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NEWLY UPDATED: Paul Walker’s Crew Busted for Faking his Death

Updated, again, Dec. 27, 2013, corrected, Dec. 28, 2013

It is now absolutely confirmed that for reasons yet to be fully determined Paul Walker and Roger Rodas faked their deaths. That fake death claim is supported by Mr. Walker’s family, althoughm, more recently, Paul Walker, Sr., has reported he and his son don’t always see eye-to-eye. This hoax was achieved with the collaboration of the entire crew and production team of the Fast & Furious cabal in league with Universal Studios.

The inanity of the commentary and behavior of Jim Torp alone demonstrates the nature of the scam, as does, through a careful review, the behavior, comments, and body, as well as facial, language of the those other associates being interviewed. Torp says the girlfriend was at the car studio and “collapsed” upon hearing the news, which he received, he claims, via a cell phone. Yet, in contrast, the company Website said she wasn’t there. At once, Torp claims, the accident occurred a mere 5 minutes after the departure of the two men, then changing the story to “2o minutes.”

No matter: there are far too many anomalies to regard it as real. Consider, for instance, the fake warning that Mr. Walker issued to his fans a number of times to be happy, to “smile,” in the event that he might die a violent death in a fast and furious car crash.

Let us take these individuals at their words, i.e. that Walker and Rodas took off for a short journey and never came back, thus, dying in fiery car crash. Too, let us take the word of the Zionist-controlled media that Mr. Walker and Mr. Rodas were burnt “beyond recognition” and that there was no means to identify their bodies except through “dental records,” which means they would have surely been burnt to a crisp.

There is no evidence of any real disaster scene, real forensic investigation, and surely not an iota of evidence of any bodies being burnt alive.

No one knew it happened until a “loud explosion” was heard, Torp claims. Then, with his magic ball, he said he “knew it was an accident,” right away. Sure he did . Sure he knew all about it. It is, after all, nothing other than a magic trick.

It was certain that the world would know how devastating these senseless deaths would be, as the two men prepared to depart on their five-minute joy ride. That was the continuous message, “What a sad and horrible loss,” and thus people got entrapped into this emotionally, even shedding tears and suffering much sadness over the untimely deaths of two young men with such great potential. In Walker’s case he was so dearly loved by his fans.


There was no such loss. It was nothing other than a side-show, the standard antics of Hollywood in action, though few people realized it. It seems that actors are idolized. People fell into a swoon over the senseless deaths of these two men, finding themselves emotionally engaged, never considering other possibilities: that it could all have been staged.

How could they consider this other than as portrayed? It was all done under the utmost disguise, with plenty of distractions: smoke, literally, and mirrors.

This is what people were led to believe the initial scene looked like, a ferocious, deadly car fire, with good Samaritans attempting the rescue:


Yet, upon careful inspection of another frame it can be seen that a pyrotechnician, fire-proof Mario, is in the frame. Notice, too, the fire extinguisher laid on the pavement, butt-end against the curb, as a prop.


The man in the white suit is very real and is involved in accelerating the pyrotechnic fire. This image was taken directly from the DailyMail. Here is the picture with embedded credit in the far left corner:

Note also the strewn wreckage, a kind of cushion, also placed there as a prop. How could it simply have popped out of the car?

A zoomed in view of prop-star and pyrotechnician Mario. In this case the eyes must be trusted. That really is a human being.


A close-up view of the fire extinguisher placed against the curb as a prop.


Another example of fire extinguishers seen here, two of them:


These are all obvious Hollywood-style props and are not related to a car crash of any kind, the placement of the fire extinguishers upright near the curb in particular demonstrating the fabricated nature of this scene. Would anyone in their right mind place these compressed cannisters near the fire so they could explode?

This is essentially the same scene for public consumption taken as a screen shot from the video by the fabricators who rolled upon the scene in the blue sports car, acting as if they were accidental by-standers. It was these fabricators who said upon stopping their vehicle on the opposite side of the street, a considerable distance away, “They died; He’s dead,” while having no way to confirm it was ‘they’ or that there were even any people in the car. Regardless, who can refute it? That is a person, seen previously, in the midst of the pyrotechnic burn wearing a fire-resistant suit. That person, at least the one in the midst of the pyrotechnic display, oddly enough bears a resemblance to Roger Rodas.


This is also another man or two in fire-proof suits (a suit of some kind; exact nature not known) involved in creating the incineration. Watching the video carefully it can be seen that the man does move about, proving this is a hoax. The suit seems to be tightly fit on his legs and buttocks but also around his arms and hands. Here is the outline of this pyrotechnic mole:


That really is a person, and that person really is wearing a fire-proof suit. A likely example of such a suit:

This is from a film uploaded by HerreraVip, a Walker associate, who was on-site. It can be seen that there is a man in a white suit who is firing a flame-throwing device into the car, when the observable smoke tunnel suddenly forms.


