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NEWLY UPDATED: Paul Walker’s Crew Busted for Faking his Death

Updated, again, Dec. 27, 2013, corrected, Dec. 28, 2013

It is now absolutely confirmed that for reasons yet to be fully determined Paul Walker and Roger Rodas faked their deaths. That fake death claim is supported by Mr. Walker’s family, althoughm, more recently, Paul Walker, Sr., has reported he and his son don’t always see eye-to-eye. This hoax was achieved with the collaboration of the entire crew and production team of the Fast & Furious cabal in league with Universal Studios.

The inanity of the commentary and behavior of Jim Torp alone demonstrates the nature of the scam, as does, through a careful review, the behavior, comments, and body, as well as facial, language of the those other associates being interviewed. Torp says the girlfriend was at the car studio and “collapsed” upon hearing the news, which he received, he claims, via a cell phone. Yet, in contrast, the company Website said she wasn’t there. At once, Torp claims, the accident occurred a mere 5 minutes after the departure of the two men, then changing the story to “2o minutes.”

No matter: there are far too many anomalies to regard it as real. Consider, for instance, the fake warning that Mr. Walker issued to his fans a number of times to be happy, to “smile,” in the event that he might die a violent death in a fast and furious car crash.

Let us take these individuals at their words, i.e. that Walker and Rodas took off for a short journey and never came back, thus, dying in fiery car crash. Too, let us take the word of the Zionist-controlled media that Mr. Walker and Mr. Rodas were burnt “beyond recognition” and that there was no means to identify their bodies except through “dental records,” which means they would have surely been burnt to a crisp.

There is no evidence of any real disaster scene, real forensic investigation, and surely not an iota of evidence of any bodies being burnt alive.

No one knew it happened until a “loud explosion” was heard, Torp claims. Then, with his magic ball, he said he “knew it was an accident,” right away. Sure he did . Sure he knew all about it. It is, after all, nothing other than a magic trick.

It was certain that the world would know how devastating these senseless deaths would be, as the two men prepared to depart on their five-minute joy ride. That was the continuous message, “What a sad and horrible loss,” and thus people got entrapped into this emotionally, even shedding tears and suffering much sadness over the untimely deaths of two young men with such great potential. In Walker’s case he was so dearly loved by his fans.


There was no such loss. It was nothing other than a side-show, the standard antics of Hollywood in action, though few people realized it. It seems that actors are idolized. People fell into a swoon over the senseless deaths of these two men, finding themselves emotionally engaged, never considering other possibilities: that it could all have been staged.

How could they consider this other than as portrayed? It was all done under the utmost disguise, with plenty of distractions: smoke, literally, and mirrors.

This is what people were led to believe the initial scene looked like, a ferocious, deadly car fire, with good Samaritans attempting the rescue:


Yet, upon careful inspection of another frame it can be seen that a pyrotechnician, fire-proof Mario, is in the frame. Notice, too, the fire extinguisher laid on the pavement, butt-end against the curb, as a prop.


The man in the white suit is very real and is involved in accelerating the pyrotechnic fire. This image was taken directly from the DailyMail. Here is the picture with embedded credit in the far left corner:

Note also the strewn wreckage, a kind of cushion, also placed there as a prop. How could it simply have popped out of the car?

A zoomed in view of prop-star and pyrotechnician Mario. In this case the eyes must be trusted. That really is a human being.


A close-up view of the fire extinguisher placed against the curb as a prop.


Another example of fire extinguishers seen here, two of them:


These are all obvious Hollywood-style props and are not related to a car crash of any kind, the placement of the fire extinguishers upright near the curb in particular demonstrating the fabricated nature of this scene. Would anyone in their right mind place these compressed cannisters near the fire so they could explode?

This is essentially the same scene for public consumption taken as a screen shot from the video by the fabricators who rolled upon the scene in the blue sports car, acting as if they were accidental by-standers. It was these fabricators who said upon stopping their vehicle on the opposite side of the street, a considerable distance away, “They died; He’s dead,” while having no way to confirm it was ‘they’ or that there were even any people in the car. Regardless, who can refute it? That is a person, seen previously, in the midst of the pyrotechnic burn wearing a fire-resistant suit. That person, at least the one in the midst of the pyrotechnic display, oddly enough bears a resemblance to Roger Rodas.


This is also another man or two in fire-proof suits (a suit of some kind; exact nature not known) involved in creating the incineration. Watching the video carefully it can be seen that the man does move about, proving this is a hoax. The suit seems to be tightly fit on his legs and buttocks but also around his arms and hands. Here is the outline of this pyrotechnic mole:


That really is a person, and that person really is wearing a fire-proof suit. A likely example of such a suit:

This is from a film uploaded by HerreraVip, a Walker associate, who was on-site. It can be seen that there is a man in a white suit who is firing a flame-throwing device into the car, when the observable smoke tunnel suddenly forms.


The red underline defines the actual pyrotechnician mole; his head can be seen; on the video he can be seen to move about.

Изображение с кодом 4189347

On the other side of the pyrotechnic fire (darker side), there are two men, one apparently in a protective suit.

