Kennedy Assassination — 17 November 2013
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Zionist Mole James Angleton Busted for JFK Murder

Regarding the murder of an American icon, President John F. Kennedy, there is no wiggle room left, now, for the Mossad and its hit men. Its agents have been identified, its moles exposed, its plots revealed, and its criminal acts proven.

It was the Mossad alone which was behind the murder of a sitting US President, John F. Kennedy, not anyone else: not the mob, elements of the US military, Cuban nationals, not even LBJ or George Bush.

Regardless, is it not unfathomable – chasing around shadows, non-existent ghost men, shadowy ‘psyops’ characters, while the real murderers and collaborators in murder are right before everyone’s eyes?

It will be proven, here, that it was the Zionist cabal, consisting of various levels of Mossad moles, which murdered the President and had the motive to do so. Claims that it was the mafia are unsubstantiated, as are the essentially ludicrous claims against anti-Castro elements. One such Mossad element who proves the case against this clique is none other than a former top man in Langley, Virginia’s CIA, James Jesus Angleton.

The Jesus middle name likely comes from his mother, who was a Mexican Sephardic Jew.

The “LBJ did it” stance is also without substance, even though neither LBJ nor the Bush family are entirely innocent of at least a degree of involvement, for instance, foreknowledge and cover-up.

The KGB? The official one in the charge of the Soviet government? That’s what the Zionists would have people believe, and they spread this rumor.

The plot was not, though, orchestrated by them. Rather, as will be demonstrated, here, it was achieved by Zionist agents, a litany of them, who in collaboration perpetrated the crime and then systematically covered it up.

The purpose, here, is to confirm the plotters, the key cover-up moles, and the actual forces behind the assassins: those who hired and coordinated them while covering their trails.

Distractions and dead ends prevent the culprits from being exposed. In this regard there are dozens of authors and Internet bloggers whose whole purpose is to deceive the people. This is through a variety of clever ruses; giving good, factual information in some arenas, creating the appearance of credibility, then purposely guiding people down the wrong path.

The cell consisted of operatives not working entirely independently but, in fact, working as paid agents of the CIA, including those in top-level positions. It also includes other moles who were technically independent of the agency. All these moles are/were Zionist Jews.

Regarding this information Angleton reveals his role in the crime: by his actions. Any police officer, any sound investigative detective, would regard his actions as suspect and immediately plan for his arrest for the crime, just based upon his cover-up acts and his obtuse statements, his attempts to deceive and confuse, and his blatant acts of obstruction, including, incredibly, the coaching of witnesses, including federal witnesses.

James Jesus Angleton

James Jesus Angleton : Biography

The key mole within the agency was one James Jesus Angleton. Clearly involved in the hit, and busting him amounts to one murderer down, dozens, in fact, hundreds more to go. Zionist mole and murderous Jew Angleton is directly tied to both the murder of JFK as well as the thorough, systematic cover-up of the crime.

Who is James Angleton? Born in Boise, Idaho, 1917, his father, James Hugh Angleton, was a former cavalry officer who met his wife, Carmen Mercedes Moreno, while serving in Mexico.

Angleton is likely a Jewish name. Yet, what about Moreno? The name is virtually entirely Sephardic:



Other sources:


His mother was a Jew, and so he did the vile bidding of the Jews. He was put in place to undermine the Kennedy administration. His role was strictly to protect Zionist interests, which means the guarding and protecting of the interests of world Jewry, including those  of the Israeli entity, at any cost, even the cost of bloodthirsty murder. Moreover, that is precisely what he achieved.

Even President Ford was suspicious of him. Yet, nothing was done about it.

His purpose in the spy realm all along was, in fact, murder:

Angleton’s father and one of his Yale professors used their influence to get him a position with the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor of the CIA, working in the cryptically named X-2, the OSS’s counterintelligence unit. His training for the job concentrated on ways to keep secrets safe, as well as the craft of counterespionage, identifying and neutralizing double agents, individuals who swear their allegiance to the United States when in fact they are secretly working for the enemy.

Early history

Angleton father was a so-called “ultra-conservative” and a fascist sympathizer, in other words, a Bolshevik Jew. Who else at that time sympathized with this Jewish invention other than fellow Zionists.

In 1937 the family was sufficiently connected to place James Angleton in Yale University. He did poorly and ultimately joined the US Army, becoming, through his “fascist” father a mole in the  Office of Strategic Services (OSS). He was then sent in 1943 to London to be trained by the MI6. Afterwards, he  served as a counter-intelligence agent in Italy.

Angleton – Originator of the Mossad?

Post war, Angleton worked for the War Department’s Strategic Services Unit , joining the CIA in 1947. “In 1951 he was sent to Israel where he helped establish Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service (Wikipedia).”



