Paul Walker Hoax — 28 March 2014
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Were Paul Walker Hoax Tyrese Gibson’s Tears Faked?

Regarding the Paul Walker death hoax did Tyrese Gibson really break down and cry, shedding real tears, over a fake death? Did he get into the act to such a degree that he was able to produce tears? Relying on that in a phony attempt at emotional despair would be risky business. It seems implausible that he and Universal Studios would take the risk that he would get it right and somehow in the act come forth with fake tears.

Part of the plot is to spread lies about the fake death through social media. In this regard Gibson and other Fast and Furious cohorts have made heavy use of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, all to support the hoax.

Recently, Gibson published the following message:

Sing as if nobody is listening, dance as if no one is looking, loves and speaks honestly as if the world is waiting for your truth… Understand that it is uncomfortable to be a leading cause always being the first to be attacked, analyzed and talan publicly and privately… You have a bottom line, they have a position or shut up and watch the game to play in front of you… I want everything IN… My appetite for success is uncomfortable for most… Create cause fear I’m afraid… I am a bold demonstration of the creation of the gods I will stop at nothing to get where God I intended… I will now return to the stage was that there was… Love, live, be transparent, and understand that something not be revealed…

This message has been developing in my hear (? Ear?) this whole week… Cause SO many amazing things have been happening and I know it’s ALL GOD and me continuing to be OBEDIENT to the VISIONS that he drop down on me……… I smell the roses God keep it coming I got you!!!

What in the world is he talking about? Now, with such bizarre commentary is anyone to believe that he really is doing anything but making a performance regarding the purported death of Paul Walker? It was obvious from reviewing the video of his visit to the purported crash scene that he was merely performing an act. Who can believe when carefully reviewing that video that he truly did succumb to grief to the degree of tears?

He is clearly smirking in this photo depicting him first arriving on the scene. How could he go from smirking to crying?

Here are screen shots of the smirk. It occurs when he first arrives on the scene and while he is getting into the actor character, which included taking deep breaths.

tyresegibn tyresegibhh

The smirk is a devious one. It is shown, here, because of the claim of a real with with absolute despair and agonizing grief. That is the claim. Yet, the facial expression belies all. It is as if to say, “Yea, it’s a hoax, but who cares. Let everyone be fooled. It’s going to be cool for PW, and for the rest of us, more business.”

He then transforms himself from the devious smile and smirk rapidly to the more serious appearance:


Despite this serious, dire appearance the eyes are as dry as a bone. There is absolutely no natural tearing going on. Yet, the is not advertised as crying at that moment. It is at this time, seen below, when he reportedly begins shedding tears? Even so, will these tears, like the others now known to have been faked – will these tears only be on one side?
Tribute: Tyrese Gibson, Fast And Furious co-star and friend to Paul Walker breaks down in tears during his emotional visit to the site of the tragic car accident in Santa Clarita

DailyMail caption – Tribute: Tyrese Gibson, Fast And Furious co-star and friend to Paul Walker breaks down in tears during his emotional visit to the site of the tragic car accident in Santa Clarita

The Zionists say he broke down in tears. Is it true, or is it false?


It is patently false. There are no tears to be seen anywhere. The eyes, especially the tearing area, the medial aspect, are entirely dry.

This is the ultimate image where he is supposed to be crying. It is a still shot. It is not seen as a part of the video:

In loving memory: Tyrese took away a piece of wreckage from the scene, before posting a picture of the scrap metal in his hand on Instagram
There is no obvious fluid. Yet, it could be argued that there are tears. However, it could be equally argued that, since this is a still image, that any ‘tears’ have been added. There is a brown patch on the side of his cheek. Is it there, naturally?


The discoloration is clearly only on one side. Why no appearance of tears on the left? Moreover, it is only a color issue; no fluid is visible.


The brown patches and/or line of color arising from the lower eyelid are not seen on this screen shot.


Sad: Tyrese was accompanied by fans who also paid an emotional visit to the site of the tragic car accident in Santa Clarita

In this side view there is no evidence of any kind of emotional shock, and surely no tears are flowing.

Which one is the real Mr. Gibson, this one:


…or this one?


The DailyMail Photoshop fraud

The following image was published by the DailyMail:


Note the area underneath the eye. It looks like an artifact. From here flows a brown streak. This does not resemble natural tears and is likely added artificially.

Even so, it is yet another example of the Zionists telling people what to think, telling them that he really is crying and that he truly is in despair with real tears on his face.