Here is an example of a smoke bomb, which was dropped by the perpetrators to disguise the event, not normal behavior for people attending to a fiery, deadly car crash. It can be seen from the slow motion video that there are a number of these smoke-issuing devices that were released.


Does anyone still doubt that people were really working the site of the fake car crash and that they weren’t there as advertised, as a rescue unit? Then, there is this battery of screen shots seen, here, courtesy of ABC and also through the cell phone footage taken by an individual with the moniker, HerraraVip.


RE: the above image. The perpetrators can be clearly seen here operating near the smoke bombed-out area, just as the pyrotechnic fire is being ignited (left screen). There is a powerful sports car parked against the curb. Seems to have an antennae on the roof. A fire truck, ready to go, seen, upper left screen.


The timing offered for public consumption does not match what is seen in the above, RE: the shadows.


A curious statement by the ABC narrator, that this is merely a “Hollywood” style “ending,” in other words, not a real one.


Smoke bombs going off in large numbers for purposes of disguise, possibly to hide the actions of the pyrotechnicians from any undesired onlookers.

Untitled paulwalkerpyrocrew

A pyrotechnic fire only. All experienced people who work in emergency circumstances would realize this is the case.

Woman, presumably Jasmine Gosnell-Pilchard, emerges to shoe the videographer away. It can be seen in the film that she is vigorous in this regard to cause the filming to be halted.


Who is HerraraVip?



Herrera provides music for the F&F entity and can be seen with Walker in videos on sets, as discovered by a nodisinfo poster. Everywhere, wherever he posts he puts “RIP Paul Walker.”


This is the picture he uses on his feed. What does this represent? Could it get any more bizarre than this? This is, after all, the man who put on such a dramatic act which substantiated the hoax, pulling away from the microphone as if he couldn’t take it any more, as if he was crying.

What is he wearing on his head? Hard to say but the Walker clique does like Viking hats, the devil-like double horns, as seen in their Dec. 16 beach party after the fake death.

Support: Meadow Rain, 15, walks with friends along the Santa Barbara beach on Sunday - the day after her father was laid to rest in a low-key ceremony that was attended by friends and family–Furious-stars-family-friends-hold-beachside-memorial.html

Hoaxers galore.

And what is a bombon production?

Me 5/25/2013

He is apparently a hip-hopper and formerly worked out of New York:


It’s obviously what kind of manure he keeps in the sewer of his mind. It is, this fake death and phony car crash – a Satanic act, despite the fake acting, the handsome green-blue eyes (of Walker), and more. He is being called out for his constant support of a fake.

Is it the same person who acted as the hoaxer who acted like he was dying in grief? An older version, it could be: look at the broadening of the nose, double-diamond ear rings is a key player in this hoax.


One of the most convincing actors of all, he had all the emotions and body language, which convinced millions of his desperate despair. Yet, it was all a fake: no tears, here. Then, why do the wiping? The point is what is the act about, the fake tears, unless the entire operation is fake? The man has clearly fabricated this grief, which is clear and categorical evidence of a fraud.


Additionally, a planted hat to depict the hat of one of the occupants; it is well-known that Rodas was wearing a black hat, and Mr. Walker can be seen before this set-up holding a similar one.



There is no doubt that this hat is a prop; it is clearly planted. There are no bodies, by the way, under that tarp. Who can dispute such evidence of a movie-like set, pre-planned for the maximum emotionally charged reaction? However, the dummies might have been planted by this time.

A similar tarp, if not precisely the same tarp, was seen previously inside the studio. Note the central lines, highly similar:


On the ABC video when the fire truck sirens sounded and it started pulling up, this Walker scene produce (or coordinator) called it down, frantically.


Or, more likely, she was telling her friend or associate, Alofoke or other, not to film this specific scene or that she didn’t want to be filmed. The waving off effort is rather vigorous. No wonder: she herself doesn’t want to be filmed, because this person bears a strong resemblance to Walker girlfriend, Jasmine Gosnell-Pilchard.

Изображение с кодом 4079253

Regarding the crash hoax here is what Alofoke uploaded. Poor job. He revealed the whole scam in the rush to defraud the world. This is a crucial finding that proves that the official claims, no matter how much fake emotion is shown, is a lie:


That’s right, just as is seen so clearly, just as the pyrotechnic display begins there is an entire entourage of Walker collaborators on the scene. Where? Right in the middle of the road in close proximity to the burning car. Torp & Co. never gave the world this view of the scene. Nor did “Fire Extinguisher” Herrera.

Another view from an ABC exclusive video:


There are three people, left-screen, another, mid-screen, and two on the far right screen.

What is behind them? It is a law that when doing pyrotechnics that supportive protection must be available, just in case the fire or explosions get out of hand. In fact, that is a fire truck behind on the far right screen. Regardless, it makes absolutely no sense that just as this fire is ignited there would be such a mass of people surrounding the car, while clear and obvious pyrotechnic smoke abounds, likely as a means of disguise.

An enlarged version of the screen shot seen below, which proves the use of smoke bombs and possibly smoke machines.


No one can say that this isn’t a group of humans congregating next to the initial setting of the fire.


There are all sorts of people, here, some close to the Hollywood hoax display, others on the far side of the road, still others in their cars. Is that really a fire truck in the back?


