Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 04 November 2013
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Two More Wretched LAX Hoax Fraudsters Busted, Audrey and Mark Henry

What a duo of LAX fake shooting hoaxers they are, Mark and Audrey Henry, truly inane. Completely fake, Hollywood-style.  Yet, it is not merely fake but is also diabolical, as the couple make every attempt to give credence to AmeriKa’s martial law state. The two pander over the TSA and fully accept its tyrannical role, giving substance to the latest plot, which is the wretched scheme to arm these low-grade individuals with heavy arms or at least pistols.

Meet arch-fraudsters Audrey and Adam Henry, grade-B wannabe actors: true hacks.


Prior to the interview they let the cat out of the bag with their inane smirks. This happened for the woman when the reporter said, essentially, ‘Not much happening, here, just a few planes landing and taking off.’ Her subconscious mind couldn’t resist itself. The trigger: “not much happening.”

Yet, when she realizes the cameras are rolling, at that moment she looks so dour.

laxlaxhoaxhenry-99 laxlaxhenryfamily

Everyone is willing to lie: to the whole world. No one cares.

“We just heard, like 8 shots ring out, bam, bam, bam, bam, and we all hit the deck and…then, all of a sudden everybody started running through the TSA door into the gate, the terminal…and the TSA was running with us…and they said, “Keep running; keep running.”

“There was probably another 15 to 20 shots that we heard behind us, and we just kept running. We got out of the terminal building, down onto the tarmac, and we ran toward Terminal 2, under planes (hoax), and so all the people who were in line to be screened, we stormed in through security gates–and that’s breaching security, too–so that makes everybody nervous.

So we just kept running away from the shots, obviously, and we ducked into Terminal 2 and we kinda made our way out here; scary moments, here for sure at LAX.

Reporter: I watch, Audrey’s hands have been shaking. You don’t have your shoe, your shoe; you’re only wearing one shoe.

Henry: I’m wearing one shoe. I was at the screening area. I was putting all my belongings in the tray. I put my boot in the tray, and all of a sudden, we heard shots,


and we just all fell to the floor and on top of each other;

(a twisting and torquing of the face, plus a lip and jut jaw, a key sign of fabrication)


“It was like a movie.”



Major jaw jut: she’s lying, and her internal self knows it. A truly amateurish, if not vile, performance.

“It was so intense. And it wasn’t normal to hear that.

And so we all just panicked.”







Great job: cover those eyes to make the deception less evident. The only thing she is shaking is shaking down the American people to aid in the stripping of their rights. “TSA, TSA, TSA, rah, rah.” that is, “Arm them. We support that. That is needed to protect against those horrible gun-lovers.”

Lying asp, she’s busted as the fraudster she is, along with her lying, thieving husband.


Make no mistake about it their acts are pure treachery as they support the Zionist plot of the militarization of American and the destruction of the people’s rights, their inalienable rights, for personal freedom, freedom from tyranny, freedom of speech, and freedom for self-defense. The Henry’s or whatever their real names are therefore are agents of tyranny, just like the TSA, even worse, because they come into the scam in absolute deception.



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  1. Besides his own profession, Adam Housley must have taken acting lessons from his wife, famous actress Tamera Mowry. It all connects, folks, again and again….

  2. dreadful, really dreadful
    Who’s this unnamed dude?

    One witness said, “Some people thought it was a bomb and so they were saying bomb! Bomb! You know run! Run! And some people it was like they weren’t responding, they didn’t take it seriously or they were just confused. So it was a surreal moment and a mix of emotions.”


