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Zionist Rothschild Behind the Malaysian Airlines Hoax

It is now absolutely confirmed. The Malaysian airlines hoax, known, here, as the Malaysian Airlines Vanishing Act (the latter word implying no pun intended), is a Zionist-orchestrated scam. It is also confirmed, and there can be no doubt about this, that this was conceived and perpetrated at the highest levels of the Zionist cabal, all the way to the Rothschilds.

There can be no more rabid Zionist moles than the people of the Rothschild clique. They essential are the Israeli entity. If the plot for Eretz Israel is going awry, it is the Rothschild corrupt ones who will do all in their power to counter this and attempt to save the day. Moreover, they will do so in the most deceitful way, purely corrupt and treacherous.

The House of Rothschild is the primary force behind the murderous false flag acts but also hoaxes, where murders and injuries are faked.

It’s role in hoaxes is readily proven through it’s latest farce, the disappearance, then hijacking, then suiciding, then remote landing, then bombing, or whatever new lie will be spread – of Malaysian Airlines MH370.

Even so, it would take a powerful cabal to orchestrate the fake disappearance of a jetliner from a major, known national airline such as Malaysian Airlines. Such a hoax would require cooperation of the officials of the airline in question. What cabal, then, could be so mighty and powerful to achieve this and to have the connections to do so other than the House of Rothschild?

Whoever orchestrated this must necessarily exert massive control over the airline entity. To be able to cause such an organization to wholesale participate in the fraud without any leaks – to organize and maintain the fake passengers and phony relatives – this requires extensive cooperation and personnel. It also necessitates major efforts by airline staff and leadership to uphold the cover-up for this phony. So, who is the primary owner of Malaysian Airlines? It is the so-called Khazanah Nasional:


From Rothschild’s own Website it can be seen that this cabal is clearly and categorically associated with Khazanah Nasional in the ownership of Malaysian Airlines. It says that the Rothschild clique’s “assignments include” the activities in Malaysia of “Khazanah…”

What is Khazanah Nasional?


Does, then, the House of Rothschild essentially control Malaysia through the control of its money and lending base? What choice, then, would the hierarchy of Malaysian airlines, as well as the Malaysian government, have other than to comply to the cabal’s schemes?

Note that the entity is also known as Kazanah (therefore, two spellings) and “Kazanah Nasional Berhad.” In Malaysian business circles Berhad stands for private, essentially, private corporation:

Malaysia uses Sdn. Bhd.[2] (MalaySendirian Berhad), meaning “private limited”, which is the equivalent of an incorporated entity in the U.S.

Therefore, although the entity owns a good deal of the powerful commerce entities in Malaysia it is not a national (‘Nasional’) or government entity.

The following screenshot was derived from Khazanah Nasional’s Website:


Clearly, it is the power behind Malaysian Airlines, and the power behind Khazanah is the Zionist Rothschilds. Actually, Rothschild is Khazanah:


HONG KONG/SINGAPORE, Jan 13 (Reuters) – Canada’s Sun Life Financial and Malaysian state investor Khazanah have agreed to buy Aviva’s Malaysian insurance joint venture with lender CIMB for about 1.7 billion ringgit ($563 million), sources said on Sunday.


“Advised” means controls. The above merely demonstrates the wide and extensive power the House holds in the Malaysian nation.

Just how much control does the Rothschild-operated private (Berhad) Khazanah hold over the airline?

  1. Channel News Asia ‎- 2 days ago
    Last month, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) announced a 1.17 billion ringgit ($360  The airline, which is 70 per cent owned by Khazanah Nasional, 

That powerful control proves that this hoax was orchestrated by the Zionists at the highest level, since the greatest arch-Zionist of all is Rothschild.

The term “Khazanah” is directly associated with Zionism:


Rothschild’s murderous plots in the Ukraine and, particularly, in Syria are not going according to plan. These arch-fraudsters, these venomous fomenters of strife, needed a diversion, a grand distraction. What could achieve this more readily than a massive jumbo jet which disappears into thin air with all ‘passengers’ unaccounted for?

it is exceedingly ludicrous. How could a 777 simply vanish? Where would it go?

There are surely other nefarious purposes for the Rothschild cabal to perpetrate an airline disappearance hoax, many of which have yet to be determined.

The evidence tying the Rothschild barons to this hoax also arises from the main corporate source for fake business passengers on the non-existent flight, Freescale Semiconductor.

