Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 20 October 2014
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Hard Evidence of Controlled Demolition in Norway Bombing Hoax

UPDATED and CORRECTED, Oct. 21, 2014

Make no mistake about it the claims of an actual massacre occurring in Norway, whether on the mainland or an island, at the hands of a gun-toting madman are an absolute hoax. So, too, is it  hoax that this man, Andres Breivik, committed a combing spree is Oslo. It was all an incredible stage with in some cases real bombs, all in the form of controlled demolition.

The bombers are the agents of the Zionist-controlled Norway government, not Breivik. In fact, Breivik is a culprit but only as lower level Mossad mole who was to act as the fall-guy for the phony event. The high officials of the Norway system bombed their own country but in a controlled way, so no one was hurt.

Hurting people would be problematic. It would lead to investigations and potential litigation. As a result, the nature of the fraud would be revealed. The determination of the use of controlled demolition where bombs are pre-set by demolition teams and where such bombs are then sequentially detonated is hard proof of the hoax. It is, in fact, categorical proof that the claims for a real Breivik massacre are a complete fraud.

A rather commonly seen photo is as follows, which shows buildings that have suffered structural damage virtually to their roofs. The setting of detonator charges would typically achieve this. Too, what is seen in the foreground?


It is tall metal fencing. The area was fenced off virtually completely. No one who was not authorized could enter. It is likely that these buildings have been already condemned and were being prepared for demolition. Thus, the area was in isolation well before the bombs were exploded. It can be no coincidence that the buildings being destroyed have no access for the general public.

Could Andres Breivik have done all this?


How could he plant all those dozens or more of bombs? Yet, there is no surveillance images showing him in action? In fact, he could not do so, while simultaneously attacking an island, super-Rambo-style.

It will be noted in this newly added video the pattern of the vectors of forces. The building matter is blown out, not in:

The debris pattern is of interest, as this makes it appear like there was real mayhem and that real bombs were exploded. It looks, though, like a bunch of garbage strewn about. There is no real pattern for it. Breivik got all the way up to the tops of the buildings and placed charges. Then, while shooting them up all over the place he detonated them. Sure, he did, of course.


Here is the same building with still more smoke, including some coming out of the side, which was not seen in the previous image. It appears that the camera-man is capturing the image just after the demolition squibs were detonated.  Yet, what else is seen? Look carefully, and compare the image to the previous one, the one where the man is staging the act of shock, holding his hand to his forehead. On the slab of stone is what appears to be the body of a person. How did it get there? Why is no one attending to it? It could very well be nothing other than a crisis dummy. There is no evidence that it is a real person.

NOTE: images removed as irrelevant.


Notice the nature of the demolition. The outer layer has been blown off, not in. The same is true of the window frames. This would indicate the placement of detonator charges on the inside of the buildings versus bombs set on the outside.


Now, the two compared (Images removed, as an optical illusion created confusion about the demolition of this edge of the building).


As is typical of such detonator charges the fires created were rather limited. Just in case, though, it would appear that Norway officials had put in place special machinery, notably the Austrian-made LUF 60. It is used to put out fires, but no one is doing anything with it.


It has multiple uses, including the spraying of water but also the spreading of anti-fire foam. It can also act as  wind generator, offering great power for scattering debris. It is not place anywhere near a fire. Nor is it hooked to a hydrant. Therefore, the suspicion is that it could have been used also as a debris-spreader.


The LUF 60: Remote-controlled Fire-Fighter and Possible Wind Generator

Strong evidence of debris scattering can be seen, here, an effective element of the hoax to give it realism, thanks, once again, to the power of German ingenuity:

Here is a close-up view of the debris which has been purposely scattered around, likely from the use of the wind-generator. The debris field makes no sense otherwise.

Notice how no one is bothering to help the various crisis actors on the ground: no one in the least. There is not an ambulance in sight for those who are supposedly bleeding from blunt and penetrating trauma. Can only consider it? A person could go into shock and/or die from such trauma and no one is assisting such individuals? There are more people toting cameras in this scene than there are actual medical people, in fact, no medical person on-site can be confirmed.

Surely, though, much of the debris is directly related to the bomb-blasts, which occurred sequentially and at different levels in the buildings. Why are virtually all the wounded in the streets? Shouldn’t there be a great many of wounded and even killed in the buildings themselves?

