Fukushima — 07 January 2014
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January 6th, 2014
Updated 01/06/2014 at 6:22 pm

Health officials in California are attempting to brush off public concern after a viral Youtube video showed a large increase in radiation levels on a Coastside beach last week.

The video, which has garnered nearly half a million views, shows radiation levels over five times above the normal background level, prompting fears over the ongoing Fukushima disaster.

Following public outcry, a state investigation by health officials found similar levels while collecting ground samples several days later. According to County Environmental Health Director Dean Peterson, the public should not be concerned.

“It’s not something that we feel is an immediate public health concern,” Peterson told the Review. “We’re not even close to the point of saying that any of this is from Fukushima.”

According to “Dave,” the video’s author, radiation detected two inches off the beach surface several days prior produced levels even higher, nearly 13 times above normal.

Unconvinced of any link to Fukushima, Peterson pointed to items such as “red-painted disposable eating utensils” as a more likely cause of the heightened radiation levels.

Editor’s note: With his mention of such a diversion-like claim Peterson has proven himself to be a cover-up mole and is likely under instructions to spread doubt. Is this being done to merely protect various industries, including the fishing industry?

“I honestly think the end result of this is that it’s just higher levels of background radiation,” Peterson said.

Note: What Peterson “thinks” is irrelevant. The man is using his high position to perpetrate a lie.

A group from GeigerCounter.com claims to have analyzed and found elevated levels of Radium 226 and Thorium 232 in the sand, two naturally occurring radioactive substances reportedly not associated with Fukushima.

According to Dave, after two years of measuring levels on the beach, the increase appeared almost overnight. Given estimates by physics experts that point to a massive radiation plume reaching the west coast by early 2014, some see the timing as more than coincidence.

Note: This increase is seemingly associated with Fukushima #3 apparently going into an accelerated melt-down. Regardless, all there of these units have been in meltdown since the disaster struck in March 2011.

Countless other issues plaguing the West Coast in recent months, such as the ongoing “melting sea star” epidemic, have raised increasing questions over the government’s handling of the disaster, or lack thereof (not to speak of the loss of thee coating of hair in polar bears and sea lions as well as mouth burns and discoloration seen in blue fin tuna (which, incidentally, is now inedible).

Recent comments made by former MSNBC host Chenk Uygur have only fueled the public’s speculation over Fukushima’s severity. Attempting to speak out early on, Uygur was advised by the (Zionist-controlled) network not to warn viewers “because the official government position is that it’s safe.”

Unfortunately, initial concerns regarding Japan were validated after 71 U.S. sailors came forward last month, stricken with Leukemia, tumors and thyroid cancer after helping with initial Fukushima relief operations.

Just last week, the Department of Health and Human Services quietly ordered 14 million doses of potassium iodide, used to protect the thyroid gland during radiological disasters. Attempting to investigate the matter, DHHS officials hung up on Storyleak’s Anthony Gucciardi after questions regarding the incident produced conflicting answers (The miserable cover-up moles in the so-called Obama government would never do anything to help the people in this nation – that’s NEVER with a capital ‘N.’ Alternatively, people can take whole food supplements to protect the thyroid such as NukeProtect and Thyroset, the former having additional herbal components that offer whole body protection; disclaimer – not being paid for such an endorsement).

As new mysterious plumes of steam continue to rise from reactor 3, Fukushima’s future remains increasingly uncertain.

Note: the use of the term “mysterious” is standard for Zionist wretched ones as a means of obfuscation and deceit.

Nodisinfo.com’s commentary:

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit the Fukushima region recently. The  plumes of smoke or matter arising out of Building 3 could represent an acceleration of the meltdown. For details of what do to in order to protect the body see the book, Natural Cures for Radiation. At a minimum juice of oregano, oil of oregano, Nuke Protect, wild chaga sublingual drops or pulverized tea (or capsules of 100% wild chaga, ideally combined with wild oregano whole spice), and a combination of a number of binders of radionuclides (ToxiPurge capsules and drops). Nuke Protect and/or Thyroset are supportive supplements for protection of the highly vulnerable thyroid gland against new, large-scale plumes from nuclear meltdowns.

