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Sayanim Jew Jonti Roos Lies and Cheats – Fakes Story About Experience in Malaysian Airlines Cockpit

What a filthy liar she is, arch-Zionist and hate-filled South African Khazarian Jew, Jonti Roos. Spreading nothing but vile slander her whole purpose is to advance the venomous plots of world Jewry, as she attempts to connive and deceive the world.

She does so while purportedly being on tour in Australia, where the Zionist owned media in that country gave her full access.

It is, after all, the most incredible story ever conceived. A couple of teenagers meet a copilot in the airport, and he solicits them. What kind of solicitation? It is to ride in the cockpit instead of within the cabin for the entire one hour international flight. There, the pilot and copilot would ‘enjoy’ their company, “smoke” and also take multiple pictures.

Smoke, really? With all those smoke detectors in modern-day jetliners and with a full flight crew attuned to the obnoxious odor of cigarette smoke, how did they get away with that?

It is an absolute impossibility that this would be achieved, no matter how well placed is the copilot. How could it be done without witnesses? The only one claiming it is true is arch-Zionist mole Roos. Even her ‘friend’ that was supposedly in the cockpit is nowhere to be found. Nor is it possible to determine the whereabouts of the supposed copilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid.

It is yet another example of the treachery of the Zionists, and surely their premier actor in this case, Roos is virtually as rabid as a Zionist can be. She would have to be terminally rabid to participate in such an orchestration, in fact, being its lead figure, just as that lying mole Richard Quest acted as the face for the fake cockpit ride purportedly prior to the ‘crash.’

Even so, she never mentions the exact flight nor offers any ticket stubs or booking data to confirm it. She merely goes about from one vile media appearance to another, spreading her venom. She is merely a talking head, whose mouth spouts nothing but lies.

She was never in the cockpit. All the photos depicting her there are photoshopped.

She seeks to embarrass the people of Malaysia and, in fact, the people of Islaam in general by spreading her falsehood.

All that issues from her mouth is deceptions. No one can prove otherwise.

Yet, this South African national, a Lithuianian Jew by descent, is in the midst of the hoax, appearing as a featured guest on Australian TV stations. There, she spews her lies, having the audacity to say that the supposed First Officer, Fariq Abdul Hamid, had’ invited two women into the cockpit during a flight two years ago.’

Yet, the flight is a fake. That means the passengers are phonies, mere crisis actors in the realm for the pay. Furthermore, since there was no such flight known as Malaysian Airlines MH370, then, this means that the pilots are also fraudsters. If they are real people who formerly worked for Malaysian Airlines, then, this means they received a big pay off, essentially an early retirement.

There are no other possibilities: no hijacking, suiciding, crash, Diego Garcia landing, kidnapping: nothing, nada, zilch.

Jonti Roos told an Australian TV show she and a pal once rode in the cockpit of a Malaysian Airlines flight after receiving an invite from Fariq Abdul Hamid, the co-pilot of missing Flight MH370.

Roos is in it for the pay as well. She is a wannabe actress and model:
Why else would she participate in this other than a rabid desire to fulfill Zionist plots, the great one, now, being the attempt to destroy Islaamic Iran. It fits directly into the new revelations of a clove plane of the Malaysian Airlines 777 being found in the Israeli entity, housed in Tel Aviv. Furthermore, the fact that he has participated in this plot as a Mossad spy is beyond reproach:
Roos is of the same derivation as Rosen (Rosan) and is exclusively used by Jews. She is on an assault against both the goy and the Muslims, and she would all that is possible
The mole is completely busted as a hostile, war-soliciting Mossad agent working on behalf of the Zionist cabal. There is no other purpose for her behavior. It’s only pure Zionism – fanaticism for the cause, Eretz Israel.
The fact that she is on media tour in Australia spreading these falsehoods, as well as the role she played in uploading the photoshopped images, is hard proof that Roos is a hard-core Zionist agent. South Africa is a hotbed for such international criminals. Regardless of where they arise or who they are such Mossad moles in their treachery operate from all countries in the world. They should be banned from the universe, obliterated from existence. Vile beyond comprehension, let them be damned into oblivion for eternity – all of them, including the vile cockpit story liars Roos, Maree, and Quest.
In this image the hat has been artificially added to her head via Photoshop. It is clearly in the image than her face. The background, the wall, left screen, is more distinct than either of their faces. This picture is a fake and is, regardless, obviously staged. ‘Why would the government do this? They wouldn’t lie to us.’
ACA: It’s not ‘gutter journalism’

It was Australia’s Zionist-run Current Affairs which spread all these falsehoods and published the majority of the images.

