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NEWLY UPDATED: Paul Walker’s Crew Busted for Faking his Death

Updated, again, Dec. 27, 2013, corrected, Dec. 28, 2013

It is now absolutely confirmed that for reasons yet to be fully determined Paul Walker and Roger Rodas faked their deaths. That fake death claim is supported by Mr. Walker’s family, althoughm, more recently, Paul Walker, Sr., has reported he and his son don’t always see eye-to-eye. This hoax was achieved with the collaboration of the entire crew and production team of the Fast & Furious cabal in league with Universal Studios.

The inanity of the commentary and behavior of Jim Torp alone demonstrates the nature of the scam, as does, through a careful review, the behavior, comments, and body, as well as facial, language of the those other associates being interviewed. Torp says the girlfriend was at the car studio and “collapsed” upon hearing the news, which he received, he claims, via a cell phone. Yet, in contrast, the company Website said she wasn’t there. At once, Torp claims, the accident occurred a mere 5 minutes after the departure of the two men, then changing the story to “2o minutes.”

No matter: there are far too many anomalies to regard it as real. Consider, for instance, the fake warning that Mr. Walker issued to his fans a number of times to be happy, to “smile,” in the event that he might die a violent death in a fast and furious car crash.

Let us take these individuals at their words, i.e. that Walker and Rodas took off for a short journey and never came back, thus, dying in fiery car crash. Too, let us take the word of the Zionist-controlled media that Mr. Walker and Mr. Rodas were burnt “beyond recognition” and that there was no means to identify their bodies except through “dental records,” which means they would have surely been burnt to a crisp.

There is no evidence of any real disaster scene, real forensic investigation, and surely not an iota of evidence of any bodies being burnt alive.

No one knew it happened until a “loud explosion” was heard, Torp claims. Then, with his magic ball, he said he “knew it was an accident,” right away. Sure he did . Sure he knew all about it. It is, after all, nothing other than a magic trick.

It was certain that the world would know how devastating these senseless deaths would be, as the two men prepared to depart on their five-minute joy ride. That was the continuous message, “What a sad and horrible loss,” and thus people got entrapped into this emotionally, even shedding tears and suffering much sadness over the untimely deaths of two young men with such great potential. In Walker’s case he was so dearly loved by his fans.


There was no such loss. It was nothing other than a side-show, the standard antics of Hollywood in action, though few people realized it. It seems that actors are idolized. People fell into a swoon over the senseless deaths of these two men, finding themselves emotionally engaged, never considering other possibilities: that it could all have been staged.

How could they consider this other than as portrayed? It was all done under the utmost disguise, with plenty of distractions: smoke, literally, and mirrors.

This is what people were led to believe the initial scene looked like, a ferocious, deadly car fire, with good Samaritans attempting the rescue:


Yet, upon careful inspection of another frame it can be seen that a pyrotechnician, fire-proof Mario, is in the frame. Notice, too, the fire extinguisher laid on the pavement, butt-end against the curb, as a prop.


The man in the white suit is very real and is involved in accelerating the pyrotechnic fire. This image was taken directly from the DailyMail. Here is the picture with embedded credit in the far left corner:

Note also the strewn wreckage, a kind of cushion, also placed there as a prop. How could it simply have popped out of the car?

A zoomed in view of prop-star and pyrotechnician Mario. In this case the eyes must be trusted. That really is a human being.


A close-up view of the fire extinguisher placed against the curb as a prop.


Another example of fire extinguishers seen here, two of them:


These are all obvious Hollywood-style props and are not related to a car crash of any kind, the placement of the fire extinguishers upright near the curb in particular demonstrating the fabricated nature of this scene. Would anyone in their right mind place these compressed cannisters near the fire so they could explode?

This is essentially the same scene for public consumption taken as a screen shot from the video by the fabricators who rolled upon the scene in the blue sports car, acting as if they were accidental by-standers. It was these fabricators who said upon stopping their vehicle on the opposite side of the street, a considerable distance away, “They died; He’s dead,” while having no way to confirm it was ‘they’ or that there were even any people in the car. Regardless, who can refute it? That is a person, seen previously, in the midst of the pyrotechnic burn wearing a fire-resistant suit. That person, at least the one in the midst of the pyrotechnic display, oddly enough bears a resemblance to Roger Rodas.


This is also another man or two in fire-proof suits (a suit of some kind; exact nature not known) involved in creating the incineration. Watching the video carefully it can be seen that the man does move about, proving this is a hoax. The suit seems to be tightly fit on his legs and buttocks but also around his arms and hands. Here is the outline of this pyrotechnic mole:


That really is a person, and that person really is wearing a fire-proof suit. A likely example of such a suit:

This is from a film uploaded by HerreraVip, a Walker associate, who was on-site. It can be seen that there is a man in a white suit who is firing a flame-throwing device into the car, when the observable smoke tunnel suddenly forms.


The red underline defines the actual pyrotechnician mole; his head can be seen; on the video he can be seen to move about.

Изображение с кодом 4189347

On the other side of the pyrotechnic fire (darker side), there are two men, one apparently in a protective suit.

Here is an example of a smoke bomb, which was dropped by the perpetrators to disguise the event, not normal behavior for people attending to a fiery, deadly car crash. It can be seen from the slow motion video that there are a number of these smoke-issuing devices that were released.


Does anyone still doubt that people were really working the site of the fake car crash and that they weren’t there as advertised, as a rescue unit? Then, there is this battery of screen shots seen, here, courtesy of ABC and also through the cell phone footage taken by an individual with the moniker, HerraraVip.


RE: the above image. The perpetrators can be clearly seen here operating near the smoke bombed-out area, just as the pyrotechnic fire is being ignited (left screen). There is a powerful sports car parked against the curb. Seems to have an antennae on the roof. A fire truck, ready to go, seen, upper left screen.


The timing offered for public consumption does not match what is seen in the above, RE: the shadows.


A curious statement by the ABC narrator, that this is merely a “Hollywood” style “ending,” in other words, not a real one.


Smoke bombs going off in large numbers for purposes of disguise, possibly to hide the actions of the pyrotechnicians from any undesired onlookers.

Untitled paulwalkerpyrocrew

A pyrotechnic fire only. All experienced people who work in emergency circumstances would realize this is the case.

Woman, presumably Jasmine Gosnell-Pilchard, emerges to shoe the videographer away. It can be seen in the film that she is vigorous in this regard to cause the filming to be halted.


Who is HerraraVip?



Herrera provides music for the F&F entity and can be seen with Walker in videos on sets, as discovered by a nodisinfo poster. Everywhere, wherever he posts he puts “RIP Paul Walker.”


This is the picture he uses on his feed. What does this represent? Could it get any more bizarre than this? This is, after all, the man who put on such a dramatic act which substantiated the hoax, pulling away from the microphone as if he couldn’t take it any more, as if he was crying.

What is he wearing on his head? Hard to say but the Walker clique does like Viking hats, the devil-like double horns, as seen in their Dec. 16 beach party after the fake death.

Support: Meadow Rain, 15, walks with friends along the Santa Barbara beach on Sunday - the day after her father was laid to rest in a low-key ceremony that was attended by friends and family–Furious-stars-family-friends-hold-beachside-memorial.html

Hoaxers galore.

And what is a bombon production?

Me 5/25/2013

He is apparently a hip-hopper and formerly worked out of New York:


It’s obviously what kind of manure he keeps in the sewer of his mind. It is, this fake death and phony car crash – a Satanic act, despite the fake acting, the handsome green-blue eyes (of Walker), and more. He is being called out for his constant support of a fake.

Is it the same person who acted as the hoaxer who acted like he was dying in grief? An older version, it could be: look at the broadening of the nose, double-diamond ear rings is a key player in this hoax.


One of the most convincing actors of all, he had all the emotions and body language, which convinced millions of his desperate despair. Yet, it was all a fake: no tears, here. Then, why do the wiping? The point is what is the act about, the fake tears, unless the entire operation is fake? The man has clearly fabricated this grief, which is clear and categorical evidence of a fraud.


Additionally, a planted hat to depict the hat of one of the occupants; it is well-known that Rodas was wearing a black hat, and Mr. Walker can be seen before this set-up holding a similar one.



There is no doubt that this hat is a prop; it is clearly planted. There are no bodies, by the way, under that tarp. Who can dispute such evidence of a movie-like set, pre-planned for the maximum emotionally charged reaction? However, the dummies might have been planted by this time.

A similar tarp, if not precisely the same tarp, was seen previously inside the studio. Note the central lines, highly similar:


On the ABC video when the fire truck sirens sounded and it started pulling up, this Walker scene produce (or coordinator) called it down, frantically.


Or, more likely, she was telling her friend or associate, Alofoke or other, not to film this specific scene or that she didn’t want to be filmed. The waving off effort is rather vigorous. No wonder: she herself doesn’t want to be filmed, because this person bears a strong resemblance to Walker girlfriend, Jasmine Gosnell-Pilchard.

Изображение с кодом 4079253

Regarding the crash hoax here is what Alofoke uploaded. Poor job. He revealed the whole scam in the rush to defraud the world. This is a crucial finding that proves that the official claims, no matter how much fake emotion is shown, is a lie:


That’s right, just as is seen so clearly, just as the pyrotechnic display begins there is an entire entourage of Walker collaborators on the scene. Where? Right in the middle of the road in close proximity to the burning car. Torp & Co. never gave the world this view of the scene. Nor did “Fire Extinguisher” Herrera.

Another view from an ABC exclusive video:


There are three people, left-screen, another, mid-screen, and two on the far right screen.

What is behind them? It is a law that when doing pyrotechnics that supportive protection must be available, just in case the fire or explosions get out of hand. In fact, that is a fire truck behind on the far right screen. Regardless, it makes absolutely no sense that just as this fire is ignited there would be such a mass of people surrounding the car, while clear and obvious pyrotechnic smoke abounds, likely as a means of disguise.

An enlarged version of the screen shot seen below, which proves the use of smoke bombs and possibly smoke machines.


No one can say that this isn’t a group of humans congregating next to the initial setting of the fire.


There are all sorts of people, here, some close to the Hollywood hoax display, others on the far side of the road, still others in their cars. Is that really a fire truck in the back?


Is that a water cannon, then, on the back of that fire truck in the back, as seen on the back of this truck? Whatever it is this same object (confirmed to be a strobe light by a poster) is also seen in later images; also, the rectangular shape of that truck is the same as a fire truck.

This simply confirms that as the fire was initiated there was a fire truck there in advance.

Here is hard proof that it is the same truck, right there before any major fire is started, the image on the left being from the HerraraVip film, the other a still image at the PW site:


Apparently, it is a strobe light. Regardless, the point is it is the same in both images, the image on the left being a kind of proof of the vehicle being there in advance. The fire trucks were all ready to go, just in case the artificially created fire got out of hand.

Regardless, the finding of all these fabricators and hoaxers on site, smoke machines and/or bombs as a disguise and, then, the explosion of pyrotechnic fires: all this is proof of a staged death. Who can prove otherwise?

Regardless, these hoaxers are busted completely. They were right there, not merely reactively ‘on the scene’, as they claim but, rather, creating this scene. Busted to the moon: the deaths were faked, absolutely proven by the presence of the crew well in advance before the pyrotechnic fires were ignited.

Thanks to a number of alert, erudite posters evidence is accumulating that two cars were used and that the “get-away” car was not the one that was sacrificed.

A number of people have said, including astute posters, that two different cars were used based upon the licence plate left at the scene by a van, as a part of the memorial. However, close inspection demonstrates the number to be nearly the same – but not exactly so:

A screenshot from an actual video where Walker is directly associated with the car on that day (Nov. 30):

Notice the fact that it tends in the numbers “90.”

Different licence plates, therefore, confirmed? Regardless, it is not merely a difference in numbers or name plates that is important; how did the licence plate get placed just there, propped up like that? That means the plate was planted, which confirms the hoax; it was planted for full camera view. This alone is cause for suspicion of this event as a hoax.


Two different licence plates is proof of the use of two different cars. The “Always Evolving” seems to be missing at the bottom. The zero is also missing, yet the rest of the plate is fully intact. Even so, once again, the key piece of evidence is the fact that the licence plate could not have arrived in that position naturally but was instead clearly planted, just like the fire extinguishers and hat.


The licence plates are slightly different, mainly in the missing under bar, “Always Evolving.” There is another major proof seen in these plates. See the blue date sticker in the lower plate, the one cropped from a picture of the car driven by Rodas? That blue sticker is missing from the other plate. Nor is there upon close inspection any evidence of the state being impressed into the plate. This is additional proof that this is an elaborate, staged hoax and that the claim that these two men died in a fiery crash is false.

Regarding the use of two cars there is also this issue that has been observed by a number of people, so it will be covered, here, although it is irrelevant:



To clarify this is not as was once thought as proof of two cars. Instead, this the norm, that such Porsches have blue center hub color on the right, while red on the left. So, the hub color is not evidence of two different cars.

However, the difference in the licence plates may well demonstrate that two cars were used, the junk yard-like car or less valuable one being burnt up, while Walker & Co. made their escape in the more valuable one.

Regardless, the existence on the scene before the fire and pyrotechnic display was ignited of dozens of people and a number of cars proves  the case. Busted: HOAX level, 1000%.

More evidence? How about plenty of smiley faces “at the site of the crash,” per the DailyMail:


Michelle Rodriguez shares a smile with other mourners who came to honor their late friend.

These people, including all the staff, the directors, the producers, and the co-stars, know it is a hoax. At least the American people should know the same. People are spending their money on DVDs and more, possibly donating to the hoax charity, wildly believing in this fraud. All levels of this fabrication must be boycotted.


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  1. Actually, this image that you took from y comment…
    It was fan who put this licence plate at the crash scene, for a memorial…
    But the goal of the creator of this picture was to proof it’s actually the same licence plate.
    The fact is, if you look carefully the licence plate of the crashed car, you’ll see no “0” next to the “9” and you won’t see any “always evolving”.

    • The error has been corrected and the post updated.

      • this is complete garbage… you people are just gullible and ignorant.

        • exactly. we lost a legend and people choose to believe fucking morons.

      • I saw it too

        • c im julian walker n im wondering if its true is paul alive!:-) or gone 🙁

        • Where and when

      • I noticed it took dnt think the death was staged at all

      • The error was not correcte d. .. BECAUSE THE WHOLE FUCKING BULLSHIT POST WASN’T REMOVED!!!! YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND SHOULD BE SHOT FOR YOUR HOAX POST. Here we are over a year later and what? Yes… there is PROOF that they are both in fact dead. 🙂

      • i have a question …..if the hood has no damage …then how come the front end is so damaged and the headlights are missing ….and i another pic there is a yellow block of foam between the front frame and where the radiator goes…..

    • You are right. There is no zero or “always evolved.” Zipo. And it wasn’t burnt off; it’s just not there. Two cars confirmed.

      • You people are idiots. Proof of two cars based on the fact that there is no “Always Evolving” wording under the license plate? That is a PLASTIC bezel. It either broke off in the violent crash or melted due to the heat. Also, why in the hell would they use two of the same car if they were planning to fake their death, that’s not suspicious… a red Carrera GT leaving the scene of a crashed red Carrera GT?

        Furthermore, why would they fake their death to begin with? What is to gain? You’ve presented all of this “evidence” of a faked death and have failed to answer WHY they would even do so to begin with. You’ve just plain failed. Have a little RESPECT for the dead and their loved ones by shutting up and ceasing to spread your moronic views and distracting them from mourning

        • Look at the Center cap one side red one side blue or they just different colors on each side each side

          • Center caps also know center nuts on Porsche are different colors…. blue on the passanger side red on driver side just look at many of the pics of normal ones…. also if you look carefully at pic of the burned car where its on the passenger side you can see the center ring is blue barely but you can tell.

        • The answer to that is that they want more recognition. I don’t really care either way, I am not a fan of the movies, I am not a fan of the man or men in question and I couldn’t really care less if they are alive or not. It’s sad that their children and family will miss them, yes. But seriously what gets a person more recognition than their own death? Not a whole lot really…

          • No one has given one intelligent reason why these two people would fake their deaths. It is not like they can come back after awhile and say, “Just kidding!” They’ll go to jail. It’s illegal. So for those thinking he wanted to get more recognition or a break from being noticed, I’m pretty sure that didn’t entail spending time behind bars. And if he wanted a break, he doesn’t have to say yes to movie rolls. Plus unless he got a face transplant he would have always been recognized. Or is that part of the hoax? Now he is getting extensive surgery to change his looks so he can move to some South American country living happily ever after. Not likely. To the author of this conspiracy, write a book. You work well with fiction.

          • Gay sex and hookers could get them more recognition, duh!

          • Money. Not saying I believe one way or another. But it’s pretty easy to see that 90% AT LEAST, of the shit done in the world today is motivated by monetary gain.

          • Wow that’s mean, guess you don’t have a heart!!!!

          • Passed away or not you should have some decency for people like him & not care if some scum bag has passed away more like. Saying you couldn’t care if they are alive or not. Shows what you are.

          • For those of you that want the “why” discussed? It really isnt that big of a head scratch-er really when you look at everything that has gone on… I think I have an idea as to why.

          • People here, clearly, have missed a majority of the information available – as to why Paul Walker and Roger Rodas – would have faked their deaths, with good reasons. Well, maybe I can fill in some blanks and maybe then, people will see what was behind this mess.
            Before Paul got to be a household name, Paul graduated from Cal State U, with a degree in Marine Biology – with intent – to go on to med school to study Veterinary medicine (specializing in Marine Biology) animal rescue and recovery. Clearly, the fact, that he completed such a difficult program (at one of the better schools) for this type of specialty field, proves the guy was clearly intelligent.
            During the time that Paul was at Cal State U, he got involved with a program called “The Billfish Foundation” which was a Marine Wildlife Rescue charity, run by a guy named Charles Nelson.
            In 2011, The Billfish Foundation, run by this Charles Nelson character came under financial scrutiny by The Feds. In 2012, The Billfish Foundation, fell under criminal investigation and was set to go to criminal trial some time in 2013. Why is that important? Well, in October of 2013, Charles Nelson – the guy who ran and financially controlled The Billfish Foundation – mysteriously dies and his family (as reported in People Magazine) was never given a cause of death, by the Coroners Office in CA and no cause of death, could ever be determined. At this point, no one is actually sure, how deep Paul was tied to this charity or how much work and money, he ever contributed – although the Feds – assumed he was the “money source” to this charity.
            During this same period of time, Paul was setting up his ROWW charity (fifty percent controlled and financially supported) by Roger Rodas, who was also tied to Anything Evolving, which was a car business, owned by both Paul and Roger, tied to Pauls love of fast cars.
            What people didn’t know is that Roger Rodas was already under financial scrutiny by the feds and his business ties in the US were being looked into and investigated (although the reasons for those investigations) was never actually told to the public – what the reasons behind the feds – checking him out were. The catch to all that mess? Roger Rodas was NOT American. He was a foreign national of mixed descent and had his business ties, when scamming the IRS, here in the US, Roger Rodas would have been deported and probably would have done
            jail time, in some really disgusting, Nasty prison outside of the US. That being the case, I’d
            say, that would be a pretty good reason, to fake my death – if – I was in trouble financially, especially with the feds, knocking on the door.
            It was well known, that Paul was unhappy in Hollywood and that he wanted to spend more time with his daughter, Meadow. It was also well known, that during the filming of F & F 6 (and 7) that Paul stormed off the sets of both films, telling the cast and crew that he was finished, fed up, burned out and wanted out for good. That was even reported by his own family more than once.
            During Pauls last hiatus from F & F 6, going into the filming of F & F 7, Paul decided to go overseas and do charity work, with the American Red Cross, doing everything from helping clean up disaster messes, to treating minor injuries and helping with other types of necessary work. This is where I met Paul and worked with him on many occasions, both directly and indirectly.
            Paul wasn’t a dumbass. The guy was actually extremely intelligent. He completed training with the US Military for disaster (high risk rescue and recovery) work. He was a trained EMT, a trained Paramedic and as well as doing medical work with trauma injuries, running IV lines and doing some minor surgery treatments, Paul also did work with water restoration systems, he helped rebuild things that were destroyed and could move disaster debris, with the best of them. While we were overseas, Paul used to tell us, that this was his passion and that eventually, this is what he wanted to do with his life – because he was finding that life in Hollywood – and in the movie business, was just NOT what he wanted anymore, but he didn’t know how to get out.
            Immediately following their “supposed” death, Pauls ROWW charity, comes under financial investigation by the Feds. Anything Evolving – Pauls car business with Roger Rodas, suddenly closes and now, Pauls family is fighting over money and cars that were sold. Why is his family fighting over this money? Because they need it! Paul was the “money maker” in his family and supported all the people that were “leeching” off his life.
            Paul was a dad with a child. With all the money that paul was worth – and all the money – that his movies and movie goods, would have skyrocketed sales and charity donations, don’t you think that Paul would have made sure that his daughter, Meadow, was protected (financially) should something ever happen to him? I’m a parent and a divorce lawyer. There’s NO WAY, Paul would EVER leave Meadow, without a boat load, of life insurance, should something happen to him, before he thought it was time for him to go. Being a lawyer, I can assure you, the pay out on this kind of policy or policies, would be astronomical. Kind of like the pay out, that Lisa Marie Presley received, when her father, Elvis passed. So, why have we NOT heard a word about this? Because Paul isn’t dead!!