This image was also taken directly from the front of a video posted by the DailyMail. Lightened up and with color added, this is what is seen:


Notice the black cut lines along the ear, eye, side of the of the face, and around the fist. This is absolute proof that this image was manipulated through Photoshop. The brown streak is also pointed out with an arrow, left screen. The conclusion is that there really were no tears and this was all a wretched fake.

Yet, this is the typical kind of commentary found on the Internet about such fake grieving:

Tyrese remained silent as he walked up to the site carrying a yellow flower in his hand, but was reduced to tears as he approached the tragic scene.Tyrese Gibson CryThe star then took away a piece of wreckage from the scene, before posting a picture of the scrap metal in his hand on Instagram He captioned the photo, writing: “I will keep your energy with me forever #AshesOfAnAngel fast family around the world.



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  1. I think I see paul in the photo of the boat in mexico in TAHILAND…….. scott eatswood friend paul and cody was recently in java. paul place have a home

    • No tattoo on the guy’s right wrist. When was Cody in SE Asia?

  2. fijense in the nose and lips feet. looks mouth nose, i’m in doubt as and feet equals in the car photo

  3. Did any one see this?
    The comment says its Meadow’s first Christmas after Paul passed. Just a month later and a Holiday, one would think she would be in even worst condition. Sorry I don’t mean to bring her up but it was just shady. That is all I will say about her.

    • There’s nothing shady about that at all. To me, she looks ‘out of it’, like she’s about to burst into tears, but trying to be strong and holding back.

    • she’s looking at the phone

  4. sorry scott eastwood friend paul walker and cody in indonesia in java paul walker has a home. posting earlier but I could not.I think the photo that of white is paul I see on their feet. the pointed nose and lips…….. observe increasing photo sorry my english

    • Espana, I don’t think that’s him. Te lips are very different. But thx

  5. españaMAY 5, 2014 AT 5:42 PM
    I think I see paul in the photo of the boat in mexico in TAHILAND…….. scott eatswood friend paul and cody was recently in java. paul place have a home mi comentario de antes

  6. Idk MPW

    I look like that a lot after my sister died. I just stare off to space… Not thinking… Just lost.

    • Sorry Shayne. I didn’t mean to upset you or anyone . I forgot people grieve differently.

  7. Hey guys, so did you hear that Anuts site got shut down? Bummer. I guess I’ll be lurking on this site instead for now. I hope to try and upload all my photos on Flickr possibly…

    • Yes, I saw that. Without one word… Not good. I wonder what happened. Nobody knows about that email of interest?

    • wasn’t it that long ago Nodisinfo site temporarily shut down and since then not many updated information has been has been posted having said that i’m not sure if they are shutting it down for good or just temporarily as they haven’t said and all the other information had been removed but it does kinda suck been following the blog since AdorablyNuts posted her link on this site months ago and now all off a sudden they are closing down their blog because of an email of interest and without saying why but i guess they had to have a good reason maybe they found out something and are unable to say what it is but

      • The shutdown was due to a blunder by wordpress, before that, it was hacked (before PW); those are the only reasons.

        • sorry for what i wrote in my comment

  8. @E_hoax

    I heard, sooo sudden …….sooo strange… sooo sad. I’ll be around here too.

    • I am so glad to find you all on here too. We can continue discussing here

  9. The site shutting down suddenly makes me think Paul’s team got in touch. There was lots of stuff posted on there that wasn’t posted anywhere else, not even on this site. As time went on, more findings were popping up. Interesting that it took this long to close down.

    • Or they perhaps have the confirmation that he is still alive…. It’s also an option.

      • Not sure about that one because they never said anything about shutting down the blog if they found proof that he’s alive.

  10. Thanks for responding guys! Yay I’m glad to see a few of you over here from Anuts site. 🙂 I wonder if Anuts or Lauren will come over here and tell us their reasoning. My theories about them shutting down:
    1)PW’s team got in touch
    2)Universal got in touch
    3)They were threatened with legal action of some sort(which is why all previous posts got deleted). Technically they could have just all quit and left the articles for us to keep chatting about.
    4)Maybe they were on to something and an “anonymous” email told them some interesting information. Like maybe they made a deal and they shut down the blog to get more info about PW’s whereabouts?
    Admittedly some of my theories might be a little out there, but hey who knows?