The red underline defines the actual pyrotechnician mole; his head can be seen; on the video he can be seen to move about.

Изображение с кодом 4189347

On the other side of the pyrotechnic fire (darker side), there are two men, one apparently in a protective suit.

Here is an example of a smoke bomb, which was dropped by the perpetrators to disguise the event, not normal behavior for people attending to a fiery, deadly car crash. It can be seen from the slow motion video that there are a number of these smoke-issuing devices that were released.


Does anyone still doubt that people were really working the site of the fake car crash and that they weren’t there as advertised, as a rescue unit? Then, there is this battery of screen shots seen, here, courtesy of ABC and also through the cell phone footage taken by an individual with the moniker, HerraraVip.


RE: the above image. The perpetrators can be clearly seen here operating near the smoke bombed-out area, just as the pyrotechnic fire is being ignited (left screen). There is a powerful sports car parked against the curb. Seems to have an antennae on the roof. A fire truck, ready to go, seen, upper left screen.


The timing offered for public consumption does not match what is seen in the above, RE: the shadows.


A curious statement by the ABC narrator, that this is merely a “Hollywood” style “ending,” in other words, not a real one.


Smoke bombs going off in large numbers for purposes of disguise, possibly to hide the actions of the pyrotechnicians from any undesired onlookers.

Untitled paulwalkerpyrocrew

A pyrotechnic fire only. All experienced people who work in emergency circumstances would realize this is the case.

Woman, presumably Jasmine Gosnell-Pilchard, emerges to shoe the videographer away. It can be seen in the film that she is vigorous in this regard to cause the filming to be halted.


Who is HerraraVip?



Herrera provides music for the F&F entity and can be seen with Walker in videos on sets, as discovered by a nodisinfo poster. Everywhere, wherever he posts he puts “RIP Paul Walker.”


This is the picture he uses on his feed. What does this represent? Could it get any more bizarre than this? This is, after all, the man who put on such a dramatic act which substantiated the hoax, pulling away from the microphone as if he couldn’t take it any more, as if he was crying.

What is he wearing on his head? Hard to say but the Walker clique does like Viking hats, the devil-like double horns, as seen in their Dec. 16 beach party after the fake death.

Support: Meadow Rain, 15, walks with friends along the Santa Barbara beach on Sunday - the day after her father was laid to rest in a low-key ceremony that was attended by friends and family–Furious-stars-family-friends-hold-beachside-memorial.html

Hoaxers galore.

And what is a bombon production?

Me 5/25/2013

He is apparently a hip-hopper and formerly worked out of New York:


It’s obviously what kind of manure he keeps in the sewer of his mind. It is, this fake death and phony car crash – a Satanic act, despite the fake acting, the handsome green-blue eyes (of Walker), and more. He is being called out for his constant support of a fake.

Is it the same person who acted as the hoaxer who acted like he was dying in grief? An older version, it could be: look at the broadening of the nose, double-diamond ear rings is a key player in this hoax.


One of the most convincing actors of all, he had all the emotions and body language, which convinced millions of his desperate despair. Yet, it was all a fake: no tears, here. Then, why do the wiping? The point is what is the act about, the fake tears, unless the entire operation is fake? The man has clearly fabricated this grief, which is clear and categorical evidence of a fraud.


Additionally, a planted hat to depict the hat of one of the occupants; it is well-known that Rodas was wearing a black hat, and Mr. Walker can be seen before this set-up holding a similar one.



There is no doubt that this hat is a prop; it is clearly planted. There are no bodies, by the way, under that tarp. Who can dispute such evidence of a movie-like set, pre-planned for the maximum emotionally charged reaction? However, the dummies might have been planted by this time.

A similar tarp, if not precisely the same tarp, was seen previously inside the studio. Note the central lines, highly similar:


On the ABC video when the fire truck sirens sounded and it started pulling up, this Walker scene produce (or coordinator) called it down, frantically.


Or, more likely, she was telling her friend or associate, Alofoke or other, not to film this specific scene or that she didn’t want to be filmed. The waving off effort is rather vigorous. No wonder: she herself doesn’t want to be filmed, because this person bears a strong resemblance to Walker girlfriend, Jasmine Gosnell-Pilchard.

