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Zionist-Created AlhurraTV Proves the Capital Hill Shooting Hoax

NOTE: The Capital Hill car chase and shooting, with a supposedly fatally shot Miriam Carey, is a fake and a hoax. No one died, and no one was injured. It is all a scam perpetrated by Zionist elements in collaboration with the Obama White House, the Clinton cabal, and John Kohn-Kerry, fraudsters and fakes galore.

Alhurra, the source of the upload for the fake Capital Hill car chase and shooting, is a spook operation created by globalist Zionists. This is for the purpose of creating great corruption and spreading vile lies throughout the Arabic-speaking world and far more.

It was this Mossad spook operation which is responsible for the key footage of the hoax known as the Capital Hill Car Chase and Shooting.

Despite the fact that this is a bloodsucking entity being funded by the US taxpayer no one ever heard of Alhurra until the launching of the Capital Hill car chase and shooting hoax.

Thanks to EmpireStrikesBlack there is this excellent analysis:

Alhurra – the Zionist ‘Arab’ news network

14 OCTOBER 2011 4,023

by Martin Iqbal.

Alhurra (also known as al-Hurra) is a US-based satellite television network established in 2004, and which broadcasts in over 22 countries worldwide. Referring to Alhurra as a ‘news network’ constitutes the most egregious misuse of language; funded by the US Congress, Alhurra is nothing more than an Arabic-language extension of the US State Department’s propaganda mill, the Voice of America. As is customary for such Orwellian propaganda mainstays, Alhurra is Arabic for “The Free One“.

Voice of America, the English language partner of Alhurra is operated by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), an agency of the US government, which also finances Alhurra(1) via a US government grant:

“Alhurra is operated by the non-profit corporation “The Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.” (MBN). MBN is financed by the U.S. Government through a grant from the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG),”

Responsible for all American propaganda broadcasted to foreign audiences(2), the BBG is a large umbrella organisation that,

“encompasses all U.S. civilian international broadcasting, including the Voice of America (VOA), Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), Radio Free Asia (RFA), Radio and TV Martí, and the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN)—Radio Sawa and Alhurra Television.”

BBG programming is distributed in 59 languages worldwide, and reaches an audience of over 165 million every week, 26 million of which is attained by Alhurra.(3) Fawning Zionist Hillary Clinton, who praised Al Jazeera’s propaganda(4) relating to the ‘Arab Spring’, sits on the board(1) of the BBG. Alhurra is simply one of many branches of this global propaganda empire.

As with VoA, Alhurra broadcasts only outside of the US, reporting and distorting news in favour of the US government and the Zionist-globalist agenda that it serves. Countries to which Alhurra broadcasts include Libya, Occupied Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen, and Occupied Iraq.

Alhurra: the Zionist-founded Arabic news network

Alhurra was established in 2004 by Jewish Zionist Norman Pattiz(5), who used to sit on the board of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. From a family of Orthodox Jews, Pattiz has also been an active force in the Israel Policy Forum(6), a New York based American-Jewish organisation that lobbies for the solidification of Israel’s hold on Occupied Palestine, in pushing for a two-state solution.

The IPF, established in 1993 with the encouragement of Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin, exists to(7) “serve as a strong American base of support for the kind of active and sustained U.S. diplomatic efforts needed to assist the State of Israel,” and to(8) “ensure Israel’s security and future as a Jewish, democratic state.

In 1999, Pattiz was honoured by the IPF(6) at a tribute dinner where then Israeli Prime Minister and 9/11 architect Ehud Barak(9) presented an award and called Pattiz “an ever-increasingly important conduit of information and good will.

The summer of 2002 saw Norman Pattiz being appointed for his second term on the Broadcasting Board of Governors by war criminal George W. Bush(10). Zionist Pattiz had been recognised for his achievements in founding Westwood One – America’s largest radio network – in 1976. Pattiz is essentially a godfather of global Zionist propaganda; he is known as the “driving force behind the Middle East Radio Network, also known as Radio Sawa ( Launched on March 22, 2002 as a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week, Arabic language service aimed at listeners under 30.(10)

The Zionist Alhurra has hired an ex AIPAC director(16) onto its staff, and it is thoroughly embedded within the American military-intelligence establishment. In addition to this, its regular guests include(1) policy writers from corporate and Zionist US think tanks (emphases added):

“Through correspondents at the State Department, White House, Congress and the Pentagon, Alhurra illuminates U.S. policies and domestic debates on those policies for Middle Eastern audiences. Guests from American think tanks and interviews with U.S. officials provide a comprehensive view of U.S. foreign policy as well as a better understanding of the American people and our system of governance. In 2009, Alhurra launched Al Youm (Arabic for Today), a live three-hour daily news magazine that originates simultaneously from five countries in three continents including Dubai, Beirut, Cairo, Jerusalem and Alhurra’s headquarters in Springfield, Va.”

