Asiana Hoax Other Hoaxes — 31 July 2013
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100% Proof Flight 214 Crash is a Hoax – Fake Injuries

Asiana Flight 214 is a fake crash: a total hoax. Let the perpetrators prove otherwise. The fakery is proven by a simple fact: fake injuries involving useless (not needed) splints, casts, and braces and, more importantly, fake wounds.

The wounds were faked the same way as those of the Santa Monica hoax as well as the Boston smoke bombing hoax; with moulage kits. See the video, here, proving the inanity of the claim of injuries through the clear and categorical identification of the use of moulage in the form of fake, painted-on ‘wounds.’

Among the fraudsters mentioned, here, are the Korean Americans, the Jang family, as well as that arch-fraudster of all time, fake passenger and wound faker, Benjamin Levy.

The children’s names: Esther, Sara, and Joseph, all Hebrew. The chief phony, Benjamin Levy, a Zionist mole.

Sara Jang’s fake injury


Esther Jang’s fake injuries


Note the circumscribed border, where the moulage background fleshy-colored matter was applied. Note also dabbing on of fake blood and fake lacerations.


There is also the residue of brush strokes, as seen below the left knee:


See any evidence of a real wound, like scabbing, scarring (from the healing process), or induration (swelling along the edges), or anything else, like the expected changes in topography, indentations, for instance? They are not there, because this is not a real wound.

Fabricator Joseph Jang


Main role is to give support to the fake story; when he speaks, the right corner of the mouth becomes prominent and tightens down.

Phony ‘survivor’ Jun Jang, who can never keep his story straight, with the useless neck brace


Let the Jang family dispute these findings. That is impossible, since they are fakes, proven, here.





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    Video from Asiana crash rescue effort shows girl overlooked: report

  2. Video from firefighter’s helmet cam sheds new light on death of teen at Asiana Airlines crash site

  3. Hi, your pictures aren’t loading again.

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