Shin Bet and Mossad, known terrorists and assassination moles: and this is the man who initiated it, who helped establish its infrastructure? Any surprise that Angleton was one of Kennedy’s murderers and by proxy also involved in the killing of Bobby Kennedy?

Ultimately, he became chief of the CIA’s counterintelligence unit: a Zionist chief to do the cabal’s bidding, just like George Cohen Tenet did for 911.

Consider it: the man who helped create the murderous and exceedingly anti-American Mossad was then in control of much of the CIA? It is not possible show a more compelling evidence of the Zionists in the assassination than this? It is a major issue, in fact, the issue, that every JFK researcher should spread to the entire world. Angleton was a Mossad infiltrator in the US espionage apparatus. His purpose was to protect the Zionist apparatus, including members of the Jewish mob, who had fully infiltrated all the major governments and espionage operations in the world.

A bizarre cover up after an assassination?

A woman named Mary Pinchot Meyer purportedly had an affair with President Kennedy. She was found dead under suspicious circumstances. Upon her death Angleton went into action. Meyer left word with friends in case anything happened to her about a sketch book or diary, where she may have made mention for her love for Mr. Kennedy. Angleton wanted to gain possession of the dairy in order to either use it as blackmail for the Kennedy family or destroy any evidence, in case it was incriminating to the cabal. See his actions, here:


Same killers means Angleton and fellow moles, including scoundrels like de Mohrenschildt, among others.

Cover-up mole for Zionist agents?

Angleton was tied to another Israeli infiltrator and hired hit-man or hit arranger, in this case a man living in Britain, named ‘Kim’ Philby. Another secretive Jewish agent, like Angleton, Philby was a Mossad spy. Angleton’s relationship to Philby is tantamount to proof that he was put into the CIA apparatus to protect various Zionist assets.


In the late 1950s Philby’s role as a potential double-crosser was first discovered in the CIA offices. Top CIA men were investigating two senior British officials, Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean. Suddenly, in 1937 the two senior British officials led to the Soviet Union.  Philby was suspected as the tip-off mole.

Per investigative research John Simkin, ” CIA director, Walter Bedell Smith, asked Angleton and William Harvey to write-up separate reports detailing what they knew about Philby. Harvey came to the conclusion that Philby was a Soviet spy. However, Angleton claimed that Philby had been “honestly duped” and warned Smith against taking the matter further. Smith took the advice of Angleton and Philby was able to continue his work until escaping to the Soviet Union four years later.”

This amounts to hard proof that Angleton’s entire purpose in the CIA was to work on behalf of the enemy, treacherous Israelis and other Zionist agents. Angleton was likely the source for Philby, who then informed his British friends of the danger.

Simkin clearly demonstrates another cover-up act by Angleton, in this case in collaboration with CIA director Richard Helms, demonstrating the great power of the Zionists over the agency. An agent named John M. Whitten was made responsible to investigate all information about Oswald after the murder. Ultimately, Whitten had become frustrated by not being provided with all the available data, particularly evidence from FBI files that showed Oswald visiting various a Cuban consulate and (purportedly) the Soviet Embassy in Mexico.

Notes Simkin:

Whitten and his staff of 30 officers, were sent a large amount of information from the FBI. According to Gerald D. McKnight “the FBI deluged his branch with thousands of reports containing bits and fragments of witness testimony that required laborious and time-consuming name checks.” Whitten later described most of this FBI material as “weirdo stuff.” As a result of this initial investigation, Whitten told Richard Helms that he believed that Oswald had acted alone in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Yet, after this on December 6th Whitten was exposed to a FBI report which showed the incredible, which was the fact that he and his team were being denied crucial information about Oswald, including facts concerning his ‘political’ activies (a mere ruse, even so) in the months prior to the hit. Whitten, apparently quite thorough, held a meeting arguing that all this required closer inspection, including Oswald’s purported attempt to shoot General Edwin Walker. Simkin reveals, here, something important, showing the power of disinformation, cover-up, and obfuscation, that is regarding Whitten’s statements to his higher-ups:

Whitten added that has he had been denied this information, his initial conclusions on the assassination were “completely irrelevant.”

In other words, the initial conclusion that Oswald really was the killer, that it was a lone gunmen, or that he was even involved were now to be discarded.

Says Simkin: “Helms responded by taking Whitten off the case. James Jesus Angleton was now put in charge of the investigation.”

Yet, was it Helms who pulled him off? Notes Gerald McKnight in his book Breach of Trust it was arch-Zionist mole and hostile Israeli-Firster Angleton who “wrested the CIA’s in-house investigation away from John Whitten…”

The mole continued to perpetrate his criminal acts at every level. Simkin also reveals that he played cover-up mole for other agencies, in this case, the FBI. Quoting former Nixon advisor H.R. Haldemann in his book, Ends of Power:

“…in fact, Counter intelligence Chief James Angleton of the CIA called Bill Sullivan of the FBI and rehearsed the questions and answers they would give to the Warren Commission investigators.