In this building a considerable number of windows were blown out. What an incredible waste of resources it is merely to perpetrate a lie. “The deception will be great in the end times,” how true it is.

Norway Explosion

Wait a minute, here is one from a building. Yet, there is not a bit of bomb-related dust on either of them.

There is no wound on her forehead to represent the red material. The blood is fake, and so is the rescue. Yet, the close up imagery shows the power of the charges set to create the necessary destruction of infrastructure to give the hoax substance.

Here, the powerful ones in control of Norway set bombs about their own buildings, in this case, to blow out a large window for effect:

Caption: A riot policeman walks past the shattered glass of a damaged building after a powerful bomb blast rocked government and media buildings in Norway’s capital

By no means are the claims made by the Zionist-controlled press correct. There is no way Breivik or any other single man could achieve all this mayhem single-handedly. It was simple not possible. It would have taken teams of mercenary terrorists to achieve this and particularly to do so unnoticed. Then, even this would have been impossible. There is no way they could have cut off all security cameras. Only the Zionist-controlled government could achieve that.

As a means for the plot the purpose was to create the appearance of mayhem without actually causing any injuries. Therefore, there was no attempt to undermine the foundation of any buildings, bringing them down in a free-fall. Less potent charges were largely used, and their placement was particular for this hoax. Many of the charges were placed near doors, next to windows, and near roof-tops:


Has anyone noticed? There is not a single person visible inside any of these buildings. Nor is there anyone in such buildings calling for help and/or claiming to be wounded.

Here is an image which gives a strong impression of the purposely spreading of fake debris. Notice, too, the existence of what appears to be a body on the ground. It is either a crisis actor or a dummy.

Caption: fake dead person on the ground, no one in attendance. Fire in the background, no one dealing with it.

Like the Boston smoke bombing hoax, the London tube bombings, and 9-11 this was a staged event. There is no evidence to any degree that anyone was injured and surely no evidence that anyone died. Nevertheless, there is much more to be said, here. See the degree to which the arch-antagonistic elements of the Norway hierarchy, the Bilderberger cultists and more: see the degree to which they will act in order to create such a diabolical lie. Is it not incredible that they will spend billions of dollars of the taxpayer largess just to heap massive fraud upon them? It is the Zionists who do this, no others. Breivik himself is an arch-Zionist agent.










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  1. I can completely agree with no deaths on the mainland as very likely. But I don’t see it as likely or easy to do without deaths on the island because– Even though I believe the zionists would have many zionists and freemasons inside an antizionist political party the “actual antizionist young people” would not go along with such a hoax. So they would have had to put all but the zionist/masonic/ psychopath crisis actor children & young people on one part of the Island at some point & the rest on another part of the island so they would not witness the fakery. And I guess that is possible. I am unwilling to believe the Norway’s antizionist youth would in mass support a zionist hoax to support the zionist evil agenda & to simply ignore this is not acceptable. Despite all the zionist power in Norway, No country in Europe supports the Palestinians as strongly Norway except perhaps Ireland. And Norway groups right now are ready to give more money than any other country in the world to rebuild Paleatine after the latest Satanic Israeli Genocidal mass murder Extermination of over 2200 innocent Palestinian people. And I look at the zionist only doing hoaxes to avoid backlash or backfire. The zionist hatred for Norway is perhaps 1000 years old from the time the when righteous Norse Leader Rus Crushed the evil Khazarian/AshkeNAZI Empire. And since he was also the founder of Russia they hate Russia eternally as well. The Evil Babylonian Talmud says: NEVER FORGET & NEVER FORGIVE and teaches those of self chosen master race to seek & get vengeance whenever you can. And it satanically teaches murdering the most innocent of the goyim is always good.

    Please do a post on my research from yesterday where I’ve proven zionist Jew fake MOSSADlim Zakahiyah Boyd is an FBI AGENT 100% & PLENTY on his father Daniel Boyd the Dylan Boyd & Sabrina Boyd the fake Mossadlim Terrorist family. I have more on Sabrina the 100% zionist Jew as well and her family’s powerful government connections.
    See this thread for Boyd info.

    • We need someone from Norway who can say if the anti-Israel youth camp is pro-Wallstreet, pro-Rothschild, pro-Holohoax.

