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Was Boris Nemstov Murdered by the Jewish Mob – An Assessment

Updated, Mar. 2, 2015

A most serious question it is, which is what happened to so-called Russian political opposition leader Boris Nemtsov? Too, was he truly an opposition leader, or was he working for a more subtle, nefarious cause? Now, in view of the constant fabrication of deaths and other events there would be a tendency to wonder if this is as it appears, an actual professional killing. That is where thorough investigation proves invaluable.

A thorough evaluation of the events on the ground proves a simple fact. The man was murdered in cold blood. Moreover, it was done through a devious set-up, with every attempt to disguise the actual hit. The disguise in this case was a large truck with flashing lights, which blocked the view of the actual hit. It was an elaborate effort at murder and attempted disguise. Someone wanted him dead for reasons yet to be determined. Even so, the timing of the death favored arch-Zionist schemes, which implicates the role of the Mossad.

Contrary to popular belief that absolutely is Mr. Nemtsov lying on the pavement of the Russian bridge. Much commentary has been made to the contrary, based upon comments related to a lack of a likeness in body. This is erroneous. It is clearly Mr. Nemtsov, as is seen by both his body structure and facial features.

There are those who say that this person on the pavement is too obese to be Mr. Nemtsov. There does not appear to be any real obesity. That could well be abdominal distention as a result of internal bleeding as well as gas production as a result of fatality.

There has also been much commentary about the surrounds of his body and the body itself, that is the lack of obvious wounds and, in particular, blood. Surely, this can be confusion. Yet, these are nighttime images and there is the effect of both darkness and artificial light in distorting what can be seen. The seeming lack of obvious bullet wounds as well a blood would be an issue. Yet, in bullet wounds there may not be massive amounts of blood, especially in the event of a direct hit on a major artery or the heart itself, which would result largely in internal bleeding. Even so, let us look at this as scientifically as possible in order to make an accurate determination, as this entire event is being manipulated for malicious cause. According to the arch-Zionist media regarding this issue the claim is that it was a “mafia-like” act, casting the “cloud of suspicion” on Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin.

At best this is mere speculation. At worst, it is a devious, diabolical plot.

Regarding the issue of blood and bullet wounds still images can be misleading. Thus, an effort was made to search for live footage, as follows:

There is extensive activity about the corpse. This is a real crime scene with all the expected components. The bloated abdomen is an expected consequence of death, possibly a spinal reflex due to loss of innervation to the abdominal viscera.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 9.58.23 PM

Note the swelling of the abdomen. In these views the forensics officers are going through a full procedure in respect to determining the cause of death, analyzing the wounds, making diagrams, taking notes.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 9.57.46 PM

A full examination is being performed on the deceased. Evidence is being collected. The nature of the wounds and their scope is being examined, all of it standard procedure.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.04.45 PM

Notice the bullet wound seen in the hip area; it is likely an exit wound.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.06.54 PM

Upon a careful viewing further wounds are seen, in this case, again, exit wounds on the upper chest, which likely resulted in massive internal bleeding. There is blood, there, on the clothing, particularly evident, soaking through, the clothes against the upper chest.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.05.01 PM

He has been shot dead on the bridge in a calculated, pre-determined assassination. This is most likely an act of the Jewish mob, while Putin is used as the goat. It can be seen by the CCTV images that this was a calculated hit. Moreover, it was forces within Russia that are responsible, not the CIA. These arch-Zionist forces even knew the area well enough to block the only CCTV camera that could have captured the shooting.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.05.54 PM

There is absolute pallor. Mr. Nemtsov has been deceased at this point for some time.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.06.32 PM

A forensic officer takes a number of images just before the final phase:

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.20.57 PM

The activity is that of a real crime scene, not a staged event.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.01.59 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.02.14 PM

This officer seems to be motioning or communicating at this time to colleagues, at which time the body bag arrives.


He was murdered in a called hit. Yet, who would most benefit from his murder at such a suspect time? Is it not other than arch-Zionist elements, those same elements responsible for toppling the government of Ukraine?