        • they would do it to have a brake alot of acters have done it in the past duh

          • name a few

          • Umm u got that right. All of those 27 yr old musicians along with buddy holly, and my favorite Roberto Clemente … I am a big baseball fan!…

          • Your an idiot too I see.

          • I think also, waht if they were shooting a scene and to make the scene more emotional they faked his death or something just went wrong when they were shooting the scene and Paul walker died but they covered it up as it just being a joyride

          • Like who?

          • Um ok if an actor wants a break he or she doesnt have to fake their death. I mean come on its not the mob if they want out they just stop acting. And i havd never heard of an actor who faked his death to get out of acting. Stop being so f****** arrogant. And think this article is a fake.

          • . First off, yes, some of the points made in this article make sense, but some do not and are not proof. The license plate is ridiculous. I would say someone set it there. And yes, things can get ejected out of a wrecking vehicle. Happens everyday.. In some of the pictures, it could have been anywhere , anytime. Also, I couldn’t stand the part about the viking horns, acting as if the whole group on the beach had them. The photo showed ONE person wearing horns on their head…. and wasn’t she his daughter’s friend? Viking horns are everywhere. But if it WAS a hoax, then screw those guys. Because that would be a low thing to do. And if it was for money, bad move because if it came to light there would be prison time or else loss of fans big time (at least when it comes to the intelligent people…not the ones who say “he may need a break, big deal” or “Whether he is dead or not , show respect”. Smh) . I think it is about time to just let the debate die…. no matter what , even if it was proven a hoax, there will still be dumb people showing them respect. And if you do not know that it was a hoax for sure, then yeah you need to let the dead rest in peace.

          • You didn’t look carefully enough. There are a number of hats sitting on the ledge. Obviously, it was meant to be a Viking Hat gathering. This is not about such an issue but, rather, about demonstrating that the deaths are lies and that the relatives were celebrating and behaving in a fashion to support the claim of the hoax. That’s the point.

        • Many people fake there deaths and in the beginning he said Paul never sees his son because of stuff but maybe he fake his death just to show how it feels when he can’t see him or he faked his death to be “dead” and actually have time to see his son because of the recordings of fast and furious 7

          • You truly are thick

          • Thing about that is…. how would he be doing it to avoid the production company… if the oroduction company ws supposedly involved in helping set it up. Doh

          • I agree tylor

          • Really? This is the stupidest theory yet! lol

          • Absolutely ridiculas.

        • Amen. Finally someone with some sense.

        • Ur the idiot how about he faked his death to raise all that money…u don’t ever know y ppl do crazy shit

          • No anyone saying its for monetary gain or believing any of this is an idiot, including you. You don’t fake your death to raise a few thousand dollars when you will ruin your career and life and lose tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Plus he will go to prison you thick headed morons

        • Its so true…that makes no sense why they would fake their own deaths….plus I take up graphic designing and part of that curicculum is learning how to manipulate photos…it is really easy to change the color of something in an image or to place something in an image that wasnt originally there…its all about how you do it and what effects you use to restore the pixels to look like it belongs…for me the hoax is this post and poor paul walker is still dead rip

          • AMEN to you Erica this is what I have been trying to say and they are lucky I can’t repost their own pictures

        • Thank you!!!!!

        • alot of famous people fake stuff and he is no different. I am not saying it is fake or not i am just saying that unless you was there and you know for a “FACT” he is dead then I think you better do some major research to get all the facts. maybe he blew all his money and he needed the insurance money or maybe he owed the government lots of money and you can’t pay if your dead.

        • Agree!!!! Perfectly stated! ⤴️⤴️

        • Very well stated!!

        • I am 100% with you on this, GOD rest their souls.. NO PRESSURE!!

        • Finally! Someone with a brain. I completely agree with you. Why? Why? Why? Why would he fake his death? It makes absolutely no sense. I understand that there are many Paul Walker fans out there who NEED to believe he faked his death and that he is still alive and well, but it’s just not true. And if it was? How much respect would you still have for him? Would you still think he was an awesome guy after doing something like that? Why would someone intentionally cause all that heartache, just to say “Gotcha!”. Just stupid! Everyone reading this, please know that Paul Walker is in fact….dead, and not many people here are actually allowing him to R.I.P.

          • I would give Paul Walker all the love I could to him if he faked it or not. Like I did befor he died. I will always ♥ him. He’s in better place now.

        • People fake their death for the simple fact that they are wrth more dead then aliue. FOR EXAMPLE MICHEAL JAkso, sold morethan he euer made while he was aliue, tupac, biggie sold way more after they died “

      • Are you stupid? Look at the two plates again. the 0 is burnt off. So is the Always Evolving. I am studying Crime Scene Investigation and Forensics right now and I can tell you that even a blind person can see that. Plus Am I the only one to notice that the fire truck with the water canon that is shown in the clear picture is CG? It looks like something you would see in a video game. If you ask me the only thing I see as a hoax in this is the hoax that the person who put it together would have a brain. I also like how you can say the girl in the video is Paul’s girlfriend. All I see is the silhouette of a woman with long hair. So I guess we are dumb enough to believe that Paul’s girlfriend is the only women with long hair, right. This is one of the dumbest posts I think I have seen so far and it should be taken down.

        • Ok so the 0 wasn’t burnt off? why is there enough metal to the right of the 9 for another number? Really use a little common sense, the 0 was burnt off

          • The 0 is not just going to burn off. That is a piece of stamped steel. The only was for it to just magically disappear is if the fire was hot enough to melt it and if it was hot enough to melt part of the plate the whole plate would’ve melted. Use some common sense.

          • Really Logan? How can you tell that it isn’t still stamped there in that great shot? Give me a break, You really can’t tell all the extra metal of the plate there for the 0 to be How about this Copy the picture, take it to paint, and scale down the 0 to the same size of the plate it is missing on and wow it fits the paint has burnt off of it.

        • Thank you! People are so stupid these days! Its ridiculous! Its people like this that make me sick! Let them and their families have peace!

          • I agree. I wish I knew how to post pictures on here so I could blow this idiots pictures out of the water.

          • That is why Bush was elected 2 times….

      • Thats right,, 2 red same sport cars was used ..When they took off i saw there license plates and i saw the red car follow them from distance and then theres a car filming pauls car..Then you see a cut in camera and then there car burning with different license plates..Faked

    • It seems to me that there is a number plate in the final three instead of zero.!
      If only it were really alive paul.
      I would be overjoyed.

    • First off, I don’t give a crap what anyone says about Paul Walker or Roger Rodas. Paul is happier with his new life today away from Hollywood and all their BS, with his millions, in his pockets and living happily!!
      This accident was BS. Everyone that knows anyone about Paul, knew he wanted out of Hollywood, because Paul had other aspirations in his life, and acting wasn’t one of those things, he wanted to do long term.
      For those of you, whom really don’t know anything about Paul, maybe you all need to start doing your research. Paul had a degree in Marine Biology (which by the way was his true lifes passion) and he was tied to a charity in the South Pacific, that meant the world to him. The name of the charity was: The Billfish Foundation. Ironically, in 2013, it was discovered, that the guy running the charity was under some kind of financial investigation by authorities – mid summer – 2013, that the news was coming to light. Before anything could be done to really delve into the guys background that was running it: his name was Russell Nelson, who was the chief scientist, the guy mysteriously died and his death was announced to the press on Oct. 13, 2013.
      In the middle of this, Paul started: Reach Out Worldwide. What people don’t know is that Paul, had already found his knack, doing charity work – around the world – helping others less fortunate and it became his knack. Folks, this guy isn’t stupid. He’s a Marine Biologist, with a degree. He’s a licensed Paramedic and EMT, which means he has a pretty good understanding of Emergency Medicine and how to deal with trauma patients, to a good extent, as well, as having completed some measure of fire fighters training and search, rescue and recover training. No idiot for sure.
      The guy had already worked in places like Tsunami ravaged South Pacific and Indonesian buried areas and basically used his own money and sources to bring help to those areas. How do I know this? My company was one of those that Paul used on a regular basis, so I had contact with Paul, fairly often.
      Did I believe that Paul died in this accident in the beginning. Yes. However, I have the connections, the money and the more that came to light for me, I knew Paul wasn’t dead. I started doing research through friends overseas and I’ve still got my ears to the ground, because I’ve heard from surfing buddies, charity workers, medic friends that are working overseas that have actually seen Paul alive and well, so, did it upset me – yah – it did, honestly, because I’m a parent with kids and I couldn’t imagine breaking my kids heart that way.
      Do I know for sure that Paul is alive? I think he is and have enough to go on that he is! I don’t care what Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez or any of the other cast members of F&F say. I think people outside of Hollywood are a little bit more credible than a bunch of phony, overpaid, BS actors. That’s why we call them “actors” folks.
      Have I done my homework? Yes and anyone can, just like I did. Go through Pauls movies and make of a list of all of his movie character names. First and middle. Put them in different orders and then put them together in a people search on any people finders research sight that you can do for free. Put those names together, with the last name of Crabtree. I won’t tell you anything else, but if you look up his character names, with that last name, you’ll get his hometown in CA; the city where his accident happened and the last home location of his daughters residence in CA in a people search.
      Am I willing to bet that Crabtree is the last name he’s using today. I won’t stake my life on it, but, it’s a good second guess or one of his character names from his movies – mixed with another name – from another of his movies (and my bet) is that his beard is heavily grown out now, like Tom Hanks let his grow out for Castaway. I’m also assured, he probably has the coloring of someone that is Filipino or Asian Islander of some sort, because he gets a really incredible tan when he’s in the sun – and his hair will probably be really black because he’s dying it to keep it that color.
      Just a side note to those who don’t know: Paul speaks fluent Spanish as well as French and by now, has probably mastered some Asian languages very quickly so that he could hide and not have to speak English and give himself away. He had a very good ear for languages and picked them up very, very quickly.
      Do I hope that Paul is alive? Absolutely. Do I harbor any ill will if he is? No, I don’t blame him one damned bit for getting out and away from Hollywood. That place is a ses pool of drugs, alcohol, fame whores and garbage. Do I hope that Paul is happy? Hell Yes, I do and wish him well, wherever he might be hiding.

      • If Paul Walker is alive then I will b very happy and hope all the best for him. Yes I was upset hearing about this but I do/would understand why he would do this. He seems like he would b a great person to b able to b around and it would b such a privilege to b able to b one of his friends. I would have loved to meet him. My 8yr old daughter has the same birthday as him, September 12th and she wants to b an marine biologist, even though she is only 8 she has told me that’s what she wants to do, (her grandma is a yatch broker so shes knows about the ocean and some of the animals in it) when I told her that Paul Walker has the same birthday and went to college for marine biology she thought that was the coolest thing ever lol and my husbands name is William Walker which is pretty crazy too but anyway I do really hope he is alive and well and having the best time of his life! Best wishes to u Paul or Dustin or whatever name u may have picked out 🙂

      • Hi Alex,

        A friend sent me an email and in the email were pics of an attack on a surfer, also in the pics were random shots of ppl along the beach, including one that looks alot like Paul running on the beach..overseas, I think you may be right.

    • Why is it “always evolving “.

    • it is sad to know that they did not have the respect of the fans when they pulled the stunt. After seeing all of the pictures on face book most fans like myself had just about seen and hear enough. A team with a very good movie and more to come and not understanding why they had to do the scam. A lot of fans as myself had just about rather not see anythings else about the group with Fast and Furious. Some explaining needs to be done and a I am sorry to all the fans. Were you trying to get rid of the cast and movie when everyone really likes the drama and show.

  2. Reason for these Luciferian distractions. AYK, hoaxes have been going on for a long time. Those distractions, Paul Walker death hoax & “Duck Dynasty” farce are distractions NDAA being fast tracted through Congress & hope to be law by the end of the year. No mention of 2014 NDAA, because this hoaxes are news.

    Wake Up! Huge Government Distraction Going On Now! Police State (New NDAA) In Process While We Worry About Duck Dynasty and Christmas! (VIDEO)
    Friday, December 20, 2013

    NDAA is being fast-tracked through congress! Check this out:

    The 2014 version of the National Defense Authorization Act is said to be going through congress with lightning speed. With all the controversy surrounding the dangerous provisions approved under the last 2 versions, it is no wonder that congress is attempting to fast-track this latest bill before the American people catch wind of it.

    A recent article published by the New American has sounded the alarm that the 2014 version of the NDAA is currently being pushed through congress in time for a final vote before the end of the year with barely any time left for the American people to voice objections. —Examiner HUGE GOVERNMENT DISTRACTION GOING ON NOW!

    As a side note, Jay Rockefeller (D WVA) has attached a cyber-security amendment (linked below) to the NDAA 2014 bill in Congress to mandate that precautions be taken to protect America’s cyber infrastructure and private entities. Those of us who represent private entities, may soon find our free access to the internet eliminated.
    Rockefeller attaches cybersecurity bill to National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2014
    DECEMBER 8, 2013

    • Jay Rockefeller (D WVA) has attached a cyber-security amendment (attached below) to the NDAA 2014 bill in Congress to mandate that precautions be taken to protect America’s cyber infrastructure and private entities. Those of us who represent private entities, will soon find our free access to the internet eliminated. The fact that this internet control bill is attached to the NDAA is no accident because this means that anyone who they deem as a dissident for posting anti-government rhetoric on the internet can be snatched off the street and held indefinitely, without due process, for their “terrorist” views. – See more at:

    • Do you even f$%&ng read. Your sitting her spewing bullshit you can’t even begin to understand and you haven’t even read the bill. Your everything wrong with this country in one fucking person. For those of us who actually care to READ BILLS instead of just trying to pass off someone else’s opinion without forming there own.

      ‘‘(2) LIMITATION
      .—Information shared with or
      provided to the Institute for the purpose of the activities described under subsection (c)(15) shall not be used by any Federal, State, tribal, or local department or agency to regulate the activity of any entity


      • Learn to use there, their, and they’re properly. You didn’t use them correctly even once.

        I’m not even a grammar nazi. You’re just down right retarded.

        • Don’t forget you’re and your. Those are used incorrectly as well.

      • Exactly. So be a good American and stop trying to go to war with our Government. Who’s going to keep Your country safe without them?

      • Oh! Well, That Just Makes Me Feel Sooo Much Better! (NOT!!!)

      • wow…everyone has gone paranoid…..NSA is watching me through my cam….people faking their deaths….*SIGH*…Im just gonna move on now as the Paul Walker thing is in the realm of WHATEVER….if he is alive then he must want to be left alone…otherwise he wouldnt have *faked* his for the NSA…I have done NOTHING to be be worried about and I can guarantee that there are alot more things the GOV’T do that we should worry about than whether they get to watch me while I type….

        • nothing to worries about Huh tell that to the dead,100 million native Americans do you really think once they have stripped you of all your freedoms they will be happy,That they will stop , there , use your brain and think about it, and about the above with this actor either way it suits their agenda You Americans are so worried about your actors and tv shows you don’t see your becoming slaves to the elite .

      • Always for the people the movie persons or the singers fake threre death like Michael Jackson dommm ass……

    • Anarchist

    • I agree. Just like when all the world was busy standing up for gay rights and posting rainbows all over their facebook profiles, the government was passing the Monsanto act while no one was looking.

    • Linda you said a mouthful!! These sheep don’t understand that a big stage is set in from of them and they fall right into it not knowing that they’re is other important shit going on. The death might be real because those people don’t care who they have to get rid of in order to get the attention off of them. But thank fully I’m seeing more and more people realizing and actually seeing what’s going on instead of being entertained by the stage that they set.

  3. WTF is Paul Walker now? Is he in danger, captive, or is he in hiding and complicit? Those close to him before this must know.

    • Last variant. Hiding and complicit. How obvious can this get?

      • Hmmm … it took me a week to investigate and my brain to recover after reading this BS here!
        BUT You’re wrong! – HE’s WITH ELVIS!
        Si Cristino oricat iti schimbi numele tot tampita ramai!

        Anyhow this site is a nice way to make money over stupidity!
        For this is why I do appreciate nod is info “)

    • Is he really dead or not ?

      • Yes

    • hes with tupac!

    • 80% chance if seeing his son as said in begining

      • Paul Walker has a daughter. In the beginning they said Paul Sr. Didn’t see eye to eye with his son (Paul walker) so they were making a statement trying to say Paul walkers dad could believe its fake but not understand his reasonings if its even true…

  4. I’ve just learned that red wheel nuts are on the driver’s side and blue ones on the passenger’s side.

  5. you think hes hiding and doing illegal activities? I think hes in hiding attempting to figure out how to re-invent his life as “normal’.

    • I think he’s hiding in some beautiful villa in Mexico with his wife and new baby to get away with crimes he’s committed all over the world while racing for pink slips. But the government will come to ask for help to catch a new criminal in the UK. And done…..solved!

      • Haha! Some how everyone fakes their death in Hollywood. It’s alright to not accept that someone has died. But to downgrade their reputation by writing up an article that supposedly “proves” a “Master Mind Hollywood Car Crash Scene,” well that’s having no respect for the dead. If Paul faked it then it’s his life and we should respect his wishes. If he is really gone, then we should respect it, and let him REST IN PEACE. Either way, let it go.

        May he rest in peace.

      • I think he is having a sex change and will be back as a woman

      • Hilarious Fallon….Good Job!

  6. If the car with a blue rim was here during the charity event, so there were two cars…
    Unless they changed some things before riding? I doubt.
    But if that’s the car with the blue rim that has the same licence plate as that one of the crashed car…. So why is it not the same color of rim???
    Is there two different colors for each side of the car?

    • Yes, thats how Porsche designed this super car, red wheel “hub” on drivers side and blue on the passenger side.

      • They are different colored b/c the thread pattern is different ,just like knock off wire wheels left side will not work on right side

    • The different colored hubs indicate the direction of the threads on that particular hub….the driver side is blue which in the auto industry indicates left (left handed threads) and red on the passenger side (right handed or “normal” thread direction). This ensures that in a worst case scenario the hub nuts would tighten themselves as oppose to loosening and flying off the drivers side of the vehicle causing the wheels to instantly become a 20″ wide 30lbs projectile

      • Hm…that’s the opposite…

      • Wrong way round clown

      • bill, your concept is right but your pattern is wrong! left side/driver side is lefty loosen, right to tighten. right side/passenger side is left to tighten, right to loosen! My 56′ Caddy and my 59′ Plymouth has that same lug/bolt thread pattern.

