Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 02 December 2015
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Zionists Plot Gun Control with Pathetic Arch Fake San Bernadino Hoax

Regarding the arch-fake San Bernadino shooting do the Zionists not care anymore? Are they so inane that they cannot even fake a hoax in a most deliberate way?

Sure it was, right: sure. Just in the aftermath of the terminally inane Zionist-orchestrated Planned Parenthood hoax, now, there’s a real one: a massacre. Sure, it is. What great timing it is for this criminally minded cabal.

This is a drill, an arch-fake. There is nothing real about it. How can anyone regard it as real? Is that supposed to be a real gunshot wound? Now, are these wretched ones going to deem that this is not merely a gunshot wound but, rather, one resulting from a long-gun, an AK-47, AR-15, or other?



A mere dot painted with tempura paint, along with some fake pink induration, mere make-up, is not compelling to any degree as an example of a real bullet wound. Where is the entrance wound from a long-gun strike? Furthermore, where is the exit wound? Why is this woman not in extreme pain? Additionally, why is no pressure being put on the wound, which would always ooze blood?

What about these hoaxers? How are these actual gunshot victims? Where is all the bloooooddddd?


If they were really shot in the face, what in the world are they doing leaving them on those canvas mats? Surely, they would have evacuated them immediately, by ambulance and/or life-flight.  The moulage dressing for both is nearly the same, brush strokes over the eyebrows.


This is clearly moulage, mere tempura paint. A gunshot wound to this area is a medical emergency, and it is not being treated like this to any degree. No wonder there are no close-up shots available of this imagery.

See the pylon as part of the staging element. See also the tarp. Regardless, what are all these people doing? Why are they lying around? Why in the world is she kissing that stranger on the forehead?


Moreover, what are these people doing there? Why are they even there? What in the world is the purpose of all these people found in the squat or seated posture? This is a new element to the hoax. Does it make it any more compelling?

Good God, how in the world is anyone supposed to find this realistic?

It’s another new technique, the “texting proof” of a real shooting. ‘Hey pops, someone is blasting us to smithereens.’ The response: ‘No problem, honey, I’ll come down, right away, and get you. Just stay low to the ground, like a mole, or maybe make a burrow for yourself – or hide in the bushes. Make yourself inconspicuous.’ No one can find any of this believable.

Is this meant to be a joke? It’s the worst, most sophomoric hoax conceivable.


Right, sure it is. This is the kind of imagery that would be expected from a mass shooting involving a number of gunmen, some of whom might have bore bombs and other devices. Anyone who believes such nonsense is surely deranged.




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  1. It’s a mess

    • DHS & ZioMedia Hoaxers Admit 2nd San Bernardino Shooter Tayyeep Bin Ardogan Is A Hoax, Yet Still Pretend Rest of Hoax PsyOp Shooting Was Real!

      Zionist LA Times Slimebag Hoax Reporter Rick Serrano (Marrano Jew Zionist) reported it. But now the zioHollywood script has changed so he deleted his report & original tweet. But LA Times & Atlanta Constitution & FoX others already reported. But let’s be clear the whole damn event is fake, a despicable zionist treasonous Gun Confiscation PsyOp Hoax hatemongering & a warmongering Zionist PsyOp as well by the zionist psychopaths! These enemy de fact agent bastards should all be tried & convicted for treason!

    • DHS San Bernardino Hoax Shooter Syed Farook EEEvile Mossadlim Fake Shooter

      Zionist Warmonger Hatemonger Sites are all over this preplanned Zionist DHS & zioMEDIA Hoax Shooter To Get the Dumb Goyim Christians & other Americans mad as hell & to trick them into genocidal Zionist big money making, goyim slaughtering wars! They make big money off all wars, genocide, invasions & brutal occupations & massive rebuilding contracts & supposed antiTerror security contracts which the zionist terrorist get most of those contracts after themselves being behind both the hoax PsyOps Terror & real PsyOp False Flag terror! Plus Israel wants Syria & it’s people destroyed & exterminated as soon as possible for the next phase to set up Greater Israel..satanically upon the murdered bodies of millions of Syrians just as these murderous beasts have done in Palestine for over 66.6 years! American is becoming Palestine! aka marked for genicide by the psychopath zionists!