    Oh yeah and for people who didn’t get to see the posts from that blog you can always view the cached versions.(print them out and “save page as” on as many as you can) I’m sure there is something in there that we could use for further discussion.

    • I don’t want to upset but my husband was said that what the articles on that blog are just researches online and also their thots. Some articles were their feelings, anyone could do. They just worked harder to mainten the blog. From the coments it looked every one researched well. But how do we know they had sources? They never proofed it. Just words. Could be they just decided to not play?

      • @Bri
        What do you mean specifically? Technically they used research to form their thoughts and backed stuff up. They had some good theories. Yes technically everyone can have their own blog with their own thoughts, but I like that blog specifically because there was no negativity and we could all share our thoughts in a peaceful manner and help each other out. Hopefully we can continue doing that here as well. Fingers crossed 🙂

        • Hello E. Sorry dont mean upet you. I was trying to said I read their articles and coments. The research was done well but someone can do online. I credit their hard work of research and update blog but except that there was no prove they had sources. Just my husband thot.

        • @Bri
          No you didn’t upset me lol 🙂 I was just wondering what you meant is all. Thanks for responding!

    • Didn’t she say something about quitting the site and giving it to someone else to take over around Apr/May? Maybe the person didn’t want to do it so she shut it down.

      • Lauren had planned on posting up until August.

    • Hey E_Hoax…looks like we have made our way back over to Nodis…I have bookmarked your flickr page 🙂

      • @maddie
        Thank you 🙂 Hopefully within the next week or so I can start uploading stuff lol. I have thousands and thousands of files to upload so y’all gotta be patient lol. Right now I’m still in the process of printing out all the archived pages from Anuts site through Google. I suggest others do the same if they want to have a copy before Google wipes it out eventually. You can also print them out if you want.
        Here is the flickr link for others who didn’t get it.[email protected]/
        On twitter I’m @E_hoax so just in case any of you wanna get in contact that way.
        I’ll probably stick around on this site for a while though since that is where all of you are 🙂
        I heard Alex from Anuts site was going to make an FB page, maybe she can re-post the link since I didn’t have a chance to respond to her comment before the comments closed down. Thanks!

        • Wow, E!! That is awesome. You have done some fantastic research.

          • @deethereader
            Thank you 🙂 Hopefully I can kep doing more in the future. It’s very time consuming, but eventually I will get around to putting everything on the flickr page. Thanks again!

  11. Maybe we can all divide up work to cover different angels of everything that comes up, going forward ? It would be nice to see everyone’s point of views 🙂 I agree with E, we can ignore negativity which was on this site before and try to keep it positive and friendly.

    • @KT
      Sounds like a good plan. It’s nice to have people’s different inputs. Maybe someone can go through the 40 page and 70 page reports? Look for inaccuracies, people’s names, etc. That’s how I found out about the Warehouse where they supposedly stored the car and took pics of it all mangled. Worth a shot if you’re up for it 🙂

  12. It’s sad that Aunts/Lauren didn’t explain who ‘the email’ was from or what it was about. I can’t understand the need to be so mysterious. The email obviously sounds ‘bad’, but how do they know it’s not a hoax?

    • I think it’s mail of threats, really bad threats. She took the time to write after an email of interest. It’s not insgnificant. Just my opinion. Who knows….

    • I hope they are okay and no one found out personal things about them like blackmail or threats or anything. I’m still praying…

  13. Hey guys … I’m so glad most of you are here …….. 🙂

    I don’t know about Lauren but Anuts is still active on other acounts, so I assume she is ok…. I hope Lauren too ….whatever reason they had I wish them all the best 🙂

    Now we’re a little scattered…….. so where do we start?

    • @Mady
      We’ll we can start wherever you’d like to. We can comb through the scene again. Or try and decode the family’s strange behavior. Also if you have spare time you can always go on “” there is a thread “Paul Walker cannot lie.” Basically there are like 10,000 chronological posts through the years. It’s just people commenting on news about him and his personal life and his whereabouts. It’s possible that there is useful information there. Heads up:most of the people over there think he died so…just sayin…

      Also LSA(Lipstickalley) is another one, but it’s more gossip about his personal life than anything. Idk if it would even help us with solving anything. But it’s worth a shot lol. Thanks!

  14. Hi guys.. I’m glad to find you here aswell. Sorry for whatever happened to the blog. I hope everything and everyone is ok. I’ m waiting to see where we can go from here. I don’t have a FB account so.. Just happy to see you all 🙂

    • Hi everybody

      @Maria sorry for replying to your post but I’m on my phone and can’t see that small box for comments…….

