so We’ll Torment You and Chase You Out  

Includes videos from the Free Dzhokhar movement

It really is terror by the infamous Ziploc bag. The company surely doesn’t want this type of publicity. It should contact the DHS and demand damages. Can anyone believe it? The real terrorists are the hostile, conniving agents of the DHS, not the Tsarnaev brothers. Rather than terrorists they are victims of highly orchestrated terror, as are all people of the world who have been forced to endure the inanity of the Sandy Hook and Boston fake bombing hoaxes:

This individual has on a bullet-proof vest and was captured on-site, the same kinds of individuals who brutalized the Tsarnaev brothers, ultimately killing one of them.

The free Dzhokhar movement in its fight against the Boston Bombing hoax is doing its best to get the truth out about the innocent Tsarnaev brothers, absolute patsies, absolutely innocent and thus is producing stupendous material. These productions were found through a poster, here, on who is calling for the release of the innocent Dzhokhar. In these videos the application of fake blood is observed. Who would have ever thought that the people would be terrorized by this illicit government through mere zip-based plastic bags and their contents. It is terror, no doubt, and the people, globally, are the victims. Commentary to follow shortly plus screen shots. Do come back to review the larger post when it is ready.

Plenty of delivery agents:


That really is a zipped plastic bag of fake blood she is carrying. Who cares about the wounded, regardless: oh, that’s right, they’re not wounded.  Moves fast: hard to keep track of her. Where is she going?


Note: lightened with green tint, the rectangular area, dark, against her brown sweatshirt is the Ziplock.

Let’s not also forget this DHS mole, who rushed through the area to dump his load, noted by the empty Ziploc, much of the load still lodged in his bloated pouch:



It’s a bit grainy, but there appears to be a source identified for the Wheelchair Lady’s paint:


Ziploc bag straddled over the thigh; begins the application process on the face; much more to do on those legs, though. Note also the application just starting on the old man’s pants.

vs: – all staged and ready to go, blue gloved lady doesn’t care about any wounds, because there aren’t any.

Hey, lady, do you do that entire paint job yourself? It’s poorly done. The hand wounds are also fake, in case anyone might wonder.


Woman on ground definitely has fake blood in her palm; man is suspected, also. All the individuals in the Ziploc zone are criminals until proven otherwise. Like this one:


and after:

How many ways can it be said, “Fraud and Super-Fraud.”


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  1. This event would be a good way to wake some of the good willed people on the left up. They keep going to Chomsky on this stuff and end up chasing their tails. Some of them just don’t get we’ve moved way passed all the liberal vs. conservative stuff here. That was always, more or less, made up opposition anyway.

    • My question, does Chomsky have a first name. The only one that I know is below, this can’t be the one you are writing about.

      By Dick Eastman

      Noam Chomsky – a fraud in linguistics and a double-agent serving the conspiracy to destroy the American people for Trotskyism

      Chomsky is a Zionist Jew who has sabotaged American higher education and misleads us on 9-11 and Rothschild power and malevolence

      • Not to speak of which assisting in the hit of Pat Tillman.

  2. check this out Bstn “bmg” ‘victims’/actors laughing! + +

    • Very good video. Bombings are no laughing matter, unless they are a hoax and you are an actor who forgot to stay in character. Reminds me of Robbie Parker who forgot he was the actor that was supposed to have lost a child. The child was a fabrication, but Parker’s smiles and laughter were real because of the hoax they were committing on the american people.

    • The powder thrower guy threw a little too early, because, if he would have waited a half-second longer, those two people walking in front of the camera were supposed to be the choreographed blockers walking in front to disguise the dust prop being applied.

  3. Yes it is fake blood and it is all a hoax.

    Tax paying Americans are paying the DHS for perpetrating crime on them.

    Dave and Rivi thanks for posting the videos. Guys I admire your passion for the truth.

    • Name and shame…all of them ……that is step two

  4. just in case people are not following lets roll forums, some great video here at 6:20!

    • Much like building 7 with the twin towers coming down with controlled explosives, we have to conclude if one part is false, then it is all false. With the fake events in the Boston hoax, we have to conclude it was all false. I don’t need to see anymore. It is clear it’s a hoax. The sandy hook children “victims” were posted to SIPA Press and REX as early as 6-15-12 – that was the tipping point for me to realize our government cannot be trusted.

    • The Malone video is now up with screenshots. Great work, all.

  5. this is more video I have not seen after the bombing -

    I can not figure out how to download this video to my computer.

    One thing that is interesting is the guy in red at 35 seconds looking up at the buildings – like he is either seeing if people are filming or looking for something/someone.

  6. Being able to write so many sick bullshits in the same blog is a form if art. You have all my respect.

    • Hi ramon
      This ‘blog” is for concerned thinking people. Direct specific detailed ideas and criticisms are welcome. Otherwise go watch C(IA)NN.

      • AKA Clinton News Network

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