  2. Within 5 minutes of watching CNN it was quite apparent this shooting was just a drill.

    What I gathered from CNN:

    1. One person goes into the holiday party and confronts someone before leaving.

    2. That person then comes back with two other people in full tactical gear, and start shooting up the place, “Al Pacino” style like in Scarface.

    3. Law enforcement responds, gets into a deadly shootout, killing a “male and female” suspect.

    4. The third suspect escapes, so a manhunt is on the way to find him. FBI then claims a third suspect is detained.

    5. CNN has an endless debate on whether or not this is terrorism.

    The icing on the cake is when they mention Sandy Hook, claiming this current shooting is the worse since the Sandy Hook incident. reinforces the propaganda of a real shooting.

    Of course, everyone with a brain who has done research on Sandy Hook knows it was a DRILL. And there is no evidence from the news media suggesting this event is anything other than a DRILL.

  3. http://www.rawstory.com/2015/12/at-least-20-shot-just-blocks-from-san-bernadino-planned-parenthood/

    “Police were reportedly conducting a training exercise nearby and were able to respond quickly.”

    Nuff said!

    • It works out nicely when they run a drill at the EXACT same time of the event. In some cases the training exercises are done beforehand, and the news media can just use that footage when they decide to pawn off the fake shooting as a real shooting.

      It’s the MAINSTREAM MEDIA that is guilty of knowingly and willingly agreeing to conspire in perpetrating these hoaxes on behalf of the Zionists and their affiliated agents.

  4. http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/bernardino+police+search+active+suspects+after+reports+victims+mass/11560414/story.html

    Calgary Herald puts up on-line article a day before it happens. AP The Associated Press 12.01.2015. This is Tuesday! Calgary is in MST, only an hour later than California, not over the international date line.

    “SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — At least two heavily armed attackers opened fire on a banquet at a social services centre for the disabled Wednesday, killing 14 people and seriously wounding more than a dozen others in a precision assault that looked “as if they were on a mission,” authorities said.”

  5. What Are The Odds?

    What are the odds of FBI Director David Bowditch not only being in San Bernardino today but standing in the exact same position that he was standing at the LAX TSA fake shooting in Nov 2013?
    He’s standing behind 2 Police Chiefs in their 2 TV reports. One was of the LAX TSA fraud 2013 and today’s San Bernardino ”Drill”?

    I guess he’s assigned to keep close watch on these hoaxes and especially the respective Police Chiefs.

    Here’s the video about this ever present FBI man Bowditch.

    • Very good find Dougster. Yes, it’s definitely the same “FBI” agent, who is probably the assigned agent to the hoax.

      These fake shootings are getting more and more absurd.

  6. Thanks for getting this story out. These U.S. government stooges must think all Americans are as stupid as they are.

  7. DHS San Bernardino Hoax Crisis Actor Wears Freemason Hat To Deliver His Script IN This PsyOp Fake Shooting Event

    Also watch Crypto Jew Obama Declare War On Christmas. Yes he is considered Jewish by Rabbis & Zionists by blood.
    His ZioTwistedly named mother is Jewish yes his porn modelling mother is a Jew.
    Stanley Dunham is Jewish not Muslim, Not Christian. And no I doubt she is even dead. Just hoax dead, retired from officially being his mother. Obama was raised from early teens or younger exclusively be radical zionist Chicago Jews.


  8. Exhibit 4)
    DHS San Bernardino Hoax Shooting Zionist Treason Against Americans!

    Total Proof They Planned, Practiced & Staged This Treasonous PsyOp! & This PsyOp has multiple Zionist Jewish Treasonous Agendas at Work to Psychologically terrorize the hated American Goyim People.


  9. Exhibit 5) Busted San Bernardino PsyOp!
    DHS Active Shooter Drill Held In San Bernardino 2 Days Before Hoax Shooting!


  10. Exhibit 6)
    San Bernardino Zionist DHS Hoax Murder Shooting To Warmonger, Hatemonger & DisArm Americans & Steal Our Rights Orchestrated by Treasonous Zionist Jew Psychopaths & all of their zioPuppets!


  11. Exhihit 7) Occultic 7’s Hoax Coded PsyOp
    14 dead, 14 injured in San Bernardino Hoax Mass Murder Shooting: Police Chief Zio Hoax SpokesLiar Jarrod ZioJew Burguan says! Trust him as you would a serial killer!