      So guys
      Have you seen the message Anuts or Lauren left on

      First part is the same like the one on hoax.wordpress but today appeared another line …… smth like:


      What do you think that means?

      • Mary, whereabouts are those words? I couldn’t find them.

        • That should have been ‘Mady’…my tablet changed it. 🙂

          • I couldn’t find anything else written on either sites…maybe it was only up for a little bit?

          • That is OK @motley2014 🙂

      • You do know that this Website was spamming this site during the initial write-ups, here, with multiple links of the same link, also occasionally, laying critique in a kind of sarcastic way of the findings, here.

        • Sorry but meaning?


    Guys, I SWEAR those words were there last night (night in my part of the world), I checked several times. it’s my fault that I did not printscreened it …… but it was so late, I was on my phone and I never imagined that line could be erased.

    Those were the exact words by the way……

    Anyway, this is the last time I talk about Anuts’s …. I don’t like the kind of game they play……….
    so much mystery …… and now this….. has no logic. At least that is how I feel…

    AND …. DRK. THANK YOU for your patience to hear us (read us) talking about something unrelated to Nodisinfo.

    • I believe you Mady . Doesn’t matter now. The blog is over.

      • @ Lilaah

        Thank you 🙂 .. you are right, it is over …..

        • 😉

    • @Mady
      I believe you too! Do you happen to know who said that? Was it Anuts or Lauren? Or someone in the comments section? Just wondering. Thanks!

      • Hi
        I don’t know who wrote that
        It was like this :

        Since December 2013 Adorably Nuts has been researching and blogging about the events of November 30, 2013 in order to provide us with clarity and closure. Tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. Atlantic time the blog will close down due to an email of interest.


        (in lower case)

        • @Mady
          Thanks! So it was the same for “I AM ASTOUNDED” as well? Just wondering, since you were lucky enough to see it.

        • @Mady
          Thanks! So was it the same thing for “I AM ASTONISHED” too?


    This man have his own theory about the hoax. Everybody’s laughing at him of course. He’s a bit odd but I personnaly find him entertaining.

    I Don’t remember if someone already mentioned that but What caught my attention is one of his comments:

    “Really though, he just faked his death. Both he and Rodas had motive to fake their deaths. Rodas was under investigation for banking fraud. Walker had given interviews saying he was “sick of Hollywood”. Word on the street is, the accident scene shown in the video, is a movie set and that it doesn’t even match the scenery of the claimed accident address if you find it on google maps street view. That’s because, it’s a movie set.”

    If that is true about Roger, it could in a way explain the 30th november . He decided to fake his death, told Paul about it, who saw an opportunity to “go away”. They are long time friends, with the same passion, cars, have a lot in common. Perfect match.

    Another assumption.

    • @Lilaah
      That’s interesting. Thank you for that.

      • You’re welcome E 🙂

  17. Ok so PW is an actor and can fool a lot of people because that is what he does for a living. But what about Rodas? He had to have been nervous around his coworkers leading up to the day of. I’m pretty sure it would show more on Rodas face that something was up. Coworkers can usually sense when something is amiss. Idk if he’d be able to pull it off since I don’t think he has had acting experience.. Maybe we should check into his business partners and see if they mentioned anything?

  18. I agree with many, there is no point in being mysterious about things and that it’s time we all move in and stop discussing te blog without any negativity :). With that been said, we were researching Rodas at the time the blog went away. So based on Lilaah’s video, maybe that’s where we start again? Rodas! I can’t seem to shake the feeling that’s where many other keys lay whether Rodas is a real guy or not.

    • @KT
      I think the only reason ppl still bring it up is because of curiosity. As long as they aren’t being rude or negative I don’t see the problem. That’ just my opinion though. In regards to Rodas, I feel like as a whole, we haven’t really dissected him as much as we can, but then again, there isn’t a vast amount of info on him unless we get like a background check on him. Where should we start? His job, his location? Wait did we ever see a marriage license for him? I don’t remember atm lol. Ok thanks!

      • Roger skills:

        Bonds, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, Series 7, Asset Allocation, Financial Advisory, Alternative Investments, Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory, Estate Planning, Equities, Private Banking, Private Equity, Financial Modeling, High Net Worth Individuals, Investments, Investment Strategies, Series 63

        Well I think I would ask help to somebody like him if I wanted to disappear with my money… espacially if they are good friends of mine.