Officially, it is said:

The RPR-PARNAS political party, of which Nemtsov was a member, held an emergency meeting on Saturday night, following Boris’s murder. The meeting was attended by Ilya Yashin, a member of the party who was one of the first people to arrive at the crime scene.

Who is Ilya Yashin?



EASTERN EARUOPEAN JEWISH SURNAMES. Aaronovitch …. Voronov. Vorontsov. Voskresensky. Yablonski. Yakovlev. Yakovleva. Yashin

Mr. Yahsin is seen, here, first on the scene or nearly so at the murder site.


Ilya Yashin & Ksenia Sobchak, the Russian Opposition’s Romeo & Juliet

She was raised like a princess and dated oligarchs. He was too busy leading protests to make money. But Ilya Yashin says Ksenia Sobchak is ‘the woman of my life.’…Moscow’s most famous couple.
No pay, just run interference and foment strife on behalf of the arch-Zionist cabal? What about Ms. Sobchack?
She is a second daughter of…mayor of Saint Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak and Lyudmila Narusova, a Russian politician. She identifies herself as of Jewish heritage, but not religiously. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kseniya_Sobchak

Clearly, regarding the opposition movement this, as in Egypt, among other such controlled states, is a Zionist-orchestrated element.

Yet, it is said that this was most likely a Putin ordered assassination, or that is what the Zionists continuously imply.

Yet, what happened? What are the acclaimed details? His being killed or images of his dead body right by the Kremlin implies top-level government approval or at least association. In this regard it is said that Nemstov died “after four shots were fired in his back while he was walking with a female companion across the Zamoskvoretskiy bridge in the Russian capital.”

A representative of the Interior Ministry told the “Rossiya 24” TV channel that the woman had arrived from Ukraine.

NOTE: What for, just in time for the protests or to act as an arch-Zionist agent in coordinating the ‘hit?’

Moreover, another extreme Zionist agent, pro-Israeli Ukrainian puppet Petro Poroshenko had this to say about the Nemtsov issue:

Ukraine’s leader Petro Poroshenko said that killed Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was a bridge between Russia and Ukraine that has now been destroyed. “He was a bridge between Ukraine and Russia. The murderers’ shot destroyed that. I think it was not coincidental..”


The female companion was a 23 old women that just arrived from Ukraine, Anna Durickaya, a Ukrainian model.

“According to Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, the investigators have interrogated witnesses, including Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya, 23, who was with Nemtsov when he was killed. She was not harmed in the shooting after seven or eight shots were fired at Nemtsov from a passing car, with four hitting the man’s back.”

Source: http://sputniknews.com/russia/20150228/1…z3T42ImM16

A bit of background is always revealing:

Boris Efimovich Nemtsov was born on 9 October 1959 in Sochi to Yefim Davidovich Nemtsov and Dina Yakovlevna (née Eidman) Nemtsova. [6] His mother is Jewish. In his autobiography, Nemtsov recounts that his Russian Orthodox paternal grandmother had him baptized as an infant, [7] something Nemtsov, who was a practicing Orthodox Christian, found out many years later. [8]


Now, regarding the investigation into his death a few details have been provided. It is, for instance, said that Nemtsov was “shot at least four times in the back with a Russian Makarov pistol from a passing white car.”

In the  same article it was reported that he feared he would be assassinated, apparently stating that, if it happened, Russian President Putin would be involved: “You know, yes I do fear it. Not much, not as much as my mother does. If I feared him too strongly would it make sense to head an opposition party?” Nemtsov said.


NOTE: this claim is now disputed as being a falsified media bite; he may not have made any such comment at all.