  12. Exhibit 8) San Bernardino Hoax SpokesLiars DHS ZioScripted Press Conference
    There’s a sucker born every minute & a zioScammer waiting to lie, trick & cheat him out of his money & rights & get him killed if he can & take it all!


  13. Exhibit 9)
    San Bernardino Hoax Police Clowns were Admittedly Doing a Mass Murder Active Shooter Drill When It ZioMagically “Went Live”! & Hoax Real Eeevile Mossadlim Terrorist(s) -Shooter(s) Appeared & Started Shooting & MURDERING PEOPLE! LMAO!! You lying sacks of $hit!
    You filthy lying, treasonous scumbags!
    Selling Americans out for Sheckels from Jackals!


  14. Exhibit 10) Amazingly Horrible Crisis Actor Idiot Makes Even Gene Rosen Look Good!

    San Bernardino Hoax Clown Crisis Actor Reads His Script Off His Cell Phone!!
    This Treasonous Fraudster’s daughter is supposedly under fire maybe about to be murdered and this dead zombie zio can’t show any emotion or remember his lines! Nor can he even read the script off his phone! He deserves get knocked out & wake up in jail!


  15. Exhibit 11) San Bernardino Hoax Shooter Tashfeen Malik Crisis Actor is playing Sayed Farook & his Wife Being Tashfeen Malik is made up. Tashfeen Malik is a Man not a woman & he is the one pictured as Sayed Farook. Atleast this one pictured here clearly!
    Sayed Farook here below:
    Same man as
    Tashfeen Malik here:
    Now they will present a picture of this hoax dead wife Crisis Actor Simulated Terrorist, I supposed, & present her as Tashfeen Malik, but her real name will really be something else since this male Tashfeen Malik is clearly the one playing Farook.

  16. Exhibit 12) San Bernardino Mass Murder By Mossadlim Terrorists Hoax

    This was Crisis Actor Tashfeen Malik coming to America, in advance, in preparation for this hoax.


  17. http://m.startribune.com/california-police-respond-to-report-of-active-shooter/360090791/
    See him as Farook here. Notice propaganda of Invading Inland!

  18. San Bernardino hoax&related stuff


























    • Cowboy on December 3, 2015 at 4:53 am
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Exhibit 11(a) San Bernardino Hoax Shooter Tashfeen Malik Crisis Actor is playing Sayed Farook & his Wife Being Tashfeen Malik is made up. Tashfeen Malik is a Man not a woman & he is the one pictured as Sayed Farook. Atleast this one pictured here clearly!
      Sayed Farook here below:
      (See on my next post, since the original was never approved via moderation)
      Same man as
      Tashfeen Malik here:
      Now they will present a picture of this hoax dead wife Crisis Actor Simulated Terrorist, I supposed, & present her as Tashfeen Malik, but her real name will really be something else since this male Tashfeen Malik is clearly the one playing Farook.

  19. Cowboy on December 3, 2015 at 4:53 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Exhibit 11(b) San Bernardino Hoax Shooter Tashfeen Malik Crisis Actor is playing Sayed Farook & his Wife Being Tashfeen Malik is made up. Tashfeen Malik is a Man not a woman & he is the one pictured as Sayed Farook. Atleast this one pictured here clearly!
    Sayed Farook here below:
    Same man as
    Tashfeen Malik here:
    (see in post 11(a) since I cannnot post any multiple link post here ever even though others can post ten link posts or whatever lol)
    Now they will present a picture of this hoax dead wife Crisis Actor Simulated Terrorist, I supposed, & present her as Tashfeen Malik, but her real name will really be something else since this male Tashfeen Malik is clearly the one playing Farook.

    This is what I discovered I can’t help it if it is confusing. Mossad/zio/dialectic Technics are supposed to be confusing. That is why they work.

  20. “Consoling” shooter family member, about as unnatural and fraudulent a scene as you will ever see.

  21. Exhibit 13)
    San Bernardino Hoax Comedy Clowns & Idiot Crisis Actors & Hoax Militarized Israeli Style Trained Police Drilling & HOAXing & Lying & Faking the Hell out it To Blend all their lies & acting & PsyOps Hollywood Hoax theater together alchemically like an old Witches brew from the old witch Talmudic Jew to blow your mind & turn it into a pile of Kentucky Fried zionized Bull$hit like they want it to be! And Merry Christmas to all & may this all Hoax PsyOps buffoonery come crashing down on the heads of these zio & DHS bastards & all these zioPuppets as it well deserves to!