Is that a water cannon, then, on the back of that fire truck in the back, as seen on the back of this truck? Whatever it is this same object (confirmed to be a strobe light by a poster) is also seen in later images; also, the rectangular shape of that truck is the same as a fire truck.

This simply confirms that as the fire was initiated there was a fire truck there in advance.

Here is hard proof that it is the same truck, right there before any major fire is started, the image on the left being from the HerraraVip film, the other a still image at the PW site:


Apparently, it is a strobe light. Regardless, the point is it is the same in both images, the image on the left being a kind of proof of the vehicle being there in advance. The fire trucks were all ready to go, just in case the artificially created fire got out of hand.

Regardless, the finding of all these fabricators and hoaxers on site, smoke machines and/or bombs as a disguise and, then, the explosion of pyrotechnic fires: all this is proof of a staged death. Who can prove otherwise?

Regardless, these hoaxers are busted completely. They were right there, not merely reactively ‘on the scene’, as they claim but, rather, creating this scene. Busted to the moon: the deaths were faked, absolutely proven by the presence of the crew well in advance before the pyrotechnic fires were ignited.

Thanks to a number of alert, erudite posters evidence is accumulating that two cars were used and that the “get-away” car was not the one that was sacrificed.

A number of people have said, including astute posters, that two different cars were used based upon the licence plate left at the scene by a van, as a part of the memorial. However, close inspection demonstrates the number to be nearly the same – but not exactly so:

A screenshot from an actual video where Walker is directly associated with the car on that day (Nov. 30):

Notice the fact that it tends in the numbers “90.”

Different licence plates, therefore, confirmed? Regardless, it is not merely a difference in numbers or name plates that is important; how did the licence plate get placed just there, propped up like that? That means the plate was planted, which confirms the hoax; it was planted for full camera view. This alone is cause for suspicion of this event as a hoax.


Two different licence plates is proof of the use of two different cars. The “Always Evolving” seems to be missing at the bottom. The zero is also missing, yet the rest of the plate is fully intact. Even so, once again, the key piece of evidence is the fact that the licence plate could not have arrived in that position naturally but was instead clearly planted, just like the fire extinguishers and hat.


The licence plates are slightly different, mainly in the missing under bar, “Always Evolving.” There is another major proof seen in these plates. See the blue date sticker in the lower plate, the one cropped from a picture of the car driven by Rodas? That blue sticker is missing from the other plate. Nor is there upon close inspection any evidence of the state being impressed into the plate. This is additional proof that this is an elaborate, staged hoax and that the claim that these two men died in a fiery crash is false.

Regarding the use of two cars there is also this issue that has been observed by a number of people, so it will be covered, here, although it is irrelevant:



To clarify this is not as was once thought as proof of two cars. Instead, this the norm, that such Porsches have blue center hub color on the right, while red on the left. So, the hub color is not evidence of two different cars.

However, the difference in the licence plates may well demonstrate that two cars were used, the junk yard-like car or less valuable one being burnt up, while Walker & Co. made their escape in the more valuable one.

Regardless, the existence on the scene before the fire and pyrotechnic display was ignited of dozens of people and a number of cars proves  the case. Busted: HOAX level, 1000%.

More evidence? How about plenty of smiley faces “at the site of the crash,” per the DailyMail:


Michelle Rodriguez shares a smile with other mourners who came to honor their late friend.

These people, including all the staff, the directors, the producers, and the co-stars, know it is a hoax. At least the American people should know the same. People are spending their money on DVDs and more, possibly donating to the hoax charity, wildly believing in this fraud. All levels of this fabrication must be boycotted.


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  1. Let Pau rest in peace.This is aload of ****. You clearly don’t think about how this may effect his daughter, girlfriend, family and friends. Get a life. Rip Paul. May you watch over your loved ones and laugh at the jokes aka human beings that make **** up like this! SICK! Rip Paul xxx

  2. Faked death or not they just don’t have any kind of remorse for anyone or anything. Selfish and senseless

  3. then if this is the case then where is paul walker you fucking sheep believing in every bullshit crackpot theory people have piecing together aftermath footage and claiming it to be beforehand leave well enough alone RIP
    Paul Walker

  4. There’s all the proof right here. It’s a hoax why would they do that? Hurt so many Americans. Just so I guess they can have more fame? To my understandings, they must not give to rips, on how ppl will respond. It’s just sad to see why you would want to fake your own dealth then get cought up on your hoax, cause your busted and shame on all those in favor of the hoax.

