Boston Bombing — 24 May 2013
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Rare Footage Demonstrates Staging at Second Bombing Site
The second Boston hoax bombing site was also a harmless smoke bomb. There was not even an iota of the expected bomb damage from a powerful blast powder-based bomb to the buildings or the surrounds. The plants next to the facade of the restaurant weren’t knocked over and the glasses, as well as beer bottles, were still on the tables. Even mere plastic cups retained their positions, both on the outdoor tables and inside. It was just as big of a hoax as the first bombing site. Anyone who claims that there were dire injuries is a part of the scam and is, in fact, lying. Regardless, this footage also proves another issue: that the entire event was staged by paid operatives.

The proof of the scam is seen in the behavior of this man, the blue-shirted mole, who immediately jumps into the act and orchestrates the event. Right after the smoke bomb detonation he can be seen, here, hiding adjacent to the bushes. He will eventually be joined by the man in the red shirt, who appears to be carrying something. Furthermore, in this frame will be seen a virtual pile of individuals under the newly tipped over metal railing, none of them injured, all of them operatives. These moles were originally on the ground on their knees, the perfect place, just as moles should be.
No bleed-outs here, yet, but there are drizzlers in action. Could the man with his back facing the street be one such drizzler? It’s possible. Note that standard color of the fake blood already seen on the scene but, more clearly, that also standard shear stripping of the denim jeans, in this case without any visible fake blood and certain no visible wounds.



Keep the eye on the man in blue, now in his hiding place near the hedges.

It would appear, then,that all the people in this frame are actors, including those acting in right in the alcove. Once again, no bomb was detonated, here. Only a pyrotechnic Hollywood-style smoke device. See what happens next with the man coming forward in the white shirt.

Watch the man in blue in the video as he lunges towards the man in white. First, he puts his extended arms in front of him: the picture doesn’t lie. He is motioning him off for some reason.


Next he seems to get physical with him, his arms at first in flexion; the man turns around and exits towards the buildings.
Now he appears to physically move the man away, extending his arms. Is the man in white  just another actor who is confused about his role? Or is he in the wrong place at the wrong time? Initially, he can be seen in the street, acting as if he is in shock. Or, was he a real good Samaritan, chased away, so he couldn’t witness the fraud?  A man with the same appearance shows up later, acting as if he is in shock.

“Get out of here, don’t you know your place? Your role is to fake grief. That will come up later.” – or- “Get out of here, we don’t need your help. You don’t have DHS clearance.”

Regardless, how is this normal behavior in a sudden crisis in the midst of the chaos of dismembered legs, arterial bleed-outs, and more? The man in blue is clearly involved in coordinating the event. This is clear evidence of a hoax: no one does this in a normal, sudden shock-based disaster. In real disasters people are in shock, and they may react in a number of ways: not this way.

The mole then makes a sudden move, now that any potential eyewitnesses are driven off, and makes his way to the fake wounded skit with fellow operative, he man in the red shirt. Are they stripping off the clothes with shears, just like the peach mole is now doing at the other site?

Here, he is joined by fellow operative, man in the red shirt.

Here is yet another man in blue, same person? Keep in mind that non-operatives were vigorously ushered from the site. Thus, rather than a mere runner or good Samaritan the man in light blue is likely a part of the hoax. It is known that orange bladders were used, for instance, by Jeff Bauman for fake blood dissemination. Note also what appears to be PVC tubing wrapped all around him. Standard runner’s gear? Hard to see, but is he putting pressure on some of that tubing–a blood drizzler? It is not known what is his role and the use of the apparatus, but it most be investigated.


Here, again, is a photo just after the detonation of the smoke bomb, a more wide-spanning version. No one is injured. There are no bleed-outs. Any red is purely fake. Yet, notice in the far corner. All the operatives are rapidly preparing the agents of fake gore for the photo-op. The entire world has run from the smoke bomb yet here they are, acting as moles do, on the ground, blocking the view, and more. The metal fence appears to be tipped over not by the smoke bomb but by the operatives themselves. The same man who was chased out of the original site now shows up in the street, acting in shock–acting is right.

Much different than this bomb, which killed 18 in cold blood, a very big difference versus the Zionist fakery:


Real murderous bomb-blasts and the consequence, horrific injuries–and fatalities, a bomb which killed nearly 90 people in Baghdad, a different kind


…versus fake gore, Hollywood style:

It can be clearly seen, here, the difference between real blood and the entirely fake–the synthetic blood of Hollywood and more.


This is what makes this tyrannical beyond comprehension: paint and charcoal, no wounds. Real people are being blown to smithereens by Zionist perpetrated bombs, while Americans are forced to endure pure fakery, seeing it, believing it, paying for it, and even donating to it.


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  1. The man in the photos and video is wearing a bright blue jacket. Bright blue is the DHS/FEMA ID color for Controllers for some events. For other events the Controllers have green badges and the Observers were dark blue. It appears they change the ID colors.

  2. You assert “The same man who was chased out of the original site now shows up in the street, acting in shock–acting is right.” However, I think this photo shows the man in the white shirt crossing the street just before meeting and being directed into the restaraunt by the man in blue. Note the barricade in the photo is still upright. In the video, you can see a man in a red shirt jerk down the barricade just before the man in the white shirt reaches the curb and steps over the barricade.

    The second smoke bomb was reported to have gone poof right next to the USPS mailbox. Like the image here, and every other copy of this image I have seen, the area to the left of the USPS mailbox has been blurred, or rather, sanitized for our protection supposedly to spare us the horror of the gory scene around the mailbox. I have been studying the area around the mailbox in the video and notice some interesting characters, particularly a women in a white shirt and dark pants with a “spare tire” about her midrift, just milling about offering no help to anyone supposedly injured. No expression of horror. Eventually, she just steps over the curb through the pile of “bodies”, pauses and peeks down for a second or so before moving away to the right.

    • That could be. Either he was forcibly ushered out, or he was an actor: had difficulty determining which. In fact, you are right. It appears he is being pushed; that would go along with it. But he does show up in another view; will attempt to find it. Note: concur with your findings and have put that picture first, upgrading the post. Thanks.

  3. More mailbox fun:

    Look who had the bag(s) and placed them by the mailbox in the exact spot it has been claimed where the smoke bomb went poof and is blurred in every subsequent image I have seen.

    Boston Bombing: Female DNA Found on Bomb Fragments Does Not Match Tamerlan’s Wife
    May 4, 2013

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  5. I tried to post this in the forum to no avail.

    Is Peachtree mile 2.5 next?

    Part 3 Abeldanger talks about Peachtree July 4 event (of course – patriotic). He also says Red Tree Productions were used in Boston and that Vogt was offered $300,000 to play role.

    We already know that “cowboy hat” Carlos Arredondo is an actor for hire. Note the ihrig productions lanyard around his neck at a protest in 2007. ihrig productions is listed as such: We have thirty-plus years in production, design and business. With access to the world’s top talent, we assemble agile teams for every project to quickly respond to your unique needs. The link on this page opens to this website. albeit a different address as the other two listings were for New York.

    • This is very big information. This site has been disrupted, ever since, apparently, the attack on Network Solutions. Will attempt to rectify.

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