  22. Incredible, Insane, Idiot San Bernardino Cali Hoax Buffoonery!! On Parade!

    Exhibit 14) San Bernardino Mass Murder Massacre Hoax Buffoons Playing Soldiers With All Their DHS Toys Like Little Sissy Boys As They Commit Mass Felonious Criminal Fraud & TREASON Against The American People To Trick Them Into DisArming for The Zionist Psychopaths So We Can Be Defenseless & Slaughtered Like The Palestinians Have Been For 66.6 Years Plus!
    Not! No Thanks!
    We’re Keeping Our Guns You Despicable Zionists! And We Will Turn Them Upon You When You Try To Take Them! F#&@ You ZioTrash Scum & All Your ZioPuppet Minions!

    Aim small, miss small,
    shoot the Gun Grabber in his eye,
    Make him pay for his every Lie!
    Shoot him again & watch him die!
    Thus To the Tyrants!
    Thus to the ZioTrash!


  23. Exhibit 15) DHS San Bernardino Hoax Mass Murder Buffoonery Gets HOAXIER IN The Latest Treason PsyOp In Old California!

    MS-NBC ZioBuffoon Hoax Talking Head Clown Keeps Slipping & Calling The Crisis Actors – Actors, as They are, instead of Shooters as the DHS PsyOp script calls for! LMAO!

    The Zio Hoax Reporters are as big a Bunch of Lying Buffoon$ as the Hoax Cop Goons playing Soldiers in this PsyOp!


  24. Exhibit 16) San Bernardino Hoax Massacre Shooting -“Drill To Prep For (Coming) Occurance” Was Announced for Victor Valley Community College with Entire San Bernardino County Police & EMS taking part:

    VVC Alerts Public to Upcoming “Active Shooter” Training
    Victor Valley News November 27, 2015 Victorville News

    VICTORVILLE : Victor Valley College officials would like to inform students and area residents that there will be an “active shooter” training exercise on the VVC campus on Monday, November 30th. There will be significant police presence at this time according to Chief Leonard Knight who said this training will last several hours.

    In order to avoid any confusion, the public is being notified ahead of time. Victor Valley College Police Department (VVCPD), San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBCSD), Victorville Police Station, San Bernardino County Fire Department (SBCFD), Victorville Fire Station, and American Medical Response (AMR) have planned for and are conducting this exercise to ensure coordinated, timely and effective response to the college community, as well as enhance safety at Victor Valley College.

    The campus will be on lockdown causing a portion of the campus to be unavailable and the campus bus routes to be diverted until about noon on Monday. VVC Superintendent/President Roger Wagner believes these exercises and training sessions are imperative as these type of occurrences are all too common. “What I want everyone to know is that we have, on an on-going basis been assessing and implementing an improved campus security and response plan for many months. Many improvements have been made and there are still more to come.”

    According to the Victor Valley College press release, this drill is to prepare the school faculty, staff and students in preparation of an active shooter occurrence within our campus community as well as a real life simulation. “Conducting and planning for this exercise will allow us to assess our emergency preparedness and review the coordination and rapid response of both police agencies.” stated Chief Knight.

    The campus community will be alerted prior to the start of the exercise via an “emergency notification message” sent through the Alertus Emergency Notification System and through the Text Alert Message System. Additional pre exercise messages will provided through social media, email, classroom announcements and flyers posted around the campus.

  25. This is one PsychoBabble Babylonian Talmud Insane ZioHollywood Bull $hit Script!

    Exhibit 17 (b) San Bernardino Hoax DHS Active Shooter Drill “GOES LIVE” Morphs Into DHS Hoax “Real” Mass Murder Shooting! Zio Homoland Security & San Bernardino Lying Buffoons Busted!

    Bernardo Ridiculous Hoax Scripted & Buffoonish Comedy Impossible Coincidence Hoax PsyOp Story:
    (Continued Part 2)

    ‘Active shooter.’ For those trapped in San Bernardino, cellphones were a link to loved ones

    Olivia Navarro’s daughter Jamile called her just after 11 a.m. and told her she was hiding in a room at the Inland Regional Center, where she works as a case manager for special-needs children.