The entity itself ‘confirmed’ that its workers were on-board with numerous vaguely worded press releases:


Rarely if ever are specifics given. It’s the same “Our thoughts and prayers…” as seen in all the other diabolical hoaxes heaped upon the public consciousness.

Regardless, why is only Freescale Semiconductor the primary corporation with so many ‘passengers’ on this hoax flight? That is because it, too, is a Rothschild holding, a revelation first made by the following Web blog:


Like Khazanah, Blackstone is Rothschild:


Rothschild is grand imperial pubah, the wizard, the hoaxer of hoaxers. Too, the Sayanim are his agents, his hoaxers, his set of fraudsters and murderous goons.

The nations that most heavily participated in this covert exercise known, here, as the Malaysian Airlines vanishing act are as follows:

Lord Rothschild’s RIT Capital Partners has teamed up with the Creat Group, a Chinese investment group led by Dr Zheng, and Quercus Ventures, a boutique advisory firm, to form a joint venture for the new fund.

International private equity groups, such as Blackstone and TPG, have used onshore Renminbi-dominated funds to tap Chinese institutional investors, such as sovereign wealth funds and banks.

Previously, private investors had not been allowed to invest overseas private-equity structures. Lord Rothschild’s new venture is looking to take advantage of the recent relaxation of the rules governing overseas investments.

The primary countries, through numbers of fake passengers supported by phony grieving relatives, that participated in this hoax are as follows:

  • China
  • Malaysia
  • the United States
  • Australia
  • France
  • India

All such nations are heavily infested with Rothschild agents.

Freescale itself is not performing well. It hoped to benefit from the fake event, garnering international publicity for its name. Regardless, Freescale Semiconductor is not only an entity i a dire condition, it is an Israeli entity which is in failure mode:


Freescale, which makes and designs microprocessors, will fire 150 of its 450 workers at its Herzliya headquarters. The company fired 120 workers in 2009, when it still had 600 workers. The firings were somewhat surprising, said analysts, because the company just last month advertised that it was hiring 30 engineers.

Virtually everything regrading this beggar entity, the Zionist strip, is on the verge of collapse. That’s what happens when such a regime acts as a parasite on others.

The combination of the Khazanah holdings company plus Freescale Semiconductor as Rothschild entities confirms that this cabal is responsible for all aspects of this farce. The cabal either murders people or fakes their murders. In this case it is all fake. No one died, and no airline has disappeared.


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  1. Ok, I call BS!

    So the Rothschilds are rich and influential! So what! Did it take you all day to work that out?

    So what if a bank advised the Malaysian government on their investments. Why do you think that might be? “It’s the economy, stupid!”

    ““Advised” means controls.”

    No it doesn’t. Simply asserting something doesn’t make it true. I’ll give you an example.

    Corrector says, “ is the world leader in communicating the truth about current events.”

    The above statement is evidently untrue. This site is full of assertions supported by, at best, tenuous evidence and, more generally is simply an outlet for the proprietor’s delusions and racism. Now, we can repeat the fallacious statement as much as we like but it doesn’t change the facts. A ****, no matter how hard you try, cannot be polished.

    So, in order to ensure clarity, we need to give words their natural meaning. In this case, “advised” means “advised”, no matter how much we would like it to mean something else. It is mendacious to apply a meaning that is not there.

    You may believe that in this case “advised” is being used euphemistically and “controls” states the position more accurately. In which case, you are making an unfounded assertion and should be honest about this. The only other option is to provide evidence to support your assertion.

    Before you return to me to state that “everyone knows that the Rothschilds control the Malaysian Government”, take a moment to think. This is not self evident! If it were your post would be pointless and you would not have written it.
    Neither does your (long) post prove your assertion. It requires the reader to trust in your interpretation of disparate facts, and as I have already shown, you cannot even be trusted to grant the words their natural meaning. This again means that should be suspicious of your statements.

    “In Malaysian business circles Berhad stands for private, essentially, private corporation… Therefore, although the entity owns a good deal of the powerful commerce entities in Malaysia it is not a national (‘Nasional’) or government entity.”

    This is an erroneous interpretation of the facts. Berhad does mean private but you are using this limited definition to suit your interpretation. In actuality the use of the word Berhad does not prevent it being completely Government owned. Tenaga Nasional Berhad was privatized by the Malaysian Government and is now publicly traded. Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) is solely Government owned. DanaInfra Nasional Berhad is solely Government owned. Khazanah Nasional Berhad is also solely Government owned. It was incorporated on 3 September, 1993 as a public limited company under the Companies Act of 1965. Once again, a small amount of research shows you to be incorrect.

