Boston Bombing — 30 April 2013
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Edited, corrected, additional pictures, May 01, 2013, 6:00 EST

Boston Hoax: Fake Blood, Fake Wounds, and More

Note: this post is being extensively disputed. For sake of continuity of information it will remain online, with corrections. If anyone can prove the findings in error, post this, and corrections will be considered.

By carefully  reviewing the images it appears that the entire Boston Marathon bombing , particularly the smoke bomb-like explosion in front of the Marathon sports center, was a set up. In other words, it was nothing other than a theatrical production, smoke and mirrors, where no one died or was seriously injured. If someone did die, then, the people who perpetrated this are exceedingly culpable, since there is plenty of proof that there was acting, manipulation, and the faking of injuries, right on the site of the explosion.

Regardless, it is reasonable to ask, is this blood pooled in different areas about the first explosion real blood or fabricated. If real, the claim for fatalities and amputations is confirmed. Questions, though, are inevitable. When a man on-site, such as Carlos Arrendondo, claims that at least 30 people lost limbs–and he is a key spokesman for the media–then, surely this entire event necessities thorough, independent assessment before accepted as given.

For instance, there is no way that there are 30 or more limbs (30 people who lost limbs) at this scene. In fact, in the hundreds of photos analyzed there is no way to confirm even a single dismembered limb, finger, or foot found anywhere.

In contrast, in regards to the second explosion, there appears to be the possibility of injuries occurring: possibly. The appearance of severe lacerations are noted on several victims of that bomb site, but this has yet to be analyzed to determine if these are real. Furthermore, a careful analysis demonstrates that there was little blast impact. Most likely, this, too, is a deception. Photos will be analyzed shortly: false flags are now proven to be perpetrated against the American people as well as people, globally. That’s why all the information provided by the controlled, contrived media will be analyzed and double-checked by those who seek the untarnished truth.

Regarding the use of props to create fake wounds see the video of what the fake wounds look like per one of our posters:

Strategic Operations Business Card L from Strategic Operations on Vimeo.

Somehow somewhere in this fake massacre plot fake/artificial blood was used. An effort is being made to accumulate evidence, that is hard evidence of such fakery.

One truly invaluable find is this view of the right leg of Krystle Campbell, which shows at least one of the legs to be fully intact. In other words, the claim that (correction) both her legs were blown off and she died immediately is a gross fabrication.

However, clearly, one leg is missing from the frame. In a real amputation, there would be a great pool of blood and without shutting of the flow the person would die in minutes. Let’s look at that close-up:

Caption: there is no evidence of a dismembered limb in this scene. In fact, the thigh extends downward, and at a 45 degree angle the leg extends; a small amount of flesh can be seen through the rip in the jeans.

A major question is being asked, here. While it appears to be a potentially fatal wound, why isn’t she being attended to immediately? Why instead of real EMTs are finely dressed women, the Cowboy Hat Man, and other by-standers, as well as photographers, the only ones addressing this? And why no arterial bleeding and spurting?

Where is that massive pool of dark red blood expected from the amputation? And why is the limb not cyanotic? Now, the apparent thigh wound enlarged:


That’s a mighty big wound to be on its own without pressure or care and not bleed, even spurt blood. No one is in attendance of this massive wound. Note the line of jeans about the tear: not a drop of blood evident. Regardless, all this proves that Campbell’s right leg was intact all along, which means the photos showing an apparent amputation are gross fabrications.

So, how was this achieved? Is this mere man-made; in other words, is the red simply color or pigment which the prop-meisters put into these wounds under cover and disguise?

How to Create a Quick Wound Prosthetic using Dragon Skin FX-Pro

The video explains precisely what is being seen, that is what appear to be large, gaping wounds with no blood dripping, oozing, or spurting: only red color inside the wound border. That’s because the gaping wounds aren’t real and are, instead, applied silicon fabrications. The red color is only the result of painting the inside of the would with red blood-like pigment mixed in a tightening base. The video proves how it is done.

It is not said that this is known for sure as being done, here. Yet, the question is raised as a result of the great discrepancies, fallacious reporting, out right lies, plus the institution of martial law against an entire city without even the slightest basis. This is sufficient reason to analyzed all that is presented before regarding it as accurate or true.