    There were multiple shooters in the building, the daughter said.

    Navarro told her to turn off all the lights.

    Jamile followed the advice. She told everyone in the room to stay quiet too. Her phone died soon after. Unable to reach Jamile, her mother grew frantic, wondering if her daughter was among the dead.

    Police later told Olivia Navarro that her daughter had been evacuated safely. The mother cried as she recalled this and said she didn’t understand why someone would open fire in a place that helps children with disabilities.

    “I don’t understand it,” Olivia said as she stood down the street from the scene of the shooting.

    Navarro said all she wanted was to see her daughter.

    “I want to hold her and thank God that she’s alive,” she said.

    Nerves were frayed in the waiting room at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

    Kat Kit had been waiting for her daughter to come out of routine surgery at the hospital when helicopters started unloading shooting victims and emergency workers set up triage stations.

    “I’m afraid, I’m scared and I’m sad,” said Kit, who lives in Fontana.

    “They haven’t caught them yet,” said Linda Frankenbergen, who was waiting for her husband to come out of previously scheduled surgery.

    “And that’s scary,” Kit said, “because they could come in here.”

    With many streets closed and schools locked down as the manhunt unfolded, residents across the Inland Empire stayed glued to news updates and exchanged urgent calls with friends and family.

    Kathy Hotetz, 37, waited anxiously outside Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton. She said her sister, Denise Peraza, 27, had been inside the Inland Regional Center and was being treated for a gunshot wound.

    “She’s alive. That’s all I know,” Hotetz said. “Not knowing any more than that is the scariest part.”

    Among a dozen people holding hands in a prayer circle outside the medical center was Carlos Ortiz, 54, whose son Kevin Ortiz, a county environmental inspector, was shot twice in the leg and once in the shoulder.

    Amid the chaos, the 24-year-old managed to call his wife of two weeks and father to tell them he was alive.

    “Kevin said he had been shot three times and that he was in pain but he was all right,” Dyana Ortiz, 23, recalled. “ Then he said ‘I love you’ and I said ‘I love you.”


    Gabriel Torres was reunited with his wife, Katrina, at the Rock Church and World Outreach Center in San Bernardino, near the shooting scene. Katrina, a social worker, was among evacuees who had been bused to the church.

    Gabriel said his wife had called him about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday morning to tell him she could hear gunfire. She hid in a filing room.

    They stayed on the phone for 30 minutes. She spoke in whispers. He tried to console her.

    “She said she didn’t know if she would make it,” Gabriel recalled. “I was terrified.”

    About 20 evacuees were gathered in the church driveway. As they waited to be reunited with loved ones, a handful of buses guided by a police escort pulled up.

    A man bolted down the driveway, as fast as his legs would carry him. As his mother walked toward him, he flew into her arms.

    Times staff writer Doug Smith contributed to this report.


  26. Exhibit 18)
    SanBernardino Hoax UnderCover Brother Crisis Actor Says “It Was A Regular White Dude” To Hoax Reporterette who’s trying hard to coach him to get his scripted lines correct LMAO! Now gimme’ my money$$$ Biotch!
    Give that brother another beer & an SNL contract!
    So an out of work drunk comedian gets a Crisis Acting job!


  27. Exhibit 19) San Bernardino Hoax Mass Murder Shooting Massacre DHS PsyOp

    Meet The San Benardino DHS PsyOp Hollywood Hoax Planners: Kat Kit Alias Kit Katz & John Greg Katz-Zionist Jews, Hollywood & Media & Medical Mogal Mossadomites Connected To Zionist Israeli Hoax PsyOp Fraudster-Hoax Company EMC which helped commit the Boston Marathon Hoax Bombings! She lent use of her alias name Kat Kit as Crisis Actor-False witness but this evil zionist & her husband & are far more involved than that! You can bet both Quantum Corp & EMC have DHS Contracts (& other media & medical companies they are connected to) which the Katz’s make money off of in this treasonous PsyOp!
    US Search for John Katz in CA
    John Gregory Katz, age 61
    (Gregory Katz, Greg Katz, John Gregory Katz, John Kit, Katz Kit)
    Signal Hill, CA; San Jose, CA; Tustin, CA; Ramona, CA; Redondo Beach, CA; Long Beach, CA; Tucson, AZ; Marina Del Rey, CA
    Kit Katz, Joan Katz, Stephen Katz, Terri Ferrari, Mary Katz, Sami Katz, Doris Katz, Dorothy Bearham
    University Of Southern California, West Los Angeles College, University Of South Carolina, Beaufort High School
    Quantum Corporation, Dsp Group Inc, Emc Corporation, Beckman Coulter , Inc., T-Mobile, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Best Buddies, Distributed Systems Professionals, Inc., Vision Solutions Inc, Technicolor, Bindview Development Corp., Netmanage, Inc., Honda S.a, Tucson Medical Center, Transamerica Corporation