    I suggest you scrap your post or make some serious corrections to it as it reeks of being unreliable.

    I noted that you struck out sections of early posts regarding MH370 when your assertions were shown to be incorrect. This should be something to praise but you show no humility when you are proven wrong, you simply make new unsupported assertions. This seems to be in keeping with your other life as a “snake oil” salesman.

    I my guidance will help you improve your website.

    See you next tuesday.

    • U said a lot without actually saying anything, know what I mean?

      • Well, that could be said about the original post. 😀

        My comment did go on a bit but the salient point is that the original post doesn’t prove any complicity in MH370 by the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds have money and influence and have invested in a lot of companies. Are we to make a list of every large investor in the work and assume that they are responsible for every unpleasant thing in the world? That is fine but an assumption needs to be proved to have any value.

        I also was aware that the original post was factually incorrect so I pointed that out.

        Anything else I can help you with?

        See you next tuesday.

      • You are right xyz. the rothschild paid troll is suffering from word diarrhea.

        • I’m actually more of a reader that a writer. I can go on a bit though 😀

    • Did you get lost ……Jewrusalem Post, Haaretz more like your scene !

      • Face it, you are far more likely to be Mossad than I am. The Rothschilds are the biggest smokescreen in the world!

        Mossad use the Rothschilds as window dressing. Whilst the sheep are watching the Rothschild show Mossad are shearing their wool!

        I’ll continue to drop truth bombs til it hurts. Go shill elsewhere!

        • Why are you defending usury grabbing , war profiteering scoundrel Rothschilds scum. You must be on the zio’s payroll. Truth bombs!!? My a.. The only bombs you are dropping are stink bombs.

          • I’d be the last one to defend the Rothschilds but I think, in the matter of MH370, the evidence is at least ambiguous.

            The Rothschilds are often brought up as a smokescreen for the real culprits so I tend to be sceptical as soon as they are mentioned.

    • Actually a **** can be polished. It was proven beyond a doubt on Mythbusters. They conclusively shined up two turds.

  2. thats interesting corrector your not buying into this but there are 2 things i really cant get my head round

    If my work van can be tracked using satallite using a device that fits in the palm of your hand how is it possible a jumbo jet packed with communication equipment can go missing.

    If a terrorist organisation or criminal gang had the resources expertise an manpower to covertly steal a jumbo jet an silence nearly 300 people on board why would they do it when there are a lot simpler ways to make money like cybercrime or blackmail

    In the entire history of aviation has there ever been such a immediate media circus that has errupted so quickly following the loss of an aircraft. the only inncedent i can think of is 9/11 which turned out to be a controlled demolition of buildings full of people dressed up as a terrorist attack.

    Every other time there has been an air disaster not involving uk citizens it has got about 3 minutes on the news here.

    • To be honest I thought that the coverage only started getting excessive after the second day. I think part of the issue was that the info was being drip fed out of Malaysia in such a way as to cause a bit of a snowball effect.

      I think Russia had the most to gain by taking the plane. They knew they were going to take Crimea and needed some leverage with China in the UN. They would also have the ability to disable the planes commun ications without too much trouble, they could probably to the same for your work van also 😉 I wouldn’t be surprised if the plane was at Baikonur. I think Putin has played this superbly. He takes Crimea without a fuss at the UN and appears as the liberating hero.

      Of course I can only speculate because there are so few hard facts around. I just think the Rothschild thing is a bit tired. It’s the kind of think TPTB throw out at us like a bone knowing that we will chew on it for weeks.

  3. All very interesting about the corporate interests running southeast Asian country of Malaysia. I wonder how China fits in to the mix. Glad to see that no one is crying bloody murder and fooled that this is a “false flag” (as so many also believe about two other notable hoaxes with no deaths, Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon).

    What will be Act III of the drama? I would imagine a dramatic rescue, bringing the US Navy Seals back from the disgrace of that recent death of two former members who were heroin addicts dying of an overdose. Or perhaps there will be an Entebbe-like event? But time is passing and things are getting murkier. We can see dramatic pictures supposedly of grieving relatives having to be dragged out of the meeting in China, which if true, might argue for paid actors. But most likely this event was filmed outside of China so as to avoid official punishment for making a public disturbance.

    I do not follow the investment like of London financiers, although perhaps I should, for many reasons.