The greatest danger is as a result of drinking and/or eating radionuclides, which then become deposited in the body. From there, they autoirradiate it. All food, vegetables and fruit, especially of West Coast origin, must be thoroughly cleansed. Water is not enough. As proven by Russian workers, RE: Chernobyl, a triple soak in distilled water, one new soak every 24 hours, pulls out a good amount of the radionuclides. A even more superior method is to use DetoxiWash, which is activated red clay betonite. A soak with this liquified, activated betonite will remove up to 80% of the radiological toxins in as little as five hours. Vegi-Washes, based on surfactants, are also effective. So is simple soap water, but this has some hazards and in this regard only a natural-type soap can be used.

Without protection, people will be at risk, like the sailors, of an increased probability for radiation-induced diseases. It is time to start protecting the body, before it is too late and the radiological metallic ions induce cancer. Further protection is gained by the avoidance of seafood and fish from the Pacific Ocean, this author tracing radiation poisoning in at least cases to the daily, biweekly, or weekly consumption of Pacific Ocean blue fin tuna.

The consumption of milk products should be reduced, especially those which are California in-source.

This is an exceedingly dangerous time, especially for people living in the Western seaboard, from northern Mexico all the way to the tip of Alaska and also down to Hawaii.

Read more: http://www.storyleak.com/california-health-officials-concern-500-increase-radation-levels/#ixzz2pkDYI4QR


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  1. Thanks for posting this info.
    I currently live in southern ca and feel I should move soon, any suggestions on places with cleaner air and less radiation? Thank you!

    • Hello T:

      Anything east of the Mississippi is going to be safer than CA, and the worst parts are those from the West slopes of the Sierras and Rockies to the coast. A move is not a bad idea.

      • Now I’ll have to search what would be best in that area. 🙂 Thanks Dr K

    • From a practical standpoint there are 36 million people in California. Where are they going to escape to?

  2. Thanks for the lowdown on Fukushima and Cali / West Coast.

    Sane and rational people have been saying that the Northeast is doomed, so we’re wondering if ANY part of this country will be inhabitable.

    Thanks for the disclaimer re: not getting paid. Of course, you have a natural right to survive and make a living .

    We don’t expect that Dr. K and http://www.NoDisinfo.com will engage in NUKE PROFITEERING, with the goal of making a killing with OREGANO-BASED REMEDIES for NUKE-RELATED ailments and injuries !

    The ZIONISTS have probably cornered the market already ! (( – :

    Thank you for seeking the Truth and Justice in all of the issues that you’re covering.

    Brad DeShane, Worldwide Press Agent, for

    CT GLOBAL at http://www.CT-Global.webs.com

    CT AMERICA at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

  3. This was proven fake and smoke and mirrors. It’s naturally occuring radiation where the guy took the test, and it did NOT happen overnight. Sometimes you can get high readings in sand There’s higher readings in other places, not affect by Japan’s accident. All BS.

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    But nature can provide answers for healing naturally and following are two books!

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    “The Cure is in the Cupboard”


  9. Smartmeters are dangerous weapons used against people on a global scale (among other things) to radiate them and spy on them. These same people are also terrorizing people through other means such as false flag terror and hoaxes to hold them in hostage on an ongoing basis.


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    With the advent of the brief Winter War when Soviet Union troops assaulted Finland on Nov. 30, 1939, almost the whole country united in its defense. It was a time when Arvo (Poika) Tuominen, secretary of the Finnish Communist Party-in exile, then stationed in Stockholm, broke with the Kremlin and urged all members of the outlawed Finnish Communist Party who lived in Finland, to join and defend the country, a call to which they mostly responded. So the Finnish anti-war movement fell into an eclipse for a time and “Veli, Sisko” was virtually forgotten as Finland became engulfed in the larger World War II.”


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    Dane correctly mentions HAARP as a weapon of inducing climate change. The recent closing of HAARP is pointed out as a credibility problem to that assertion. But It’s important to explain – as Dane alluded – that HAARP is only one ionospheric heater out of a network of dozens of radio frequency transmitters with a combined ability hundreds of times more powerful than HAARP, alone. HAARP was always dangled as a red herring to the broader agenda of a global RF network climate manipulation.