      • Your comment about the lh/rh threads is the only “thread” I believe. I’m a former Jaguar Master Tech. The old E-Types had arrows, but the color change is more stylish.

        • I did some research. Lug nuts and center wheel nuts are different. The Porsche uses LH Blue wheel nuts on the pass side, and RH Red wheel nuts on the drivers side.:”As on a racing car, the left-hand wheel nuts have a right-hand thread, while those on the right have a left-hand thread. This simple solution ensures that the thread on each nut runs contrary to the primary direction of travel on all four wheels. As a result, the rotation of each wheel tends to tighten the nut, rather than working it loose.” A few older cars and some big trucks use lh threaded lug nuts on the drivers side, and rh lug nuts on the drivers side.:”The book reads; “Some vehicle manufacturers utilize the safe practice of using right-hand threads on studs and nuts to fasten wheels on the right-side of vehicles (passenger-side) and left hand threads on studs and nuts to fasten the wheels on the left side of vehicles (driver-side). Naturally, the authors are describing Chrysler Corp. products here – but don’t forget that Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac also employed left-hand lug nuts on the driver-side of most cars they built in the 1955-1961 period. It’s a fact.”

    • Yes red left, blue right

  7. Only in crashed car photo the front tire is visible and it has something red in the center. In charity event front tires are not visible only back right tire is seen and its center is blue, tire is zoomed in that video.

  8. drkresearch has your website any email? I want send an image but I cant post link because I have screen capture from video in my mobile and not able to post it here.

  9. okay I found a way and uploaded.This detail you haven’t mentioned above. This is from the video which is above I just paused it and took this photo. So here it is not seen always evolving at the bottom of the licence plate that is what I tried to tell before. This makes everything more clear I think.

    • Thanks, I saw that too.
      Weird, but maybe this video is from another event, long time before??

      • No dustbins are same full with white garbage in both videos:)))??????

    • Actually, some people think it’s not a video of the car of PW and RR.
      That wuld be a Porsche.
      Of course, I can’t confirm…
      If that’s the case it’s INCREDIBLE!! That means two cars crashed into this tree xD!
      What a bad luck!!

    • So you think theyre were ALL in it:
      That every people in here are fake?

      • Dont know. But someone has posted the same video here ‘ paul walker ghost’ because the voice of video recorder similar to paul walker. Or someone added some movie dialogue of him’

        • That was me.
          And the video was not edited.
          There were just the firefighters talking…
          And no way all these people did this hoax. So much persons???
          But it’s weird, because they don’t seem profesional to me. (the lady in white, the coroner, mostly Torp….) or even their behaviors. But, after all, they are American xD

    • it’s jsut the firefighter talking…

      • And what is your opinion?if it is a hoax did those people involve in the hoax?

  10. Great work, as usual, exposing this ABSOLUTE INSANITY, now common in DEFILED AMERICA.

    These staged events, false flags, and associated money grabs by ZIONIST-INSPIRED SCAMMERS and MEDIA LACKEYS are being regularly reported to ARAB OFFICIALS and MEDIA, as well as RUSSIAN BOSS VLADIMIR PUTIN.

    When they’re not laughing at us, they’re probably quite angry and contemptuous.

    Needless to say, it is terribly embarassing to us as DECENT AMERICANS, but we stress to the foreigners that this ludicrous behavior is NOT REPRESENTATIVE of the American people.

    However, we have DUTY and OBLIGATION to TAKE SUBSTANTIVE ACTION, now that we’ve established BOTH a CIVIL PREPONDERANCE of EVIDENCE and CRIMINAL GUILT BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT for lawsuits and criminal proceedings against these lowlives.

    The year 2014 will be a landmark of TRUTH and JUSTICE, with the remand (by the U.S. Court of Appeals – Second Circuit) of some of the 9/11 cases for long-overdue trial, although we must make sure that we don’t get a “Let’s Blame The Saudis” show trial.

    The ZIONISTS / ISRAEL MOSSAD, CORPORATE AMERICA (USA, Inc.), RELIGIOUS FALSE PROPHETS, and their many lackeys must be held accountable.


    The first session has been scheduled for January 9, 2014, 8 pm Eastern, and all are welcome to attend.

    PUTIN and the RUSSIANS have been given Notice and invited to attend also.

    The ARABS and RUSSIANS (among others) have been fully apprised of the notable research, investigations, and painstaking analyses done by DR. KAASEM KHALEEL,, and its dedicated contributers.

    The foreigners NEED US, because we obvioulsy know our own people and culture better than they do.

    Be reasonable, but let them know in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that DR. K,, and the contributers here will be JUSTLY COMPENSATED for our efforts.

    Like any humans, they are LOOKING OUT FOR THEMSELVES and their OWN SELFISH INTERESTS, and should not expect any freebies and babysitting from us.

    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for

    CT GLOBAL at


    • I, with all my heart, feel more retarded after reading this comment. If your goal was to make yourself look like an idiot…you win. People these days, so sad. If you are American, please leave or go kill yourself, we will all be better for it.

      • Lol billy madison…

      • Wtf is wrong with ur head.

      • I feel the exact same! Thank you!

      • I as an American am going to say this as simply as I can, Paul go fuck your self. And I already know you are going to have a retaliation comment to post to my comment but I really don’t care from what I understood from this “paul walkers death is a hoax” post is that it was about his death being a hoax and most of you people and making it about something else.

    • Making RANDOM words capitalized ALWAYS PROVES that SOMETHING is TRUE

  11. is this a hoax or another rumor going around ?what is the truth on this “:?

    • Paul walker is gone people just can’t leave him rest in peace there’s always gotten be a rumor going on …until I see proof otherwise I don’t believe it

    • It’s on the Internets IT MUST BE TRUE!!

      Dumb OP, Dumb Blog, Innacurate Evidence. Die


    Here’s a video where Porshe Carrera GT for sale , later bought by Roger Rodas .
    Here , the center of the right wheel, the center blue , red left wheel . I have been looking for photos that really the center of the car wheels Rodas what color? Red or blue ? Well here is the reality. I do not believe that this is an industrial area where the accident happened and there is a video where you can see the accident ? Why ? Because they do not want to see how it happened . They organized the accident ? It was true of the accident ? Many things interesting . Once there a cap on the road, no one there. Photoshop errors or Hollywood ? They forgot to put back the cap ? I saw a photo where the white dress next to a coroner Ed Winters, CA is there a Santa Clarita coroner’s spokesman said. He is a real man in the picture is not an actor. I can not find the white -clad woman . What’s his name ? Nowhere . I can not find photos that are about the picture and what their names are . I was looking for 156 members of the fire station , but I can not find any names nor pictures . The photos of the accident appear to be the names of the fire suits , but in reality there is no list of 156 who work in the fire station .

  13. Do you have a photo where you can see the woman in white pants left zsebnél badges. Otherwise, why they waited until the evening to pick up the bodies? Why not carried out in daylight? Did not see the fake body? At other times, the accident they take the corpses sooner. It was hot and left there until the evening to warm the bodies? That’s interesting. Tires Gibson video wept at the scene of flowers in her hand and it was like a fake crying. It was clear that he plays.

    And Ed Winters why you laughing at the end of the video where a statement about the accident? Death is so funny? I do not understand English do not understand what Videon said. Someone would write to me?

    Here’s a video where a death certificate provided. Is this real?

  14. tmz make fake paper? The black part is what?

  15. IN MINUTE 2:42 you can see a firefighter taking off a body in his back


    • Thats a dummy.

  16. where do you see that??? o_o

    • why he is carrying on his back? Stretchers were definitely available. And whatever he is carrying looks like a only trunk part of a human body. No limbs.

      • It’s a dummy or dummy parts.

      • I am so glad I don’t give a damn about him he’s a nobody I had to google to see who is actually is cause of the public’s reaction but I do know he is a major asshole cause some people actually cared go f$5&k yourself Paul whoever the f$%7k you are Walker!!!!!


    here is a video Porshe Carrera GT car accident. The car was crushed, but does not burn out and not broken in half, and collided with a concrete wall, not a light pole and tree.
    Rodas car that broke in half?


    SO here’s a video Porshe Carrera GT car accident, one car broke in two BLACK Porshe 00:54. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED HERE. but in all other accident CAR ONE LEFT.

    • It’s deleted indeed. It’s not on Fast and Furious official Twitter page and it can’t be opened from Paul’s page.

  19. The certificate is real and has been proved that the person who had investigated PW crash does in fact work for the LA deputy coroner’s department?

    • Just like Coroner Carver of the SH fame, the one gambling away his misery and loaded with dough after the Sandy Hook hoax?

  20. You can tell it’s two different cars if you look at the disk routers

    • What are you seeing that’s different on the routers? Can you do a comp?

    • They look like the same routers and break calibers to me.

      • *Rotor *Caliper

  21. He’s dead people. Let him rest in peace & stop spreading rumors.

    • Amen!

      • I agree people let him rest in peace he was an amazing man .I wish this was fake so bad but it’s not so stop it’s cruel

    • Couldn’t agree more this sort of thing is hurtful to his loved ones

    • Right! These people are ridiculous and obviously have no life. None of this is real and to the idiots who actually believe this, are you that stupid?! Let his poor family rest in peace. These are all photo shopped pics and videos. You can create anything online these days. Paul Walker is deceased and yes Sandy Hook really did happen. Poor people get a life!

      • so y its gotta be poor ppl rich ppl are stupid toofuck all these comments i love paul walker dead or alive if he faked his death we dont know d tru reason y and will never know or gain sumn by trying to figure out if its tru or not dey livin life in luxury and as dis dumb person said we poor ppl still suffering……..

  22. I believe you’re wrong that is definitely not DHerrer175 in that picture from the press conference. Herrera is Dominican, the man shown is African American, looks.nothing like him.

  23. You guys are all idiots. Seriously. All it takes is a couple of extremely blurry photographs for you believe some guy is still alive. Just let him rest in peace.

    • Ok if u r so smart, give an explanation to this

      • The words are in both pics. Take the blurry image and turn the contrast up. The bottom half turns black and you can start to see the words more clearly.

        • I agree the license plate frame is still there in all of the pictures

        • Hey, nothing changes. Do not lie.

  24. To also show that he is also faking sadness, when you’re truly sad there is no forehead movement involved and nothing on the cheeks. But if you look at the pictures where he is wiping his tears, there is movement in the forehead and cheeks.

  25. I thinks it’s odd that after a ‘crash’ that destroyed the entire back of the car, the tag ends up in the untouched hood with the numbers facing out! Makes my mind wonder how the tag got off the mangled car without being bent and landed perfectly!

    • That’s a very, very good point. Links, please, of all photos depicting the planted LP.

    • And it’s weird to me that the whole back of the car was destroyed… Didn’t they hit with the front of the car?

      • It’s a Porsche GT. Which means the Engine is in the Back. If it explodes…. Guess which part of the car is being blown off…

        • Yes, I know but what caused the fire? Impact itself?

          • No, propane gas flame throwers, which were used to ignite the pyrotechnic fires.

          • You know, I’m starting to believe this more and more because it’s strange to me that the fire could have started when they hit the pole and tree with the front of the car. While the hood wasn’t destroyed as it should be…

          • The fact the gas tank is located up front considering the engine is in the back where a tank would normally be?

          • A few seconds?
            So, it’s possible. No one detailed how long this guy set up the fire.
            Then, I still buy this story…
            I need a proof, not an impression from a pic…

        • They also hit an above ground gas line which made it explode

          • Not a gas line.. thats a water line

  26. As much as I wish this were true and it was all a hoax and my childhood and adolescent idol was still alive it is not if any of you knew what kind of man Paul walker was you would know he would not participate in such antics like this . Neat and all but he is unfortunately gone . R.I.H.A.W

    • Prove it. Is this an attempt to cover-up the faking of his death?

    • I agree Casey paul walker would if never went along with it

    • How do you know he’s not capable of doing a act like this???!!! You people kill me thinking you know somebody 100%. This is why the word “betrayal” exist cause you never know a person’ s intentions

  27. He is dead, gone too soon!! Leave him and his family alone, leave Roger Rodas and his family alone. There is noi hoax and this is so sick. Shut up!!!

  28. A “fireproof suit” like the one you pictured is not a Hollywood flame suit like you insist. Even the best motorsports suits (NASCAR,indycar,f1,nhra) give you an absolute maximum of about 8 seconds funny immersed in flame, if you gave anyone in their right mind a suit 5x as good they wouldn’t get that close to a car like tht. Why does everything have to be some sort of conspiracy. There are bigger problems in the world than whether or not some mediocre actor who starred in horribly corny movies about “racing” is alive or not

  29. Fake as shit.

  30. this is the worst case for evidence i have ever seen lol. op must be joking. lame, and disrespectful man

  31. Thinking this is a hoax is retarded, so ensue a fact check. I have 3 cars in Ohio which like California requires 2 plates. Of my 3 cars none have the front plate on them. Rather they are stored in the trunk or glovebox. You aren’t going to put a plate frame on a plate that isn’t in use. Clearly it’s just the front plate that was sitting under the bonnet. (Just to verify you realize the plate “3URS93” was left by a fan and is unrelated as discussed the very next day after the crash)

    Guards Red is a rare color. Here is the registry. Not worth my time to argue, but using a second guards red car is out of the question by the simple fact there are only 10 or so in the states, most of which are owned by collectors not eenthusiasts.

    Being a Porsche enthusiast I can explain why the rear burnt. It happened to 2 or 3 other cars. The car is a carbon fiber body on a carbon fiber frame. When an impact this strong happens the frame will snap and shatter the hot oil lines by the intercoolers. Carbon fiber is very flammable and goes up quickly. Such a shame someone is sick enough to think this was fake.

    • sick enough or pretty angry and sad to the point of wanting to know the truth of his own person?

  32. You’re comparing a front license plate in crash photo and a rear license plate with frame in pre crash photo not to mention the plastic frame could have easily disappeared in this type if collision as they are very brittle. As others mentioned the plate number is different as that was a plate placed there as a part of a memorial(there were tons of cars parts placed there by fans). It looks like it has a fast and furious frame or something. Get a life!

    • Hey nobody is comparing the plate which is placed by fans as a memorial. If u ll open the 2 videos which are taken at the charity event before CRASH you will see the difference between licence plates. Open your eyes fully and watch.

      • Please list the links to it all in a post, including, again, the link to your video so it can be readily published.

        • ok this is the link I merged 2 videos and uploaded on youtube. If it is helpful publish it please.

          • I just wonder…
            WHY is the licence plate here, near the hood? That’s weird!
            How did that get there?
            And we don’t even see it then, in the other pics…

          • I am also looking at this, someone wrote that under the first license plate or hood, or in the glove box. Well, that’s a big question. One of the pictures has not been there, then it’s there. But where is the rear license plate? It does not burn, had to be somewhere in the accident.

          • I think there was just rear license plate
            And it’s weird that it was found under the hood. Explosion moved it there?

          • In the videos which I posted it shows only rear plates already. The car had no licence plate in front. Yeah there is a photo which shows licence plate under the hood but if u ll watch a video of it while firefighters extunguish the car there is no licence plate under the hood may be it was a photoshop. Or it was just removed by stuff. 0.10 shows the same scene and there is no licence plate under the hood

          • There are two videos, one on the plate dherrera175 there is no inscription always evolving and I think the video is not that day or two in tow. Because there is still a red sweater with red cap in front of the boy and the black audi car was not there before the carrera gt. Stood out in a garage before departure. The big green truck not left there. Another video where a few minutes before the accident, there is a big green truck on the left, there is always an evolving the plate and in front of the black audi carrera gt. But there is one important thing in the red sweater red cap boy in the same outfit and is right on the edge of the road. Note well the video!

            dherrera175 video 0:06 sec,

            0:21 sec red sweater with red cap


            there’s more video check out to find a clue, if you give more information.

      • hello, I was looking for Jim Torp absolutely real person? The man in the videos is really Jim dwarf who lie a lot of stupid? Do you know?

        • SZE,
          What are you talking about? The Carrera GT can plainly be seen on BOTH videos you posted. Also, the license plate is clearly th e same.

      • SZE if audi would be there if people would be same then we would definitely being thinking of photoshop isn’t it? So actually this point make sense audi isn’t there so its mean there was a time interval between two videos. If there is a time interval it is easy to take one car away bring another in place of it. But it is from the same day if u ll see forward there are 2 big round dustbins with full of white garbage. In both videos u can clearly notice them. I think those dustbins are not there from one month??? Already im claiming that they probably used two cars so if they used 2 cars how u can expect that audi must be there and people must be same????? I Hope u understood the point what I want to tell.

        • NVN! I can also say that two cars were likely because the two large white trash to far from me, there is a large black car and Porshe right before the earth is a white paper and two video made ​​that day, but one car no always evolving, another car is always evolving. And I have a photo where the eye looks black audi, behind red Porshe and there is the land of the white paper. So I first went red Porshe, then later black audi garage and behind the red Porshe occupant PW, RR driver. You think so?

          • Yeah one car has always evolving and other one is not. And the numbers on the licence plates are same in both of them. So it is sure there were two cars. But I have no idea about how they managed these cars and which one crashed? And u confused me tell me in a simple way what is ur conclusion:)

          • I think even then we find discrepancies, because I have lots of photos and video that you want to look at the details, there is only little time.
            Unfortunately we will never know the truth about why you disappeared for a while PW and RR because it was intended for people to believe that they are dead. But be sure to live several times because RR was racing and the area where the accident happened was a lot of traveling on the streets and not the Porshe car then sat for the first time, but already two to three months so I bought the RR. So stupid, it was not an experienced driver and had a special driving technique Porshe Carrera GT driving.

          • You are saying that u have lots of photos and videos??? For what there is little time??? And if you have photos and videos you can post here.

          • Any public photos and youtube videos stored on your PC and try to öszzehasonlítani photos and a detailed look through the videos, but linen is not the time. Unfortunately, the photos here do not know how to send. I live in Hungary, so do not speak English…
            I can write in English google translation program, so you do not always succeed well in translation.
            When I upload to google Picasaweb album of photos so I might show these pictures, but I found them all on Google.


          here is a video supposedly made ​​at the end of June. So I know it’s a Porshe Rodas had been owned by two to three months. Then how could it be? He said a lot of people to Nov. 30 trying out the new car PW and RR and went for a test drive. They are on the road not traveled for the first time and not for the first time sat in the car.

  33. Anyone who believes this is a damn moron.

  34. These people posting all this info are tryin to mess with u guys and ur takin it. He is not alive if he was we would of known by now. I will believe he is alive when he announces on the news that the crew faked his death

  35. Hard to believe …. Most of these pictures that say “clearly” are blurry as F***….
    How can u confirm anything w/ how horrible these pictures look ???

    • you’re fking right dude…when I think that the stage is going to usa in a rather rich city, which is the end of 2013, air HD for quite some time, and that 99% of people owns a smartphone capable of videos rivaling good camera, one wonders if the mediocre quality of the images is not voluntary …

  36. LOL!! Everyone taking the time to research, write, and agree with this garbage. Where do you suppose all of these people that fake their deaths go and hide so that they are never seen again?? Merry Christmas, y’all need a new brain in your stocking.

    • If it was a hoax, I think PW would do everything to hide his face and flee away somewhere…
      But, seirously, HOW could he do that?
      People know his face! They would recognize him at an airport, his voice, everything…

      • can be money and cosmetic surgery??

      • $ 46 million is not nothing …

    • They buy an Island and live there for the rest of their lives lol ! Merry Christmas!