Изображение с кодом 4079253

Regarding the crash hoax here is what Alofoke uploaded. Poor job. He revealed the whole scam in the rush to defraud the world. This is a crucial finding that proves that the official claims, no matter how much fake emotion is shown, is a lie:


That’s right, just as is seen so clearly, just as the pyrotechnic display begins there is an entire entourage of Walker collaborators on the scene. Where? Right in the middle of the road in close proximity to the burning car. Torp & Co. never gave the world this view of the scene. Nor did “Fire Extinguisher” Herrera.

Another view from an ABC exclusive video:


There are three people, left-screen, another, mid-screen, and two on the far right screen.

What is behind them? It is a law that when doing pyrotechnics that supportive protection must be available, just in case the fire or explosions get out of hand. In fact, that is a fire truck behind on the far right screen. Regardless, it makes absolutely no sense that just as this fire is ignited there would be such a mass of people surrounding the car, while clear and obvious pyrotechnic smoke abounds, likely as a means of disguise.

An enlarged version of the screen shot seen below, which proves the use of smoke bombs and possibly smoke machines.


No one can say that this isn’t a group of humans congregating next to the initial setting of the fire.


There are all sorts of people, here, some close to the Hollywood hoax display, others on the far side of the road, still others in their cars. Is that really a fire truck in the back?


Is that a water cannon, then, on the back of that fire truck in the back, as seen on the back of this truck? Whatever it is this same object (confirmed to be a strobe light by a poster) is also seen in later images; also, the rectangular shape of that truck is the same as a fire truck.

This simply confirms that as the fire was initiated there was a fire truck there in advance.

Here is hard proof that it is the same truck, right there before any major fire is started, the image on the left being from the HerraraVip film, the other a still image at the PW site:


Apparently, it is a strobe light. Regardless, the point is it is the same in both images, the image on the left being a kind of proof of the vehicle being there in advance. The fire trucks were all ready to go, just in case the artificially created fire got out of hand.

Regardless, the finding of all these fabricators and hoaxers on site, smoke machines and/or bombs as a disguise and, then, the explosion of pyrotechnic fires: all this is proof of a staged death. Who can prove otherwise?

Regardless, these hoaxers are busted completely. They were right there, not merely reactively ‘on the scene’, as they claim but, rather, creating this scene. Busted to the moon: the deaths were faked, absolutely proven by the presence of the crew well in advance before the pyrotechnic fires were ignited.

Thanks to a number of alert, erudite posters evidence is accumulating that two cars were used and that the “get-away” car was not the one that was sacrificed.

A number of people have said, including astute posters, that two different cars were used based upon the licence plate left at the scene by a van, as a part of the memorial. However, close inspection demonstrates the number to be nearly the same – but not exactly so:

A screenshot from an actual video where Walker is directly associated with the car on that day (Nov. 30):

Notice the fact that it tends in the numbers “90.”

Different licence plates, therefore, confirmed? Regardless, it is not merely a difference in numbers or name plates that is important; how did the licence plate get placed just there, propped up like that? That means the plate was planted, which confirms the hoax; it was planted for full camera view. This alone is cause for suspicion of this event as a hoax.


Two different licence plates is proof of the use of two different cars. The “Always Evolving” seems to be missing at the bottom. The zero is also missing, yet the rest of the plate is fully intact. Even so, once again, the key piece of evidence is the fact that the licence plate could not have arrived in that position naturally but was instead clearly planted, just like the fire extinguishers and hat.


The licence plates are slightly different, mainly in the missing under bar, “Always Evolving.” There is another major proof seen in these plates. See the blue date sticker in the lower plate, the one cropped from a picture of the car driven by Rodas? That blue sticker is missing from the other plate. Nor is there upon close inspection any evidence of the state being impressed into the plate. This is additional proof that this is an elaborate, staged hoax and that the claim that these two men died in a fiery crash is false.

Regarding the use of two cars there is also this issue that has been observed by a number of people, so it will be covered, here, although it is irrelevant:



To clarify this is not as was once thought as proof of two cars. Instead, this the norm, that such Porsches have blue center hub color on the right, while red on the left. So, the hub color is not evidence of two different cars.

However, the difference in the licence plates may well demonstrate that two cars were used, the junk yard-like car or less valuable one being burnt up, while Walker & Co. made their escape in the more valuable one.

Regardless, the existence on the scene before the fire and pyrotechnic display was ignited of dozens of people and a number of cars proves  the case. Busted: HOAX level, 1000%.

More evidence? How about plenty of smiley faces “at the site of the crash,” per the DailyMail:


Michelle Rodriguez shares a smile with other mourners who came to honor their late friend.

These people, including all the staff, the directors, the producers, and the co-stars, know it is a hoax. At least the American people should know the same. People are spending their money on DVDs and more, possibly donating to the hoax charity, wildly believing in this fraud. All levels of this fabrication must be boycotted.