    Kit Gabrielle Katz, age 59
    Signal Hill, CA; Long Beach, CA; Ramona, CA; Redondo Beach, CA
    John Katz, Mary Katz, Dorothy Bearham, Doris Katz, Sami Katz, Katz Kit
    Community Hospital Of Long Beach, St. Mary’s Hospital, Oasis Lakewood/long Beach, Best Buddies, Scan Health Plan/independence At Home
    (She has more Aliases & Positions also..Too many to list!)
    Kit Katz’s Linkedin:
    Some of her ZioScamming Skills:
    Community Outreach
    Program Development
    Grant Writing
    Public Speaking
    Social Services
    Event Planning
    Volunteer Management
    Board Development
    Strategic Planning
    Licensed Life Insurance Agent
    Team Building
    Community Development
    Proposal Writing
    Case Managment
    Program Management
    Healthcare Management
    Event Management
    Managed Care

    Did I mention these are Filthy, Despicable Mossad Agents & Goyim hating, Christian hating, Muslim hating, genocidal Maniacs?

  28. Exhibit 20) San Bernardino PsyOp Hoax Shooting Massacre

    777 Hoax B’aal Babylonian Occult Code Embeded Through San Bernardino PsyOp & In The Picture in This Video & lots of 7’s & 33.

    1) White & light silver gray cars from left to center form 3 separate 7’s -777.
    2) As Kristopherson days 3 mics have 7 on them- 777.
    3) 33 Vehicles are in the picture incuding all trucks, SUVs RV’s & a motocycle.
    4) 14 dead – 77, 21 wounded 777.
    4(b) Alternatively scripted as 17 wounded means 1 “7” 14 means 77 & 21 means 777… progressively 7, 77, 777 or 777777.
    5) Hoax Script says 65 to 75 shots fired by Eeevile Hoax Mossadlim ISIS Crisis Actors, Terrorists. 65 & 75 is 140 or 20 7’s…77777777777777777777.
    6) Cops Hoax fired 350 rounds of bullets or 50 7’s.
    7) Once Red Car Represent blood sacrifice.
    8) Black & white car masonically & occultically representing the balance between good & evil.


  29. Exhibit 21) San Bernardino Drill Style Color Coded Triagle At PsyOp Hoax Massacre & Ambulances are sent away not allowed to get near the Fake Victims- VicSims!


  30. Exhibit 22 (b) San Bernardino Happy Hoax SpokesLiar Fraudster Kerry Heinrich Zionist Jew CEO of Loma Linda Medical Center. Arrogant, Lying, Laughing Ziotrash Sleazebag of This San Bernardino PsyOp!


  31. Exhibit 22 (a) San Bernardino Happy Hoax Mass Murder Massacre Happy Hoax SpokesLiar Fraudster Kerry Heinrich Zionist Jew CEO of Loma Linda Medical Center. Arrogant, Lying, Laughing Sleazebag of This PsyOp!


  32. Exhibit 23) Evidently San Bernardino Hoax Police Fraudsters Specialize in Forencics for Dummies…

    So If Your Dummies Get Shot Send Em’ to San Bernardino Hoax Clown Comedy Troupe Police Forencics & pay these fraudsters enough shekels and they will rule your dummies died from any cause of death you wish! Come on that’s what good little corrupt zioPuppets are for!


  33. San Bernardino Hoax Mass Murder Shooting DHS PsyOp Massacre

    VicSim #2) Fake Dead Zionist Jew Fraudster Michael & fellow zionist Scammers Wife Renee & cohort Cecelia Behar have already zioScammed almost $200,000 from dumb hated goyim with his fake death & this Treason in just a couple days!