  37. that fire truck is from gta 5 your full of shit

  38. Cmon guys fuccxk all celebrity gungho. Leave the man alone if he died let his family get over it if he faked it then he faked it prolly wanted to get away from people like you. Regular person does something who cares celebrity does the same thing and it’s on the news. Shiiiet man let these celebrities live their fucking lives. Paul walker dies omgggf nelson Mandela does and Morgan freemans picture gets posted everywhere hahha this shit is fucking joke

    • Hoaxes generate the delivery of cash on false premises to the hoaxing agencies. It is an issue of the creation of the basis for fraud. All hoaxes are potentially under scrutiny, here, because they are based upon lies and fabrications and because they do have a negative effective upon people, for instance, the tens of millions of dollars which have been wrongly procured as a result of the faking of the deaths in Sandy Hook: for instance, RE this other hoax:

      10K based upon a fake crash.Tens of thousands more are pouring in. All based upon lies. You’re comfy with it, we’re not.

      • Your opinion is invalid! No one would fake their death to bring in tens of thousands when they would lose out on tens if not hundreds of millions, lose their career and go to prison for a really long time. You people are pathetic

  39. U ppl are stupid…this is just a bunch of edited photoshop pics along with different clips from when he was alive all done by some computer nerds who has no life!!! He’s gone let him RIP!!!!

    • Dont know if videos were photoshopped or not. But one thing, these videos were on youtube and non of them were claiming that death of paul walker is fake. They were from the news and just showing some scenes before crash. I myself just paid attention on licence plate and merged two videos and uploaded. I dont know why so strictly you are believing that he is death. Were u with him in porsche? There are always possibilites.

    • You know, some people prefer to believe what their used to eat, while other like us, prefer the use of their brains to find the truth.
      if the media did not lie all day long and not make any vulgar copy paste without substantive work there would not.
      but that does not pleases everyone …
      recess, it may shock fans or family PW
      but the moment or something does not seem to be coherend,
      the real lack of respect would not push the investigation further.
      I was shocked by this terrible accident, of course, like alot,
      but as I would not be on 100% of his death, I will continue my research.

  40. omg you all need a life and let the man’s death in peace…. oh look there is elvis with tupac riding on the loch ness monster.. are they going into a ufo?

    • Huh lots of people are suffering from intrauterine growth restriction!!!!!

      • My son actually had IUGR. Do you even know what it is, you stupid insignificant little man?

        • Yeah I know it well how it effects central nervous system, hippocampus and leads to memory deficits as well as learning disabilities.

    • lol!!!!! ha ha and yeah look who is waiting for them at the door, its Bigfoot with his pet Choopacavara on a leash,

  41. Some people say that there is no way that many people could pull of a hoax like that, but let’s reflect, I believe 911 is a hoax, Sandy Hook is a hoax and so is the Boston Marathon bombing! Look how many people are involved with each and using a lot of the same crisis actors, our government is about as corrupt as they come! Wake up people we are about to have a New America an your not going to like it! You just can’t convince me in any kind of way that two planes took down America’s tallest structures, look it up yourself, I believe science over our government and a government run media!

    • As someone who was at ground zero during 9/11 and who also helped with the clean-up you are an idiot and should be locked up in a nut house since you think everything is a hoax. You should really seek the asylum of the worlds top rated nut house because you are an idiot. Alot of people and babies lost their lives on 9/11/01 and for you to say it is a government hoax just tells me you need to put on some clothes, get out of your mommy’s basement away from the computer and get a real social life as well as interact with the human species.

  42. I must admit, that even I think that this whole car crash is somehow weird. As I read somewhere, the street where the crash happend is packed by companies who apparently all have cameras on the buildings. Therefore I wonder why there is no single video showing the car speeding or crashing. How come that the only camera footage is somewhere far away? Apart from that it is strange that it all occured at 3.30 p.m. but real movement only started when in the darkness. I don’t know when the sun goes down in California, but I think this is a long time to get the bodies moved. Than again I was very surprised that one day (or let it be 2) his father spoke to tmz and seemed quite ok. Yes you could say, that he was shocked etc. but wouldn’t it be the LAST thing on you mind to talk to some jounalist so short after your son died? I mean this could have waited for a few days. An official statement from the family would have everyone understood. Only a few days later he started crying in front of the journalists. I found a video footage where he talks about his upcoming film “Hours” and in one sentence he says: “Even though I rarely speak to my father/ don’t often talk to him”. Even his daughter seemed to be so relaxed on the beach. Yes I know, that they are Mormons and that it was a tribute to him and they wanted to celebrate his life, but honestly a 15 year old being so strong? It’s so hard to believe and i puzzles me. I’ve seen some girls at this age losing a parent, they were really shocked and very sad. But ok, this is individually. Amother thing taht puzzles me, Jesse, his best friend has a page at Facebook and is posting lots of stuff. After he didn’t even mention ANYTHING I wrote that I find it weird, that he is not addressing to his loss. Nothing. I mean, everyone knew by then who he was, and that he was his best friend. And obviously only Paul Walker Fan liked him and his page. There was some discussion going on then, for a day or two and all of a sudden he started posting how sad and miserable he felt. But – he then posted to buy his DVD on getting fit and losing weight. I mean, hello? Anway, on the other hand I really can’t believe, that so many people would play the game. I mean seroíously, there would be at least one person who would say something?! (But as yyou didn’t know about him very much in the past, he seems to have good friends, who never gave details to the press). I saw so many interviews and he always said, you should try anything in life and that he will call it quits by the age of 40. Oh well, as I said I am myself puzzled in what to believe. He had the guts just to call it quits and to say, listen people, that’s it. Buut than again he said he was somehow trapped in the fast and furious films. Oh well, we will never know, will we?

    • Many good points but keep in mind that on close up views the father was faking as if he was crying, as were all of his friends, though Tyrese Gibson did a fair job of getting into character, but slipped up a bit and gave a smirk before starting. It is incredible but they are all in on this hoax, protecting Mr. Walker.

      • SICK. And stupid as hell. I’m sorry but all the time you guys spent creating and elaborating on this hoax is clearly time you should’ve spent with your families on Christmas. Paul Walker was so special that it just had to be him that was chosen to create this hoax? And Tyrese faking??? That’s disgusting to even accuse someone of especially when you can tell how hurt he STILL is. Paul Walker would let his only daughter and family think he’s dead right before Christmas for what? Use common sense sometimes people and let this man rest in peace.

      • I do understand everyone who is sceptical, but why are you all so harsh and insulting? That is not necessary! No one says, that he or she is right; but one should be allowed to pose questions and to be a bit sceptical. I mean, does anyone really believe, that 9/11 was an unfortunate incident? Or JFK? We might will never know, but something is foul in both of these incidents. Than again, if you have a look at history: so many wise men, where considered to be insane saying things, that the majority didn’t believe in. Does it prove that the minority is always wrong. If so, we would all still believe in God and Jesus and Darwin would still be considered as a lunatic. Einstein? Steve Jobs? And many more examples. Anyway, I have seen plenty of people losing familiy members, and none of them could cope (especially NOT parents who lost their child). And even if, not a day or two after. That takes time. And yesterday his former beste friend Jesse even posted, that he doesn’t want any Paul Walker Fans comment on his page anymore. I mean … weird behaviour. Everyone seems to calm and capable of moving on, that this leaves one question – didn’t they have a good relationship? Or is it, that they just don’t show it in the public or might he not be gone? Once I see a camera footage of the driving or the car crashing I will believe. Up until then I stay critical and sceptical, whether we hear the truth. Wishing everyone a good start into 2014!

        • Best comment I read all day!

          • Thank you very much!

    • Andrea! It’s all true! That’s what I asked. How can such an industrial area does not have a camera? I have a camera that is far away and can not see anything? Look at Jim Torp! He’s lying, it’s not true. Who is he? He really Torp Jim? There is this man? or his other name? What’s your real name? Tyrese Gibson falsely crying, crying is terrible. I could have played the role. And where’s Meadow? There has been a photo? Not seeing anyone? Where is PW girlfriend? Has anyone seen since then? Not a photo 2-3 weeks? Everyone disappeared?

      • Lol you guys are all idiots. Listen to yourselves. A bunch of uneducated people who have nothing better to do than make stuff up like this. And to the moron above stating 911 and Sandy Hook were hoaxes, I lost a friend in 911 along with my sister lives 10 minutes from Sandy Hook so you people waste your days away making stuff up to entertain us normal people lol

        • Sandy Hook and 911: you get around. You are using the language of a troll. Are you a troll?

        • Please Mel stop insulting someone you do not know. No need to do that. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, i.e. questions that arouse. And I am certainly not uneducated. Even though I am very sorry for your loss, no one ever said, that 9/11 didn’t happen. But how and who was involved might never be said. I still do not believe in the fact, that this could all happen, without it being noticed. in the end, we got some photos or the “terrorists” – how do you know, that these people were involved in it. Unless you have hard evidence you shouldn’t define people who don’t chew what they are given as stupid. This is not ok. See my above reply, throughout history there have been people called insane and stupid. In the end, they were right. Have a happ start into 2014.

  43. Nigga he’s dead. Stop trying to promote your sorry ass site through the death of someone. You are pathetic.

  44. The guy is dead unfortunately. You conspiracy theorists kill me. Lol.

  45. Ummm, the most important question that conspiracy nuts fail to answer is, WHY? Why would Paul Walker fake his own death?

    • Why would a person fake their own death… Really? Did you just ask why a person would lie and act as if he got killed? Ask Tupac nigga! The illuminati!!!

      • I can’t ack Tupac, he’s dead.

  46. Its bullshit – not a hoax … And why would he want to fake his own death ? SERIOUSLY? Ya i know a race driver crashing on public street is strange – but why dont we consider he is DEAD and maybe it could of been murder if anything other then a TRAGiC accident

  47. You do realize “busted” actually means caught by the police and charged with a crime don’t you? Not exposed on some trumped up fact twisting on some hack site.

  48. Valerie! You are right.
    I’ve looked at the table speed google maps, but in 2011 was made. Since then the law has changed and not 35mph, but 45mph?

  49. Just so you know. The reason they waited until night time is because once people Die in a wreck and their is no need to get the bodies to a hospital, it becomes the best interest to preserve the wreckage to determine the true cause of death. If you keep rushing to put fires and remove dead bodies. You destroy evidence.

    • You are kidding, are’t you?

  50. Sorry but more photos of these are false … On second photo not face woman od the video it’s not Jasmine … she know it from her and his friend …

    • This image is not related to her. It is a wreckage!

  51. Hey why do u post advertisement links??? I just wasted my time.

    • Paul Walker unfortunately dead and gone people why would you do this to his family and fans just leave let it be people do this kind of stuff all the time its smoking mirrors let them and rest in peace how dare you do this leave his memory the way it is intact he was a great humanitarian coming from his own charity let the man rest in peace stop you’re crazy conspiracy theories and get a life his life is already been wasted it’s crazy that this man died this youngest talented wonderful actor who had a family please let it alone stop this craziness I don’t think Tyrese would be standing at the crash site crying like a baby if this was a hoax that was his best friend please stop this you’re hurting people……

      • I agree with you. These fake stories of him faking his death are painful to read. Paul walker was an honorable man. Devoted to his family friends fans and work. There is no way he would do this. It’s sad to even think these things to be true. Not his character. People, get with the program. He was actually murdered. Look up what he had recently discovered was happening inside his charity. The powers involved in this did it because they didn’t want their secret to b demasked. They knew all his fans would flock to help raise more money to the charity Paul Walker was associated to be strongly involved with.

      • Amen Lisa!

      • I was there… it was real and I am sorry but Paul and Roger died

        • Ok I would like to state has anyone seen how strong carbon realy is I do know my fenders and hood are only a few .16 of an in thick and have taken head on hits and have never looked like this at 35-40 miles hr know just to say if this so called car was a full carbon body and frame I do know that in order to be on road this car would need to be able to with stand a good hit and if the frame of this car is a full carbon like f1 or even super car status alot has gone into testing so. So what can this car realy take for impact of my fenders don’t bend and ripple like steel this crash I’m calling bs and if that tank is in front there would be nothing in front to cause fire Porsche has turbo and cooler mounted in back look at all of there desighns if a f1 car can withstand a 100 mile hr crash why can’t that Porsche take a 30-40 mile hr hit I’m calling bs here just my .02 cents


            So my ? Is if this carbon shaft is stronger then steel ? How strong is that car I’m guessing alot stronger then you realy think ask Porsche for test footage of how strong that car is and I bet you will find out the real truth or this is one big cover up and I know our government can pull anything off google earth

          • People have no time on their hands to make this crap up. Anyone can photoshop these photos and create videos to make the world believe it. I can go make up a story right now and share it and people would believe it. And for those idiots who think these things are to distract us from the government…you are stupid!! Things like this are made a big deal by us…not the government..use your brain. And people who believe this crap..its on the internet. should be smart enough to not believe everything online..also for those trying to be investigators yourselves..just by looking at pics online. .you are also stupid. If you weren’t there and don’t know true facts quit trying to solve the crime..

          • Ashley,
            please check out my analysis on some of the photos in question. I gave instructions on how this photo manipulation was pulled off.

            The photo that supposedly depicts Mario man/RR has basically been proven that the Mario man was photoshopped in very badly. You can tell this just by looking at how short and squatty Mario man is. Also, Mario man seems to have A huge distorted head with a long handle bar mustache and he does not have protective headgear. That was the huge give away because if he was either fanning the flames or fighting the flames he would have to have fire resistant headgear and air pack.

            I say also an air pack because if he was in the fire either Fanning are fighting the flames he would be breathing carbon monoxide and whatever else a fire like this produces. Also on that note, any body that was near that fire and that close to the flames would be breathing super heated air.

          • Ok. Here’s my ???
            One day earlier before he actually. Died
            In this car crash. It was already. Going around. That he died. Then next. Day.
            He died In a car accident.
            Why. Was they saying a day. Earlier.
            He was. Dead. When. He wasn’t. ????

          • Where did you hear that?

          • Oh my god this is a load of bullshit. Please give me proof and sources from where you got all this, so that it can be credited for. Just because you grabbed all this from google and put it together does not mean its real. And if this is really confirmed who confirmed it? Show us all why its confirmed. If you want to be a “journalist” then produce real work that’s respected. The man had the world at his feet, he would not just give it up like that.

          • I would assume dead until irrefutable evidence shows otherwise: Such as Paul Walker alive and well.

          • Oh they can be journalists, it would just be for the National Inquirer, Star, or TMZ

          • People!!!Either they are dead or they are alive!? U cant have both,I myself am female and as a fan feel that this is a hoax and he is alive and well somewhere! And if hes not someone took their asses out PERIOD this was no accident if they hit a gas line the whole car including the gas tank would have blown as well. I pray that he didnt fake his death,because it will mean all the hope we have for humanity wasted as well as the $$! I personally donated. We need to instead of gossip,pray that God himself will reveal the truth to us. Either way we wont be the ones facing jusgement for this! Be blessed

          • Who gives a shit obviously everyone of you as you’re all giving them recognition
            Wether you believe it’s fake or there dead either way it’s sick & I have just added to the sickness by making a comment the only difference is I know we all have just contributed to the conspiracy

          • Why would you regret it? You should be happy you’re helping some people around the world.
            Dead or not, he would thank you.

          • I dont regret donating! I will be upset if he is alive and lied to all of us about his death. I donate to Riley and its not the children at fault. If he died,so that they could live!? Hes truly the most loving man that ever walked the earth besides Jesus himself.

          • Has anyone considered that this theory is possible!? Maybe dying so people could live! Of course not,that would be crazy!! Well just remember jesus died for all of you!! Be blessed.

          • Live, I hope your posts are a joke……..

          • Brenda,
            Go to IMDB. com and pull up Paul Walker and look under the comments you will see a post explaining the hoax of death hoax that was generated before his death.

            This just means that the death hoax that was supposedly out there before his death never happened. It was a hoax. PERIOD. There never was a death hoax before he actually died. There was a website that generates false stories about celebrities and this site decided to spit out a story about his death and dated it for the day before he actually died. This is what caused and started all of the confusion surrounding the hoax of his death and his death.

            anyone who wants to check the facts regarding this you can pull up and type in Paul Walker, go to the message board and you will see all of the posts by any body and anyone who has looked into it.

          • Larin – IMDB – seriously? WOW
            You may as well have quoted “Yahoo Answers”.

            Herein lies the problem. Websites tell you what to think ( sorry – even this one) and if enough people stand behind it, it must be true – right?

            I have no proof aside from my word. While it is mud because you don’t know me – I can say I saw news of Pauls “death” a good solid 3 hours before the car crash story hit TMZ ( originating report about )

            It maddens me that I didn’t screenshot it, but I was aware of their hoaxes in the past. Yes, mediamass is known in fact to base death hoaxes as a form of satire – THIS one was creepy because it HAPPENED.

            However it came about is any ones guess. But even THOSE dbags retracted their hoaxed report once the “actual” event went down…don’t believe me? Try and find it…we will wait. ( images don’t count)

            OI VEY people!

          • ED,
            Yes has this question on the Paul Walker message board which is kept up by fans 24-7 7 days a week. The post titled “death=hoax?” WILL explain the whole hoax of the hoax. I do not read Yahoo Answers so I do not know where that came from.

            Sorry, I do not believe you saw it a goo 3 hours before it actually happened. I would need solid proof this happened.

          • That’s what I mean. If you don’t know what “Yahoo answers” is – or why it isn’t reputable, than you can’t really be held accountable for your misinformation.

            IMDB is updated by people just the same way as it is here…that doesn’t mean anything in terms of real facts.

            I don’t expect you to believe me, and I don’t need to prove it to anyone. But I cringe when I hear people say things MUST be accurate because they saw it said by people on a message board.

            I know it happened, and really that’s all I care about.
            But thanks anyhow…happy surfing.

          • ED,
            My disbelief regarding you seeing the death 3 hours before he died came across a little too harsh and for that I do apologize. I have had instances where something like that happened to me. So, I do apologize.

            No, is not a source for the most reliable information. But upon reading the answers of some of the people who post there, those posters really have done their homework! This is the reason I have been a member there for 8 years. If I ever have a question about a movie or an actor, all I have to do is pull up IMDB and someone most likely has an answer which makes sense.


          • YAY!~
            Bruce’s posts are back!

            I do not know why they were gone but just but I am just glad they are back!

            581 + this post = 582 and growing 🙂


          • Congratulations to drkreseach and the nodisinfo team!

            576 plus this post 577 posts, wow!


          • 30 to 40 MPH is one thing, but this care was probably doing 200 MPH. Plus as they went off the road they hit a natural gas pipe and meter. As the car hit the curb it probably threw sparks, that would have lit the natural gas from the sheared off pipe (this would explain the explosion that was reported), and natural gas burns hotter than unleaded. This would explain the virtual incineration of the bodies.


          • Thomas,
            Rodas and Walker we’re not going 30 to 40 miles an hour. They were going over 100 miles an hour. I don’t think even your car or your fenders would withstand a crash of this magnitude. Just my two cents worth.

        • if you were on the why evidence of a murder are REALLY going to see this and you vera … the pictures speak for themselves and even shocking ….

          • Ezek hamis képek. Nem a PW balesetnél készültek. Csak nézd meg jobban a képeket.

      • They do this because they are heartless soulless evil people who only care about fame and money.

        • You are so right and stuff like this makes me sick. Not to mention that the “facts” in this are all wrong,

          • this shit makes me sick

      • Exactly. Whatever the motive is for this its not worth it. What a disgusting thing to do. You should be ashamed.

  52. Is Hererra not wearing pants in that blurry picture?

    • Hihihi yeah looks necked.

  53. Family members of paul walker are fighting for walker’s 45 million dollar property. Madam jasmine and meadow’ mom alsa claiming that they have right. They are like vulture omg. One more time thanks to god im not rich at least I know that my friends and relatives love me for who I am not for the money. Here the link to news hope so it is just rumour.

    • Hy NVN! Here’s a video Porshe car. I do not know when I made ​​the video, but even here there is no license plate on the car.


      Hy NVN! Here’s a video Porshe car. I do not know when I made ​​the video, but even here there is no license plate on the car.

    • Hy NVN! Here’s a video Porshe car. I do not know when I made ​​the video, but even here there is no license plate on the car.