  5. They are ALIVE and I can prove it!!! Recently here in michigan we had a really bad ICE Storm and the electricity went out for 8 days and me and my family had to stay at a hotel/motel of until power came back on. While I was staying at the hotel I noticed a room that had a sign on it stating it was under construction and to not disturb signs all over it. Well while I was walking to the pool one morning I noticed 2 men with blacks on ( you could tell they were wigs no problem.) I was wondering what they were up to and asked them. they both looked at each other like they didnt know what to say. They ended up inviting me in the room which was full of computers and camera equipment and told me who they really were and why they were doing what they were doing. Anyway as a incentive to not give up there location they told me they would give me free autographed photos of them together to sell when they come out of hiding and that I would be able to sell them for a quick and easy profit as I would have the inside story before any news crew in the world, they were pretty relaxed and easy goiing for such a big thing like this to pull off. So if any of you are interested in some autographed photos of them in the hotel room while in hiding to have for yourself get ahold of me thru my Email at [email protected] and I can hook you all up. I wont give any info as to were they are staying but I can send you the photos autographed if you would like one to say you knew about this before the entire world did. I keep in contact with them so if your interested in a personalized autographed I can have them do it for a small fee to cover gas and the price of the photo. So if your interested and want proof of your own get at me at the provided email and I will get them out to you. Keep in mind alot of people have already asked for there’s and I wont be able to do this for long so get it while I still can and you dont miss out on the cover up of a life time. This is sooo awesome and Im glad to be part of something like this, its a once in a lifetime thing. so hit me up quick before I get sick of doing it and stop. thanks for your time and Im happy to prove it to you all and help you all out.

    • lol, are you serious? XD

  6. I still think people are forgetting something he isn’t the only person that died I mean the other guy can’t be running the company if he is “not dead” and it would be harder for him to not be found out,but the death is real and anyone that is trying to hold on to something even the slightest can be lied to and made believe that something exists in a picture thats why there was no video where this person so called got all his pictures from,there is no video of the fire itself because nobody was there the fire would have been put out by then. But there was also someone saying that he wanted to spend time with his “son” well that would be a hard thing to do considering the only child he has is a girl from a previous girlfriend. But both of those men died in this accident I mean Paul could live off his money that he has but being spotted meaning he would have to live in the mountains where no body has ever heard of The Fast and the Furious movies,and he could never leave a house,or help people with his funded First Rescue Team. All of these hoaxes are just poking a stick at an ember trying to get something started that nobody can prove besides fake photos and pieced and tampered with videos. So stop trying to get hopes that he will return. But I am not sure that the guy that owned a Auto shop could live off whatever amount of money he has,wouldn’t it be more like “hey i don’t want to die just let me have jumped out or something I gotta make money for my family.” So just stop with all these hoaxes and do some kind of real story with real evidence instead of tampered with evidence.

  7. i have pics of paul and his friend laying in the car burnt to death…i want him to b alive but even celbs gotta leave this earth:(

  8. All u ppl who think this is a hoax should take a good look at your lives and seriously hang your heads in shame ! Don’t you have anything better to do with your lives than to upset the family and friends of these two men that lost their lives ! Give it a break and have some respect for the dead and families ! REST IN PEACE MEN ! You both don’t deserve this and i hope your not looking down in disgrace at these fools.

  9. Maybe the illuminati got to him…

  10. I think he did too good and was a good leader and the wrong people noticed and wanted him gone, dead or alive doesn’t matter to the illuminati when your a powerful influence. It’s only when you don’t want to go is when it gets ugly. Example, Dave chapelle picked him and his family up and left because of too much influence, power, and money and the wrong people looking at him. You never know he could be resting in peace on an island set for life. And if he’s really dead, rest in peace. Don’t worry about others that much especially if they dont know about you. people are still shitting and eating and sleeping and still are going to go to work tomorrow. He was and still is a good person regardless of the nonsense being discussed 🙂

  11. one tarp is a heavey duty one used mostly for construction and you can tell the other one is a car cover crumpled up from its elastic siding nice try though

  12. When the blue car pulled up before fire truck got there. The car was already engulfed in fire. Yet he’s best friend nute
    claimed he saw him unconscious and tried to pull him out. This contradicts blue car video. he should have burned to a crisp by the time fire truck arrived

  13. Ok so not once was there a reason mentioned as to WHY they would fake their deaths and where they are now????

  14. Now absolutely confirmed? It’s still a bunch of raw guesses, it’ll be absolutely confirmed once I see Paul Walker walking.

  15. why in the world would I be donating to anybody if they are dead and they lied about it. you all make the company look real bad.

  16. If it s a hoax then that s sick as!

  17. why would pail walker want to fake his death,so many people love his show?

  18. Zionist controlled media?

  19. The Paul Walker we knew is dead, if he really died well he died, if he lived he is no longer Paul Walker, perhaps he was in a witness protection program, like his movie Running Scared.

  20. This isn’t even close to funny! I hope Mr. Walker and Co., never work in the movie industry again except maybe as gophers. This is completely appalling.

  21. So is Paul dead or what?

  22. I had a *few* ideas on this subject….though your reporting is kind of malicious ..

  23. Your article is poorly written, you jump from point to point without fully developing your ideas, and you have no proof of your theory. I could easily show how ANY of the points you listed as “proof” are rooted in false logic, but I’m afraid that would take too long so I’ll stick with the heavy hitters.

    First the timeline, you start off assuming that the reader knows who and what you are talking about. I couldn’t even follow what you were trying to say. I think it was about how somebody found out about the crash. Which if you’ve ever gotten a phone call with bad news like that, I challenge you to tell me any specific details about what was happening outside of that phone call. People’s perceptions change when they are highly emotional, which is why eye witnesses are often times unreliable.

    Second, the “Fire-proof Mario” looks like an optical illusion of the smoke and flames to me. If it were a person they have very weird proportions. Not to mention the proximity suits you cited come with helmets for a reason, and if you see a face then they can not be wearing a helmet.

