Boston Bombing — 28 December 2013
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Boston Hoax Satanist Haslet-Davis Busted for Faking Amputation

What a filthy fraudster she is, Adrianne Haslet-Davis, liar and cheat extraordinaire. What an absolute corrupt individual she is stealing money from the people through lies and cheating, through extortion, for her own wretched gains. As the videographer proves Haslet-Davis was a prior amputee, and the evidence is absolute: let anyone prove otherwise. Her imagery was photoshopped to create the impression that she was not an amputee prior to the smoke bombing. That manipulation through Photoshop is highly evident just through this falsified image alone:


Notice how grainy is the image for arch-fraudster Haslet-Davis, the face and body versus other faces and bodies, even though she is in the focus or front frame. There is a residual defect from cut-and-paste along her dress line, a bit of black that wasn’t color-corrected.

The corruption of the photo of this filthy fraudster can be seen here, where she has virtually indistinguishable slits for eyes without any definition; also the mouth/teeth are devoid of definition. Note, too, that this image was created grainy for purposes of deception. The dress edge is rigid and at a downward angle, demonstrating a cut line.


See how different it is, one real, the other fake, one with crisp features and not manipulated and the other built from scratch with Photoshop to create a false identity?


A compete and absolute fabrication to make it appear that she really was a dance instructor or agent at the Murray dance school, the difference in the imagery is glaring. Clearly, the dance school is a collaborator in this hoax

bostonhoaxhaslet bostonhoaxhaslet2

There is no way that the image on the left is real and is, thus, an extensive Photoshop corruption calling into question the claim that she was a dance instructor at that facility.


Note the fact that this entire image is corrupt, the distortion of her left thigh, the area of amputation. If this was a normal person with real undamaged legs, there would never be such a corruption in the anatomy, with one thigh being not only thicker but also askew, as  if there was a layer of ‘thigh’ painted on that fake leg. Then, too, note the twisted, distorted nature of the woman’s leg behind (a complete artifact) and also the bizarre nature of the lower leg of the man behind, left screen.

Her image is in that photo in a sterile, dull way: 100% fake.


See anything else? Ms. ‘Dance Instructor’ and criminal mind, Haslet-Davis has been elevated to a high level on behalf of the cabal: a Satan’s sign has been photoshopped into her hand, the index finger clearly demonstrating a major cut line, with a wedge of the image missing.



Here is a kind of comparative photo of this picture for confirmation purposes:


She has been inserted into this frame, just as has the Devil’s Horn sign, a frequent finding in the maliciously corrupted Zionist-inspired fake killing and injury hoaxes.

Her so-called boyfriend is also a fraudster and a fake solicitor of funds, also a prior amputee. See the line of demarcation on the photo below and the enlargement of the thigh. It appears that the whole right leg may well be a prosthetic device above the knee.


Mr. Military Industrial Complex and Smiley Face has good reason for his cheer with all the funds he has consumed from public generosity, no reason for agony or grief: his injuries are fake.


Mere moulage patches and paint brush strokes, courtesy of the Zionist cabal: obvious, not disputable. See the line of demarcation on the thigh, the likely site of his amputation and prosthetic leg. More needs to be done, but the suspicion is that he, too, is a prior amputee.

The extortionist in action, here, talking about the smoke bomb, of course, inventing her story lines as she goes along:

hasletfakery0 hasletfakeryarm

Hospital rooms and beds used for staging purposes. She is seemingly in a different room for every fabricated interview.


She is a hoaxer and fabricator. People should be asking for a refund, not sending her money.