      • Hi SZE yeah I watched the above video. I dont know is it the same car or not. But if it is same I noticed a difference again about tires:( now I ll upload the difference.

        • hmm the design appears to be different on tires. One of the screenshot is from charity event which is uploaded by herrera on instagram and the other one is which u posted just now. But one is frony tire and one is rear so I don’t know now someone can say ohhh noo porsche is designed in such a way. But I dont wear different socks so car also must have same tires or are they so poor?? :)) check the design on tires.

    • 3x copied here, always prints the program that failed, sorry.


      Here’s a video look at 1:15, there is a rubber friction. But it is interesting that the industrial camera seems to fall inside the light pole to the parking lot. Is it just me? You are already watching the video slowly?

    • Will Wattanawongkiri
      november 30., West Hollywood, CA, United States környékén, mobil használatával
      Today we lost 2 of our friends in a car accident at our charity event. As soon as we heard of the accident Rex Torres, Leonard Mayorquin and myself grabbed some fire extinguisher and rushed to the site which was just 15 seconds away. We emptied the fire extinguisher and that didn’t even do anything to the burning car. A few others that had helped as well. We had witnessed one of the saddest tragedy today. My deepest condolences to Paul And Roger’s family, friends, AE and ROWW team. This is a huge lost to Purist group and our car community as these guys were icons to many people.

      This post found on facebook. 3 people do not show special mourning.
      But there they were in the accident. Interesting.

    • Yes I thought about the tires. I tried to look at the photos of the incident in the tires, but linen is not time to look for a deviation View photos of the accident, there is shown a sample of the tire.

  54. Don’t waste your time reading this, it’s full or errors. The relationship depicted in the pictures aren’t even congruent. That’s in addition with “kevlar” racing suits? It’s actually nomex, and can only withstands flames for seconds. It’s far from a fire suit.

    Get off this page, and get a job. This is a hypocritical judgement of a wronged America.

    • If you aren’t interested with death of paul walker what are you searching about him after one month of his death? Have you a mission for giving lectures to others?

  55. The girl in the picture that you are saying was his producer was his 22 year old girlfriend rebecca mcbrian.

  56. The guy is dead just leave him be and let him rip your theory has many flaws to it.

  57. You mentioned a fire proof KEVLAR vest. Kevlar is NOT fire proof. It is highly flammable. Get your facts straight. I used to make kevlar vests and believe me you don’t want to be wearing one anywhere near a fire.

    • This is a pyrotechnic fire. Some sort of suit was worn. If an error in the precise detail was made, fine. This is a man-made fire, not a car explosion.

      • all of this is bullshit and you just need to leave it alone . would you like your daughter to see this after your dead get a grip

  58. Drkresearch look at this tires both are right rear tires of same porsche. One is in which paul walker is sitting an the other one screenshot from a video which is uploaded by herrera on instagram. The photo of second tire u have already published above. But look at their designs they are pretty different. Also these two cars had always evolving difference at the bottom of their licence plates. So this additional info strengthen that they may be used 2 cars for fake crash

  59. Lol I laugh at this bs… Why would Paul Walker fake his death? He wasnt nobody of importance outside of his family and fast and furious family. People photoshop these pics came up with some crap and all you folks are buying into. Lol come on and you wonder why the government wants to get rid of half of you morons.

  60. Give it a brake the guys dead let him rest ib peace ….

  61. I really find this hard to believe my brother was the paramedic who pronounced him dead

    • His name or at least the exact Dept. and Division he works for?

      • LOL ARe you serious right now? You really think you’re right with all this idioticness that you want HER to prove it? lolll

        get a life

        • I call total BS on the paramedic brother thing … hell if he was that burnt up how did he even know that it was Walker at all, let alone they dont have the legal ability to do such a thing anywhere in this country, where does your brother really work lady ??
          Anyway true or not true there are quite a few things that just don’t jive here and why I don’t know, but I do feel that there is some kind of UN-truths here if Walker is alive or not. If these pics are Photoshopped .. WHY ?? Its a sick thing to do – just as sick as Walker faking his own death. The truth might never be known, but I do know this – when people create doubt there is a reason, just like a lawyer creating doubt to get his guilty criminal off of a charge. Think about it. WHY ??

    • I call bullshit on your brother being a paramedic, I’m still skeptical but for some reason I’m wondering why that tree isn’t burnt up with a flame that big and hot

    • Lol, paramedics aren’t allowed to ‘pronounce’ a death, only the coroner can do that…smh…

    • Paramedics do not have the legal authority to pronounce death! only the LA County coroner can. Get your facts straight before trying to lie on the internet!

    • Pretty sure no where can a paramedic make this call so thanks for helping prove the hoax tho and the picture of his face is Alan Dennis after his accident in 2011 so why would anyone use a fake picture if you really died??? The same picture was posted years ago any simple google search will show that, not sure if he died but there is way more to this story

    • Has anyone looked at the fact there is smoke forming ten feet from the car clearly not from the car being a blaze I am tow operator and seen many cars burn up and the smoke never goes across the ground it only goes up and before everyone tells me I don’t know what im talking about find me a video of a car crash with WHITE no Black smoke coming from it let alone forming ten feet from crash, I know you wont even a formula on crash doesn’t do that? the smoke cloud is clearly not from the car a blaze pyro 101

  62. You all are on Grade A drugs.

  63. Get a life people. The man is dead.

  64. So the C.G. fire truck was at the scene? N based off of blurry pictures and people standing at a crash scene….seriously?!?

  65. Origins: On 30 November 2013, TMZ reported that Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker had been killed in a fiery car crash in California:
    Paul Walker — best known for his role in “The Fast and the Furious” movies — died Saturday afternoon after a single-car accident and explosion in Southern California, TMZ has learned.

    The accident happened in Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles, and according to multiple sources connected to Paul the actor was in a Porsche when the driver somehow lost control and slammed into a post or a tree and then the car burst into flames.
    That report was also confirmed on the actor’s official Facebook page:
    It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide. He was a passenger in a friend’s car, in which both lost their lives. We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news. Thank you for keeping his family and friends in your prayers during this very difficult time. We will do our best to keep you apprised on where to send condolences.
    Although Walker’s untimely passing was soon reported on by numerous other media sources, a sort of reverse “death hoax” confusion over the whether the actor had really been killed was created by the MediaMass web site, which claimed the reports of Walker’s death were a hoax spread by a fake Facebook page:
    Rumors of the actor’s alleged demise gained traction on Friday after a ‘R.I.P. Paul Walker’ Facebook page attracted nearly one million of ‘likes’. Those who read the ‘About’ page were given a believable account of the American actor’s passing:

    “At about 11 a.m. ET on Friday (November 29, 2013), our beloved actor Paul Walker passed away. Paul Walker was born on September 12, 1973 in Glendale. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.” Hundreds of fans immediately started writing their messages of condolence on the Facebook page, expressing their sadness that the talented 40-year-old actor was dead. And as usual, Twittersphere was frenzied over the death hoax.

    Where as some trusting fans believed the post, others were immediately skeptical of the report, perhaps learning their lesson from the huge amount of fake death reports emerging about celebrities over recent months. Some pointed out that the news had not been carried on any major American network, indicating that it was a fake report, as the death of an actor of Paul Walker’s stature would be major news across networks.
    However, the MediaMass report was itself a hoax: that site publishes a variety of fictitious boilerplate articles about numerous celebrities, all of them reporting the same information with slight changes in personal details. Searching that site for the name of any popular actor or actress will turn up multiple articles about that person stating that he or she is engaged, is pregnant, is the highest-paid actor/actress in the world, has been voted the Sexiest Actor/Actress Alive, or has been the victim of a death hoax. The site’s items about actress Sandra Bullock, for example, include an article with wording identical to the above-referenced Paul Walker article, stating that Bullock has been the victim of a death hoax.

    MediaMass’ original article on the Paul Walker death hoax has since been replaced with a statement noting the actor’s real death:
    Paul Walker’s death in Valencia on Saturday November 30, 2013 has now been confirmed: the actor best known for his roles in The Fast and the Furious or Varsity Blues died at 40.
    A purported post-mortem photograph of Paul Walker was circulated on the Internet a few days after his death:

    That image isn’t actually a morgue photo of the actor, however; it’s a picture of a Christian missionary named Alan Dennis who was severely injured in a construction accident in Congo in 2011. (Alan Dennis did not die: he survived the accident and experienced a substantial recovery.)

  66. It sounds very convincing but how to dispute all the grief and tears from close friends and aquaintances that would know whether or not he really is deceased. If he’s not they are very convincing.

  67. We’ll so you know I was there when those wheels got installed blue lug on the passenger and red lug on driver side directional thread for the knock off wheel our company painted the wheels for the car about a year ago

  68. O God really

  69. Do you have any morals? Dudes family is heartbroken, look at his daughter you fool. Making a living off horrible things like this is ridiculous. I wish everybody in this world would hold themselves to higher standards, like I do. But just for you, I’ll drop to your scumbag level; I hope nothing but the absolute worst for you in life.

    Different license plate? You don’t think somebody would put a random license plate at his memorial out of respect? He was the lead act in The Fast and Furious series, ALL ABOUT CARS.

    Fire truck on scene too fast? You don’t think the event that they were at (which had exotic sports cars) already had one?

    People on scene too fast? He was a beloved man you nobody. Just because you wouldn’t have people risking they’re lives to save your pathetic existence, doesn’t mean he didn’t.

    I’d knock you out in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity you pig!

    Think about your mother.. brother.. daughter.. dear friend.. dying and having worthless people making a living by saying its a hoax. How would that make you feel?

    I noticed the Sandy Hook article, couldn’t even open it. Didn’t want to have thoughts about ripping someone’s head (everyone behind this website)

    I’m 21 years of age, barely attend community college part time, don’t have a job, drink and party, do drugs, the whole sha-bang. Considered a loser low-life, been called a loser low-life, and even have thought maybe I am…
    But then I read this, and realize what a true low life is. You are that LOSER LOW-LIFE.

    People need to realize the effect of their words. Not only are they hurtful towards the ones grieving; but they give non-violent people like myself, incredibly violent thoughts. Wish you weren’t hiding behind your computer…

  70. This is retarded. No wonder there are people stilled holed up in their houses all full of conspiracies about everyone being out to get them. You are blind if you believe he is actually alive.

  71. You people are so Damn stupid. Who’s knee is to the left of the steering wheel under the blanket? There’s one problem. Number 2 is the license plate. If anyone knows anything about aluminum trims that always evolving makes is that they are so fucking easy to break off. Plus aluminum burns pretty quick in a gas fueled fire. I know I burn aluminum all the time. Plus you can rip one off with little effort so it could have fallen off when the car hit. Another thing is the pics. They are so blurry that you can’t see anything. The pick of the guy sitting in a chair beside the Christmas tree. You question what kind of hat he is wearing? Really? If you can’t see it’s a tan baseball cap with some kind of logo then you need to get your eyes checked big time. Oh and if there wad anyone standing inside the fire they would be wearing a face mask. If you have ever stood close to a burning fire especially with facial hair, it hurts like hell. I seriously doubt that anyone would stand inches away from an automobile fire with a fire suit and not wear anything on there face. Even the pyrotechnictics guys that light themselves on fire at stunt shows wear headgear. You all are a bunch of uneducated hillbillies with absolutely no common sense or the ability to think beyond an obscure post that rambles. Good job America.

  72. If you honestly had proof he was alive there would be a picture of him some where after the accident all of those pictures could have been photo shopped so why don’t you get over yourself

  73. What kind of bullshit is that alot of people cried their assses of because of his death they all deserver to be put behind bars I forgot money talks and bullshit walks

    • They are lyers let him rest in peace people.

  74. Do people really think this is a hoax? If you do your an idiot after reading some of these comments, people are talking about two cars when there wasn’t, and comparing licences plates but they didn’t realize one was a rear licence plate and the other was a frontllicense place, and the one was also left by a fan at the crash site, on top of all this hearing on the news that dental records show that it was Paul walker in the car. Now will people please shut up about it and let him rest in peace, and quit make such a big seal about an actor and start worrying about our troops fighting for all of our freedom, people that willingly put their lives at risk just so we are able to wake up and live another day.

    • No, not comparing the front licence plate with rear licence plate. The car had already no front licence plate. I think you misunderstood. Now check the link and think again

    • SOMEONE PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS MAN/WOMAN (NO IDEA WHAT GENDER YOU ARE) But please, guys! Honestly. He speaks the truth! Paul Walker and Roger Rodas DIED in this car crash! They ran into a tree (or a pole… not sure) but there was NO other car! Let the man rest in peace and shut up about the “hoax” and the “fake death”! It’s all LIES PEOPLE. If you believe this? GET A LIFE!

  75. For all I know you guys are in on the hoax as well.

  76. This is just terrible. Even if this WAS true, I still wouldn’t believe it based on the poor grammatical skills you’ve portrayed. Holy hell.

  77. I’m not 100% sure what I believe either way, I do however see too many holes in stories and things not adding up for this to be with out foul play somewhere. One thing that really bothers me is, it is stated by an eye witness that Paul was wearing a seat belt, I haven’t heard anything about Roger, how did Paul’s body end up all splayed out like that if he was wearing a seat belt? Wouldn’t he still be strapped into the seat? Even as horrific as this accident “was” I don’t see how his body could have ended up like that at all, with a seat belt on. Anyone care to share some insight?

  78. You idiots need to get a life

  79. Look there are three different videos on youtube one were the car crashes but not seen two one with a blue BMW M3 that pulls up and stops mind you that both are Asian and the third is the rest of the after math

  80. Paul found out wat was goin on with relief effort goin on In the Philippines they were giving them birth control and saying it was medicine they called operation population control plus Paul found out big players we’re scamming the relief and exstorted money from the relief LOOK IT UP

  81. You guys are something else. This was not a fake, not a hoax. The license plate shown under the hood does not even share the same colors of the picture, it was edited and added in there. And even still the whole talk about it not saying “Always evolving” not being there so it must be a duplicate, is BS as well, that part of the tag that said “Always evolving” was a FRAME, a license plate FRAME, therefore it was not a piece of the actual metal plate.
    As far as the car bursting into flames, the carerra gts are made of carbon fiber, even the frame. At high speed a collision will snap the car, as well as the oil lines in half. When these oil lines ignited, the carbon fiber was a great fuel for the flame, Carbon fiber is very flammable. Please do your research, do not make attempts at “exposing” something just by making assumptions looking at photographs. Ridiculous. I read and research all sides of every story that hits the media, Sandy Hook = clear cut hoax, this however, complete garbage. Let this man and his family rest.

  82. Do I think he’s dead maybe alive maybe you never know but I do call bs on this crash

  83. I have yet to see anything to show me he is alive. You can doctor anything and put it out there for everyone to see. But while we are on the subject, I saw Elvis Presley at the mall returning Christmas gifts yesterday too.

  84. could be its very convincing

  85. This is absaloutly and utterly the most retarded thing I have ever read let the poor man rest in peace stop with conspiracy theories and get a life! They tried this with tupac families wouldn’t fake a death no one would!

  86. Denial is the first step of the grieving process.

  87. I’ve read and watched all the evidence to prove that tbe death of Paul Walker was some kind of elaborate hoax. Sadly I hate to say that the only hoax I found to be real is this attempt to diminish this mans life and death. You should be ashamed of yourself. Let this man rest in peace. Let his family grieve their loss. If you want to play conspiracy theories games. Dont do it at the expense of other people’s pain. Get a life. Or dont. Just stop this nonsense. Thats is if you have any ounce of human decency. My guess would be not much.shm…

  88. This is horrible to even go through these elaborate photos saying Paul’s death was a hoax… as much as we wish he was around and how tragic this was.. he is gone. 🙁


    I bet the tank in that car is like this to pass dot like I said just my .02 cents

  90. Paul Walker, the American actor who started working on television commercials and later catapulted to fame after starring in the Fast & Furious franchise has DIED as a passenger in a flaming car crash the day AFTER his death had been falsely reported on the internet. Just one day after he was declared dead as part of a death hoax the actor died in a car crash.

  91. Yeah right & tupac is still alive too, their just chillin together waiting on the right moment to return, lol wow y’all really need a hobby lol

  92. Until I see them walking around and alive they are dead. Just leave them alone and let the family morn in peace.

  93. guys. he’s dead. they had a funeral. people just cant let it go. let him rest finally. Rip PW and RR

  94. You’re an idiot.. This poor man died a horrible death.. Stop disrespecting his memory with your ignorant paranoid theories.. People like you are what’s wrong with America these days

  95. There is no conspiracy here. The man died.accept it and allow him to rest in peace. What you have captured in some of your pics and video is even more amazing. ..The occupants being removed from the wreckage by paranormal entities or the victims themselves leaving the scene in spirit. Check it again.

  96. ‘Hard proof’ of the same fire truck being there the whole time huh? That’s a picture of a fire truck from Grand Theft Auto taken from Google Images…not sure why you thought that would fly here. That’s just pathetic.

  97. So I’m confused because I just woke up. Is paul and roger still alive or are they dead? Why would he make a hoax about his death. I’m super confused right now, I need a cigarette.


  99. are you effing kidding me? are you so hungry for attention that you try and desecrate this mans good name by telling lies on the slight chance that your “story” will arouse peoples interest. Go home fool, and keep your rumors to yourself.

  100. I’ve been reading all the comments and I’m curious how people that completely believe he died in the crash found this site. The only reason I found it was by googling ‘could Paul Walker fake his own death’.

    • Very good point!!!

    • Facebook, guy.

    • I followed a Facebook link saying his death was faked to get here. Was interested to see how many people would actually believe it. It just doesn’t surprise me much anymore how gullible people are/can be. He’s dead. There is absolutely NO reason for him to fake his death. Anyone who believes otherwise, has a serious lack of common sense…it would be funny if it weren’t so sad…

  101. are they dead or not?

  102. this is pathetic get a job or something jesus christ

  103. Why don’t they use this much investigating on the sandy hook elementary shooting.,, even I, a mere amateur, can see so much that was so wrong in that one!

  104. So is he died

  105. No body under the tarp? Are you f$%&g kidding me? I HAVE the picture of the crash BEFORE the tarp was placed.

    • I know it mightbe sick but if you have it then share it and shut up. My folks always said – put up or shut up ..

  106. U are missing the main point, WHY WOULD HE FAKE HIS DEATH?!

  107. If this is true all involved should jailed over it so that it doesn’t happen again if they did die I hope the family’s get peace

    • Well said. The issue, here, is the continuous perpetration of hoaxes, esp. in the USA. Now, regarding this issue one thing is for sure: if you carefully look at the slow motion video it can be seen that the fire is not from a crash but, rather, from a set-up by the Hollywood-style crew.

  108. If you expect to be taken seriously as a credible source of information, maybe you ought to spell- and grammar-check your work… food for thought

    • Point well taken. Effort being made to correct those errors. Thks.

  109. Do people really believe that any of this is true? What reason would Paul Walker have to fake his own death?

  110. This just goes to show how much privacy the stars have people can’t leave well enough alone. The Bible says thou shall not kill. It’s not just talking about physically . Let the people have their time to grieve. Get a life & do something to give back to victims & their families that have been affected by violence & tragedy.

  111. This is bs leave it be all ur pics are blurry if u wanna try an say its face get clear pics nothing here proves it sake there’s no reason he would fake his death he was making mad money of f&f this is
    Just someone with no life looking for attition an made this “conspiracy” up

  112. He is dead get over it

  113. So y fake death. If this is true. Where is paul walker now??

  114. I can not believe these people would try to say Paul Walker would fake his death, there is no reason for him to do this. We lost a great actor the day Paul Walker passed away. Now these people are trying to make Paul Walker look bad. This stuff is bullshit and you people ought to think about what you are doing before you do this shit. Im sure everyone would have loved for this to be fake but its not fake and you oughtta think of his family,friends and fans who are mourning his passing. RIP Paul Walker, I don’t not buy into this bullshit.

