Boston Bombing — 11 May 2013
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Zarus Snape Busts CNN for Photoshop Corruption: intimidation tactics used.

In what is superb work, Zarus Snape catches CNN in the act of installing Carlos Arrendondo artificially in a frame. It was as if attempting to make him into a ‘seer’, greater than life proportions. The fake image shows him looking on high, a feeble attempt to further embed the desired effect of false heroism. Truly, a great piece. No wonder the moles of CNN are after him. It is a high crime by CNN; after all, this case of the Boston hoax involves a capital crime, the murder of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Regardless, too bad for Arrendondo. His reputation is so sullied they have to prop him up on a pedestal, a Photoshop created one.

Screenshot analysis


Here is the real Carlos Arrendondo, untarnished by Photoshop.

This is another real shot; whether he was in this frame or not, it’s him. It can be clearly seen that he is a real human with real hands, shoulders, arms, and more.

Snape spotted him in the crowd. Something didn’t look right. The hat aside, is that really Mr. Arrendondo?

He’s bigger than life, way bigger. Talk about standing out in a crowd.  Is he on stilts? An unknown form of ultra-powerful growth hormone? Is it even him?


It’s an effigy; it’s not even real: made up. What a poor job by CNN of inventing a photo.

Taller than a mountain, faster than (we’re not sure, but he did eventually show up, straddling the picket fence). He was simply cut-and-pasted into the frame. Clearly missing an arm or at least a hand, as well the white cut marks from the cutting tool can be seen running all the way around the back part of the image, especially where they cut along the woman’s hair: high evident. The face, as the video mentioned, is a fabrication, the hat shopped on, the left hand anomalous with only one digit, a fake index finger, clearly visible.

What else could be expected from an anarchist-socialist, an ideal Rockefeller agent:

carlosarrendo00 carlosarrendondo-89
They are the 99% of what, the devil’s followers?

It would be expected that Arrendondo would tell nothing but filthy lies:

carlosarrendondoarm carlosarrendondo-65
Is that fake blood that he’s pouring on that left hand or the flag? We vote, here, for the fake blood

This fraudster is busted, but so are his handlers, the venomous arch-Zionists of CNN.



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  1. Firstly, attribute the image. This image can be found as #53 on Huffington Post Boston Marathon Bombing images, attributed to “Kelvin Ma/Bloomberg/Getty Images”, downloaded as “slide_292101_2340522_free.jpg” which is a 1200×800 pixel image (“HP#53″). Please explain exactly how the image was photoshopped in your opinion and why we should care.

    Firstly, some terminology. I will divide an image into 100 subspaces, labelling the abscissa (X-axis) 0 to 9 and the ordinate (Y-axis) A to J, so the bottom left is A0 and the top right is J9. Lets look at the “canonical” Aaron Tango set of images, which I will label as tango_[exif creation time], so for example, the first post-explosion Tango image is tango_025015.

    More interestingly, when was this image taken? Take a look at tango_025401 G8 where Arredondo is looking at his tag and tango_025406 F5 where Arredondo is putting his tag over his hat which corresponds to real time 14:53:52 (also compare HP#44 close to this time). In HP#53 which must be close to this time, Arredondo appears to be looking up at the second floor of the Lenscrafter building.

    Now look at tango_025127 C2 guy in blue – where is he looking?
    Now look at tango_025207 H8 black ambulance guy – where is he looking?
    Now look at tango_025210 E2 & E3 Dr. Levine and guy in blue with sunglasses, where are they looking?

    Isn’t that interesting? What is happening up there? Who cares if someone photoshopped Arredondo’s hat to a larger size?

    • Sorry to go off topic, but here is some more research on conclusive proof of Victim Sydney Corcoran using fake blood for her femoral artery injury.

      • Everyone, something big to show tonight, no surprise to any of you: you expected it. Will publish, God willing, tonight or early a.m.

      • Published, as is on, commentary to follow: stupendous work.

      • That doesn’t prove anything. With adrenalin flowing people can walk while being fatally wounded for awhile. That does’t look fake. That looks just like a battle wound. I was there when the bombs went off and this false flag stuff is really annoying the shit out of me. it’s disgusting.

  2. It is fascinating to learn here how ‘Carlos’ bloodied that flag he used as a prop. He does me remind me of a few of the attendees at our local 99% gatherings, one of whom I strongly suspected was an operative.

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