A heart-felt post by a real below-the-knee amputee, demonstrating the disgrace Haslet-Davis has brought to real, suffering people through her lying, cheating, and fraud (credit is not possible more than giving the handler name):
This is my first comment on YouTube EVER.  That’s how strongly I feel about showing you non believers or blind supporters of these hoaxes the truth. Although the creator of this video has done an excellent job…  I have information that unless you’re an amputee,  you may not even consider it!  I have the straw that will break the camels back!
I have been a below knee amputee for many years. I say below knee because that changes everything.  When you lose your knee, you lose a lot of mobility and usually visibly limp and may even need a cane or a crutch. You may give up trying to even walk if you lose your leg above the knee and just settle for a wheelchair.  AK’s don’t be mad at me…  I know some AK’s (above knee) are incredible and can’t be stopped by anything….  I’m only trying to explain to the sheep here the difference!  Thank You!!!!
Losing above your knee presents many challenges!  Just going up a few stairs, or stepping up a curve can be difficult.  Now  I can do anything “normal people” (with both legs) can do and probably better! Ski, dance, motocross, pilot, run, martial arts,  etc. I am very active and I walk with no visible limp unless my stump hurts. I could spend a whole week with you and you wouldn’t even know I was missing a leg!  I wear shorts almost daily and I have tattoos painted on my prosthetic…. . I’ve had tattoo artists comment on my tattoos not even knowing they are fake! The whole leg is fake! So first off I can “fool” a “professional” inker without even trying, and second they’re not even aware I have an artificial leg.  See how easy it is!!!   But anyway, Most people only see prosthetics used on runners in the Olympics or the person they see in public that chooses not to cover the titanium  post and other components with a life-like aesthetic cover.  When they are uncovered they look more like something you see in Terminator movies.
Yes, artificial legs for normal everyday activities are very life-like and shaped to match your existing calf and ankle.  They even come with hair! I’ve had friends for many years that didn’t even know I was missing a leg.  The only people who know about my leg are my family, my doctor, my prosthesis and those that I choose to let know. When I try to convince someone I do….  They won’t even believe me. When I finally convince them, they are usually in shock for sometime afterward.  You guys can analyze a thousand pics, try to find Photoshop evidence, say you know her, or dance with her, or anything you want…..  But the truth can be found in one picture!  Yes… JUST ONE PICTURE! Go pause anywhere between 10:18 and 10:34….  I’ll wait……..
There are three views available within this time span with her sitting in a wheelchair. So take your pick…..This picture is recent. This picture is not fake. This picture is not Photoshopped or manipulated in any way or any “trickery” or cover up of any type..  Correct?  Would everybody agree…  Believers and non-believers?  OK.  When you lose your leg, Your thigh muscles in the amputated leg over time lose  muscle and tone and slowly deteriorate somewhat.  Your good leg becomes stronger and more muscular as well,  due to hopping, being on crutches, and compensating for your total ability to balance. Your “good” leg becomes dominate, provides 95% of your balance and becomes stronger and larger while your other leg slowly deteriorates!
You can see in these frames WITHOUT ANY DOUBT her left thigh is MUCH smaller than her right!  SHE HAS BEEN AN AMPUTEE FOR SOME TIME!!!!  Even with her right thigh somewhat lifted off the seat by her foot being on the ground, which in turn allows gravity to pull the fat and fluids downward,  AND her amputated leg which is fully rested on the seat forces all fat and fluids to be pushed upward and outward…..  Her legs are still noticeably different sizes.  CASE CLOSED! This shrinkage doesn’t happen in a few months.  It takes a few years or more!  LOOK !!!!  WOULD YOU JUST LOOK!!! You can see the definition, muscle tone and roundness in her right thigh.  It is a beautiful toned and domed shaped thigh!  AND you can see how her left leg has very little definition and basically flat with no definition!  It looks like a round piece of  pipe. If you still don’t believe…. I’ll show you my beautiful, strong, muscular, toned and domed  thigh on one side…. and my other thigh that is just round with no definition, lacking tone and muscle and much smaller!
Yes, just like Adrianne’s.  She even has it wrapped like she just had the amputation surgery as well…  So in reality, her leg should be swollen a little. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT CAN BE SAID OR EXHIBITED OR ARGUED TO SHOW THIS IS NOT VALID!!!!  Need I say more………………………………….. Those that won’t believe 9-11, Sandy Hook, Waco, Boston Bombing  etc, etc, etc…..  Please PLEASE wake up and lets win back this country from an out of control tyrannical government.  Please!!!  I’m begging you all!!!  🙁  If this doesn’t convince you…. I don’t want you on my side anyway!


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  1. The above information about amputated limbs with the lack of definition and the atrophy that occurs is basic common sense. If you don’t use it – you lose it. To me, this woman also acts like she is an long-time amputee in her movements and mannerism. Plus, the “bombs” were fake because they completely destroyed one leg while leaving all other opposing legs perfectly intact – and this occurred on every single person there! (Bauman was already a double amputee prior to the hoax.)

    • In a real bomb blast one’s clothes are completely torn off leaving a lot people naked. You do not see even one person naked at the Boston Bomb…..not one. Also, not window across the narrow street from the bomb was broken….not even one.

      Also, what was the national director of FEMA doing running around the bomb scene talking to a lot of people? Why was he even there?

  2. Arthur Murray – real name Moses Teichman.

    I agree that she acts like a long-term amputee. Who would cheerfully go shopping for designer shoes right after losing a leg?

    “Darn. My leg was just blown off. Oh well, let’s go shopping. And let’s invite the media.”

  3. Case closed. Her thin left thigh says it all.

  4. Adrianne Haslet-Davis, liar , fake, fraud, embezzlement

  5. F#$%k you all! As her Husband (the so called boyfriend above), I feel sad that you are all so low in life to spread such drastic and libelous information. Both Adrianne and I went through a lot that day along with over everyone else watching mad running that day. I invite you all to call and/or email. None of you can talk about the experience without firsthand d knowledge.

    Adam Davis
    [email protected]

    • So, what is “mad running?” Moreover, people might take you a bit more seriously if you didn’t begin every sentence with a curse word.