  115. Is it just me or did the pole and tree fell down to the parking lot and then it’s situated differently?
    Here’s a screen taken from a video from one of commentators:

    And here’s a video from cctv camera:

    And one more thing. It is said that the accident happened about 3.30 pm. According to this video it was 4.26 pm.

    • That’s a very good point. Is no one paying attention to time on that video?? Hoax or not, the tree and the pole fall in a weird way and the time is def off.

      • Thank you. And another thing:
        Isn’t that tree broken too high? Higher than a place of impact. And I can see the hat, probably Roger’s, on the left side of the picture. I think it was moved or something because on the other pictures it was closer to the car wreck. Or it’s just a matter of perspective.

  116. gul·li·ble
    easily persuaded to believe something; credulous.

  117. If this article was correct and it was so “CONFIRMED” this shit would be all over the news! I guess theres always people that have to believe some conspiracy theory is out there! Accept it, the guys is dead!

  118. Is he alive?

  119. This gives me hope that John Lennon and JFK are alive and well.

  120. The accident was not a hoax. Roger Rodas was also Pauls stock broker. If you would do a “broker check” on Roger, it would show you that his licenses were terminated 12/2013, because of his death.

    • Ok so that just means he has to find a new job… lol who would help fake their death then continue to keep every form of identity from their old life…um witsec?? U ever watch Burn Notice?? Lol

  121. Anyone that created this page needs to get a girlfriend or some friends because you have way too much time on your hands. I feel like an idiot for even reading parts of this page. I feel sorry for anyone who believes it. Yikes

  122. I like how you used the gta 4 fire truck to supposedly prove that a hollywood star faked his death. #humanintelligence

  123. Sorry about your autism.

  124. You can totally tell the pictures of the car burning, with roger standing next to car in white suit are fake.. The tree isnt in the middle of the car but next to it.. Did they jump in the fire ball to repark the car.. People are always ready to stir up shit.. Are they supposed to spend the rest of there lives in a cave if this is so… Just let them r.i.p. And try not to take away from the great people they were..

  125. “Absolutely confirmed”.

    I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean.

  126. Ok! To much bullshit said here.. But hey guess what today earlier I saw Tupac, Elvis , Biggie, Selena, Paul, Marilyn Monroe all having dinner at the Reo Diner,, damm dummies face it they are gone Let them Rest in Peace.

  127. It’s funny seeing all theses comments with people saying that this supposed “hoax” was created so the government can fast track this NDAA bill into effect. Everyone said the same thing about sandy hook and the bill still isn’t in effect. Plus if you all really believe that this was created to distract people from the bill then aren’t you contradicting yourself by focusing all your energy on this “hoax”? Come one people, dudes dead. Move on with your lives.

  128. The rims don’t prove crap….If u look at the video one side of the rim caps are blue the other side is red…..idiots…..people just trying to make money off of famous people….just like they said with Michael Jackson. …

  129. Well, I stumbled in the stupid part of the Internet. Again.

  130. The person who wrote this stupid a$s article is an IDIOT!!!

  131. You are an idiot…. The movie has been shooting in Atlanta. I’ve got many friends that were working on that show until it was shut down because of Paul’s death.
    Conspiracy? Why?… Dumbest waste of bandwidth ever…

  132. All the pictures you posted are blurry as hell, the videos are far away and you can hardly tell who they are and there’s not one of paul where you can actually tell it’s him walking away from the accident, so until you have actual and good proof you should leave it alone

  133. Elvis still alive too?

  134. This is ridiculous!!! Written by someone who has to much time on their hands. Also you are a horrible speller and writer. I would like to know where you got your info!? My best friend works for the Glendale police department so that’s where I get my info.

  135. They should be ashamed of there selves. Everyone loves Paul walker.

  136. i think he is in rehab

  137. so did he pass away or is he alive

  138. anybody else think that “fire extinguisher” looks a lot like a nos tank?

  139. If it was fake then is paul still alive an where is he

  140. He’s dead people, get a life, something like that fake death would be all over the news and it’s not, wake up retards

  141. Is he dead or alive?

  142. Cleary none of you have seen the fan shot video where the corner picks up the bodies you can see them as they lift the tarp something I didn’t want see

    • Oh dear! I hope I don’t come across this video. I would be absolutely estatic if Paul were alive but we all need to accept the fact that he has passed away and hopefully he’s in a better place than all of us are. Speaking for myself, I have been his fan since 2001 and hearing all of this only makes my heart hurt worse. I’m sure there are other fans that are hurt by this as well. RIP Paul.

    • Where? I wanna see this proof.

    • Where did you see that video?

  143. This is so stupid can’t you let him rest in peace I mean did you happen to think that maybe he did actually die and all you are doing is spreading rumors that he is alive when he isn’t what more proof do u need his dead body laying right their in front of you I mean come on use your brain leave the poor guy his girlfriend and family and friends alone and pic of them all smiling was taking on the set of fast 7 before he died they are untitled to live their lives and smile a few and be happy every once in a while what do u want them to do be miserable for the rest of their lives I mean life does go on and you need one and stop trying to prove that him and roger are alive and well just let them both ready in peace

  144. So what exactly does this mean? Where’s walker?

  145. This hoax is totally gay walker f£$% you for being a asshole never watching your movies again

  146. Not on fox, tmz, cnn, or yahoo. BS.

  147. I also read somewhere else that his license plate in jewish genetria means” metatron” like the archangel.

  148. do the muslims have him ?

  149. Nothing I hate more than conspiracy theorist. The guy died. This reminds me of the “There’s a cure for cancer, but they won’t spill the beans” assumption. To assume that everyone involved with in crime will keep their mouths shut for no personal gain is outright retarded. If I was a scientist who knew of such a “cure”, you better bet I’d get the information out somehow. The same goes for this hypothetical “pyro-guy”. With his call log, texts, emails, and information, he could sell out everything about this hoax for triple whatever they would be paying him to keep his mouth close. Honestly, this is dumber than the Tupac theory because at least Tupac would be running away from gang related violence. Paul Walker was an activist who was well on his way to receiving a hard earned black belt. Find something better to do with your time. Hopefully this opened your eyes.

  150. You know it’s true when he compares a real fire truck with one from grand theft auto, along with those crisp “HD” pics that are referenced. Give the man and his family some respect and let it go.

  151. WTF do you mean confirmed! all because you wrote an article and want it to be true does not mean it is “confirmed”

  152. By posting this bullshit you are going to raise a lot of hell and add to the drama.

  153. Elvis was driving right? And 2 Pac was the passenger. Anyone that believes this is a retard.

    • I Agree

  154. That isn’t a “cannon” on the rear of the fire apparatus. It’s a mini strobe lightbar.

    • Thank you for the edification, the question was raised.

    • Read the fairy tail that is being told here. It even says that it is a fire truck with a water cannon on it

  155. you guys are really idiots.. Paul Walker would never faked on death.. knowing how heartbroken his family and friends would be.. and he used to donate to charities he would not do that to those people.. let the poor man rest in peace!

  156. You people are either crazy or stupid. I vote for stupid.

  157. if there is proof that its all fake, why is there nothing but questions in this post?

  158. So, where is walker then?

  159. I don’t know what you guys are arguing about. paul walker is right here watching the Laker game with me. along with Tupac and Biggie. please let the man rest in peace…

  160. Paul walker is not alive this a fake thing some low life fuck wanted to do because that person has no lie and wants to just fuck with peoples heads well grow up stop fakeing shit he is dead let the guy rest in peace okay stop being so dissrespectfull and all your doing is comminting a sin js

  161. I urge you and anyone actually buying into anything on this bullshit site to talk to your doctors about increasing your dosage. Seriously, seek help.

  162. Question why do you havey friends boyfriend on here I send them this you shouldn’t be using ppl shit idiot and he’s from wash heights n Manhattan

  163. Has anyone noticed all of these photos are so blurry you cannot even tell what the article is talking about? Clearly this is fake. My phone from ten years ago takes better pictures than what is shown on here.

  164. Yep Elvis & Michael took them off in a U.F.O

    • Yeah they took him to meet up with Tupac

  165. Such a dumb ass peoples this americans are,not even letting a death person be in peace
    if you agree with this site then pls go and check a good physician and physiologist as the gr8 american are stupid if they gonna believe this shit.

  166. Why would he do this when his career was going so great? Whyy would a man who loved his fans create this drama. honestly it was this type of ignorance that people can’t grieve or deal with loss.

  167. I’ve been online since before the internet (think 300 baud modems) but I have to tell ya, this is one of the biggest loads of bullsh!t I’ve ever seen — easily in the top 5. You just need to bake in some TimeCube type word salad to make it complete.

    It is a little frightening that people like you are always looking over their shoulder for the Reptilians, or cow-molesting anal probers, or FEMA camps under Denver’s airport. Normally I would shrug and laugh it off, but Jesus tap-dancing Christ, this is too much. That said, I do pity most of you, because I think a complete and utter lack of critical thinking skills, and sheer ignorance, are what make you argle-bargle together in your Alex Jones echo chamber.

    Also plus too, insane person is insane.

  168. there are people at a crash scene, so you assume it means he faked his death? lol it was a big crash, big fire, obviously people would have came near to look closer or see if they can help, call authorities, etc. A picture of a person near a crash doesn’t prove a thing. Get real.

  169. y’all are giving them what they want attention

  170. Get a life you d%$£e. No one with a brain is buying this crap. And for the person who said he would do this to get a break? He was a star. Got his break over a decade ago. Wake up. Faking your death is illegal. And it would destroy his career not help it! Wow… you people are dumb and heartless. RIP

  171. Why can’t anyone accept the fact that he did fake his death, everything shown and written here is absolutely right, just because they made a mistake on the license plate doesn’t mean it’s all not true.

    • Oh there are a lot more things wrong here than just the plates

  172. The “Fire Extinguisher” is a blue NOS tank you morons…

  173. Who ever wrote this, grow Up. You’ve twisted the. Truth with no proof. You just want to hurt others, and for what reason? Because your sad and cruel. Why would he fake it? Idiot! The reactions of others? How would you react. Why do you have to bring up rubbish when it is easily ruled out? Get a life and stop interfering where you are wrong!

  174. God you are a complete idiot. The deaths of these 2 men a hoax? You’ve lost your damn mind. Let em rest in peace.

  175. I bet you he’ll make a surprise apparience in the next fast and the furious movie and im not sure if itll be a good responce or bad one in the sence of “I knew it was a hoax”

  176. I hope that if it would be a put on, to drum up sales for movies ,it is a sick way of doing it ,I do not believe this crap because it would be braking some laws and there would be lawsuits involved I am sure ,so knock off all the bull stories

  177. Was this written by a six year old? This article was a total waste of my time because it proves absolutely NOTHING!!! It was so poorly written that I’m not even sure I understood half of what was being said. Regardless whether this was a hoax or not, I feel for everybody that was affected.

  178. you are all worried about this fake death and evidence but my question is if this is true WHERE IS PAUL?

  179. seriously your website is equivalent to the pathetic national enquirer … all writers for this site need to wake up to reality, any chance of being a real journalist is being flushed down the toilet along with your reputation unless you have some attention disorder and are as desperate as to this. let both victims souls rest in peace and stop trying to make a name for yourself by slandering others…especially ones who are no longer here or unable to defend themselves

  180. Lol and everybody wonders why he did it ? Think about it, if you had nosy little fuckers like yourselves i bet yall would try and do the same thing. Leave the man alone. Obviously thats what he wants. The media in this country has gotten way out of hand.. you raped this man of his privacy so he went to the extreme to get it back.

  181. that is pretty crappy for paul walker and all others thats involved would do this.. fake death. everyone has put alot of time thoughts and prayers and showed support. for nothing?.. Shame on them.. Paul walker and others need to come forward and explain there self to the fans,family,friends. with apology This is BS.
    But if they really didnt fake there death. then everything still there as far support and all.. then media ,news need to move on

  182. Has anyone noticed the photos on the very bottom Of the actors apparently smiling at the scene? They are on set for fast & furious & this is prior to walkers death. Also the fire extinguishers, if you havent noticed theres police tape in one of them meaning the fire extinguishers were put there after police arrived which makes sense because they were trying to save them. This wasnt a set up. Also the men in the fireproof suits? Where on earth do you see a person in a glob and blurry picture. And good job on the photoshop editing with the man standing over the hood of the burning vehicle. Because that makes sense. No one would stand that close to.the vehicle if it was in flames like that and just exploded, the heat would make it impossible and even dangerous for a firefighter. The fake face you placed over that hood doesnt even have a mask or protecting gear and you can see the flames through the person. So hes a ghost now who.can just lean on the hood of a vehicle that exploded and not be affected by touching the burning hot metal? And the group of people standing there would be the friends that rushed to.the scene when they heard the crash and tried to save the two. Every photo is irrelevant and does not make sense. Idiot. Hes gone. Let him be in peace.

    • This is what I have been saying about these pictures. I even went as far as to download some of his pictures and do work to them to prove them wrong myself It’s not hard and I think whoever wrote this is an idiot.

      • Where can I download these pics? The one link I’ve found doesnot work for me ; I can’t see any surveys.

  183. But wheel of the car has two sides, one side with blue center and another side with red center, so at that matter it is same. You made one wrong evidence.
    We add to your comment:
    To clarify this is not as was once thought as proof of two cars. Instead, this the norm, that such Porsches have blue center hub color on the right, while red on the left. So, the hub color is not evidence of two different cars.

    It has been made abundantly clear that there is no dispute over the wheel hub centers. Did you read the post, or is this an attempt to sow doubt?

  184. The centres of the wheels blue and red one side the right side had blue centres and the left had red centres if you look at other video of car the one thats on hear maybe

    • Supercars do that. The threads are different on the left than they are on the right. So Porsche made the left side red and the right side blue

  185. I cannot believe I’ve just wasted an hour of my life reading this crap (including all comments).
    I find it fascinating that my 7 year old spells better than most of you retards!!
    The number plate theory is ridiculous!!
    If someone was going to try and pull of such an elaborate hoax and obviously spending a fortune in the process, don’t you think they would match the number plate instead of missing a number off as you suggest??
    There’s people at the crash scene and what appears to be a fire truck?? So what!!
    I’d expect to see that at any crash site.
    The motives behind the hoax is fame or fortune?? Seriously?? You might be surprised to hear this, but the guy was already rich and famous.
    There are many gullible people out there and although people do love a good conspiracy theory, you should still have some fucking respect!!
    Get a life people and instead of wasting your time on this shit, do something more useful like learning to spell

  186. Telling by the comments. There is NO HOPE FOR HUMANITY. Seriously. Let me know when you find him.

  187. I think he did it to spend much needed time wit his kids n get the limelight off of him n have a actual family anyway it endsup “love u paul walker n ur movies”

  188. Him and tupac are kickin it in Argentina somewhere…… not

  189. Its true hes in a diffrent part of the world. He is with Tupac, Biggie, Elvis having a party. Come on people if he did fake his death it was to get away from dumb ass people,so let him be. If not let him rest in peace.

  190. What I dont understand is how autopsy report’s identified them as the driver and passanger. Did they pay the examiner millions to fake it to just to all go to jail bc we all know thats what would happen if it was a hoax

  191. “Planted” this and that.. What proof do you have any of your claims of items being “planted” are true? No proof? Quit wasting people’s life with this word twisting BS. “You see the fire extenguisher there? It’s obviously a prop.” Are you an idiot? Seriously. Is that the conclusions you jump to in life? And the liscense plate.. It’s called heat. Metal changes under high heat. All of your “proof” is BS and half these pictures you can’t even see a thing besides a big blur.

    • I agree with you and if you actually look at the pictures you can see that there is nothing to them. I have

  192. lol this whole article is crazy, half the comments are filled with even more crazy. But I will give it this, I was entertained! hahaha. It’s funny what people with too much time on their hands or maybe just an absence of appropriate meds can come come up with xD How about we all just let the guy be dead and move onto something oh so much more interesting like what moronic thing is going to come out of a reality star’s mouth next C:

  193. because how else could they sell the 70th land before time? oh sorry i meant anither shitty multi movie sequel.

  194. have already had experience with the death of ca mickeal jackson. respect brothel families. and then how even if he is not dead “agent confirm” he is the one that looks ocuper you your ass

  195. Okay, whoever posted this article needs to take a writing class if he or she really wants to be taken seriously as a journalist. But I suppose the writer who posted this story doesn’t really care about being taken seriously since they’re posting absurd conspiracy theories.

  196. This Shit Is Crazy

  197. So where is he

  198. Since he isn’t dead where is the total proof that he is alive? All of thus is speculation, good speculation but still speculation, until you get a picture or video evidence that he is still alive

  199. Murder?

  200. who would seriously believe this? I’m tired of websites like this making up lies and what not just to get attention. he’s dead. stop….

  201. If this was a hoax, who were the 2 bodies that were burned alive? How did they pull off DNA matches for both bodies and perfect dental impressions for the 2.???? Total bullshit

  202. Two amazing men died and will always be missed and never forgotten ….. The rest means nothing!

  203. U think they faked it cuz fast and furious 7 came to dvd and most stopped at number 3

  204. I think the point they’re trying to make about two of the same type of car is that one was used as a prop for the burning. If u were going to stage this you would want to use the same make and model they were driving without destroying the actual vehicle they owned or rented. There could be a few reasons for this. But I do agree with you. I know these pics are strange but I can come to many conclusions and make tons of speculations about them because I have no idea what I’m actually seeing other than a car on fire and people around. I noticed the man they’re claiming is a pyrotechnician but he isn’t wearing anything to protect his face. And upon closer look I’m not sure if that is a person or if it looks like one because of visual matrixing. I think what it comes down to is that his death was so ironic people can’t believe it. And it was so horrifying people don’t want to believe it.

  205. look hollywood star just do this to get paid more money the act up ….. or act died people never no if their died or not they get paid to make up stories about famous people for example Paul walker he is very famous cuz all his movies and he dies out of no where cuz they were speeding wat is that in the movies they speed and they didnt die theirs so many facts that u can us to find the truth but nobody nos only God


  207. Paul Walker was a humanitarian, and an all around good guy. he would not fake his own death, because he wouldn’t want to put his family and close friends through that pain… If only we could find out that it was a big misunderstanding… but we can’t, because It wasn’t.

  208. It’s pathetic how far some people will go all for the the almighty dollar. I was, and I stress was, a fan of FF movies, but now, I wouldn’t watch one even if it was free. You lost a fan, PW.

    • The guy is dead ppl if u believe this page then i got a diamond mine in my backyard to sale u and my trees grow gold yall ppl need help lpl

  209. Is this really true. Is paul walker and his friend actually alive? Need answers. The real truth.

  210. So, maybe Kurt Kobain also still alive? Haha

  211. When the life of people are in hard times looking for idols, great people to look up to…”This is a sin beyond sin,loss of human integrity and the soul that binds it”. My faith in people like this leaves me empty and disgusted. When death does come fake is replaced with “TAKEN” along with no return.

  212. So many illiterate people trying to prove otherwise on here. Lie somewhere else please, truth will always prevail.

  213. Heres a thought who freaking cares

  214. If it is a hoax then why don’t Paul make a public appearance to let the world know the truth, other wise no proof of his death just let it alone people! I dont think they fake his death especially him doing so, so please let the guys rest in peace!

  215. Do you have an Editer? Your grammar has a lot to be desired. How can anyone take this post serious? It looks to be written by a 10 year old.

    • It is true that there were omissions and typos in the post, and, no, the staff isn’t as big by any means as the big online journals. Those typos/missing words are now corrected. Thanks.

  216. Quite possibly the dumbest and most ridiculous theory I have ever read. You are literally a damn retard. What’s worse is you actually believe your own nonsense…seek help. Are you wearing a hat made of tinfoil? Just curious

  217. I know that this site wants to make money but two wonderful people DIED in this crash…as in their poor loved ones will NEVER see them on this earth again. If you can’t let him rest in peace, at least do a piece on the great men they were so their families don’t need to see such bullsh** everyday.

