Asiana Hoax Other Hoaxes — 07 August 2013
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Asiana Helmet Cam Hoax, Part II

Ye Meng Yaun, 16 years-old,  was supposed to have died in the Asiana crash after being run over by the SF Fire Department. Does anyone really believe this inanity?

People act so callously about smashing an escaping airline passenger into the ground after making it out  of a supposed burning, smoking inferno. No wonder. It didn’t happen. That’s why people act so indifferently, including the County Coroner and the Fire Chief.

Additionally, Fire Chief Johnson was supposedly able to capture images of the dead girl through his Helmet Cam (camera), although no such video has been made available, only stills which show no evidence of anyone wounded or killed on the ground.

It’s a drill. Yet, even so, the evidence will be searched. See any evidence of a person lying on the ground near the left wing in this image?


She should be visible; the other people, with less bright clothes, surely are, the one being most visible in the turqouise-colored shirt or jacket


Deborah Hersman, decked out in “trust me” royal blue, says she died. Fine: then offer real proof, like a picture of the corpse or even a picture of her laying there, on the grass, pavement, or wherever. In that picture, too, is seen the yellow tarp to the left of the fire truck.

The tarp is about mid-way between the exit slide and the wing. It identifies the position of the purported corpse.

The tarp is clearly visible. So are the fireman. They are all standing around doing nothing in reference to the supposedly deceased Yuang. How about inspected the person to be sure she really is dead? That never happens, because there is no body, there. For those who dispute that is fine. Then, provide evidence to the contrary.


This is the general area where the body is supposed to be after it was covered with foam and run over by a foam-spraying truck. The bigger the lie the more believable it seems to be. It should be the opposite: the bigger the fable, the more incredible, the more likely it is a lie. See any body there, a young girl wearing yellow? Is there even the slightest bit of yellow color visible?


Tans, browns, and the dark black shadow under the wing: but not red or yellow and surely no body.

The edge of the walkway or sidewalk is shown for reference, now compared, an overhead view of what is supposed to be a body under a yellow tarp.

Is there really a dead teenager there under that covering? From these views there is no clear evidence of a human body; there is something under the center of the tarp, but it is not identifiable. Regardless, there is not a single eyewitness report of seeing the woman there writhing in pain or numb from shock. No one says, “We were running, and there is still a young girl on the ground.” It makes no sense. That’s because it is fake.

Here is a clearer view, zoomed in, the tarp, folded over on the top, lying on the edge of the pavement:


If there is anything under that tarp, it would be a dummy at best. It couldn’t be a human. If so, there would be an emergency response of some sort. Always in normal circumstances if someone is dying or has died in a public setting, EMTs and/or ambulances get involved.

There is no, “Oh, we thought she was dead” in real life, all the liability and far more. The person is either dead or not and is pronounced dead by local authorities. In the Zionist’s fairy tale-land guesses and presumptions are made, and the possibly deceased are covered up with tarps and other obstructions so they disguise can be perpetuated.

Another view showing the fake passengers, the crisis actors, exiting the plane. Now, according to the Zionists there is supposed to be a body, yes, a real body, lying on t ground in front of the wing, the girl in a fetal position. Can anyone on the face of this earth see a human? The humans standing can be seen. Why not lying down? It’s in full view: there can be no doubt about what is seen. Plus, as another proof that area is all grassy brown: there are no variations which account for clothes or flesh – nothing, zip, zero.


She was wearing bright clothes, right? The ‘cover’ for the scam is that she was enveloped in foam. Yet, there was  time when, obviously, there would be no foam on such a person, if the person was real:


Really? Thank God for filthy cover-ups. The hucksters always blunder miserably. No one would be able to see her, this girl in the bright yellow in the middle? They couldn’t see her, because she wasn’t there.

Yet, people lying in the brown grass can be seen, here:

Another example: the man in red, part of the drill, just lying (no pun intended) there:

It is at a considerable distant from the camera comparable of the expected visual aspect of a yellow-shirted Ye Meng Yuang on the ground in front of the wing.

Yes, people believe spoken word. Jokes are commonly played on the gullible. In this case the entire world is the domain of the dirty joke, the vile deceit, being orchestrated by the Zionist powers. There is no body, there.

Why would anyone doubt it? Prominent people, like the SF Fire Chief, San Francisco Fire Chief, Joanne Hayes-White, perpetuate the fraud.

Lies, lies, and more lies. See the filthy lies, seen here:

That Ye was alive when she was hit by a San Francisco airport fire rig deepens the mystery surrounding her death. If she had been ejected from the plane during the crash, her injuries would not have been fatal, based on autopsy findings that a vehicle caused her trauma.

No witnesses have come forward to say they saw Ye alive in the area where her body was eventually found, the coroner said. The National Transportation Safety Board has been interviewing passengers and first responders to the crash to try to determine what happened to Ye.

Editor’s addtion: There are no witnesses, because there was no real crash, and thus Yuang wasn’t there.

Body found near wing

Ye was sitting in the back of the plane, according to the safety board, but her body was found near the left wing.

Note: does that make any sense to any degree in the entire world? Who can explain this other than the fact that it is a fable.

Still other sources:

“She was sitting in a behind of a craft and it is believed she might have been ejected from her chair onto a tarmac when it crashed …”

According to the Coroner she was killed by blunt trauma after being run over by a truck.

Fire chief Hayes-White behind him. Does anyone trust their pontifications? All these government official work in unison to run cover for the scam.

Once again, she is supposed to be lying on the ground, wounded but not dead, right there in front of the left wing.



Therefore, the claim of a helmet-mounted camera giving evidence of a real fatality is merely further proof of the hoax as well as categorical proof of a cover-up.

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