        Can someone remind me Paul’s real estate? I read 45 million, and he left 25 million to his daughter. 20 million is enough for leading a new life. I could be wrong.

        • @Lilaah
          Thank you for responding. The original reports were $45 million, but then with his old will it said around 25 instead. But some were theorizing that it could have been an old version of his will. (If that was even his real will in the first place.) Considering T-M-Z likes to mess with these docs and or create ones from scratch.

          Let’s not forget that he should be getting royalties from his movies. Or maybe his daughter is inheriting them now..

      • E, I just meant that I agree with many others who posted it should not be discussed. I guess discussion is ok but hope no one gets negative about the blog or the bloggers/admins. I am actually trying to get some information about Roger through my friend who lives close to Santa Clarita. I will post as soon as I find out

      • Hey E

        I relation to roger he has alot of businesses like paul that are also showing active and data updated at the end of april. Only thing that gets me is rogers grace at fl.

        • @KT
          Ok thank you for responding. And that’s cool that you have connections lol. Hopefully your friend finds something out that can help us 

          Yeah I think that is strange that RR has lots of active businesses. Like how did he have time for them all? Unless he had lots of people working for him. But if he did have lots of businesses wouldn’t his net worth have been more? As in his children would have received more than $1million dollars? Idk just saying. What did you mean by “Rogers grace at FL?” Thanks!

  19. I don’t see anything wrong with people bringing the blog up. It shut down abruptly, so of course there are going to be people questioning it.

    • Yah but I think what people mean is there no point in discussing it as there won’t be any answers . No ones saying it in a negative way

  20. ¿entonces fingio la muerte para la pelicula o lo hizo para dejar de ser actor? me parece interesante que universal hubiera años antes estado metido en temas de fingir la muerte y programas para concursar haber quien encontraba al desaparecido (lo lei en anuts) pero no entiendo que pasaria si aparece con vida con todos los homenajes que se le han echo la gente echandosele encima. creo que nunca le veremos volver porque todo parece que se haya echo por su cuenta para desaparecer y no para la pelicula pero….. ¿por que ese afan de tyresse y vin diesel en hacer que la gente le tenga presente? ¿por que nos dan pistas? creo que seria un escandalo que saliera con vida y me entristece que no lo haga.. es absurdo que quisieran mas fans en la saga ya tenia muchos. mucha gente famosa a reaccionao a su muerte y su familia participo del engaño….. lo cual es muy extraño algo importante tubo que pasar para que el no viera mas solucion teniendo en cuenta lo privada que es su familia…. el los ha expuesto… no hay manera de que crea que es todo real se nota que es falso ¿pero con que fin? me parece una guarrada que anuts cierre diciendo que tiene un mensaje importante. los importantes somos nosotros que le seguimos y su obligacion es largar por la boca lo que sepa en fin espero que nodisinfo no haga lo mismo…… lo siento por no ponerlo en ingles pero el traductor cambia todo lo que quiero decir.. PD: me parecio muy falso cody walker, se rie antes de llorar a alguien que hay detras de la camara, no creo que sea tan parecido a paul, lo unico que tiene los ojos azule por lo demas paul es mas guapo,creo que cody esta encantado con tener la atencion para el, creo que paul estubo algun tiempo en java indonesia como dije anteriormente yo si puedo verlo en la foto de la embarcacion. el tiene la barba poblada y los labios se parecen mucho asi que creo que es el. java es un sitio donde van muchos a surfear, pero me parece muy curioso que scott eastwood lo haya elegido poco despues de su muerte…… asi que creo que es el . ¿que creen ustedes que se le paso a ese hombre por la cabeza para estar con jasmine? ¿no les parece sospechoso que ella estubiera en el lugar de accidente? paul siempre dijo que era como un chico mas joven por que su ermano tenia 22. asi que puede que jasmine no tenga la edad que nos dijeron , puede que tenga dos mas como cody. creen ustedes que el seguira con ella y por favor podrian explicarme que ponia en el foro topix sobre jasmine? decian que habian dado mucha informacion sobre ella en años anteriores, pero no lo puedo ver ,creo que esas paginas ya no existen…. me quede con ganas de mirarlo. 🙁