  218. Sorry… Sadly death is a part of life. We all most go when it is our time. I loved Paul and was am still heartbroken to hear the news that he is no longer with us. But people come on, just cause he was a celebrity does not mean his death was a hoax. Even celebrities must go. Sadly….. may he rip.

  219. I am an average citizen and even I think you are idiots! Respect the deceased and let there family greave in peace!!! My goodness, what in the world are you people thinking??? Get a life! Go back to school! Do something to better your time rather than putting these two men’s family and friends through more hell than they are already in!!! GROW UP!!

  220. Welll if he did not die and faked it all for “publicity”, his pretty boys looks will get all the attention he wants in the state penitentiary..

  221. Wow. So he’s still alive. I wonder if it was deep deep cover for Fast and the Furious 11 scheduled for September 2020 ??

  222. This is the biggest crock of b.s. I’ve ever heard. Its easy to look at a situation and pick out things you think don’t make sense then convince a bunch of idiots the same. The dude is dead. Let it be

  223. Guy who wrote this idiotic bs, you may want to go check in to a clinic for the truly insane. Whats to gain from them faking their deaths? A few thousand maybe a hundred thousand dollars for his charity? So go through all this elaborate shit for a little bit of money for a charity while missing out on the 30 million dollars he would’ve made from the next Fast and furious movie, not ony that but missing out on the countless other millions he would make from any other movies.

    Even out of the scope of the financial losses how about the legality of this “fraud”! Firstly it is illegal to fake your death even without any financial gains, also im sure he had life insurance, that would put him in prison for a long ass time, than defrauding the fans who donated their money to hs charity.

    So to summarize, he faked his and unnecessarily a friends death to make a few thousand for a charity and maybe i dont know allow the studio to make a bit extra off fast and furious, even though he will miss out on tens of millions of dollars and go to prison and ruin his career when he reveals that it was a promo stunt. That sounds like a really smart thing to do. I dont know how you were allowed out of the hospital, let alone who gave you access to a computer and the internet. I’m not even going to jump on your repeating the same shit over and over again thing, nor what ever point you were trying to make by saying Zionist media or satanic plot. I guess in your next master piece you will delight us with your tale of how the zionist satanic media and Paul Walker made a pact with satan to over throw the government. Cant wait for that one you bat shit crazy fuck

  224. Lol the star of a racing movie died in a car crash xD

  225. Stupid conspiracy theorists. Get a life instead of trying your hardest to disprove others.

  226. People’s ignorance sickens me. The person that wrote this article has never heard of a fallacy in their life.

  227. This is just sick and disgusting. Low life no proof having losers. You wasted a lot of time out of your no good, useless lives. Just because you want to start shit and smash the name of a great man you pull some stupid ignorant shit like this. I think you need to get a real job and a life, that is if you can get a life. I’m sure no-one wants to be a part of a life of someone like you.

  228. Omg !

  229. I pray it was a hoax and he IS alive. I wouldn’t be mad at all. We did not live his life. We do not know what his reasons may have been. And shouldnt judge. Prayers would be answered if he is still alive, and I for one would stop and be thankful that such a wonderful, good, morally decent human being is still with us. Maybe he wanted to concentrate on his humanitarian efforts. Or be with his daughter privately. I for one am praying he is still with us.

    • Amen. Glad he and Rodas are still around. Don’t forget all the other hoaxers who are still doing quite well, like the fake corpses of Sandy Hook, the Boston smoke bombing hoax, LAX, Nairobi (forgot the rest, getting dizzy listing them all).

      • Have the site owner done any investigation with the coroner’s ID certificate that was presented to this site? the name of the deputy coroner is listed at the LA department and was the person that had been to PW crash.

        The conspiracy of it being a fake death just doesn’t add up, all the pics of the so called girlfriend at the crash trying to warn off the camera was not PW girlfriend, so i guess the site’s owner does not want to believe any actual proof from PW’s own Twitter page that had made it VERY clear that PW was alone at that event before the accident?

        • Do you know about Coroner Carver of Sandy Hook? Does that add up?

  230. looks like mission accomplished for the creator of this article. drum up attention and get thousands of visitors to his site. and all done with a senseless hoax theory and some blurry bigfoot pictures.

  231. SO he is dead or what

    • Did you carefully read the post? He’s not dead.

  232. In the event of this video and statements about Paul Walker faking his death as well Roger. Seem s to me a lot of people want this to be true, and if it were that they faked their own deaths, then where is the real reason of why? If a celebrity wants privacy then they should have it, and from a fans point of view I see very little privacy to the bigger stars in the entertainment business. I personally think it is true that he and Rogers passed away. I am a big fan of the series and franchise of Fast and Furious, but to keep believing the rumors and the redone tapes and videos is crazy. Yes it would be nice to find out all the facts and information to what happened and caused the accident, but to implicate family and co-workers is a tasteless act. Since he faked his own death with Rogers, then it must mean they are out kicking it with Tupac right? The only thing I see is a lot of hype and wishful thing from this story.

  233. Too many grammar errors for me to think this is real.

  234. Well, the story line say’s the “Production Crew was arrested”, okay…BS story so far! Who was arrested?

  235. that’s why there were skid marks from the get away car and probably donating to a fake charity so walker and co. can still receive money to live ! #COMEONOUTPAULWALKER

  236. Ok I might have a answer to that for you! Why would he or they fake their death. Before paul walkers death! He had talked about spending more time with his new foundation he had created. Plus what’s the best way to raise alot of money the person who created the foundation dies! So in this case it happens to be someone famous that makes it a bonus. Also he had talked about wanting to spend more time with his daughter to better their relationship. Or also the fact that he talked about retiring at the age of 40. OK well some people might not feel the same way who wants to give up the fame. Fame doesn’t matter to everyone!!! And if he did fake his death leave him be. He will be the one to feel the guilt over what he and Roger have done.

  237. Seriously if this was a hoax, this was a cruel one. thinkingthat two individuals supposably died in this crash a horrifie accident was wrong…. just let the fans know the truth are they deceased or not?

  238. This information is all very compelling. However I would like to propose a different theory behind the white figure in the fire: I think that it is actually slender man.

  239. I guess he is off in hiding with, 2Pac, Biggie, Elvis, Marilyn, Michael Jackson, and all the others that faked their deaths, waiting for the right time to come back and shock the world! Lmao. Give me a damn break.

  240. I think this move has something major to do with fast 7. A big finally if you will.

  241. People who defraud, no matter how or why should not be celebrated or appreciated. They lied to you making you feel for them making you belive there lies. If you continue to support them and what they stand for, then you deserve to be lied to.

  242. The car has 4 wheels! It clearly was staged! Don’t you see? It had 4 wheels and a steering wheel.. Not to mention the engine.. Definitely a faked death… .Lmfao f’in nutjobs

  243. Look…You tube Colorado shooting hoax… will get the same crap this page is saying. They, no I’m sorry one man out lines all the things that was not right with the shooting, and trust me its a lengthy video like 7 minutes. It’s all bs…..It’s one person with NOTHING better to do than post this kinda crap because his/her life isn’t fulfilled. It was cruel for them to do it about Colorado and it’s cruel now. I can manipulate ANY picture I want and you would NOT know otherwise. Paul Walker was a very handsome man, very well known, money out his rear he most definitely DID NOT need to fake his death. With what he’s earned from his movies, he wouldn’t have to make another movie period, so your theories are very wrong. Get a real life guy and stop preying on the death of famous people and putting their family threw more hell than they all ready are…….

  244. What would they get for faking their death? Umm how many ppl went out n bought the fast n furious movies?? I bet a few MILLION!

    Also, faking a death is only illegal if money is collected from insurance companies Or a fake death certificate is made. Other then that, if u fake a death and do not collect any insurance, if u don’t send a fake feather certificate to credit card companies to beat them out of payments, ur not doing anything illegal. So iF they faked it, the only benefit they got was the millions of money they made from everyone that ran out to buy all Walkers movies!! I wanna see a death certificate which would b available online like pretty much every other celebrities!!

    • ok i have read most of the comments on here and after mike comment is the best place to reply….i have looked up the burial place for roger and paul… roger is at forest hills in glendale and on the cemetery site it actually list his name, location in the cemetery,and on his stone all the info in filled in….paul is suppose to be at forest hills in hollywood and pauls name will not pull up, but other walkers will and only a plaque with the walker name…..and the same with the medical report….rogers is completely filled out including toe tag numbers and it even explains how the tip of his tongue was burnt,and it list his wife as next of kin and pauls has very limited info on it ….but the spoke person for the corona said that pauls tongue was sticking out……and on roger his kids did recieve a life ins payment….but on paul there was no mention of a life insurance policy…and both guys was 6’2″ and weighed around 175…..both had black t shirts, pants but no mention of rogers wedding band or that roger had a watch on that day and there is still no mention of the computer that was stolen from matt lugar paul’s manager

  245. Slander is wrong. My prayers are with the familys of these young men. And if you want to donate everything you own to the walker foundation. Keep trying to drag there names thru the mud.

  246. Let them RIP man all this stupid conspiracy theorist shit.

  247. Y’all think Elvis and Michael Jackson are still alive too!! Haha grow up :/

  248. Let Pau rest in peace.This is aload of crap. You clearly don’t think about how this may effect his daughter, girlfriend, family and friends. Get a life. Rip Paul. May you watch over your loved ones and laugh at the jokes aka human beings that make shit up like this! SICK! Rip Paul xxx

  249. Faked death or not they just don’t have any kind of remorse for anyone or anything. Selfish and senseless

  250. then if this is the case then where is paul walker you fucking sheep believing in every bullshit crackpot theory people have piecing together aftermath footage and claiming it to be beforehand leave well enough alone RIP
    Paul Walker

  251. There’s all the proof right here. It’s a hoax why would they do that? Hurt so many Americans. Just so I guess they can have more fame? To my understandings, they must not give to rips, on how ppl will respond. It’s just sad to see why you would want to fake your own dealth then get cought up on your hoax, cause your busted and shame on all those in favor of the hoax.

  252. They are ALIVE and I can prove it!!! Recently here in michigan we had a really bad ICE Storm and the electricity went out for 8 days and me and my family had to stay at a hotel/motel of until power came back on. While I was staying at the hotel I noticed a room that had a sign on it stating it was under construction and to not disturb signs all over it. Well while I was walking to the pool one morning I noticed 2 men with blacks on ( you could tell they were wigs no problem.) I was wondering what they were up to and asked them. they both looked at each other like they didnt know what to say. They ended up inviting me in the room which was full of computers and camera equipment and told me who they really were and why they were doing what they were doing. Anyway as a incentive to not give up there location they told me they would give me free autographed photos of them together to sell when they come out of hiding and that I would be able to sell them for a quick and easy profit as I would have the inside story before any news crew in the world, they were pretty relaxed and easy goiing for such a big thing like this to pull off. So if any of you are interested in some autographed photos of them in the hotel room while in hiding to have for yourself get ahold of me thru my Email at [email protected] and I can hook you all up. I wont give any info as to were they are staying but I can send you the photos autographed if you would like one to say you knew about this before the entire world did. I keep in contact with them so if your interested in a personalized autographed I can have them do it for a small fee to cover gas and the price of the photo. So if your interested and want proof of your own get at me at the provided email and I will get them out to you. Keep in mind alot of people have already asked for there’s and I wont be able to do this for long so get it while I still can and you dont miss out on the cover up of a life time. This is sooo awesome and Im glad to be part of something like this, its a once in a lifetime thing. so hit me up quick before I get sick of doing it and stop. thanks for your time and Im happy to prove it to you all and help you all out.

    • lol, are you serious? XD

  253. I still think people are forgetting something he isn’t the only person that died I mean the other guy can’t be running the company if he is “not dead” and it would be harder for him to not be found out,but the death is real and anyone that is trying to hold on to something even the slightest can be lied to and made believe that something exists in a picture thats why there was no video where this person so called got all his pictures from,there is no video of the fire itself because nobody was there the fire would have been put out by then. But there was also someone saying that he wanted to spend time with his “son” well that would be a hard thing to do considering the only child he has is a girl from a previous girlfriend. But both of those men died in this accident I mean Paul could live off his money that he has but being spotted meaning he would have to live in the mountains where no body has ever heard of The Fast and the Furious movies,and he could never leave a house,or help people with his funded First Rescue Team. All of these hoaxes are just poking a stick at an ember trying to get something started that nobody can prove besides fake photos and pieced and tampered with videos. So stop trying to get hopes that he will return. But I am not sure that the guy that owned a Auto shop could live off whatever amount of money he has,wouldn’t it be more like “hey i don’t want to die just let me have jumped out or something I gotta make money for my family.” So just stop with all these hoaxes and do some kind of real story with real evidence instead of tampered with evidence.

  254. i have pics of paul and his friend laying in the car burnt to death…i want him to b alive but even celbs gotta leave this earth:(

  255. All u ppl who think this is a hoax should take a good look at your lives and seriously hang your heads in shame ! Don’t you have anything better to do with your lives than to upset the family and friends of these two men that lost their lives ! Give it a break and have some respect for the dead and families ! REST IN PEACE MEN ! You both don’t deserve this and i hope your not looking down in disgrace at these fools.

  256. Maybe the illuminati got to him…

  257. I think he did too good and was a good leader and the wrong people noticed and wanted him gone, dead or alive doesn’t matter to the illuminati when your a powerful influence. It’s only when you don’t want to go is when it gets ugly. Example, Dave chapelle picked him and his family up and left because of too much influence, power, and money and the wrong people looking at him. You never know he could be resting in peace on an island set for life. And if he’s really dead, rest in peace. Don’t worry about others that much especially if they dont know about you. people are still shitting and eating and sleeping and still are going to go to work tomorrow. He was and still is a good person regardless of the nonsense being discussed 🙂

  258. one tarp is a heavey duty one used mostly for construction and you can tell the other one is a car cover crumpled up from its elastic siding nice try though

  259. When the blue car pulled up before fire truck got there. The car was already engulfed in fire. Yet he’s best friend nute
    claimed he saw him unconscious and tried to pull him out. This contradicts blue car video. he should have burned to a crisp by the time fire truck arrived

  260. Ok so not once was there a reason mentioned as to WHY they would fake their deaths and where they are now????

  261. Now absolutely confirmed? It’s still a bunch of raw guesses, it’ll be absolutely confirmed once I see Paul Walker walking.

  262. why in the world would I be donating to anybody if they are dead and they lied about it. you all make the company look real bad.

  263. If it s a hoax then that s sick as!

  264. why would pail walker want to fake his death,so many people love his show?

  265. Zionist controlled media?

  266. The Paul Walker we knew is dead, if he really died well he died, if he lived he is no longer Paul Walker, perhaps he was in a witness protection program, like his movie Running Scared.

  267. This isn’t even close to funny! I hope Mr. Walker and Co., never work in the movie industry again except maybe as gophers. This is completely appalling.

  268. So is Paul dead or what?

  269. I had a *few* ideas on this subject….though your reporting is kind of malicious ..

  270. Your article is poorly written, you jump from point to point without fully developing your ideas, and you have no proof of your theory. I could easily show how ANY of the points you listed as “proof” are rooted in false logic, but I’m afraid that would take too long so I’ll stick with the heavy hitters.

    First the timeline, you start off assuming that the reader knows who and what you are talking about. I couldn’t even follow what you were trying to say. I think it was about how somebody found out about the crash. Which if you’ve ever gotten a phone call with bad news like that, I challenge you to tell me any specific details about what was happening outside of that phone call. People’s perceptions change when they are highly emotional, which is why eye witnesses are often times unreliable.

    Second, the “Fire-proof Mario” looks like an optical illusion of the smoke and flames to me. If it were a person they have very weird proportions. Not to mention the proximity suits you cited come with helmets for a reason, and if you see a face then they can not be wearing a helmet.

    Third, the debris and the fire extinguishers. ANY Car that crashes over around 45 mph will throw debris. Especially if there is an open window. Have you ever seen videos of people getting thrown out of cars during crashes? If an entire body can fly out of a car, why can’t some of the other smaller stuff inside it? The fire extinguisher is just funny, because you disprove it yourself. The interview you posted later has the witness saying that they used several of them. And I’d bet that when the extinguishers ran out they didn’t have any problem just dropping them on the ground, since they can’t explode when empty. Either that or the first one you show was debris from inside the car. The second ones were placed standing up but not until after the fire was out. How do I know? Because the crime scene tape in the same photo is not melted. That thin plastic melts a lot faster then a fire extinguisher. Also the fire department would have just torn down the tape because it would have been in the way of putting the fire out. So what probably happened was, bystanders and cops used extinguishers on the fire, failed to put it out, and after all was said and done, the extinguishers were left for the investigators.

    Which brings me to my fourth point. The white smoke and “pyro technicians” are just firefighting efforts. These people should be thanked because they were trying to put the fire out. The white smoke is most likely the powder from the dry chemical fire extinguishers you showed us earlier. (Still not sure how you thought it was so odd to see fire extinguishers on a fire scene.) Or if any of them were Carbon Dioxide type extinguishers, they too create a light colored cloud. Heck even water extinguishers create a white steam cloud. But that’s probably what you thought were smoke bombs being used. Just people shooting fire extinguishers at a fire. (A shocking idea isn’t it?) Those people are of course the “pyro technicians” you pointed out. Just good people trying to help.

    Fifth, you make a big deal that somebody who you admit knew Paul Walker, posts RIP Paul Walker in a bunch of places. Not that unusual for someone who is grieving. Actually it would be more suspicious if he didn’t say anything. You have no reason to mourn someone who isn’t actually dead.

    Sixth, I’m going to just skip the memorial service and interviews you listed because frankly I read that section 3 times and failed to see you make any point what so ever. I will move on to the hat and the tarp. The generic black hat on the ground, that you admit both victims were seen with that day, you said was “clearly planted.” Really, could it have flown out the window, or maybe been someone else’s hat? In fact since I can’t see enough of the crash scene in the photo, I can’t even prove when this photo was taken. Could it have been at the memorial? The tarp has the same problem. A tarp looks like… a tarp? Shocking! Wait you said they had the same centerline crease that all tarps do because they are almost all folded the same way. You also showed the photo of one on “the studio” floor. What studio? When? I saw a tarp on the back of a pickup yesterday, could that be the same tarp too?

    Seventh, the woman is very clearly not Walker’s girlfriend. I can tell because, the shape of her head and face are very different. Her face is rounder and shorter than Walker’s girlfriend. However they do both seem to wear glasses, so yes there’s that. And I’m really not sure why you pointed out the shadows? Yes, in the morning shadows are longer, they get shorter as the day goes on, until sometime after noon they start to get longer again.

    Eighth, we’re back to smoke bombs again? This time after the Fire Department gets there. This time let us go back to grade school science class. Fire = HOT, and when water gets hot it turns to STEAM. Moving on to middle school we learned that STEAM takes up greater volume than the WATER of the same amount. For example 1 ounce of water will expand to roughly 1600 times the size of that ounce when converted to steam. It was also in grade school we learned that STEAM looks like WHITE SMOKE. You also stated that the Fire Engine was there when the fire started. That’s funny, I didn’t see it in any of the earlier pictures you posted. Where was it then? Or are the pictures just out of order? If that’s the case how do we know you didn’t just rearrange pictures to fit the story you wanted us to believe? Why not show the full video footage and let me see how your narrative holds up then?

    Ninth, there have been a lot of posts about the license plate already and I don’t want to beat a dead horse. So I will talk about the photos of people at the scene. We have no way of knowing when these were taken. It could have been days later for all we know, because you didn’t identify them and their origin. Even if they were of the active crash scene, people still smile at things like that. That doesn’t make them bad people, but sometimes someone will tell a joke just to help lighten the mood and lift the spirits of those around them. Some times people even laugh at funerals for very close loved ones. These photos prove absolutely nothing about how those people were acting, or how they were feeling.