    They say the fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows but one great thing. I tend to be one of life’s hedgehogs. When something hits me like a lightning bolt and i see suddenly what was obscure, I do not wish it away as the fox entices me with more stories. That one moment was enough, I have seen behind the curtain. My moment was when I watched two CNN reporters in an exchange, and I simply heard something that made me realize the magician had slipped up. Richard Quest was telling Anderson Cooper (“and you, the viewers”) about his sharing the cabin of co-pilot of MH370, Mr. Hamid, the young man whose voice was last heard saying “Good night” before the flight diverted. For some reason, Mr. Quest was even more voluble than usual and he remarked that he had been in that trainee cockpit just 2 weeks before. Why was it a trainee flight? Because supposedly the young man was just learning to fly the 777. As soon as the words were out of Quest’s mouth, commenting on the recent-ness of his contact with this guy, Cooper changed the subject, fast as can be. Do they always read from cue cards? Had Quest been allowed to go off script in his trying to create a reality here? Did someone realize people might be suspicious about this?

    Well, let’s pretend the flight was real. Then you ask yourself, why in the world would CNN send him to Malaysia for what could only be a story after the fact, after this “event”. Because maybe a Dreamliner would have been interesting (they have had their problems), but 777’s have been flying for a long time, very dull workhorses of the industry. There are thousands of planes in the air at any given time. What was the story there? Why did CNN have a story ready when the event occurred, about the character and personality of the co-pilot, right in the “can” as it were, and made in so close a time-frame? It couldn’t be accidental. Probability rules that out.

    I came to see this whole thing as having a use – a military drill to demonstrate the poor capacities of these Asian countries to defend themselves. Now they can be sold a lot of things.

    And I became even more convinced when I saw Richard Quest at a map on a split screen with two dim bulb Australia news people, very similar to our own in this country’s local tv stations: he was not letting them ask any questions and going on like a high pressure salesman selling them replacement windows to save money on their energy bills. They sat back and let him spin out his patter a mile a minute. The man is a salesman for the defense industry. That’s all. He’s got to move product. I assume a lot of it is developed in one prominent hi-tech Mideastern country that shall not be named. It will perhaps be manufactured in China.

    Now there may be a subplot involving Chinese trade and illegal dumping, I don’t know. But this maritime drill is very much a chance for the infomercials during it and to follow.

  4. Thanks so much for this enlightenment, drkresearch. I am so glad that a friend told me about your disclosures. Ye Gads!!!

  5. This Clown is part of this same sayanim Bajc Zoller  crime family. . He is admittedly a spook And he is the supposed husband to Susan Bajc under one of her aliases. He is likely 1 of these cowardly Mossad agents sniper shooting US soldiers in Iraq & Afganistan to blame on Muslims.

    • I excitedly thought that Cowboy had brought some evidence. Unfortunately not, just a Colombian guy’s facebook page. So now we just need evidence that Henry Zoller is married to Sarah Bajc. (as previously stated, there is no Susan Bajc. You just got confused by the name and ended up making an extra Bajc).

    • Oh, so this is Susan! Different name, both blond and middle aged. It’s your best try yet but still only a passing resemblance. How does she link to the Zollers? They seem to be spread far and wide now, TX, WA, Colombia. You are going to have to connect those dots!

  6. This is younger kim zoller under a very hidden alias with eyebrows trimmed revealing how much she looks like her mother —with her own child who she loans out to “Susan Maxwell” Mossad identity of Susan Bajc ( her aunt )to play as her child with fake hub John Henry Maxwell aka Henry Zoller aka idf scum

  7. Screw the dots!!!
    Meet  Susan Maxwell long term Mossad alterative identity of Susan Bajc…ruined from using the “Susan Maxwell” identity in a future terror operation against the “dumb goyim”!

    …Her little fitness model sales gig.

  8. mossad mossad mossad sayanims sayanims sayanims Everywere!
    And what have we here??? daughter like mother??? playing another “Susan” even playing another Susan Maxwell in sports entertainment advertising as well!
    Indeed. Indeed.Indeed. Busted & Checkmate!

    And here she is as Madison Bajc working hard on the mossad criminal operation to terrorize & trick the world & Americans into an evil and disastrous genocidal war against Iran —-Only benefiting Israel’s evil genocidal plans…
    & I ain’t done yet!
    I will root you out you evil den of vipers!You are a den of vipers and thieves.

    As Andrew Jackson said, “I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, will rout you out.”