“Special access … Jaan Maree in the cockpit of a Malaysia Airlines flight in December 2011. Picture: A Current Affair.”

There was no access of any kind. This is a grossly anomalous photo, where, once again, the images in the foreground are less defined than the background. Note the length of the neck of Roos, also hard dark is the area under her neck and about her chest. That makes no sense; there is no basis for such shading. The fingers of Maree are mangled/deformed. The arm of the pilot merely cut and pasted in. This is a Mossad fake. There is no other possibility.
It is yet another claw-like hand, fully mangled. It’s painted on, with cut lines visible, for instance, on the first digit. Blurry, grainy, contrived – and unbelievable – it is the standard of Zionist-perpetrated hoaxes.
The pilots entertained the girls and posed for photos without them throughout the 2011 flight from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur
Current Affair published the above photo, also republished by the DailyMail. The Photoshop defects in it are grotesque:
A bizarre white line is seen crossing his face with a jagged and angular cut line modified by the blur tool following his chin and face. It is all so incredibly blurry and poorly defined, which is done by design.
Sources:The segment, which aired earlier this week, suggested co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid engaged in lewd behaviour with Melbourne tourist Jonti Roos and her friend Jaan Maree in the cockpit where he smoked, took photos and entertained the pair during a previous international flight.Ms Roos, who is South African, is currently travelling around Australia.“Throughout the entire flight they were talking to us and they were actually smoking throughout the flight which I don’t think they’re allowed to do,” Ms Roos said.
It’s just pure lies. The Jews want another murderous war, this time with Islamic Iran. They seek to draw vast blood, as much Muslim blood as possible. Ideally, they seek to foment a massive bombing strike against this country, including the detonation of nuclear devices, even neutron bombs.  This is their ultimate motive for the Malaysian Airlines hoax so that, somehow, it can be presented before the world as a terror act perpetrated by Iranian Muslims.Why else would have the Zionists photoshopped those ludicrous CCTV images as a means of implicating Iranians? The images were completely fake, the passengers non-existent. Furthermore, it was the Mossad which spread the false claims, initially, that the jet had been hijacked to Iran, while a Malaysian Airlines 777 MH370 clone sits in storage in Tel Aviv, with all the markings and logos of the airline.

That makes two Sayanim-Mossad moles, Jonti Roos and Richard Quest, who have fabricated pilot-cockpit stories.


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  1. Great fake plane crash news blooper here at 3:21

    • Actually, meet Carol Roos, the mother of Jonti Roos. I was on the flight with Jonti. PS we are also not Jewish.

  2. Frank Collin-looking Clown named Leonard Penna leading the sandy hook mossadomites

    And Anna Ross -the actress’ dad is Brian Penna(Jewish)& has a place in Connecticut among many residences….

  3. Anyway Anna’s Dad Brian Penna has all the hallmarks of a Mossad agent sayanim: multiple aliases, multiple residences, the same names & different names living at each residence, same as her. This cell/family has places in MI, CT, LA/HOLLYWOOD,CA, PA, QUEBEC, CANADA & elsewhere. Her voice is the same and gestures (and teeth except her fake bad tooth cap), as Character Jonti Roos. Also as both wears 2 small earrings in one or both upper ears and bigger ones below. I think she may have made commercials for New Zealand Airlines. She claims she had to struggle to get American citizenship/work status but that seems strange since she admits her father is American dual citizen. He ofcourse is quad-citizen by race if he is Jewish which is obvious, by all his property & Connections. I also discovered an as yet unindentified Actor used in Kenya- but I will save it for later to make a video with several others I discovered from Kenya & Sandy Hook since so few are
    even bothering to look at the info and discoveries I am making. I suspect she spent a year or two recently in South Africa when younger at some point and then traveled there yearly or so to establish a presence there. These Sayanims are everywhere especially the very good ones like this young one. She could give a professional piano concert in Vienna, seduce her target and poison him in his hotel room & be on Flight to China or Tel Aviv hours before anyone knew he was dead of a “heart atrack”…And never be a suspect.

  4. I knew from the start that she was lying! Seriously Ms. Jonti? “SMOKING” With all those smoke detectors around the whole aircraft!! And yet you think you disclosed this “Major” secret after 3 years when Captain Fariq is missing…. Thanks to who wrote this article! I knew I couldn’t be the only one to know instantly that she was telling fibs in front of media

  5. You actually could be retarded. Get yourself checked. Idiot haha.

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