    Third, the debris and the fire extinguishers. ANY Car that crashes over around 45 mph will throw debris. Especially if there is an open window. Have you ever seen videos of people getting thrown out of cars during crashes? If an entire body can fly out of a car, why can’t some of the other smaller stuff inside it? The fire extinguisher is just funny, because you disprove it yourself. The interview you posted later has the witness saying that they used several of them. And I’d bet that when the extinguishers ran out they didn’t have any problem just dropping them on the ground, since they can’t explode when empty. Either that or the first one you show was debris from inside the car. The second ones were placed standing up but not until after the fire was out. How do I know? Because the crime scene tape in the same photo is not melted. That thin plastic melts a lot faster then a fire extinguisher. Also the fire department would have just torn down the tape because it would have been in the way of putting the fire out. So what probably happened was, bystanders and cops used extinguishers on the fire, failed to put it out, and after all was said and done, the extinguishers were left for the investigators.

    Which brings me to my fourth point. The white smoke and “pyro technicians” are just firefighting efforts. These people should be thanked because they were trying to put the fire out. The white smoke is most likely the powder from the dry chemical fire extinguishers you showed us earlier. (Still not sure how you thought it was so odd to see fire extinguishers on a fire scene.) Or if any of them were Carbon Dioxide type extinguishers, they too create a light colored cloud. Heck even water extinguishers create a white steam cloud. But that’s probably what you thought were smoke bombs being used. Just people shooting fire extinguishers at a fire. (A shocking idea isn’t it?) Those people are of course the “pyro technicians” you pointed out. Just good people trying to help.

    Fifth, you make a big deal that somebody who you admit knew Paul Walker, posts RIP Paul Walker in a bunch of places. Not that unusual for someone who is grieving. Actually it would be more suspicious if he didn’t say anything. You have no reason to mourn someone who isn’t actually dead.

    Sixth, I’m going to just skip the memorial service and interviews you listed because frankly I read that section 3 times and failed to see you make any point what so ever. I will move on to the hat and the tarp. The generic black hat on the ground, that you admit both victims were seen with that day, you said was “clearly planted.” Really, could it have flown out the window, or maybe been someone else’s hat? In fact since I can’t see enough of the crash scene in the photo, I can’t even prove when this photo was taken. Could it have been at the memorial? The tarp has the same problem. A tarp looks like… a tarp? Shocking! Wait you said they had the same centerline crease that all tarps do because they are almost all folded the same way. You also showed the photo of one on “the studio” floor. What studio? When? I saw a tarp on the back of a pickup yesterday, could that be the same tarp too?

    Seventh, the woman is very clearly not Walker’s girlfriend. I can tell because, the shape of her head and face are very different. Her face is rounder and shorter than Walker’s girlfriend. However they do both seem to wear glasses, so yes there’s that. And I’m really not sure why you pointed out the shadows? Yes, in the morning shadows are longer, they get shorter as the day goes on, until sometime after noon they start to get longer again.

    Eighth, we’re back to smoke bombs again? This time after the Fire Department gets there. This time let us go back to grade school science class. Fire = HOT, and when water gets hot it turns to STEAM. Moving on to middle school we learned that STEAM takes up greater volume than the WATER of the same amount. For example 1 ounce of water will expand to roughly 1600 times the size of that ounce when converted to steam. It was also in grade school we learned that STEAM looks like WHITE SMOKE. You also stated that the Fire Engine was there when the fire started. That’s funny, I didn’t see it in any of the earlier pictures you posted. Where was it then? Or are the pictures just out of order? If that’s the case how do we know you didn’t just rearrange pictures to fit the story you wanted us to believe? Why not show the full video footage and let me see how your narrative holds up then?

    Ninth, there have been a lot of posts about the license plate already and I don’t want to beat a dead horse. So I will talk about the photos of people at the scene. We have no way of knowing when these were taken. It could have been days later for all we know, because you didn’t identify them and their origin. Even if they were of the active crash scene, people still smile at things like that. That doesn’t make them bad people, but sometimes someone will tell a joke just to help lighten the mood and lift the spirits of those around them. Some times people even laugh at funerals for very close loved ones. These photos prove absolutely nothing about how those people were acting, or how they were feeling.

    Finally, I want to challenge an assumption that you have been making all along but never put into words. You assume that Paul Walker could have hired all these people, (pyro technicians, producers, special effects artists, other celebrities, fire fighters, police officers, and random bystanders) and paid them all to keep quiet. That would cost a ton of money. You would think that would show up in somebody’s financial records somewhere. Especially since the media would pay big money to anyone who broke that story if it were true. In fact why wouldn’t someone who helped pull off a fake death of a celebrity and got paid well for it, not immediately turn around and tell police in exchange for immunity and then sell the story to the highest bidder in the media? They’d be rich and famous instantly. In addition to that, why would Paul Walker need to fake his death to begin with. Most people didn’t know his name before he died. Most just knew him as “that guy who’s in all the Fast and Furious movies with Vin Diesel.” It’s fairly easy to get out of the media spotlight by not doing anymore movies and being a boring everyday guy. Just ask all those celebrities that you don’t hear about anymore. They didn’t all fake their deaths, did they? Sure a slow fade to obscurity takes longer than faking your death, but it also lacks the constant fear that you will be discovered, that will follow you for the rest of your life. And it’s not illegal.

