Kennedy Assassination — 08 November 2013
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Zionist Mole Zapruder and the Mossad Connection to JFK Assassination

Everyone was sick at heart at the murder of JFK: not everyone, surely not Abraham Zapruder and his fellow Mahyudi monsters.

If there ever was a Zionist mole in this world, a mole of moles, it is Abraham Zapruder, profiteer and criminal element of the international Jewish mob.

Arch-Zionist mole and Israeli-worshipping Jew Abraham Zapruder was an integral part of the hoax known as the JFK lone gunman assassination. The man is  a liar and a fraud, a true worm and weasel: no doubt about it.

Watch him squirm all over himself as he sits in the interview, as he listen and answers questions. Watch him: how much different he is in mannerisms, facial inflections, body language, visual propensities than the seemingly unassuming reporter.

A low-level Mossad agent he is, a mere thug, like the members of the Stern and Irgun gang. Who can prove otherwise?


Kovel, a city in the Ukraine, was a hot-bed for Zionist fanaticism and, in particular, for the creation of the Zionist entity as a means of global materialistic domination. Clearly, through Zapruder as an acting member of international Jewry this ties the Zionist cabal directly to the coup:


Therefore, clearly, Zapruder was a hostile, wretched Zionist Jew who was heavily involved in the plot to murder the sitting US president as well as to perpetrate the cover-up for the act. In fact, Zapruder is clearly a cover-up mole, and that was his whole purpose during the prolonged effort by Zionist moles to prevent the revelation of the real nature of this crime.

Zapruder was an early age video evidence hoaxer, his scam acting as a precursor to the same kind of video graphic fraud perpetrated by the Zionists on 9-11. His whole purpose was to give substance to the official, in fact, Israeli version of the shooting and to cause dispute against any alternative view.


It is clear from the interview that Zapruder is no spontaneous or accidental camera-person but is instead a true mole, a true Israeli agent.

abrahamzapruder abrahamzapruder3

Does he look sick or thrilled? Sure, you are sick, Zapruder, sick in terms of a sick mind that would participate in such a wicked crime.

abrahamzaprder-33 abrahamzapruder22

Diablos comes through in the whites under the eyes and the devious nature of his appearance.

Reporter speaks of the lone gunman theory on the basis of the impossible trajectory of shooting the President from high up in the building:


Clearly, a shooting and killing from that vantage point would have been impossible.


The rabid Zionist mole constantly buts in and also mumbles as the reporter attempts to do his work.


Reporter says, “At first they sounded like firecrackers,” at which time this action by extremist Jewish mole Zapruder is seen:


He was a terminal agent of hate, an extremist, rabidly attached, as proven, here, to Israeli expansionism. Kennedy was an impediment to this plot.


Diabolos can be clearly seen in his eyes and his terminally evident shifty behavior, one not seen in the reporter. The distinction is clear: Zapruder was directly involved in the killing.


What a revealing facies it is, mole of mole, terminally hostile: an agent of mayhem, deceit, corruption, and destruction as well as bloodthirsty murder. Not disputable. Zapruder’s claim as an independent source of film is a hoax. Rather, he was on-site as an agent of the Zionist, not Mafia, assassination plot.


The contortions, along with the prominent jaw jutting, and the squirming, is clearly a sign of deceit.


Yet, he reaped the benefit of his criminal acts in countless ways, as promised to this Polish Jew by his Zionist masters. Yet, for Zapruder it was not just about the money but was truly about Israeli expansionism, the maintenance of the Zionist power bases, including the Federal Reserve and the Secret Services: all for Zionism at any cost, even if it meant the murder and also the cover-up of such a murder of a world leader.



‘Especially after seeing all this controversy and alternative views. “I went back” and read it again, and, yes I am convinced of its veracity (essentially).


Abraham Zapruder: a clear cohort to the murder of former President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The murder of this man was a vast plot orchestrated and conducted not by the mafia, as popularly believed, not in the least. It was the Zionists exclusively who did it, then, laughed about it in glee.

The Jews now proven to be responsible for Kennedy’s murder and/or the cover-up of the crime are as follows:

  • Jack (Rubenstein) Ruby
  • yet to be determined Zionist mole reporter
  • Lee Harvey Oswald (not as a killer but as a Mossad diversionary)
  • Abraham Zapruder
  • George deMohrenschildt
  • Jeanne deMohrenschildt

All these men are directly tied to the murder of a sitting president, and Zapruder, as well as Rubenstein and deMohrenschildt, are directly connected to elements of the Mossad. This proves that the murder of JFK was an international conspiracy perpetrated by world Jewry.




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  1. “I was listening to Black Ops Radio the other day and the host, Len Osanic, conducted an interview with John Costella, which was absolutely fascinating. During the interview, Costella goes over in detail, quite convincingly, that the famed Zapruder film was actually a fake, not genuine, and he seems, at least to me, to have proved this fact, although there is a lot of debate about it in the JFK assassination research field.”–John Friend

    More here:

  2. How the man behind the video of JFK’s assassination almost didn’t have his camera that day and donated profits to a slain police officer’s widow

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