    Finally, I want to challenge an assumption that you have been making all along but never put into words. You assume that Paul Walker could have hired all these people, (pyro technicians, producers, special effects artists, other celebrities, fire fighters, police officers, and random bystanders) and paid them all to keep quiet. That would cost a ton of money. You would think that would show up in somebody’s financial records somewhere. Especially since the media would pay big money to anyone who broke that story if it were true. In fact why wouldn’t someone who helped pull off a fake death of a celebrity and got paid well for it, not immediately turn around and tell police in exchange for immunity and then sell the story to the highest bidder in the media? They’d be rich and famous instantly. In addition to that, why would Paul Walker need to fake his death to begin with. Most people didn’t know his name before he died. Most just knew him as “that guy who’s in all the Fast and Furious movies with Vin Diesel.” It’s fairly easy to get out of the media spotlight by not doing anymore movies and being a boring everyday guy. Just ask all those celebrities that you don’t hear about anymore. They didn’t all fake their deaths, did they? Sure a slow fade to obscurity takes longer than faking your death, but it also lacks the constant fear that you will be discovered, that will follow you for the rest of your life. And it’s not illegal.

    To sum up, I want to point out that you have obviously no idea what happens on true emergency scenes, or how simple fire extinguishers work. You have simply made a judgment based on logic a first grader could poke holes in. And with that new found stupidity, you have decided to become a horrible human being by deliberately trying to accuse the dead of crimes, which is easy when they can’t be around to defend themselves. The worst part is that you will have people who will believe this utter nonsense, and you will have forever tarnished the names of these men. While at the same time dragging the emotions of their families through the mud by reminding them that despite all the support they received from the public, there are still people out there that would accuse them of lying about how their loved one died. You should be ashamed.

  271. Paul Walker did NOT fake his death. The fire extinguishers are there because people TRIED to stop the flame, but FAILED. You can’t even tell that those people in the suits (which might not even be fire proof) are even Walker and Roger Rodas. Let the men Rest In Peace!

    • Prove it.

  272. You people are sick in your head. Why would they fake their death? Stop spreading lies.

  273. Cant believe this crap.Unfortunatly they both passed away along with the hundreds of thousands that also passed away that day.

  274. I decided within 2 days of the “accident” that it was all BS. The reactions of his blood and movie family did not coincide with someone grieving for a loved one who died in a tragic accident where they burned to death. There was no real emotion with any of them.

    I will admit that some of the pictures on this site are blurry which would make any person doubt the hoax theory.

    Now the question at hand. Why fake your death? Well I can’t speak for Roger Rodas but for Paul Walker its easy. MONEY and FREEDOM. Lets introduce 2 scenarios.

    1. Paul decides that he doesn’t want to act anymore. He wants to retire. So he stops doing movies. Simple enough right? That makes sense right? Faking your death is stupid. So he quits acting and NO money is coming in. Sure he gets residuals but it’s not like he had an extensive movie catalogue. He also was not a Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Denzel Washington make 20 million dollars a movie type of actor. Other than the Fast&Furious franchise there are no other blockbuster movies for him. So how is he going to sustain his lifestyle that he and his daughter have become accustomed to based on residuals? If you notice when a celebrity drops out of the limelight their popularity drops, people forget about them, and they lose their endorsements if they have any. So with this scenario he is living off of whatever he has in the bank. Hope he doesn’t go homeless folks! Its happens to celebrities all the time.


    2. He fakes his death and sees his estate grow to 9 figures in the next 3 years. Yeah I said it 9 figures. Let me break it down for the naysayers. Reach Out World Wide is his legacy. And I know that most of you think that the money that is made will go to charity but what you must understand is a lot of celebrity non profits are not set up that way. If you notice some of the proceeds for Fast 6 will be donated to his charity. I am sure the same will happen for Fast 7. Whether you want to believe me or not a large chunk of that money will go to his bank account. That’s right folks he is getting rich off his death. Since his death his charity has made millions and will continue to do so as long as silly fans continue to give them their hard earned money. Next, his extensive car collection. There are plans to sell his car collection via auction. This will net him millions easy. Who wouldn’t want a car driven by the late Paul Walker. Next since his death Amazon has had a hard time keeping his movies in stock. People are buying everything Paul Walker related off the shelves. His residual income will only increase because of this. Any producing his production company did will also increase. Not to mention his personal insurance. I am sure that amount is a hefty chunk. Don’t believe me take Michael Jackson for example. When he died his estate was only worth 50 million. In four years his estate is now worth 299 million all because the public bought everything related to him off the shelf. He also owned the Beatles catalogue which increased his fortune. These celebrities are worth more dead than alive.

    With faking his death he can live a normal life with some minor adjustments to his appearance. And his costars, family, friends, Universal Studios, and ROWW will never let you forget about him. They will occasionally remind you of him to stir your emotions to get you to see Fast 7, and donate to his charity. Silly rabbits……

    So you see the second option seems like the best choice. But, what about his fans? Why would he do this to his fans? Well folks its simple. The fans are not a factor in his life decisions. I know its easy for some of you to think that these celebrities actually care about us but most don’t. They just care that you spend your money supporting their luxury lifestyles. The truth hurts doesn’t.

    In any case 2014 is upon us. So whether you believe Paul really died or it was a hoax its time to let him go. Let’s leave 2013 behind and move on. Paul has chosen his life so lets focus on our own.


    • You wrote is very true. Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014th

      • Good blog posts. I read all of them. I love your “Coming Home” theory. I remember when the video came out. I thought that they came out with it so soon. And the entire cast said in many interviews that they were “coming home” so I believe they are basically telling us the truth by hiding in plain sight. You just have to read between the lines.

        In a lot of PW videos he is basically telling us he is going to go away. I watched several and was able to read between the lines.

        • Thanks! It is all a little too soon, for sure. I have been getting quite a bit of responses on that theory – and it is the most logical one in my mind. I cant get on board with all the Illuminati & murder talk, it really is pretty simple…

          • I studied the Illuminati about a decade ago for a class. Its not what people think it is. Its just a distraction to keep people confused. When something bad happens people automatically says its the Illuminati and then find evidence to support it. Not realizing that some of the evidence that they are using to prove the Illuminati theory was purposely planted.

  275. Regarding the “Cody Walker response” to the media being “disrespectful.” The facebook page is a fake. The poser is linking pictures and links from other websites and pages. A mourning brother would be staying away from the media at this time. Not trying to garner more attention. He posts gossip articles about his family. None of the pictures there are “rare.” They are all seen through other websites. He was defending a fake picture of Meadow that was really Jasmine. Not one picture on his page is a picture that hasn’t been posted somewhere else.

  276. Not much talk about the footage showing the street light going down from the impact. Not sure how that could be staged…

    • It was just unbolted and felled, Hollywood-style. Smoke and mirrors.

    • Exactly! How could this fall?
      I do’nt get what happened…
      It doesn’t match with the state of the car at the end…
      And the fact we only see 60 seconds of this footage, and not the car…

  277. Hi being a big fan of motorsport I can ask me any questions about the causes of the accident which for me remains unanswered
    I myself led led car has great speed and is also off the road and explode my car over 170kmh …
    But has the car explodes in the state that I’m shocked to see that I can not say that birth is not possible but doubt persists about the actual speed saw the damage and especially when I looked at the satellite picture of the crash site : and once again I was surprised
    Why you ‘ll have it taken a road that leads nowhere has the back to starting point
    It may well even a turnstile circuit form …
    curve before the accident is not very strong but very long could you come out to this place I do not think personally by a foreign element have come disrupted their path and I will fall for her … thing that she has put out to parking across the road turn left and saw the Porsche arriving at a brisk pace seeing the car at the last moment is lend a steering wheel right and avoided the collision tape the floor and ended up in the tree with the tragic consequence that is …
    As this road has made ​​me think a circuit I continue to analyze the big shift that arrived before them and the big surprise again …
    If you look at the road you can even tire tracks and not one but several in a circle and of course the satellite image was before the accident we can see that the tree birth not burn …
    So the question I really wonder he was racing ?
    Had it been invited to this place to measure has no other …
    Is hiding the truth about what is and what is its all speculations are allowed
    We would just like to have the truth and we can stop lying to us that the fan can truly understand and mourn
    Generosity to these two gentlemen with big hearts Roger Rodas Paul Walker will always love you RIP

  278. Salut étant un grand fan de sport automobile , je peux me poser des questions sur les causes de l’accident qui pour moi reste sans réponse
    Voiture je me LED a une grande vitesse et est également hors de la route et exploser ma voiture sur 170 kilomètres par heure …
    Mais a l’explosion de la voiture dans l’état que je suis choqué de voir que je ne peux pas dire que la naissance n’est pas possible, mais le doute persiste sur la vitesse réelle vu les dégâts et surtout quand j’ai regardé l’image satellite de l’ emplacement de l’accident : http :/ / et encore une fois j’ai été surpris
    Pourquoi vous aurez il pris une route qui ne mène nulle part a le dos au point de départ
    Il peut bien même une forme de circuit tourniquet …
    courbe avant l’accident n’est pas très forte mais très longue pourrait vous sortir de cet endroit , je ne pense pas personnellement par un élément étranger sont venus perturbé leur chemin et je vais tomber amoureux d’elle … chose qu’elle a mises en stationnement sur ​​la route, tourner à gauche et a vu la Porsche d’arriver à un rythme soutenu de voir la voiture au dernier moment est prêter un droit de volant et éviter la bande de collision au sol et s’est retrouvé dans l’arbre avec le conséquence tragique qui est …
    Comme cette route m’a fait penser un circuit que je continue à analyser le grand changement qui est arrivé avant eux et la grande surprise de nouveau …
    Si vous regardez la route , vous pouvez même les traces de pneus et non pas un mais plusieurs dans un cercle et bien sûr l’image satellite a été avant l’accident , nous pouvons voir que la naissance de l’arbre brûle pas …
    Donc la question que je me demande vraiment qu’il courait ?
    Il avait été invité à cet endroit pour mesurer n’a pas d’autre …
    Se cache la vérité sur ce qui est et ce qui est de ses toutes les spéculations sont permises
    Nous aimerions simplement avoir la vérité et nous pouvons nous arrêter de nous mentir que le ventilateur peut vraiment comprendre et le deuil
    La générosité de ces deux messieurs avec de grands coeurs Roger Rodas Paul Walker vous aimera toujours RIP

  279. I don’t care if this was fake,i just wants him back!!!Can’t stand the fact that some maniac killed him,because he didn’t know how to drive!Because,when u are a driver,u are responsible for you and your passenger…And Paul was just innocent passenger!

  280. Why are people asking the reason for faking his death? Oh c’mon you dumb fucks how will they know what they really wanted, this website is just uncovering the reality behing this hoax, They don’t know WHY they faked their deaths, They know HOW they did it, only paul walker knows why he did this, so you guya really need to grow a brain or start acting like a person with some common sense.

  281. These replies are the most funniest n rediculous things ive ever heard. Why are people so dumb. Its obvious the poor man is dead. But people cant just leave it there, instead make stupid conspiracy theories

  282. Are you kidding me? Do you expect me to believe this crap? The photos are so blurry. They don’t prove a thing. You say you have solid proof that he’s alive. Well, where’s your proof? Paul Walker is DEAD, unfortunately. His body was postively identified through dental records. That’s your proof that he’s gone. Stop with this fake death nonsense and have some respect for his family, friends and fans who are still mourning his death. You people are a bunch of idiots. Get a life and grow a brain!

    • Rita,
      You are correct regarding the blurry photos and the dental records. Might I add, some of the photos here are doctored. Case in point, look at the photo that has Mario Man in it. You can clearly see that Mario Man AND the flame thrower person has been added. I was comparing this photo to the original DailyMail photo which was the original source and neither were in the original photo.

  283. who ever wrote this story should be put in jail for saying that he faked his death you people r sick

  284. Every single person who posted on here with either “yeah, it’s a hoax man!” or even “I think it could be either one” should have their tubes tied. YOU are obviously too stupid to be allowed to reproduce. This isn’t a joke, DON’T REPRODUCE!!!!! It’s people like you that will be the end of humanity. The rest of us fairly intelligent people saw the manipulation and word play after the first few sentences, the stretches that were being made to piece non issues together, and then claiming those non issues as “fact” of a hoax.

    Please, please, PLEASE!!! Go get yourself fixed. And if you already have kids, and they’re anything like you, euthanize them. You just might save mankind by doing so.

    • You say that you’re intelligent, but you are for children euthanasia….. interesting, really.

  285. I kind of believe that he faked it but I also kind of believe that he didn’t. I don’t know what to believe. This article has some good ponits. But the other articles that I’m reading on that he died also has some good ponits. But I mostly believe that he died.and I will never forget him for the great times we had watching hos movie. He will always be in my heart and be loved. I miss you uncle Paul.

    • It’s time to quit believing or “believe” and, rather, use the intellect to assess issues. That’s why God gave everyone a brain.

  286. I stumbled across this website a maybe a week or so after 11/30/2013 and I have been keeping up with the posts from both points of view as well as doing my own research. I consider myself to be a person who seeks truth because I love truth and despise lies and deceit. I believe 911, Sandy Hook, etc. to be false flags and it really only took a little common sense to come to those conclusions. One thing is for sure and that is that the United States is a Zionist ran country through and through. The case of Paul Walker on the other hand is not so cut and dry in my opinion. I have no doubt that the “accident” presented to the world on 11/30/2013 was staged but by whom and why are the questions I have. I would sincerely appreciate it if the owners of this website would contact me by email because I have evidence/info that I have not yet seen posted on here. You would be welcome to share it on here if you’d like.

  287. On all police reports and coroner reports they state speed limit being 45 that was attached to the light pole that was knocked down also proof with pictures from scene having 45, but if you go to google satelite and put coordinates with street view you will see for yourself that the light pole has a speed limit of 35 not 45. So far that’s the only thing that I find odd with evidence to it

  288. Paul Walker’s not dead neither is 2 PAC or Elvis! Such bullshit people collaborate so much be. The fact is that the man has passed and you should show the man his proper respect and leave your theories else where. May he Rest in Piece and his family find comfort and not have to listen to these theorist bloggers nonsense.

  289. they throw in the car smoke grenades on video

  290. Just saying it could be a kidnapping unlikely but a possibility

  291. The last picture is from a movie set not from the time of the accident. The blinder in the background is nowhere to be seen at the accident.

    Also, It was warm in that part of California. So why would M.R. and company where jackets, coats, cover their head and a scarf if it was warm.

    Please use photos from that day and time period only.

  292. are Paul and Rodger alive or not?

  293. Hate to point this out again but the pyrotechnic person that has been as of now Mario Man is doctored. The original source is the DailyMail and this Mario Man is not in the original photo. Neither is the black suited pyro-tech that is supposedly in the full photo also.

    Dead give away is:

    1. His ghostly appearance. He does not match his surroundings. This is due to the grayscales being off.
    2. He is way too short due to size scales being off.
    3. He is distorted: head too big, face too long to match his body stature, he has a laughable longer than cool handle bar mustache that would have been burned off in such a fire. Also, his arms are too short for this distortion.
    4. He is practically in the fire. Fire codes require not only protective suits (which this guy seems to be wearing a long sleeve shirt with some lettering on the sleeves), protective head gear and an air pack. This “person” is wearing non of the above.

    The “pyro-tech with the flamethrower”
    1. This “person” IS wearing protective gear minus an air pack BUT
    2. This “person” is way too clear for their surroundings
    3. This “person” has been darkened to make people unsure of its authenticity.
    4. This “person” is wearing a get up that looks like it stepped out of the movie Resident Evil.
    5. This “person’s” booty is on fire


  294. The “burnt” license plate clearly has 93 this was set up. People in need of money as far as I can see and clearly there is a man with flame throwers and fire resistant cloths

  295. the guy in the green hat it may be pual walker

  296. It makes me sick to my stomach that some people a actually retarded enough to buy into this garbage without a send thought. “oh he’s got pictures he must know what he talking about” . Photoshop or Fireworks ring any bells?

  297. You sir, are a goddamn idiot. It’s because of dumbasses like you that nobody know’s what to believe in this day and age. The Internet has become nothing more than a glorified gossip center these days. Putting up useless crap based on your own personal belief, and poorly put together evidence is just idiotic. Between the BS fake body picture’s, and all the crazy conspiracies about his death being staged, you morons are doing nothing more than spreading lies. I personally, don’t trust a friggin thing I see or read on the web unless it has legit confirmation. Too many scammers looking to start gossip. The man is dead. Let it be and get a life dude.

  298. whaa aaaaaaaat

  299. This is really funny 😀 “fire-proof pyrotechnician Mario” LOL and all.

    • Yeah!! That’s laughable!
      I spent time wondering what the hell they were talking about.
      I finally find myself thinking they have all played too much video games xD

  300. Why is anyone even commenting? Leave it alone. You all must just like doing this as you have nothing better to do with your day. I say this as it is amazing how people think inside THEIR BOX.

  301. I knew he want dead

  302. Got to love it when people start their defence of rubbish with, “it was well known that…”, because the very thing they’re claiming was “well known”, in almost every instance, has never been ‘known’ by anyone at all but the fabricator of the story.

    What they’re really trying to say is, “I’m full of crap and desperate for fame and money and I like to use the suffering of other human beings to make that happen, because the deceased can’t contradict me”.


  303. i know ryt,this was all a set up. paul walker is just tired of the fans and needs a break from all this.

  304. I just wish we knew

  305. I hope you are right

  306. Is Paul walker still alive or gone??

  307. Hasta que PAUL no salga de su escondite, YO NO VOY A CREER EN USTEDES…Y donde comienzan los comentarios queria acotar de que nunca hubo 2 coches, ya que mencionan el haber encontrado dos placas con diferentes numeros, es simplemente porque 1 FANATICO, adquirio una placa en un negocio, de ahi la diferencia de MATRICULA…No sean tontos, SI EL ACTOR ESTA VIVO, TIENE QUE HABER UNA PRUEBA CONCRETA???…MIENTRAS TANTO, SON PURAS PATRAÑAS LO QUE SE ANUNCIA EN ESTE BURDELL…LAS IMAGENES SON BORROSAS, NO PODES ESTAR SEGURO SI UNA PERSONA ESTABA CON ROPA CAMUFLADA PARA LAS LLAMAS….POR FAVOR NO ESCRIBAN TONTERIAS PARA QUE LA GENTE SE ILUSIONE…!!!

  308. It was a hoax guys he is alive don’t be sad well it was planned faked the death

    • And your proof or source that PW is alive and well???



  311. It is entirely possible that Walker had to “fake his own death” because of what he saw happen to Randy Quaid, who was DENIED asylum in Canada after alleging that a “Hollywood death cult” was trying to destroy him (after having plundered his assets and turning his own brother (Dennis) against him.

    In which case, I wouldn’t blame the man… after all, just how many SHITTY sequels can the guy possibly stand making?

  312. is paul walker really dead????????????…….

    • PW is not dead.

      The fact that all these people are arguing about PW dead or alive is quite hilarious.

      Your all easily manipulated, its fun for us. While you hear Pw is dead on the news what you really don’t know is he is ALIVE. Making News Networks hide & lie about anything an everything is possible all you need are some powerful people with lots of money.

      The fact that you all believe this Car crash was real is fun & games to us. Keep us laughing please don’t stop.

  313. We all know Paul Walker is dead because of how it looks like the car was hitted by a RPG or somethingbecause I have watched a lot of crush scens and have never seen a car crash that looks like a rocket has hit the side and alsoThis is what you get America for telling lies in the past because 9/11 was clearly a inside job the Boston bombing was fake because for someone that has 2 fake legs being in the media saying that they had really bad pain in there legs the person was fully ID as someone who had both legs cut off year’s before the Boston bombing and let’s not forget the shooting on Orlando because gun control is gay say’s a lot of people in America and yet it’s funny how a shooting happen inside a gay nightclub

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