CCTV camera placed Mr. Nemstov, along with the model, at a shopping complex, specifically the GUM restaurant, an hour or so before the shooting, being seen in the far lower left corner.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 12.43.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 12.42.59 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 12.42.54 PM

Now, regarding Nemtsov, he was surely not a reliable source of straightforward information, that is of any definitive issue regarding the actions of the Russian government. He called, for instance, outright hoaxes as real:

“The crash of the Malaysian plane in the skies above Donetsk is a terroristic act of the 9/11 scale. This is hell. My condolences to the families of the victims. The bastards, who did this, must be destroyed. The separatists the other day bragged they had the Buk missiles, with which they wanted to take down an AN-26. If those are them, they must get no mercy”, – he wrote.

Later, Nemtsov reported that the Kremlin media were no longer capable of concealing the truth about who took down the commercial jet.

NOTE: No one took it down. The crash was a fake, an arch-Zionist fear-mongering and nation-corrupting fake.

“The picture is clear. The Donetsk terrorist took the Malaysian Boeing for an AN-26 of Ukraine’s Armed Forces and murdered 295 citizens from all over the world, including 80 children. Putin and his despicable and lying media may lie all they want, but they will have to answer. The only chance for Putin to come off unhurt in this situation is to destroy the terrorists himself. It is just that he is incapable of that”, – Nemtsov wrote.


Therefore, Nemtsov was calling for Russian intervention or meddling into the Ukraine on the basis of mere treachery.

Nemtsov was associated with a number of individuals involved in the Russian Jewish mob:


At one time he was a favored child. Yet, at the time of his death he was a virtual unknown. Had he alienated someone? Was he murdered for cause on behalf of the arch-Zionist cabal and because of a personal grudge? His killing only serves the Zionists in their arch-plot to destabilize Russia and far more.



Notice the potential exit wound and how it is popped up the outer skin and other tissue. There is some blood which has seeped through on his grey jacket.

The bullets struck him from the back and exited out the chest, upper and lower as well as near the upper pelvic rim.




Depending on how much blood pours into the internal cavity there may or may not be massive amounts of blood pouring out. In this case with a man shot some five times through the back there is a fair amount of spillage but it is not as massive as is typically believed.




Per the Aanifran site:

A Ukrainian young lady who witnessed the murder of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov has gone missing.

That’s according to the head of consular affairs at the Ukrainian Embassy in Russia, reports Ukraine’s UNIAN news agency.

  1. Anonymous 1 March 2015 at 05:16 You are likely on the right track about Jewish mafia ties to Nemtsov. He adds:
    Nemtsov is Jewish – see this Bloomberg article confirming it. “Anti-semitism” is even being spun into his official epitaph now.


    Jewish Press confirms he was Jewish:


    His name “Nemtsov” is derived of “немецкий” or “nemetskiy” – meaning “German” in Russian language. In translation, Nemtsov is “son of a German” – i.e. he was an Ashkenazi German Jew.

    Silvija (hausfrau leaks)

    Another poster added:

    “Boris Efimovich Nemtsov was born on 9 October 1959 in Sochi to Yefim Davidovich Nemtsov and Dina Yakovlevna (née Eidman) Nemtsova.[6] His mother is Jewish.”


    Father is a Jew, too. Almost all of those NED-funded Russian “opposition” figures are Jews or crypto-Jews.



An unidentified attacker in a car shot Mr Nemtsov four times in the back as he crossed a bridge in view of the Kremlin, police say.

It “bears the hallmarks of a contract killing,” said Mr. Peskov.

Russian investigators: Nemtsov killing may be provocation …


1 hour ago – Nemtsov was killed just a day before a protest planned against Putin’s rule. … West condemns murder of Kremlin critic as Putin blames foes AFP … as a Ukrainian model 30 years his ju

Boris Nemtsov was one of Russia’s leading economic reformers in the 1990s (file photo from 2009)

In a recent interview, Mr Nemtsov had said he feared Mr Putin would have him killed because of his opposition to the war in Ukraine.

It is the Russian Jewish mob that is most suspect of calling and perpetrating this hit, not the acting secret services of Russia. Moreover, it was that same mob which was/is responsible for the chaos and bloodshed in the Ukraine. Why would it be any different, here?








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