  2. This is Sabrina Boyd
    Sabrina Boyd of Beverly and Salem etc, Massachusetts and of North Carolina as Intelius search reveals.
    This very Jewish looking zionist Jew was rewarded very well for her treachery as part of a HOAX MOSSADlim Terrorist family of NC.
    She runs CBS RADIO DIGAL CONTENT in Boston & Mass. She is also a DJ atleast 3 CBS RADIO STATIONS but probably many more in New England and maybe more around the country. She didn’t manage to keep her identities separate. But most never look these people up long after one hoax operation/event is done. But her fake son is even dumber since he was too stupid keep his Zak Boyd the FBI agent identity eperate from his character Zak BOYD the Eeevile MOSSADlim Terrorist of North Carolina as intelius reveals. The father head of the Zionist gang of MOSSADlims did a better job but still went to trial later out of costume. See the other thread.

  3. The metal drainage piping is no pipe at the building. It is the same object with 12 metal rings as seen here:


    The thing is not at the side of the building. It is before the building.

    • Thanks for the interesting pictures, now I don’t know what to believe. At the mark of 29:10 one can see footage showing people swimming away from the island, but the editors of the final movie also use stills, and even stills filmed with an action movie style shaking camera. Why no live footage from the interviewed reporter who was the first reporter arriving at the scene? It is also strange that there seem to be no shot survivors showing us their gun wounds.

  4. With the video demonstration of the Austrian fire-fighting robot, I think this robot is not powerful enough to blow metal beams/profiles down the street.


    In the picture it is also strange that some lights are turned on in the first and fourth floor to the right.

    • She’s one Wild & Crazy gal.


  5. Ina (Rangones) Libak, miraculously managed to run away from Breivik after she was shot more times. Superheroine…. And how great she pulled thru…. Last links are in Norwegian, unfortunately nothing about her in English or at least French, but the essential ull all understand…..






  6. The scene around the paneled round bench/well is also strange.

    One side shows people helping a man:


    The view from the opposite side shows a person lying on the ground, ignored by two guys standing there and talking, and all the other people on the street are gone:


  7. I agree that a car bomb can not blow away concrete columns at the top of a building. The roof-top photo shows the sixth floor with the columns from the heli port above.


    And who allowed the media in the damaged building on the other side of the street to take the picture?

  8. I think that pole Stephan identifies is a quirk of parallax, Dr K. This is a fantastic and bold hoax all the same. The demolition of time-expired buildings naturally followed this hoax
    http://www.romea.cz/en/news/world/norway-reconstruction-of-government-offices-damaged-by-ultra-right-terrorism – a close parallel with the twin towers.
    It would take some hard work to detect if the fatalities were all real people. It would be impossble to find out if any or all of them, if real, went off to new lives in warmer climes.
    All of the images cry out “drill” and “crisis actors”

  9. Ebola Czar Ron Klain Says “Overpopulation” Top Concern


  10. Fake CCTV footage showing Brivik’ van? Can CCTV cameras zoom in and pan?

    Breivik: CCTV footage shows killer planting van bomb – Channel 4 News


    • laughable! Why wait 15 months to show it?

  11. The best footage, showing also the destruction inside the buidings. This could have been filmed by someone who was sure to find hard working officials inside, trapped and wounded, so he was crazy enough to run into the buildings, checking the totally destroyed offices, but finding no one. The people leaving the building, when he goes in, seem to be fine.

    As the guy is running over the whole area, we can also see that there are no remains of a white van that had a bomb inside, no chassis, no car body, no engine block, no doors, no rims.


  12. Stefan, that’s a good find. These shaky “citizen quality” videos are often part of a hoax. As in Boston. This one is part of the agenda. But the devil is in the detail.
    Yes, who are those cool dudes who just wander out, faces blanked? Part of the op, no doubt.
    Two things strike me – why is that temporary plastic fence erected in the street – the kind one sees at demolition sites? Secondly, why is nobody screaming, moaning or shouting. It is silent – because there was nobody there in the first place except the operatives.
    Clearly they know there are no booby trap bombs in the building….which looks like it had been pre-vandalised/partially demolished inside.

    Check this “survivor” ADRAN PRACON in this CBS video

  13. what’s this broom for? Sweeping up the bomb damage?

  14. check the crisis actor at 1:04 “oslo norway terror attacks”
    [there are two videos under the same url, as posted above.. yes, the silence, as the commentator notes, is eery – because nobody got hurt. That only slightly damaged car, a bit shot up, is at 1:28 “…like arriving at some kind of movie” As it always is. [1:48] What’s that at 1:59?

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