    To sum up, I want to point out that you have obviously no idea what happens on true emergency scenes, or how simple fire extinguishers work. You have simply made a judgment based on logic a first grader could poke holes in. And with that new found stupidity, you have decided to become a horrible human being by deliberately trying to accuse the dead of crimes, which is easy when they can’t be around to defend themselves. The worst part is that you will have people who will believe this utter nonsense, and you will have forever tarnished the names of these men. While at the same time dragging the emotions of their families through the mud by reminding them that despite all the support they received from the public, there are still people out there that would accuse them of lying about how their loved one died. You should be ashamed.

  24. Paul Walker did NOT fake his death. The fire extinguishers are there because people TRIED to stop the flame, but FAILED. You can’t even tell that those people in the suits (which might not even be fire proof) are even Walker and Roger Rodas. Let the men Rest In Peace!

    • Prove it.

  25. You people are sick in your head. Why would they fake their death? Stop spreading lies.

  26. Cant believe this ****.Unfortunatly they both passed away along with the hundreds of thousands that also passed away that day.

  27. I decided within 2 days of the “accident” that it was all BS. The reactions of his blood and movie family did not coincide with someone grieving for a loved one who died in a tragic accident where they burned to death. There was no real emotion with any of them.

    I will admit that some of the pictures on this site are blurry which would make any person doubt the hoax theory.

    Now the question at hand. Why fake your death? Well I can’t speak for Roger Rodas but for Paul Walker its easy. MONEY and FREEDOM. Lets introduce 2 scenarios.

    1. Paul decides that he doesn’t want to act anymore. He wants to retire. So he stops doing movies. Simple enough right? That makes sense right? Faking your death is stupid. So he quits acting and NO money is coming in. Sure he gets residuals but it’s not like he had an extensive movie catalogue. He also was not a Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Denzel Washington make 20 million dollars a movie type of actor. Other than the Fast&Furious franchise there are no other blockbuster movies for him. So how is he going to sustain his lifestyle that he and his daughter have become accustomed to based on residuals? If you notice when a celebrity drops out of the limelight their popularity drops, people forget about them, and they lose their endorsements if they have any. So with this scenario he is living off of whatever he has in the bank. Hope he doesn’t go homeless folks! Its happens to celebrities all the time.


    2. He fakes his death and sees his estate grow to 9 figures in the next 3 years. Yeah I said it 9 figures. Let me break it down for the naysayers. Reach Out World Wide is his legacy. And I know that most of you think that the money that is made will go to charity but what you must understand is a lot of celebrity non profits are not set up that way. If you notice some of the proceeds for Fast 6 will be donated to his charity. I am sure the same will happen for Fast 7. Whether you want to believe me or not a large chunk of that money will go to his bank account. That’s right folks he is getting rich off his death. Since his death his charity has made millions and will continue to do so as long as silly fans continue to give them their hard earned money. Next, his extensive car collection. There are plans to sell his car collection via auction. This will net him millions easy. Who wouldn’t want a car driven by the late Paul Walker. Next since his death Amazon has had a hard time keeping his movies in stock. People are buying everything Paul Walker related off the shelves. His residual income will only increase because of this. Any producing his production company did will also increase. Not to mention his personal insurance. I am sure that amount is a hefty chunk. Don’t believe me take Michael Jackson for example. When he died his estate was only worth 50 million. In four years his estate is now worth 299 million all because the public bought everything related to him off the shelf. He also owned the Beatles catalogue which increased his fortune. These celebrities are worth more dead than alive.

    With faking his death he can live a normal life with some minor adjustments to his appearance. And his costars, family, friends, Universal Studios, and ROWW will never let you forget about him. They will occasionally remind you of him to stir your emotions to get you to see Fast 7, and donate to his charity. Silly rabbits……

    So you see the second option seems like the best choice. But, what about his fans? Why would he do this to his fans? Well folks its simple. The fans are not a factor in his life decisions. I know its easy for some of you to think that these celebrities actually care about us but most don’t. They just care that you spend your money supporting their luxury lifestyles. The truth hurts doesn’t.

    In any case 2014 is upon us. So whether you believe Paul really died or it was a hoax its time to let him go. Let’s leave 2013 behind and move on. Paul has chosen his life so lets focus on our own.


    • You wrote is very true. Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014th

      • Good blog posts. I read all of them. I love your “Coming Home” theory. I remember when the video came out. I thought that they came out with it so soon. And the entire cast said in many interviews that they were “coming home” so I believe they are basically telling us the truth by hiding in plain sight. You just have to read between the lines.

        In a lot of PW videos he is basically telling us he is going to go away. I watched several and was able to read between the lines.

        • Thanks! It is all a little too soon, for sure. I have been getting quite a bit of responses on that theory – and it is the most logical one in my mind. I cant get on board with all the Illuminati & murder talk, it really is pretty simple…

          • I studied the Illuminati about a decade ago for a class. Its not what people think it is. Its just a distraction to keep people confused. When something bad happens people automatically says its the Illuminati and then find evidence to support it. Not realizing that some of the evidence that they are using to prove the Illuminati theory was purposely planted.