      • My apologies, I do realize that starting off a comment that way can be very off putting. However put yourself in my shoes if you come across something similar about your family. I do admit that I was drinking when I wrote the above comment and obviously my emotions (along with typos) came through. I am very upset with how this site portrays the terrorist attacks and belittles our trauma. By the comment “mad running” I meant to say “the running” but definitely had a bad typo that was then autocorrected. Of course my excuses on this site will just be disregarded by the paranoid commentaries. Every person on this site would understand a better definition of paranoid if they had gone through a similar event (god forbid).

    • Oh, whatever! You are not the boyfriend! Hah, that’s hilarious…why would anyone from the marathon visit this site? And why would their interest spark and visit nodisinfo?

      • is this a davis guy serious lol

        • Yes, I’m serious

        • u r an fing idiot troll

      • Take a minute and step back. Even though you can’t believe it put yourself in our shoes if you came across similar site about you and your family. Also definitely not the boyfriend, I was once but we’ve been married for almost five years.

    • Your alleged “girl friend” is the happiest new amputee I’ve ever seen. She’s smiling so much it’s almost as if she hit the lottery. Take your garbage elsewhere clown boy. Go to some lame stream media site where you might have some impact on the brain dead sheeple.

      • My wife has a positive outlook on life and has decided that not wallowing in the event is a better outcome than sitting in a dark room.

    • If you were so seriously injured, explain this:

      Captain Hurt in Bombing Released from Hospital
      Share on facebook388Share on twitterShare on google_plusone_shareShare on moreAdd a comment.

      Apr 19, 2013 | by Matthew Cox An Air Force captain that was seriously injured in the April 15 explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon was released from the hospital Thursday.

      Capt. Adam K. Davis was one of the bystanders at the event when two homemade bombs exploded, spraying the crowd with ball bearings, nails and other shrapnel, according to an Air Force press release.

      Davis was first listed in serious condition, but was released after three days from Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, according to a hospital spokesman Friday.

      Commissioned in 2003, Davis is the deputy IPT lead systems engineer with the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass., according to the release. Before being assigned to Hanscom in 2011, he served at Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland and the Space and Missile Systems Center in Los Angeles.

      • I guess they can’t keep their stories straight:

        The Air Force has identified the airman seriously injured by two bomb blasts during the 117th running of the Boston Marathon earlier this week.

        Capt. Adam K. Davis remains in serious condition at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, four days after the bombing claimed the lives of three and injured nearly 200 people, said Air Force Personnel Center spokesman Mike Dickerson.

        Davis, assigned to Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass., was a spectator at the event when he was injured, Dickerson said.

        I thought you were only near one bomb.

    • Your legs and hands are remarkably free of scratches and bruises in such a short time:

    • You and wife are lieing the truth will come out. U both will be in hell good place for u don’t bring paper money that u stole it will burn

  6. This was one of the worst hoaxes I have seen since 9/11. Fake blood, no bleeding on wounds..the list goes on and on. What I can’t understand is that people must know them to be amputees already but we hear nothing? Silenced?
    Someone must of gone to school or worked with one of them? Strange.
    It was a good try but smart people can see through the fog of lies

  7. Google Annabelle Turner..thoughts?

  8. Your photos won’t load; I’ve tried 2 different browers. Can you repost them, please?

  9. The Images have been restore sorry for the glitch!

  10. I see the fake Mr. Adam Davis couldn’t be bothered responding to me. Stupid troll.

  11. Boston Bombing HOAX:Worst ACTORS Ever

  12. MUST WATCH! CNN Caught Red Handed Interviewing Crisis Actors

  13. Dzhokhar found guilty! It’s all over the news. See, it was real, see it wasn’t all fake. You guys are all conspiracy nutjobs. The TV says he’s guilty of ALL 30 counts charged. The TV never lies…(NOT!)

  14. Photo showing Alison Parker WDBJ7 Virginia shooting victim looks identical to Boston Marathon bombing victim Adrianne Haslet Davis please spread this. I just discovered it watching a video. I’m not a you tuber just trying to find the right way to get this out there

    • I can’t even begin to assess the level of moronic, deluded fuckwittery vomited out by the sad clutch of retarded assholes on this thread who have decided that Adrienne is a “fake”. Listen, cocksuckers: in this fucked up 21st century, even wastes of space like your good selves can squirm your way through the slime & appear, to the proletariat, like “ordinary folk”. What you’re dealing with in me, however, is a very active (and successful) revolutionary from the 1960s who realised that Shamanic Dream Journeys are the smartest way to influence people’s minds. My shamanic dream journeys are on their way to connect with your personal subtle energy, cocksuckers, so don’t be TOO surprised if you wake up in a Hell of your own making. I’ll simply be providing the curtains & the wallpaper. Sweet dreams, now…

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