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  25. Fukushima could be considered as one of the major disasters that threatens all life. There are other instances of nuclear (and various explosive material) that mankind is exposed to like during 9/11 and from all these different bomb explosions in various places across the planet in addition to war and drones.

    Mainstream media has failed to inform people who is behind these horrific manmade tragedies that cause immense suffering to innocent people.


    Former CIA Phil Giraldi has written articles about Mossad in America and his articles can be found on the website of Council for the National Interest.org.

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    “One of Europe’s most prominent Holocaust revisionists, Dr. Robert Faurisson, was severely injured in a nearly fatal attack on September 16, 1989. After spraying a stinging gas into his face, temporarily blinding him, three assailants punched Dr. Faurisson to the ground and then repeatedly kicked him in the face and chest. “He was conscious, but he couldn’t speak,” said a fire fighter who gave Faurisson first aid. “His jaw was smashed. They destroyed his face.

    The 60-year-old scholar, who had been out walking his poodle in a park in his home town of Vichy, suffered a broken jaw and severe head injuries. Physicians operated for four and a half hours to repair his jaw and treat a broken rib and badly swollen face.

    A group calling itself, “The Sons of the Memory of the Jews” claimed responsibility for the savage attack. In a statement, the group threatened: “Professor Faurisson is the first, but will not be the last. Let those who deny the Shoah [Holocaust] beware.” While French police officially would acknowledge only that “three young Jewish activists from Paris” had carried out the assault, the attackers are strongly suspected to have been with the Tagar/Betar organization.

    Prominent individuals and organizations in France, along with the country’s most influential daily newspaper, Le Monde, condemned the attack. However, veteran Nazi-hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld sought to justify the crime. “Someone who has provoked the Jewish community for years should expect this sort of thing,” Serge Klarsfeld said.

    Professor Faurisson is best known for his works, The ‘Problem of the Gas Chambers’ and Is the Diary of Anne Frank Genuine?

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  29. Mainstream media deception and social media’s effort to interfere with people when they try to share information about Zionist crime may not be sufficient!


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    July 17 2014

    “An independent audit of electromagnetic radiation from smart meters will begin next month as critics claim reports of illness from hundreds of Victorians represent an emerging health crisis.

    ore than 250 Victorians have contacted Stop Smart Meters Australia to report insomnia, headaches, ringing in the ears, tiredness and burning or tingling sensations.

    “Adverse reactions to smart meter emissions have also resulted, for some, in loss of employment, social dislocation, and unwanted family separations,” it says in a letter to the State Government….”


  31. Jim and Joe Rizoli of ccfiles.com is under Zionist attack.

    They have been courageously telling the truth about Zionist corruption, deception and lies for which the Zionists hate them.

    Thanks for supporting them and the least we can do is to visit their website and here is their website!


  32. 9/11 was done by Israelis and other Jews with the help from cowards like **** Chaney and Donald Rumsfeld and not by Saudis like few people at Veterans Today may tell you which amounts to disinformation. Dr Preston James, Jim Dean, Jonas Alexis are among the trustworthy names at Veterans Today!

    By now you know about the American government, military, sources of intelligence etc have been all hijacked by Zionist Jews who were Communists before. So anytime you read a book or article factor this in. And also know that the Zionist narrative about late German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and German people are simply lies. Hitler is the greatest politician (and statesman) who ever walked this earth. He was the creator of the German miracle and he was a very inspiring leader whom the Germans loved! He was a terrific artist, a vegetarian and an animal lover and a very lovely person according to my assessment and I refuse to go along with lies of the Zionists, their agents and other cowards who continue to parrot these lies.

    Israel and organized Jewry have done everything to subvert America and destroy America’s place in the world while also staging all sorts of false flag terror and hoaxes to keep the entire world in a constant state of fear and shock – while building more Holocaust museums across the United States in many cities as if this is the only massacre (even if the Jewish narrative about the Holocaust were totally correct [it is NOT] (which many revisionists have opposed based on factual information) that happened in the history of the world. Bolshevik Jews killed at least 66 million Russians and more than 20 million Germans lost their lives during and after WW 11, millions of Chinese were massacred decades ago – and where are the memorials for them?