    Ah, it’s
    Joseph James, 32, who said he had just gotten off a flight in Terminal 3 and was leaving the building when he heard several shots behind him, said, “Several people were yelling, ‘Bomb! Bomb!’ and that’s what terrified me the most.”

    more on witness James:

    Joseph James, a former Clark County resident and legislative candidate was just about to leave Terminal 3 at the Los Angeles International Airport on Friday morning when a loud sound stopped him in his tracks.
    James said he had just grabbed his luggage from baggage claim and was heading for the exit when he heard what sounded like fireworks.
    “As I turned around, I saw about 100 people running as fast as they could toward me, screaming,” he told The Columbian on Friday. “It was terrifying. I could tell that it was some sort of shooting rampage.” .“As I turned around, I saw about 100 people running as fast as they could toward me, screaming,” he told The Columbian on Friday. “It was terrifying. I could tell that it was some sort of shooting rampage.”

    James described the scene before police arrived as chaotic. At one point, someone told him the shooter had a bomb, and then he heard there was more than one shooter. Although he later learned neither of those rumors were true, James decided at that moment to hide with a group in Terminal 3 rather than run outside and encounter another shooter.
    Soon, James saw the first police officer arrive. “He just popped his trunk and he pulled out an assault rifle,” James recalled. “He said, ‘Don’t move. Don’t do anything. Just stay there.’” Then James saw “dozens and dozens” of law enforcement officers flood into the terminal, and he could hear helicopters flying overhead.
    Eventually, officers moved James and the group to a safe zone in a different terminal. As he waited, he saw injured people being carried away to ambulances. Some witnesses waiting with him in the safe zone said they had seen the shooter asking people whether they worked for the Transportation Security Administration, or the TSA.
    “They would say no, and he would just move on,” James said.
    Hours later, James was able to leave the airport. By 4 p.m., he reached his hotel room and was catching up on news about the shooting. He had already been interviewed by at least two reporters.
    “I’ve never experienced anything like it,” James said. “You have to make all these decisions in a split second. A lot of people were just kind of frozen. … Fortunately the officers who showed up were extremely focused, and they just went right in and stopped (the shooter).”
    James lived for several years in Clark County, where he met his wife and unsuccessfully ran against Tim Probst for a state House seat in 2008. The next year, he left Clark County to pursue a career in film. He lives in a suburb of Salt Lake City and recently produced a movie called “The Freemason,” which will debut next year. He was traveling to Los Angeles on Friday to attend a buyers market for movie producers.
    From now on, James said he’ll always be on alert when he’s at an airport, and he wishes he would have known what to do in that situation.
    “I’m just always going to have that extra sense of caution and be alert with the hope that I might be able to be more effective,” he said. “When it happened I was just like everybody else and didn’t know what to do.”

    Rich Garry, 68, of Fullerton, Calif., said he had been at Terminal 3 on Friday morning headed for a flight to New York to visit family members. He said that a security officer had just checked his boarding pass and that he was waiting in line at the security checkpoint when he heard two shots.
    “I heard a ‘pop-pop’ and I looked down a floor below, and the T.S.A. guy was on the floor,” he said. “He had been shot.”

    Mr. Garry said he believed it was the same security officer who had inspected his boarding pass.
    As the gunman moved through the terminal, Mr. Garry said, “he was very calm. When he got to the top of the stairs where the security checkpoints are, he looked around. If he would have come up the ramp, he would have had a field day with all the people lying on the ground, like me.”
    Mr. Garry said he and several others crawled to a nearby elevator and went to the ground floor. Once there, he saw police officers for the first time, and told them to go to the second floor.
    Leon Saryan, a traveler from Milwaukee, told the Milwaukee radio station WTMJ: “I was in the hallway cowering when the guy came through. And he had a rifle in his hand, and he looked at me, and he said ‘T.S.A.?’ And I shook my head, and he just kept going.”

    Saryan was interviewed by Anderson Cooper just to make sure the message came across

    having already told the story to ABC
    Fake alert, then. Didn’t have his shoes on….

  3. Is it Mark and Audry Henry or Adam and Audry Henry. The script underneath the video says Audry and Adam Henry. However, the reporter says the man’s name is Mark and the woman’s name is Audry. So what is the man’s name.

    • Both.

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