    • Translated:
      What then feigned death to the movie or what I did to stop being an actor? I find it interesting that Universal had years before been into issues feign death and programs to compete there who found the missing ( I read in anuts ) but do not understand what would happen if it appears alive with all the tributes that have been cast the echandosele people above . I will never see him again because everything seems to have been cast on their own to disappear and not for the film but ….. why that tyresse and eagerness to make vin diesel People have this ? Why they give us clues? I think that would be a scandal to come out alive and it saddens me not to do it .. it is absurd that fans wanted more in the series and had many . reaccionao many famous people to his death and his family participated deception ….. which is very important something strange tube pass for failing see more private solution considering what your family …. has exposed the … there is no way that you think is any real noticeable is fake but for what purpose ? I think a close guarrada anuts saying that it has an important message. important it is we who follow him and his obligation is release due to the mouth in order to know what hope nodisinfo not do the same …… sorry for not putting it in English but the translator changes everything what I mean .. PS I seemed very fake cody walker , laughs before mourn someone who ‘s behind the camera, I do not think that is so much like paul , all you have blue eyes so other paul is more handsome , I think cody is delighted with have the care for , I think paul estubo some time in indonesia java as I said before if you can see it in the photo of the boat . he has the beard and lips are very similar so I think it is . java is a place where many go to surf, but I find it very curious that scott eastwood elected him shortly after his death …… so I think it is . What do you think you will step this man ‘s head to be with jasmine believe ? Is not it suspicious that she embers at the site of accident? paul always said it was like a younger ermano that their boy was 22 . well that you may not have jasmine age they said , may have two more like cody . that you will continue with it and please could tell he put into the forum topix think about jasmine ? they said they had given a lot of information about it in the past, but I can not see , I think those pages are gone …. I wanted to stay with him.

    • @Deethereader idk I was having trouble posting but oh well the sites down now and @Christina I wonder why Anuts site got shut down makes me wonder…@LittleMe and @Deethereader the movie was great but it was suspicious because he said you cant trust the media over and over in the movie and he goes into disguise with blk hair, brwn contacts also my spouse was telling me in Bobby Z he fakes his death????? Weird!!

      idk wat to think guys idk wat if pw team did get a hold of anuts..and @LittleMe or the poster that responded, tht is not Bliss Ellis it was a random girl with tattoos on slash paulwalker and °where are the pics of Rebecca?? And where did that pic of meadow from her last Christmas come from??? Help

      Greetings from Dallas, TX

  21. You guys were so close, this childish behavior have gotten you off track.

    Roger L Garcia is a good start to solving this issue but I can say with great confidence that this is not just for a movie. Many people have been thrown off because of Cody’s interview. He finally showed real emotions while talking about his brother. What some people don’t understand is When your loved one is in trouble and all you can do is trust that they are doing the right thing. It’s hard to deal with the stress of worrying. They are apart, can’t see or talk to one another. It sounds heartbreaking. Especially if they are as close as they appear.

    Even though I said I was done with commenting. I have been reading and keeping track on Nodisinfo and Adorably’s Nuts blog. I hope Everyone is able to come together and stop the feuding.

    To the new group, You have three rattle snakes lurking. Be prepared to suck the venom out before it creates a bigger issue.

    Good luck!

  22. @ Samantha…I’m glad you’re still around and I hope you are well.
    Speaking of snakes this was on TG’s facebook on the 5th of May.

    • Hello Sam. Nice to see you 🙂

      Lol, so the fb page gets caught telling “dirts” on the girls.. I feel them a little bit irritated. I can’t understand this need to get involved in people personal life. It’s even worse when you don’t know them. Ridiculous and pathetic. When your intentions are bad….

      Maddie, I think Tyrese is reffering to his personnal problems and life. He has this wise man attitude, always talking in parables. Very melodramatic. But that’s part of character. 😉

  23. Hey guys check this out

    Probably the first picture with comment made after PW death and no RIP comment
    I see they honor smb else…….

    And Paul W Walker III loves everybody there.

    • @Mady
      Interesting for that thanks. I was just thinking the other day how someone pointed out that none of the cast actually says RIP. They only say I’ll miss you etc. Things of that nature. Even PW’s mom is the same way…quite sad. :/

      • Hi E_hoax

        You know…..english is not my first language, not even close 🙂 I studied it in school and sometimes, google translate is a big help for me………

        That “astounded” is astonished ….sorry

        In my comments there are also grammar issues but as long as you umderstand is ok with me ^_^

        Wel I was lucky enough to see it because like you and the rest of the posters there, hoped the girls would eventually return to the blog

      • @Mady
        That’s cool. Thank you for responding 🙂

    • No one mentioned Paul in the comments let alone an RIP or miss you or I’m sorry. And it’s just a few days past Nov 13. Strange!