    • mossad mossad mossad sayanims sayanims sayanims Everywere!
      And what have we here??? daughter like mother??? playing another “Susan” even playing another Susan Maxwell in sports entertainment advertising as well!
      Indeed. Indeed.Indeed. Busted & Checkmate!

      And here she is as Madison Bajc working hard on the mossad criminal operation to terrorize & trick the world & Americans into an evil and disastrous genocidal war against Iran —-Only benefiting Israel’s evil genocidal plans…
      & I ain’t done yet!
      I will root you out you evil den of vipers!You are a den of vipers and thieves.

      As Andrew Jackson said, “I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, will rout you out.”

    • Busted and then some. Excellent work. I have screen-shotted the more recent materials and her logo in case the filthy fraudster & Zionist mole purges it from the net. Internet, here, is dreadfully slow. Do keep posting all sorts of links and evidence.

  9. is is who Madison Bajc aka Susan Maxwell who is married to (atleast as Susan Maxwell)

    Bruce Leigh

    &This is the elder

    Bruce Leigh who is playing Paul weeks

    I am 100% certain·It amazes me to be able to say that but I have liked all these people together over & over

    And facebook has completely blocked me just a hour or so ago (as if to reassure me like the devil himself trying to stop me) that I see correctly who is who in this operation with clarity.

  10. Some is off google from earlier today (atleast for me
    ) and I’m blocked from facebook

  11. Has anyone noticed that no matter which news channel you turn to on the **** tube (lol! in this case) in north america, you get misinformation and disinformation – BASICALLY CONFUSION! I felt like this when I was learning about Michael Jackson’s death – Youtube in particular had numerous videos, pictures etc. esp. the ambulance leaving the house and the funeral procession whereby no one in their right mind could understand what picture, angle, video was the real one! In each, there was photoshopping, missing objects, added objects etc. It created confusion even on television as broadcasters read their “news” and even questioned it themselves. Certainly this ‘news” of the plane is no different. If you are blind but not deaf, you will be astounded at the nonsense, if you are deaf but not blind, the numerous pictorial rep’s and images leave you wondering why they keep showing people with their eyes shut to the extreme, no tears, and all with faces covering mouth or eyes and on cell phones…and of course if you are sane or insane it would not matter bc it looks like a 3 ring circus!!!


    Here is one guy who agrees with the both of you – Dr and cowboy! LOLS! His books…Sayanim etc.

    Funny how the Jews in the Nazi era were made to be such a HUGE deal while many more than 6 million Russians etc. (including French, Gypsy’s, ethnic Germans..etc) were killed/harmed and yet no one can say one word bad against a Jew…God Forbid (lol!) you say anything bad, even as an anchor – you can get fired as this guy did…
    Rick Sanchez

    and of course, Mel Gibson’s rant “hates Jews” – ironically a Jewish reporter is asking for his forgiveness from Hollywood !! omg!!! only 3 days ago

    and a PLEA to remove him off blacklist haha! this is great! 8 yrs later (only 1 day ago was this article)

  13. A dozen extra posts and no sign of the freaking corrector. The Rothshriller must be on a sabath.

    • Rothshriller! I like that!

      I wish I did have time to comment more. Unfortunately I don’t live a life of luxury. More’s the pity 🙁

  14. CNN…for three days..non-stop, literally, coverage of “missing plane”; about a story where they have NO real information…nothing to update…has to be seen to be believed. This alone is damning enough …..unbelievable!

    • Stevieb excellent points, thank you. Same to you musings and xyz. Freedom of speech and facts are perfect except when there are those who constantly put down, push buttons, mock, spend all their time on this site defending a ridiculous concept and then call people CUNTS or See you next Tuesday at the end of the post just to further bait them. I guess Corrector got a taste of what it feels like and has chillaaaaxxxxed a bit 🙂 hehe… don’t like it, but someone had to do and that someone was me.

      • Clearly feeling proud of yourself CiP.

        Well, if putting me in my place has brought some sunshine into your life I’m willing to take the spanking!

        But if I start feeling worthless I expect you to reciprocate!


        • Alert! Paid Writer to discredit this website…

          #rantelsewhere you freak

        • Let’s take the focus away from Corrector and get back on track people!


    • They are real crack-pots. Apparently, in a panic mode.

  15. Here is a vid on the arrest of Quest the reporter in the plane with the “newbie”
    And here is Dave Johnsons take on this hoax. He is very good with using numbers and Illuminati symbolism in their hoaxes.

  16. this site should be called ” speculationinfo “

  17. Excellent work Dr K!

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