Boston Bombing — 12 June 2013
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Hard Proof of Double Staging of Boston Hoax Nicole Gross

When viewing the following video about the Boston smoke bombing scam a finding was made: Iconic Nicole Gross was found not only in her traditional world-published pose but in yet another one, this time being treated as if she was a potential amputee.

Here she is in the so-called iconic pose. Woops: this is a real problem. She was supposed to have suffered busted bones and a partially ruptured Achilles tendon. “Hey you,” says the Craft International scoundrel, “Get Gross out of here away from these cameras, and set her up as a leg trauma victim, NOW!”
Notice her colors: Black, cut off on the right side way up on the thigh, blue, barely showing through, and peach, plus those distinguished colors and crude on the legs, the charcoal, bomb-dust look.

Great, now she is in the right position with the more appropriate props, an incredibly inane tourniquet made from a DHS mole’s jacket, and another DHS huckster hunkered over her, making sure she is still alive: sophomoric indeed it is. Even more corrupt is the throwing about of silicone gore, pieces of fake flesh, seen in many of these end-stage scenes.


Moreover, it is seen, black, mid-thigh and above, some blue coming through, and, of course, peach, plus the charcoal coating, not much fake blood, and some lighter Teflon-silicone spots.
Now, turned to a sitting up position. It’s her, and it was necessary to create this skit in order to act as justification for her lies about her fake injuries.

Therefore, who can argue, now, that this was anything other than a staged scam?


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  1. Is this supposed to be her on the cover of People Magazine? Look at them… all have left legs missing, all smiles, not a scratch anywhere else on them. Someone asked if this was supposed to be a Rockettes routine!,,20706477,00.html

  2. Wouldn’t post the whole link. I’ll try again. If it does not work, try copying ad pasting. Or this is the name of the article in People mag.
    “Boston Bombing Amputees: Tales of Strength and Courage”,,20706477,00.html

  3. Hi Guys,

    Using synced footages, I almost nailed down the truth about so-called “fallen leg during wheelchair ride” footage.

    Truthers naturally want to laugh at the actors of Boston Bombings. I can understand as one. But the truth is not always funny. I also clarified the too over-looked inconsistency of the iconic photos of wheelchair ride. Please watch it and leave comments. Thank you.

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