      • KT

        Strange indeed, because as far as i could see those are his cousins ……. mothers part

        • Really? That’s mother of all wierd then. Stuff like that just stinks of hoax you know.

  24. Found this website with a lot of quotes from PW talking about life, his daughter, etc.

  25. What “childish behavior” is Samantha talking about? I must’ve missed something.

  26. Only place left to talk about the hoax then?

  27. I was reading Paul’s tweets when I saw that one, he’s talking about Egypt.

    Nobody will notice him over there… It could be a possibility. ^^


      RED ALERT GUYS. CHECK THIS OUT! Ive been posting abt this for some time but check out Meadows mother shes lovely but not quite sure why Paul went to brunettes to blondes,,..weird anyway ive been noticing everyday there are many photos of meadow coming out as well as her mom…weird?? Or no??? Why the need to distract us???

      • @Deethereader idk I was having trouble posting but oh well the sites down now and @Christina I wonder why Anuts site got shut down makes me wonder…@LittleMe and @Deethereader the movie was great but it was suspicious because he said you cant trust the media over and over in the movie and he goes into disguise with blk hair, brwn contacts also my spouse was telling me in Bobby Z he fakes his death????? Weird!!idk wat to think guys idk wat if pw team did get a hold of anuts..and @LittleMe or the poster that responded, tht is not Bliss Ellis it was a random girl with tattoos on slash paulwalker and °where are the pics of Rebecca?? And where did that pic of meadow from her last Christmas come from??? HelpGreetings from Dallas, TXReply

  28. Here is the tweet :

    I want to visit your country so bad. So many cool things to see. I wanna dive the Red Sea 2 “@sarahnemr: good morning from Egypt good Paul”

  29. Hi All, I have been silent reader for the last couple of months on this site but was full on at the beginning. Last comment from montley2014 was asking if I was on holidays? No just went silent.

    Anyway one thing I would like to say is please not question a family members behaviour when a death is involve as everyone may not act the way you expect. I’m one of the Austrlian families from Quensland that lost 2 of my family members in the Malaysian plane Mh370. I have ugly cried, smiled and laughed with my family but that doesn’t lessen my pain. Most people have lost a love one and dealt with the loss so differently.

    When it comes to Cody or Meadow have learnt not to judge there actions.

    I’m still on the fence if this is a hoax but either way I have learnt not to judge family members as that pointed finger could just turn back to me and judge my behaviour.

    Sorry if this may upset anyone….wish you a All well

    • R, “I’m one of the Austrlian (Australian?) families from Quensland (Queensland?)” …Think you’re having the same trouble as me on a tablet?

    • Sorry for your lost R . 🙁

      • Lilaah, you are beautiful. Everyone has there own battles to deal with. We all have our own sad stories. Just makes me look at things a different way. Thank you sweetie.

        • ALERT GUYS. CHECK THIS OUT! Ive been posting abt this for some time but check out Meadows mother shes lovely but not quite sure why Paul went to brunettes to blondes,,..weird anyway ive been noticing everyday there are many photos of meadow coming out as well as her mom…weird?? Or no??? Why the need to distract us???Replypwbeliever on May 9, 2014 at 5:46 [email protected] idk I was having trouble posting but oh well the sites down now and @Christina I wonder why Anuts site got shut down makes me wonder…@LittleMe and @Deethereader the movie was great but it was suspicious because he said you cant trust the media over and over in the movie and he goes into disguise with blk hair, brwn contacts also my spouse was telling me in Bobby Z he fakes his death????? Weird!!idk wat to think guys idk wat if pw team did get a hold of anuts..and @LittleMe or the poster that responded, tht is not Bliss Ellis it was a random girl with tattoos on slash paulwalker and °where are the pics of Rebecca?? And where did that pic of meadow from her last Christmas come from??? HelpGreetings from Dallas, TXReply

        • 😉 🙂

    • R said:
      “Anyway one thing I would like to say is please not question a family members behaviour when a death is involve as everyone may not act the way you expect.”

      Hi, R. I agree with you that people grieve differently; the way any one individual reacts to the death of a close friend or loved one may be totally different from the way we expect.