Another view, an important finding confirmed: silicon was likely used to create these wounds. A blob of such silicon has poured over the jeans. What is being viewed in this scene? It appears horrific, but the question how is this real without the expected, undeniable consequences which is the massive and uncontrolled flow of blood? Moreover, what is it that is being seen in that wound? Some might say it is fat tissue from the thigh, which is a reasonable claim. The problem is if this was a real wound there would be much blood staining on the pants and, more importantly, there would be active bleeding, as there is no attempt to stem the flow of blood. There is a bottle, there, which does not look like a water bottle, contents likely emptied in the area. it has not been yet confirmed what was in that bottle but the suspicion is fake blood. More on this, later.


A close up of that ‘gash’ from the original photo:

Look at the ‘gash’ in Campbell’s leg. That’s man-made. Yet, such fakery is equally evident is the findings on the leg of her friend:


Did the Cookie Monster take a bite out of it? Let’s see this, zoomed in:


What’s going on with this leg? If this is her whole leg, that conformation is impossible. It would mean that the wound is obviously fake. A gash wound of that scope, the one on the underside, would bleed profusely. No one is attending it; no pressure being applied, no tissue, rags, towels, or tourniquets. Therefore, without even the slightest attempt to stem the flow, there would be blood everywhere.

Now, the container, from the image turned upright (foot-up); some red is found just above the label.


More images, for purposes of inspection. It doesn’t appear to be water bottle-like label. Research should be done to see if this can be identified. If it was a bottle of fake blood, there should be a residue internally.Plenty of good color in Krystle Campbell’s arms and legs, indicating she hasn’t bled out yet. Lady in pink truly makes her way throughout the crowd, while real people not connected to the scam are running away in fright.

A vast array of prop-meiters furiously engaged: time is limited, the scam must be finalized quickly.

Moreover, while the prop-meisters and well-paid fraudulent actors stay fully in placed despite the smoke and presumed danger, the rest of the world runs away in fear. That’s what these Zionist moles do best: create panic and pandemonium, fear and angst: all for their own wicked, vile gains.

Watch the lady in pink closely: she is the chief on-site culprit of the fake Zionist plot. Is Eretz Israel that dominating of a scheme that Jewry would go to this length?

Rivers of fake blood flowing at their feet–fake rivers. There is Mr. Speilberg himself giving the high sign to the control room: mission accomplished.

What fake victim is lady in pink now attending to?

Now, the infamous fake wheelchair lady:

Another Zionist operative on the far right can be seen elsewhere looking shocked at the scenery for psychological effect against the people.

…with her cohort in the red jacket; plenty of fake blood on the ground but none yet oozing from their bodies. Where did the blood come from, the lady with the water bottle, or has the lady in pink already come and gone? The red fluid is draining or running right underneath them, but none of them have any wounds. To reiterate, blood but not actively bleeding or obviously seeping wounds.

One of the more infamous “final” pictures for public consumption:

She truly is blood-stained virtually all over. Some perfectly vertical long-style lacerations. Yet, rather than being concerned about those injuries, the possibility of broken bones, internal injuries, and more, she is allowed to just sit there. Regardless, how could she go from no blood to vast appearance of blood? Can anyone explain this other than the fake painting of blood?

What about her cohort in the red jacket. After the smoke bomb he is sitting up, seemingly fine. However, later, for the camera is down on the ground.


The no-blood image, enlarged just to be sure:


Who wouldn’t be suspicious, the way this was orchestrated?


Why is he down on that filthy ground, when he was fine, sitting up earlier? If this was a real bomb-blast, he would have been cleared out of there for suspicion of internal injuries. They are both sitting there, and people are merely talking to them instead of removing them for proper care and assessment. Why aren’t the police, firemen, and EMTs evacuating these people for fear of internal injuries? Who can explain this, unless it is fake?

Real or surreal?
For effect: fake blood plus silicon, painted and applied by Hollywood masters. The wheelchair lady is most classic; it can be directly seen where the red was painted on, smeared, and slopped. The long, dark areas were painted on aggressively to give the impression of a long laceration. Plus, those nodules: that’s only example of applied silicon fake wounds.


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  1. Wow, that is spooky.. I believe it.. way too fishy if you ask me.

  2. I consider this the smoking gun. Finally, someone did a video showing that Krystle’s completely severed leg – at the torso – was put back on for the stretcher ride. He demonstrates that the legs are rubber.