  34. Exhibit 25)
    Hoax Dummy VicSim In San Bernardino DHS Mass Murder Shooting PsyOps Hoax Treason Massacre Operation.

    1) Giant further away hand
    2) & tiny closer hand.
    3) Fake ear with giant hole look.
    4) Common looking large muscular head punching- kickboxing dummy head.
    5) Tied down hands & arms to keep them from flopping around.
    6) Short Torso
    7) Small Feet
    8) Deformed legs


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  36. Exhibit 34) San Bernardino Hoax Massacre ZioScam VicSim & Cohort Sleazebags steal $280,000 Already!

    Zionist Jews Celia Behar & Renee Wetzel & VicSim Fake Dead Fraudster Mike Wetzel Criminally ZioScam $280,000 Already! These ZioCrooks belong in Prison for stealing all this money from people under false pretenses! Plus they are all committing treason by working with a foreign enemy power to disarm & steal the rights of all Americans for the zionist Psychopaths & Israel!


  37. Exhibit 35) San Bernardino DHS Hoax Massacre Sleazebag Celia Bahar ZioScamming Fraudster Media Whore

    Publicist, PR Propagandist, unscruppless zioScamming ConArtist, web writer-blogger, former TV producer with the morals of an alley cat, filthy mouth of a sailor, zionist Jew Celia Behar! Trust her as you would a pirate with a knife to your throat or a serial killer at your door!
    This lying Psychopath zionist operative will have raised $300,000 by midnight today with her cohort off his fake death -sleazebag VicSim Michael Wetzel who fake died in this San Bernardino Hoax Mass Murder PsyOp!


    ZioTrash ExtraOrdinaire!

  38. Exhibit 27) San Bernardino Hoax Shooting FBI-DHS PsyOp Coordinator &
    Hoax SpokesLiar David Bowditch Zionist Jew & Douchebag Says The PsyOp is Officially A Terrorism Investigation!

    Notice how they morph the changing script of this Hollywood Screenplay PsyOp from a just a mass murder shooting by Eeevile Guns into being also by Eeevile Mossadlim Terrorists. All the while letting you know these fictional Crisis Actors (mere fake scripted characters) were Muslims & having all the zioFake Christian activists who are largely Crypto Jew Zionists & other Muslim haters like zionist psychopath Pamela Geller push it from the start as a terror attack by “evil Muslims”…and get people angry that somehow Obama & the Media are covering it up, that it is by EEEVILE MOSSADLIMS… Yet ofcourse the media had been showing these fictional killers as being Muslims from the start. But by doing it more subtle, gradually, then more & more overtly, this is causing more people to be divided & conquered & more to be angry at the Muslims & Arabs & Africans & to gradually have more & more (attempting to be fair minded) people to think it must be that being Muslim will often lead to extreme hate & murder of non Muslims. & And this is exactly what the zionist jews– complete Psychopaths want! And ofcourse it is really a false projection & version of their own genocidally racist Zionism & Bablylonion Talmudism!

    Zionist PsyOps Agendas:

    (a) Use Constant Fake (PsyOps) Mass Murder Shootings to:

    Make mass murder shootings seem constant & neverending…and the only solution: Gun Confiscation.

    b) Use Constant Fake Terror Attacks by supposed Muslims in constant PsyOps to:

    Make it seem real Muslim Terror Attacks are are constant & never ending & that bombings & drone assasinations & missile attacks & wars & Invasions & Occupations of Arab, African, Asian, European & Middle Eastern countries is the only solution… The genocide solution, as Texe Marrs puts it, is the zionist solution to damn near everything! And make us think we must do it whenever & where ever the “experts” (Zionist Jews & Israelis & their zioPuppets) say to do it! And for as long and as genocidally barbar as they say to do it!


  39. Every single fbi, dhs, police, media agent involved need to be immediately arrested, stripped of all possessions and punished for treason. It is beyond excuse for the police and fbi to be involved, it is the blackest treason. It is obvious major organs of our government have subverted by American jews and dual citizen Israeli jews loyal to Israel and by Israel (we may have to arrest 60-70% of all politicians for treason). These monsters have designs on killing Americans en masse. It is time to reestablish or constitution and do what our founding fathers commanded, expel every jew from the United States and forbid them from setting foot in American again. It is obvious Israel and american jews and dual israeli citizens are behind 9/11, Sandy Hook and numerous other treasonous acts. This is the score and we must go from here

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