      But – here’s the thing, it’s not one person, it’s the way most of the people who profess to care about Paul have reacted. His father, Michelle Rodriguez, and others were laughing at the crash scene only a couple of days after his death. There have been odd postings from Tyrese and some of the FF crew members. The director, James Wan, appears to smirk when chased by TMZ at the airport in December, just a week after the crash (31 sec video clip is on this website: Scroll down just a little on the page to see the video. And as some people just pointed out, the FB posting in mid-December by a relative of Paul’s where several people comment and no one mentions his death at all (though Paul was mentioned briefly). So, there is a lot of evidence that people are not reacting normally.

      • Hi DEETHEREADER , I understand what you are saying but after going thru what I’m still going thru I’ve learnt to not judge his family. When it comes to friends that can be questionable.

    • @R
      Sorry for your loss hun 🙁

      • Hi E Hoax, thank you sweetie. E Hoax I have read many of your comments at Aunts/and here with great enjoyment. Your research is amazing. Look forward see more.

      • @R
        Aw thank you R! I’m glad you like it. That’s just what I needed to hear today lol. Sometimes I feel like giving up almost, but all your guys’ encouragement helps me a lot 🙂

        • E do you have an email where I can contact you? , would like to ask you something

          • @Flippy
            I realize this is like almost a year later as im now seeing this comment, but it’s [email protected]
            thx 🙂 youre probably long gone by now lol.

  30. ****!! Thanks motley2014. When you need spell check where the hell is it…

  31. Ive created another blog for anyone wanting to join first time blogger so please feedback would b welcome

  32. Hi guys

    Here is smth that I find very strange

    Look at 0:48 …what is that thing that goes up like fireworks with a lot of smoke?

    I don’t understand ……. what do you think?

    • That really looked like those cans that make smoke. But if it a car part flying out due to fire, I am think what part of car would break lose like that ?

      • I think it is…

      • Smoke can.


    Interesting…Julius Bear group absorbed Merrill Lynch businesses.

    According to this site:

    The bank is one of at least 14 Swiss financial firms under investigation by theU.S. Department of Justice for helping Americans hide money offshore. Legal and advisory expenses related to the probe that began in 2009 exceed 70 million francs as of Dec. 31. That includes 15 million francs set aside in 2013 for future legal costs.

    Roger was finacial adviser for Merryl lynch and for Paul too….

    • @Lilaah
      Wow, thank you for that.

    • Wow! Thanks for that Lilaah, maybe Babykaz can add that info on her new blog as well. This and the article she shared on there already are new infos.

    • Baer settled with the DoJ.

    • Lol! How would she (or the unbiased – lol – investigators hired by her lawyer) know they were only doing 55mph? Both guys knew the car (or at least Roger did) so how can “his wife’s lawsuit says the vehicle lacked a proper crash cage and safety features in the gas tank that would have saved both men’s lives.” Who was that man seen escaping behind the flames? Porsche haven’t responded, so could be part of ‘the bigger plan’ of deceit. She needs to be careful because Paul’s family may sue for reckless driving by the driver. Has she raked in the car insurance yet?

      • She’s not wrong about the car lacking a crash cage and about the gas tank, but she lost me on the speed part.

        • Yes, but so did the guys. How can she sue Porsche for, basically, their stupidity – given this isn’t a hoax.

          • @motley2014 nothing has been proven how the car crashed into the pole and tree, if it did really happen like that but probably by high speed? knowing that she has since claimed the life insurance for her kids she was obviously looking for another way to be compensated by the accident and saying there was a fault with the car, although she will need some good evidence to prove that?

  34. Where did everyone go. This site no longer talks about it. All of the other blogs are gone. Did everyone just lose interest?

  35. start a blog and people will follow im sure.

  36. Found this on YouTube and wanted you to see this DEFINITELY is Paul Walker and even moreso, I believe Roger Rodas is sitting with him. The mannerisms and nose are identical to Paul’s.

    • Torrance, i believe this was PW and his film producer friend Brandon watching a rodeo show in Texas back in 2010.

      • Oh how incredibly disappointing, Pickled Onion. I felt certain he’d been filmed recently. 🙁

  37. Curious to how many think he is gone for good. Will what happens with movie make you move on.

  38. Other thread is full decided to comment here.

    • sick conspiracy theorists — how about *YOU* GET REAL!?!?

  39. sick conspiracy theorists — how about *YOU* GET REAL!?!?


  41. The ear in pic 2 is shadow there are better ones to compare

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