It should be noted that Alhurra’s headquarters in Springfield, Virginia, are located a stone’s throw from Langley, Virginia – headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Lending further weight to Alhurra’s Zionist, neoconservative, corporatist and pro-war credentials is the profiles of the figures it has chosen to lend a platform. One particular format of Alhurra’s programming is its long one-on-one interviews. Within this framework the station has given a platform to persons qualifying as Zionists, neoconservatives, war criminals, unelected puppets, lackeys, and all of the above. The Zionist-founded network has hosted the following figures in this capacity: former US National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, unelected Palestinian Prime Ministers Salaam Fayyad and Ahmed Qurei, Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom, the rabidly racist Zionists and NYT columnists Thomas Friedman and David Brooks, ex assistant to George W. Bush, Mary Matalin, Iraqi occupation puppet Jalal Talabani, zealous neoconservative and Zionist John Bolton, and President George W. Bush himself (who was an avid supporter of the Alhurra project at its inception).

End of OP-ED

It can be seen from Iqbal’s article that the people behind Alhurra are among the most hard-core Zionist agents known, and this substantiates the statements, here, that the Capital Hill fake car chase is a cover-up for Zionist-orchestrated fraudulent acts in Nairobi, DC (Shipyard fake), Syria (fake gas victim videos), and more. After all, two of the scam artists behind these hoaxes, Hilliary Clinton and John Kohn-Kerry, are board members of the entity.

Zionist-orchestrated Alhurra was right there when the Hollywood-style scam went live. It had one of its actors come forward with a placard, to sort of intimate that the entity was there to cover a protest. Note the woman in white, purse hanging off left side. Her presence confirms that these Mossad agents were right there before the beginning of the fake ramming of the barrier.

Picture 567

This preemptive presence of the spook agency Alhurra is hard proof that the so-called Capital Hill car chase and shooting is an absolute hoax. Surely, therefore, a spook was driving that car; Carey was nowhere to be found.

Now, suddenly, the car appears with Israeli Alhurra right in position. Crisis actor in white remains in place.


It has already been demonstrated that in no way did this Infiniti ram those barricades. This means that the entire basis of this event is a fraud: totally fake.


Ramming the barricade is the basis of causing the impression of the ‘woman’ as a threat and, therefore, justifying the draconian actions. “She was attempting to ram through the barricades, creating a threat to the Presidency. Therefore, if she was shot and killed, well, she brought it on herself.” Yet, it is nothing but lies: the Infiniti is free of all damage as expected from ramming a metal abutment. There is not even a scratch on this car and no damage to the fragile glass and plastic components, which proves that all which issues from Capital Hill regarding this is lies.

It’s a drill, and the stunt man, too, did his job. These men are fully aware that the entire claim for a shooting and killing is a scam. Notice the man with the helmet, right screen. Pretty smiley.


The people in the playground didn’t know it was a drill or simply aren’t participating, unlike the fakers in the forefront lying in their crisis actor mode on the ground while a camera-man lies in front of them.


This combo-photo of the uninvolved, indifferent people contrasted to the crisis actors proves that this is the same kind of hoax that has been perpetrated upon the American people by the DHS and its collaborators previously.

Even so, there really was someone in the black stunt car. It wasn’t Miriam Carey. Who was it?

Picture 562


The person in the car is leaning a bit, it seems, as his head is contrasted to the headrest. Yes, it was said “his head.” By all appearances this is a male and not a black one. Looks like a white or Kazarian man from all that can be seen, here, and nothing like Carey.


This woman, too, is a part of the fake, as are her purported sisters. In no way did she die. There is no dead body. No one will allow anyone to “see the child.” This is a Zionist-orchestrated hoax facilitated by the Mossad-controlled Alhurra entity. Let anyone prove otherwise.

Is the crisis actor driver still in the car, here? Bomb squad dogs? Really? Where is the corpse, the blood, the baby?

Picture 571








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    Right now what is going on in Burma and Sri Lanka is really serious where the Zionists are waging war against both Muslims and Buddhists while spreading false propaganda aimed at creating divisions and destroying both groups and Dalai Lama is on it with the Zionists.

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