Rehearse it? Really? That means Angleton was involved in the cover-up of a crime. It means obstruction of justice. It means, in fact, proves criminal intent. The man who set up the Mossad is ‘our man,’ not Jimmy Hoffa, not LBJ, not the Bush family, not anyone else. This is the man, an admitted hit man, who is tied to Kennedy’s assassination, this wretched Zionist Jew.

Two major Zionist agents have been identified, here, directly tied to both Kennedy’s killing the cover-up: James Angleton and Harold Adrian Russel (Kim Philby). There were hundreds of others. It proves and resolves one issue: it was Zionist Jews and such Jews alone who were responsible for the brutal murder of this president. All other theories, all other claims, are not only faulty, but the are, rather, patently erroneous.

Much credit to Mr. Simkin, © John Simkin, September 1997 – June 2013


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  1. Dispelling a lie with more lies is reprehensible. Kennedy’s murder was a conspiracy, hundred were involved. Stop blaming it solely on Jews.

    • The author of the article does NOT blame joos exclusively. He mentions the cadre of outsiders, non-joos, also. The total effort used brainpower and set-up abilities of the joos, but a whole slew of others to make it appear like the Russkis and other entities like LBJ were responsible. Read the article,please.

  2. Oh linda254. Jews controlled it and the dupes carried it out. Really there is no defense for them.

    Dr K, this may help:

    • Note: this link is excellent and an invaluable read for any JFK researcher/investigator. Looking into this in-depth, now.

      • Don’t forget, the MOSSAD also murdered Lincoln! We’ll never forget nor forgive the Joooooooooos !!!!

    • It’s all very confusing….stories conflict. I’ve researched the AMTRUNK plot to assassinate Castro from within, originally titled Operation Leonardo by its author, Nestor Moreno, an early Cuban exile and former Castro confidante, and JURE, which Moreno and other exiles formed as an anti-CIA and anti-Castro organization when becoming disgusted by CIA failures (like the Bay of Pigs). To overthrow the dictator. Trust me. We will never know for certain. After all, it is dinner talk at times with my in-laws. My father-in-law died with many secrets, and my luggage gets held whenever I travel overseas now. My son is, nonetheless, named for Nestor, his abeulo.

  3. Thanks for the “fine-tuning” on these heinous crimes.

    However, these “dupes” are HIGHLY COMPLICIT and we hope that will not
    go easy on them.

    In other words, we want “Papa George” BUSH, the CABAL BOOKKEEPER “Babs” BUSH, the notorious drunken bum DUBBYA, and the rest to HANG BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD at the HAGUE or GUANTANAMO.

    We’ll wait for your feedback, but your ally RAND PAUL is as guilty as the rest – talking a good game, but in the end doing noting substantive to assist you,, or AMERICA. He should do time for misprision along with the rest; ditto for “Papa Ron” PAUL.

    Please do not protect these lowlives from prosecution and imprisonment. The incarceration may drive them to ALLAH / GOD and their salvation.

    Keep up the great work.

    Brad DeShane, for The STOLLER / DORAZIO TEAMS, and

    CT GLOBAL at


    • The person who wrote this article is a mole himself and attempts to discredit the truth that exists in his article with the lies in his article. James Jesus Angleton was an evil man. This we can all agree. He worked in counterintelligence in the CIA and was strapped at the hip with the Mossad. So the CIA / Mossad assassinated our great young President Kennedy. But Angleton was no Jew. He worked with them for sure. But he was not Jewish. Other non-Jews helped assassinate a President. And many were Christians. So filthy Christians and filthy Jews murdered a President and got away with it. But this brother whoever he is that wrote this article at least gets the information out there that the Mossad was involved because they most certainly were. And even saying “Mossad” is too narrow. The Jewish conspirators were not all paid by the Mossad but they were part of the assassination and cover-up. Evil evil evil. And I shall spread the word for the rest of my life. I’m converting many because I’ll never let it go that the US Government and the Israeli government murdered MY PRESIDENT!

      • I agree but I feel Angleton was of Jewish DNA

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  9. The main reason why the negative part of history is repeating itself over and over again like a broken record, it is not a mistake but a calculated endevour of those who hate the truth and the positive qualities that comes out that evil it is trully by mistake of those same elements. However, when we think that conspirancies are fallacies is when evil really works without fear, because the worst evil that there is, it is conspire against another human being, who does not believe in fallacies or conspirancies theories. Therefore, I rest my case in the fact that if you do not know how to navegate the sea of wickedness then do not aventure yourself into the world.

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