  28. Regarding the “Cody Walker response” to the media being “disrespectful.” The facebook page is a fake. The poser is linking pictures and links from other websites and pages. A mourning brother would be staying away from the media at this time. Not trying to garner more attention. He posts gossip articles about his family. None of the pictures there are “rare.” They are all seen through other websites. He was defending a fake picture of Meadow that was really Jasmine. Not one picture on his page is a picture that hasn’t been posted somewhere else.

  29. Not much talk about the footage showing the street light going down from the impact. Not sure how that could be staged…

    • It was just unbolted and felled, Hollywood-style. Smoke and mirrors.

    • Exactly! How could this fall?
      I do’nt get what happened…
      It doesn’t match with the state of the car at the end…
      And the fact we only see 60 seconds of this footage, and not the car…

  30. Hi being a big fan of motorsport I can ask me any questions about the causes of the accident which for me remains unanswered
    I myself led led car has great speed and is also off the road and explode my car over 170kmh …
    But has the car explodes in the state that I’m shocked to see that I can not say that birth is not possible but doubt persists about the actual speed saw the damage and especially when I looked at the satellite picture of the crash site : and once again I was surprised
    Why you ‘ll have it taken a road that leads nowhere has the back to starting point
    It may well even a turnstile circuit form …
    curve before the accident is not very strong but very long could you come out to this place I do not think personally by a foreign element have come disrupted their path and I will fall for her … thing that she has put out to parking across the road turn left and saw the Porsche arriving at a brisk pace seeing the car at the last moment is lend a steering wheel right and avoided the collision tape the floor and ended up in the tree with the tragic consequence that is …
    As this road has made ​​me think a circuit I continue to analyze the big shift that arrived before them and the big surprise again …
    If you look at the road you can even tire tracks and not one but several in a circle and of course the satellite image was before the accident we can see that the tree birth not burn …
    So the question I really wonder he was racing ?
    Had it been invited to this place to measure has no other …
    Is hiding the truth about what is and what is its all speculations are allowed
    We would just like to have the truth and we can stop lying to us that the fan can truly understand and mourn
    Generosity to these two gentlemen with big hearts Roger Rodas Paul Walker will always love you RIP

  31. Salut étant un grand fan de sport automobile , je peux me poser des questions sur les causes de l’accident qui pour moi reste sans réponse
    Voiture je me LED a une grande vitesse et est également hors de la route et exploser ma voiture sur 170 kilomètres par heure …
    Mais a l’explosion de la voiture dans l’état que je suis choqué de voir que je ne peux pas dire que la naissance n’est pas possible, mais le doute persiste sur la vitesse réelle vu les dégâts et surtout quand j’ai regardé l’image satellite de l’ emplacement de l’accident : http :/ / et encore une fois j’ai été surpris
    Pourquoi vous aurez il pris une route qui ne mène nulle part a le dos au point de départ
    Il peut bien même une forme de circuit tourniquet …
    courbe avant l’accident n’est pas très forte mais très longue pourrait vous sortir de cet endroit , je ne pense pas personnellement par un élément étranger sont venus perturbé leur chemin et je vais tomber amoureux d’elle … chose qu’elle a mises en stationnement sur ​​la route, tourner à gauche et a vu la Porsche d’arriver à un rythme soutenu de voir la voiture au dernier moment est prêter un droit de volant et éviter la bande de collision au sol et s’est retrouvé dans l’arbre avec le conséquence tragique qui est …
    Comme cette route m’a fait penser un circuit que je continue à analyser le grand changement qui est arrivé avant eux et la grande surprise de nouveau …
    Si vous regardez la route , vous pouvez même les traces de pneus et non pas un mais plusieurs dans un cercle et bien sûr l’image satellite a été avant l’accident , nous pouvons voir que la naissance de l’arbre brûle pas …
    Donc la question que je me demande vraiment qu’il courait ?
    Il avait été invité à cet endroit pour mesurer n’a pas d’autre …
    Se cache la vérité sur ce qui est et ce qui est de ses toutes les spéculations sont permises
    Nous aimerions simplement avoir la vérité et nous pouvons nous arrêter de nous mentir que le ventilateur peut vraiment comprendre et le deuil
    La générosité de ces deux messieurs avec de grands coeurs Roger Rodas Paul Walker vous aimera toujours RIP

  32. I don’t care if this was fake,i just wants him back!!!Can’t stand the fact that some maniac killed him,because he didn’t know how to drive!Because,when u are a driver,u are responsible for you and your passenger…And Paul was just innocent passenger!

  33. Why are people asking the reason for faking his death? Oh c’mon you dumb fucks how will they know what they really wanted, this website is just uncovering the reality behing this hoax, They don’t know WHY they faked their deaths, They know HOW they did it, only paul walker knows why he did this, so you guya really need to grow a brain or start acting like a person with some common sense.