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  1. You sir, are a ******* idiot. It’s because of dumbasses like you that nobody know’s what to believe in this day and age. The Internet has become nothing more than a glorified gossip center these days. Putting up useless **** based on your own personal belief, and poorly put together evidence is just idiotic. Between the BS fake body picture’s, and all the crazy conspiracies about his death being staged, you morons are doing nothing more than spreading lies. I personally, don’t trust a friggin thing I see or read on the web unless it has legit confirmation. Too many scammers looking to start gossip. The man is dead. Let it be and get a life dude.

    • Why idiot? In fact you are right on one point. This is only based on his own personal belief, but if you think a bit more logically this could be a hoax. You didnt see all those smiling faces? They were supposed to be sad and horrified and not happy. That must be telling you something, besides you believe what you want to believe and if you believe that he is dead then thats your opinion….

    • Your the idiot. Hollywood has e everyone brain washed. I believe this story. Paul is alive. He wanted out. He wanted a normal life.

    • Paul is not dead.

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      I spent time wondering what the hell they were talking about.
      I finally find myself thinking they have all played too much video games xD

  4. Why is anyone even commenting? Leave it alone. You all must just like doing this as you have nothing better to do with your day. I say this as it is amazing how people think inside THEIR BOX.

  5. I knew he want dead

  6. Got to love it when people start their defence of rubbish with, “it was well known that…”, because the very thing they’re claiming was “well known”, in almost every instance, has never been ‘known’ by anyone at all but the fabricator of the story.

    What they’re really trying to say is, “I’m full of **** and desperate for fame and money and I like to use the suffering of other human beings to make that happen, because the deceased can’t contradict me”.


  7. i know ryt,this was all a set up. paul walker is just tired of the fans and needs a break from all this.

  8. I just wish we knew

  9. I hope you are right

  10. Is Paul walker still alive or gone??

  11. Hasta que PAUL no salga de su escondite, YO NO VOY A CREER EN USTEDES…Y donde comienzan los comentarios queria acotar de que nunca hubo 2 coches, ya que mencionan el haber encontrado dos placas con diferentes numeros, es simplemente porque 1 FANATICO, adquirio una placa en un negocio, de ahi la diferencia de MATRICULA…No sean tontos, SI EL ACTOR ESTA VIVO, TIENE QUE HABER UNA PRUEBA CONCRETA???…MIENTRAS TANTO, SON PURAS PATRAÑAS LO QUE SE ANUNCIA EN ESTE BURDELL…LAS IMAGENES SON BORROSAS, NO PODES ESTAR SEGURO SI UNA PERSONA ESTABA CON ROPA CAMUFLADA PARA LAS LLAMAS….POR FAVOR NO ESCRIBAN TONTERIAS PARA QUE LA GENTE SE ILUSIONE…!!!

  12. It was a hoax guys he is alive don’t be sad well it was planned faked the death

    • And your proof or source that PW is alive and well???



  15. It is entirely possible that Walker had to “fake his own death” because of what he saw happen to Randy Quaid, who was DENIED asylum in Canada after alleging that a “Hollywood death cult” was trying to destroy him (after having plundered his assets and turning his own brother (Dennis) against him.

    In which case, I wouldn’t blame the man… after all, just how many SHITTY sequels can the guy possibly stand making?

  16. is paul walker really dead????????????…….

    • PW is not dead.

      The fact that all these people are arguing about PW dead or alive is quite hilarious.

      Your all easily manipulated, its fun for us. While you hear Pw is dead on the news what you really don’t know is he is ALIVE. Making News Networks hide & lie about anything an everything is possible all you need are some powerful people with lots of money.

      The fact that you all believe this Car crash was real is fun & games to us. Keep us laughing please don’t stop.

      • Anonymous – your the funny one. Can’t even put your real name. Your a dumbass if I think we care that much.

  17. We all know Paul Walker is dead because of how it looks like the car was hitted by a RPG or somethingbecause I have watched a lot of crush scens and have never seen a car crash that looks like a rocket has hit the side and alsoThis is what you get America for telling lies in the past because 9/11 was clearly a inside job the Boston bombing was fake because for someone that has 2 fake legs being in the media saying that they had really bad pain in there legs the person was fully ID as someone who had both legs cut off year’s before the Boston bombing and let’s not forget the shooting on Orlando because gun control is gay say’s a lot of people in America and yet it’s funny how a shooting happen inside a gay nightclub

  18. I heard it was faked BC he got in trouble with fraud and is serving time in the state pen. Idk if its true of cpirse but honestly it wpuldnt be surprisng. Then again maybe he just wants to live his life in peace and privately. Or he could very well be gone. Nobody will know for sure

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