  3. Hi that ‘no blood’ – ‘blood’ lady in the wheelchair is one of the most compelling pieces to date in my opinion. However perhaps it could be argued that when sometimes someone receives a wound/cut it does not necessaryily swell/bleed out right away but can take a good few seconds (not sure how long).

    I know sometimes ive cut myself and have to look/wait to see if it bleeds or swells up and sometimes it will getting more obvious as the seconds tick by. So im not sure how long the no blood/blood pics were apart?

    Thats the only reasonable explanation I can think of, as the pictures are fairly clear unlike some that Ive seen. If we can prove without a shadow of doubt that one persons injuries were fake then I think that would be sufficient to prove a false flag. I feel those pictures of this lady comes really close but could countered by the arguement i set forth.

    Regarding Krystles severed leg, unless Im missing something (which is possible), the post does not show the leg completely severed, and so if it was still attached even by a few sinews etc, wouldnt it be logical that the attendees straighten the leg back out for the stretcher ride?

    Im not looking to counter anyones assertions, but I am looking for evidence that cannot be countered.

    • Good luck on that, since there isnt any, just suppositions, lousy enhancements of poor quality, and ridiculous made up crap. Many many people still recovering from this out here. Some people can make a conspiracy out of anything. Im definately not saying they all are all legit, but this one definately is, sorry.

  4. More people lost legs than ran the Marathon it seems.
    Where are all the pieces of legs that were severed?
    Does ANY of the blood have DNA in it?

    Those part of the claims for money, any evidence by pictures or video that they were there?
    How about for ALL pictures of this “bombing” do names come with identifying real people.
    Also, how many people can be linked to Zionist or to Israel, or are Jewish?
    Why are a lot of the “players” in this Jewish?

    Where is the canister bomb top that one guy on TV said he saw on top of one of the buildings, still smoking? Where is it? Oh by the way, was he Jewish?
    How was the canister bomb detonated? If by cell phone, where is the record of that by phone records?


    This was a Drill , It was announced on load speakers after the first bomb went off I am one of the crises actors , The Gov. wanted see how much civil liberties they could strip from their subjects .
    #1 we declared martial law # 2 we did search and seizures with out any warrants . #3 The Bombs were percussion flash bangs with smoke that were detonated from inside lens crafters that’s why the glass was blown out and not in. Smoke was used to cover the controllers while they applied blood and fake prosthetic s .

    Want your country back hahahaha good luck

    • Sure you were. Post your bosses names, your names, and some verifiable detals then, After that, learn how to spell. DId you forget to take your meds or something?

  6. To the poster of this article – keep up the good work in exposing the truth. Israel employs more than 30,000 pro Israel/Zionist online trolls whose PAID GOVERNMENT JOB is to pro blog in defence of anti Israeli evidence online.
    Don’t believe then read The Times of Israel here:

  7. I believe this post as it is no different from 911. Where all you saw/heard was the twin towers. What about the Pentagon – where was the plane? Where was the reckage? The most highly secure building on earth and no proper video footage of it? Complete BS fake crash!
    Deception is there to deceive hence one key component may be truthful in order to mask all the other lies and propaganda!!!

  8. Some 1,000 new immigrants and foreign-language-speaking Jews volunteer to army of bloggers set up by Absorption Ministry and Foreign Ministry with the stated objective of flooding blogs with pro-Israel opinions:,7340,L-3663679,00.html

    Lets wait for a pro Zionist paid muppet to reply to more of these comments with utter BS!!!!

  9. Third friend of accused Boston bomber indicted for misleading probe–spt.html

  10. the guys leg was blown off and jeans torn to shreds but there is no blood, not even a spatter on his shoe of the opposite leg? hmmm

  11. There are medications for what ails you, blog owner.

    • Certified DEFINITIVE troll.

    • Yes, as you say there are now medications widely available to gag ‘truthers’, and if they won’t take them they lock them up or crash them.
      What is the opposite of a ‘truther’ anyway? I’m just guessing from posts I’ve seen that it’s some kind of frantic, panic stricken troll!

  12. Just seen that the snow is coming heavy to Boston today, but coincidentally the ‘heroes’ of the marathon bomb are being whisked off to safety on a free cruise in south of france. It’s costing someone (the people left behind in USA perhaps?) half a million dollars to send them, but they’re out of there, escaping any possible danger.

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