  34. These replies are the most funniest n rediculous things ive ever heard. Why are people so dumb. Its obvious the poor man is dead. But people cant just leave it there, instead make stupid conspiracy theories

  35. Are you kidding me? Do you expect me to believe this ****? The photos are so blurry. They don’t prove a thing. You say you have solid proof that he’s alive. Well, where’s your proof? Paul Walker is DEAD, unfortunately. His body was postively identified through dental records. That’s your proof that he’s gone. Stop with this fake death nonsense and have some respect for his family, friends and fans who are still mourning his death. You people are a bunch of idiots. Get a life and grow a brain!

    • Rita,
      You are correct regarding the blurry photos and the dental records. Might I add, some of the photos here are doctored. Case in point, look at the photo that has Mario Man in it. You can clearly see that Mario Man AND the flame thrower person has been added. I was comparing this photo to the original DailyMail photo which was the original source and neither were in the original photo.

  36. who ever wrote this story should be put in jail for saying that he faked his death you people r sick

  37. Every single person who posted on here with either “yeah, it’s a hoax man!” or even “I think it could be either one” should have their tubes tied. YOU are obviously too stupid to be allowed to reproduce. This isn’t a joke, DON’T REPRODUCE!!!!! It’s people like you that will be the end of humanity. The rest of us fairly intelligent people saw the manipulation and word play after the first few sentences, the stretches that were being made to piece non issues together, and then claiming those non issues as “fact” of a hoax.

    Please, please, PLEASE!!! Go get yourself fixed. And if you already have kids, and they’re anything like you, euthanize them. You just might save mankind by doing so.

    • You say that you’re intelligent, but you are for children euthanasia….. interesting, really.

  38. I kind of believe that he faked it but I also kind of believe that he didn’t. I don’t know what to believe. This article has some good ponits. But the other articles that I’m reading on that he died also has some good ponits. But I mostly believe that he died.and I will never forget him for the great times we had watching hos movie. He will always be in my heart and be loved. I miss you uncle Paul.

    • It’s time to quit believing or “believe” and, rather, use the intellect to assess issues. That’s why God gave everyone a brain.

  39. I stumbled across this website a maybe a week or so after 11/30/2013 and I have been keeping up with the posts from both points of view as well as doing my own research. I consider myself to be a person who seeks truth because I love truth and despise lies and deceit. I believe 911, Sandy Hook, etc. to be false flags and it really only took a little common sense to come to those conclusions. One thing is for sure and that is that the United States is a Zionist ran country through and through. The case of Paul Walker on the other hand is not so cut and dry in my opinion. I have no doubt that the “accident” presented to the world on 11/30/2013 was staged but by whom and why are the questions I have. I would sincerely appreciate it if the owners of this website would contact me by email because I have evidence/info that I have not yet seen posted on here. You would be welcome to share it on here if you’d like.

    • You may send an email: [email protected]. Be well.

    • I’d love to know what info you have. This has all been very interesting.

  40. On all police reports and coroner reports they state speed limit being 45 that was attached to the light pole that was knocked down also proof with pictures from scene having 45, but if you go to google satelite and put coordinates with street view you will see for yourself that the light pole has a speed limit of 35 not 45. So far that’s the only thing that I find odd with evidence to it

  41. Paul Walker’s not dead neither is 2 PAC or Elvis! Such bullshit people collaborate so much be. The fact is that the man has passed and you should show the man his proper respect and leave your theories else where. May he Rest in Piece and his family find comfort and not have to listen to these theorist bloggers nonsense.

  42. they throw in the car smoke grenades on video

  43. Just saying it could be a kidnapping unlikely but a possibility

  44. The last picture is from a movie set not from the time of the accident. The blinder in the background is nowhere to be seen at the accident.

    Also, It was warm in that part of California. So why would M.R. and company where jackets, coats, cover their head and a scarf if it was warm.

    Please use photos from that day and time period only.

  45. are Paul and Rodger alive or not?

  46. Hate to point this out again but the pyrotechnic person that has been as of now Mario Man is doctored. The original source is the DailyMail and this Mario Man is not in the original photo. Neither is the black suited pyro-tech that is supposedly in the full photo also.

    Dead give away is:

    1. His ghostly appearance. He does not match his surroundings. This is due to the grayscales being off.
    2. He is way too short due to size scales being off.
    3. He is distorted: head too big, face too long to match his body stature, he has a laughable longer than cool handle bar mustache that would have been burned off in such a fire. Also, his arms are too short for this distortion.
    4. He is practically in the fire. Fire codes require not only protective suits (which this guy seems to be wearing a long sleeve shirt with some lettering on the sleeves), protective head gear and an air pack. This “person” is wearing non of the above.

    The “pyro-tech with the flamethrower”
    1. This “person” IS wearing protective gear minus an air pack BUT
    2. This “person” is way too clear for their surroundings
    3. This “person” has been darkened to make people unsure of its authenticity.
    4. This “person” is wearing a get up that looks like it stepped out of the movie Resident Evil.
    5. This “person’s” booty is on fire


  47. The “burnt” license plate clearly has 93 this was set up. People in need of money as far as I can see and clearly there is a man with flame throwers and fire resistant cloths

  48. the guy in the green hat it may be pual walker

  49. It makes me sick to my stomach that some people a actually retarded enough to buy into this garbage without a send thought. “oh he’s got pictures he must know what he talking about” . Photoshop or Fireworks ring any bells?

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