    Malaysian MH 17 crash is a hoax staged by the Zionists in order to blame President Putin aimed at starting a war with Russia. Israel and Zionist hijacked America are trying their best to find another excuse to go after Russia again ( and expect another lie pointing the blame at President Putin or Russian “terrorists” or “hackers”) to kill more Russians, destroy their beautiful country and steal their resources. US Zionist hijacked military is preparing for war with Russia and the people behind this war agenda are Zionist Jews in America and Israel aided by organized Jewry in European countries. It is a crime to wage war and destroy Russia again. President Putin has tried his best to avoid confrontation with Zionist hijacked America and stop this possibility of WW 111 which will cause the death of millions in the US, Europe and Russia.

    Zionists are behind this fake global war on Muslims as well as the police states in the US and many other countries as well as countless other crime and unbalanced Jewish power has taken the world to the edge of a cliff and people are being severely oppressed by the Zionist tyranny which is trying to take away the freedom of all of mankind.

    Israel costs billions to the American people because US government gives aid to Israel!

    Organized Jewry’s use of unbalanced Jewish power and influence to harm members of the public (individuals, groups, specific organizations, political parties etc) are seen in all areas of our life whether it is through various Jewish organizations like AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, Jewish World Congress etc in the US and similar organizations in other countries where there is Jewish domination of the political system, financial and the income tax systems, judiciary and the Jewish owned social and mainstream media or Jewish run medical and law and other licensing bodies or Zionist hijacked Christian church that advocates war instead of peace – The result is the same.

    The result being the destruction of one’s profession and livelihood and in some cases there can be total derailment and fabrication of charges against innocent people – and these unfortunate Jewish targets even ending up in the prison or getting death threats and some are even being murdered.

    Mainstream media cover up Zionist crime and social media interfere with people when they try to share the information about Zionist crime through email and other social media methods and these enablers help Zionist corruption and crime to continue.

    Organized Jewry is in the habit of framing people for crimes they have not done and Dr Aafia Siddiqui a beautiful young well educated Muslim woman was not their only target. US lawyer Edgar Steele was collecting data about human trafficking and the sex trade before he was sent to jail on fabricated murder charges. Peter Markan of Queensland Australia also has spent time in the prison for having fought corruption and crime in Zionist hijacked Australia.

    American actor/movie director Mel Gibson produced the movie: Passion of the Christ after which his career was destroyed and marriage ruined. Doing what is right or speaking the truth which Zionists hate is the crime many people have committed before Zionists have fabricated charges against them aimed at ruining their lives. Indian actor/director Sanjay Dutt right now is serving a prison sentence in his country: India for a crime he did not commit. He has been framed by Israeli Mossad with the help from some Indian corrupt politicians and India’s corrupt judiciary. Sanjay Dutt is supposed to have acquired some guns from terrorists who bombed Mumbai. The terrorists who bombed Mumbai were Israeli Mossad. This whole thing was a set up to send Sanjay Dutt to prison because Jewry wants to take over/own the Indian movie industry.

    The entire world needs to stand against this injustice where people have been destroyed through lies and deception of Jews based on their hatred for Muslims and/or greed for wealth and fame and/or as revenge against speaking the truth which exposes their criminality.

    I have a feeling that Zionist Jews are getting ready again to stage another devastating false flag much worse than 9/11 or could it be Israel exploding bombs in most US cities (Sampson Option) or Zionist orchestrated failure of the US grid in the form of a virtual 9/11 (and blaming it on Russia, Iran or China to start the WW 111) or some race riot orchestrated by Zionist Jews leading to Martial Law prior to murdering American citizens by the Zionist DHS?

  33. The arrest of child torturers/killers in Montreal by direct action team. Kevin Annett. Ninth Circle penetrated.


  34. In few hours it will be 9/11/14 which will be 13th anniversary of 9/11! What surprise Israel and organized Jewry are planning to shock the world? Could there be another Zionist orchestrated event like 9/11 but worse or could it be Israel exploding bombs in most US cities (Sampson Option) or Zionist orchestrated failure of the US grid in the form of a virtual 9/11 (and blame it on Russia, China or Iran) or some race riot orchestrated by Zionist Jews leading to Martial Law prior to murdering American citizens by the Zionist DHS? Jewish DHS has been preparing to murder Americans for a long time!





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