Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 01 November 2013
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Hard Proof Ft. Hood Shooting is a Hoax – Fake Blood Packets and More

Regarding the Ft. Hood scam Major Nidal Hasan is innocent of all charges and is the victim of a frame-job. It was a drill from the beginning with the plot hatched by the Zionists to frame Hasan for the fake massacre. In this regard the man is the subject of vast brutality and demonization: filthy lies imposed upon him by Zionist elements.

This is a total fake perpetrated by the Zionist-controlled Defense Department, which hired the crisis actors. No one died at Ft. Hood. All the dead people are fraudsters, as are all the supposedly wounded.


Note the red bar on the badge of the crisis actor. They are always pointing their fingers, a sign of a phony.


The number 13 was picked by the Satanists. It was all a drill, complete with DoD-hired crisis actors and various moles and corrupt ones, including Israeli agents, all working on a deliberate plan to frame the obviously Islaamic Hasan for the fake crime.

They have brutalized this man, repeatedly. Creating him into a monster, the Zionists in concert with the powerful ones of the US government and military made him into their goat in order to gain a kind of public support for their continued criminal acts in the Middle East, where they are responsible for the slaughter of countless innocents.

Real deaths and injuries, real people shot to death, unlike the fake and phony shootings, the mere drills, foisted upon the American people by that wretched criminal element, the Zionist-controlled DHS.

He may well have been assigned a part in the drill, like the other soldiers and officers, and, then, they turned on him. He had no idea what was about to hit him:

Soon, he will encounter the purpose of this day, which is a plot by the Zionists to heap great blame on Islaam as a powerful distraction for their planned criminal acts.

Here he is for his routine morning coffee and hash browns wearing a kind of traditional dress. He is full of smiles and in a good mood. Nothing out of the ordinary for him. The man was not a part of the plot but, rather, was the patsy for the plot. He was known as a nice man; never bothered anyone and has not a violent bone in his body.

What a victim of the filthy, lying, thieving Zionists he is. See how he has been viciously demonized as a result of their plot:

This is mere demonization. The man is a victim of terror – Zionist terror. He hurt no one and is rather is the one who is the recipient of great harm and suffering, all at the hands of precisely the US Army which he served, which is nothing other than an agent of Zionism.

Fake blood packs detected, Ziploc bags: US Army and Pentagon busted for wretched lies

Here he is purportedly on the ground outside of one of the buildings with what appears to be moulage or fake blood on his chest. It is the Zionist-controlled media which claims this is him; it cannot be confirmed by these photos. In fact, it doesn’t look like him.


The man pictured in the video as Mr. Hasan has an upturned nose, significantly so. His chin is short and NOT prominent, in fact, receding. His face appears to be narrow. Hasan does not have these characteristics. Is it, therefore, that this is a crisis actor acting as a decoy as part of the set-up?


While this is yet to be confirmed what can be confirmed is the following, which proves Hasan’s innocence. It also proves the fact that the US Army under the Bush cabal plotted specifically to set Hasan up as a means of increasing the Army’s stock, to gain sympathy for it, while, once again, spewing great venom against Islaam in part in order to justify the continued criminal acts of the US military and its Zionist masters as these wretched elements seek to slaughter additional innocents, including the then-planned plot to destroy Syria.

Let it be said clearly and categorically: Islaam is innocent of the Ft. Hood debacle and is, rather, the extreme victim of this scam. Major Hasan had nothing to do with this plot. Rather, it was Islaam’s enemies, the Zionist cabal and its proxy agents in the US military, who are responsible for a filthy act which led to the destruction of this man’s life.

Here is the proof that it is a hoax. Look at this, and look at it, again. The big man in the graduation outfit is grabbing something out of the other man’s back pocket.

fthoodfake0000 fthoodziploc77

While ABC gives the narration of the claim that this footage was taken mere “moments after the carnage ended,” meaning seconds, while words like “chilling” and “horrific” and “carnage” are used – while the whole world seeks to blame Islaam – the real nature of this event was being revealed. This is the fact that it is a fake. The big man is actually pulling none other than a fake blood packet out of the back pocket. Look around his feet. See any wounded soldiers? But fake blood is seen on the floor and on objects.

He’s a blood drizzler, just like the fraudsters in the Boston hoax, pulling out fake blood packs and dumping them on the ground as fast as he can: before anyone untoward sees him.

In this screenshot it is seen when the packet is actually pulled away from the pocket.


A good view at the base of his feet of where he has already exploded one; no wounded soldier anywhere near.

It is exclusively Zionist Jewry that is promoting this, spreading their filthy lies all over the world with agents of the devil such as Berkowitz and Ross doing the dirty work:

In this view it is seen clearly that the bag is still in the pocket as he is pulling it. There is another Ziploc in the other pocket. Blood is found only on the floor and more rarely on certain soldier’s uniforms (without any evidence of entrance or exit wounds). Watch what happens next.


He’s done it. It is in his hand. Like a bomb, he will drop it on the floor to create the fake image of a massacre. The whole base is in on it. The troops are mired in self-pity. No one cares about them and their involvement in the illicit wars. They are happy to participate in hopes of getting sympathy.

The man in the gown, clearly a fraudster extraordinaire, is also seen, here:


Same gown, same white color, he is assisting the man in the white t-shirt in faking an injury, proving he is a hired crisis actor for the DoD to increase the Army’s stock before the world. Hiding who knows what under the black robe he will prove to be one of the key crisis actors of this hoax.


Another view where his take-away of the fake blood bag is made clear, it now being securely held in his left hand.


A close look, though, makes it appear that he may also have one in his right hand.


Note the dramatic difference in color of the skin and the item in his palm, rectangular in shape: the blood packet most likely in a Ziploc bag.



If you look carefully, he appears to be holding the fake blood bag in the pit of his palm, attempting to disguise it. The Army, already guilty of murdering countless innocents, is now held completely guilty, fully culpable, for faking the Ft. Hood massacre.


Here is more evidence of the fraud: blood drizzle of the same color at this paramedic’s feet.


These two men are also involved with dressing up fake wounded. The man on the screen right appears to have a substance in his hand that resembles fake blood, same color as seen in the rest of the video:



He is seemingly holding it tightly in his right hand. Is this the residue of staining in a Ziploc bag?

This information proves that Ft. Hood is a hoax where, once again, no one died, and no one was injured, except, perhaps, Nidal Hasan, who is, apparently, paralyzed from the waist downward.





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