Asiana Hoax Other Hoaxes — 07 August 2013
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Ten Pictures that Prove the Asiana Crash is a Scam

An airliner about to explode in a fireball and the people aimlessly moving about, one of whom decides to squat on the grass. There is no one to take charge; no one guiding them; no one administering to them.

#1: There is no fire: zip. A bit of smoke unrelated to a crash, not coming from the burning of any combustible material from the jet.


The plane explosion in Siberia

The plane explosion in Siberia

14:26 02/01/2011

Russian aviation experts have started examining flight recorders recovered at the site of a passenger jet crash in the Siberian town of Surgut that killed three people, the Interstate Aviation Committee said on Sunday.

“The onboard data and voice recorders have been recovered and the commission has started to study them,” the committee said.

A Tupolev Tu-154 passenger jet was engulfed in flames after one of its engines caught fire as the plane taxied down a runway and then exploded on Saturday afternoon at Surgut airport. Most of the passengers and the crew were evacuated before the explosion.

The plane, which belongs to Kogalymavia regional airline, was to fly to Moscow from Surgut. The passenger jet was carrying 116 people, including nine children, eight crewmembers and ten specialists of Kogalymavia, the airline said.

It has been reported that 43 people, including three children and eight crewmembers, were injured in the air crash as they received burns and suffered from toxic poisoning. As many as 39 passengers were hospitalized.

#2: People are completely indifferent. Nobody cares. No one is concerned about an explosion. People are dragging their luggage out, presumably rolling down the shutes with it, which is never advised in a real crash. The man captures it all with his cell phone. There is no emergency response or coordination: no action by pilots or crew, who are responsible for coordinating this. NO EVIDENCE OF PILOTS ANYWHERE.

Remember, Officer Cunningham said airline fuel was pouring out of the wings. A bit of airport malpractice? No one coordinating the evacuation; people looking back; others taking pictures; an airliner about to explode in a fireball? NOT believable.


At least in the SW crash there is someone in official capacity coordinating.

#3a & 3b: People loitering around on the tarmac; no emergency care; just fake triage. A lone ambulance or two. No evidence of fear or shock. No evidence of any kind of injuries.

It’s a drill, no doubt about it. There is no urgent care of any kind going on, here. Plenty of people standing around. Where are the real emergency care workers, who will rapidly stabilize any wounded and transport them urgently? No Life-Flight helicopters? Nothing?

Just this: two more heroes sitting on the edge of the ambulance, absolutely free of shock or even the slightest degree of injury, while the man in green sits on the pavement awaiting further instructions? Not believable to any degree.

#4: Obvious fakery as a kind of set-up to influence people’s consciousness. Note the woman with the black-and-white striped outer garment, which is now being lifted off by a worker. The same individual is seen on the grass with the same garment. There is no reason to remove it. This is fake. All these people are being staged as actors in a fake triage.

#5: Heroic flight attendants are merely waiting for further instructions on any additional role in the scam: mere robots. Fire-Person with board of item in right hand is an obvious coordinator. More coordination by the police officers. There is no urgent response going on anywhere, here.

#6a & 6b: Massive police presence in advance, which is categorical proof of the hoax. Man checks ear piece for instructions: more proof.

Way too serious, way too well embedded; their presence is hard proof of a premeditated act. Look at the stance; this has nothing to do with a plane crash and everything to do with a controlled drill.

#7: Hand-over-mouth or over-eyes technique, also drooping he head down, clearly seen, all being done for the cameras rolling. This is 1000% fake and is done for psychological effect to act on the people’s psyche.

#8: What appears to be a devil’s horn sign being obnoxiously given by one of the fakers plus, again, a useless hand over the eyes gesture but in this case up on the scalp.

A passenger who was on the crashed Asiana Airline's aircraft, is helped upon her arrival at Incheon Airport in Incheon, South Korea.

#9a,b,c: Smiley faces – If there was ever proof that this is a pre-arranged act, it is the smiley faces. There are a number of them, but these are among the most glaring:×900.jpg

It’s Veddpal Sing: not bad for a man who just supposedly broke his collarbone. And he is roaming around the airport despite this, happily giving fake eyewitness accounts.

Moreover, let’s not forget the greatest Asiana fraudster of all, Benjamin Levy, the arch-Zionist who attempted to impose this fake upon the world for nefarious gains:

#10: The “Poor Me I’m All by Myself, Now, I Lost my Love One” picture  – with plenty of cameras in tow:

Too many smiley faces, too many fake hand signs, too much fake grief, way too many policemen, too many fake injuries, and too little real trauma and emotion – and too many, way too many, discrepancies. How do you say, “Super-Hoax?”


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  2. Omg this is retarded. Why the hell would Asiana agree to this? How in gods green earth would they just place a 777 on the ground broken up?

  3. Either the person who wrote this is an absolute IDIOT, or they are pranking people – the level of stupidity is astounding!

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