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San Bernardino Shooting Exposed as Total Hoax with Synthetic Gore Dummy

The following two images were sent to from an alert poster. This poster has broken the case wide open, exposing it as a total hoax. This phony shooting must go down in the annals of history as the most ludicrous, inane, supercilious hoax of all time.

Even so, there is no level to which the Zionists will descend in order to perpetrate their treacherous scams. Even so, no one should be shocked by the imagery. It’s not real but is instead Hollywood-style gore.


How are these images the same? They do not look the same to any degree. Let us do a zoom in and see the difference:


Can anyone imagine it? As in the Charleston, S.C., shooting hoax they went to all the trouble to make a wax dummy, that is a synthetic gore entity, the resembled the fake deceased in question, in the former case that arch-fabricator and fully alive individual, Clemente Pinckney. Now, Jewry went to all the trouble to make a fake head of Farooq. Notice, too, the size of the teeth, also the small nature of the mouth. It doesn’t look like Farooq to any major degree. Yet, the world will be bamboozled by this, make no mistake about it.

Regardless, the case by the Zionists for this being a real shooting is now exposed absolutely. What an arch-fake it is. How desperate are these Zionist criminals. Review the imagery carefully. Review it, and review it, again. They are not the same to any degree. The one on the left shows a life picture of the purported shooter, Syed Farooq, his face dressed in moulage red. What else is observed? His right eye is fully intact, no doubt, and the eye is shut. He actually has an eyelid in that imagery. Plus, he has an actual nose; it is fully intact, make no mistake about it. Additionally, there is fake blood all around next to his face.

Plus, his legs are crossed:


Arch-hoaxer Farooq is alive and well at this point. He does not appear to be excessively pale. Moreover, there is no evidence of any gunshot wounds that could account for the flow of the red matter seen next to him. Too, notice how it all ends at the edge of the cur, as if it has been poured from there:


It could have been poured from the center also, who knows? Yet, one issue is certain, there is no arterial splatter. Nor is there any oxidation of this material. Nor is it of varying color, as would be expected from an admixture of venous and arterial blood.


Farooq is alive, here. What happened to him? Did they turn him into a Hollywood prop?



Does anyone remember this freak from LAX? It has the same bugged-out eyes.

Nobody seems to care about Farook. Why should they? He’s alive and well:


Farooq is a local government asset. How much was he paid for his part in the role? Surely, it was considerable. Was CAIR also offered money?


They were killed, right. By the way, where is the corpse of the woman?



San Bernardino is in Hollywood’s back-yard. What else could be expected from the arch-hoaxers of the terminally corrupt Zionist cabal?




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  1. Excellent post 🙂 I think they’ve done that gore dummy because we all keep saying how we never see the injuries.

    • – Farooq: it appears that the distant pulled-off piece of skin is not fitting to the wound (it is too large)
      – His left eye-slit seems to be at the wrong place. How is this possible?
      – His mouth looks odd. He shows his tongue (joke?).
      – His left ear looks strange too.
      – Woman: Her left arm looks odd.
      – The street is “coincidently” damaged there.

      Is it CGI?

      The gods (including the ex-devil) dislike false news. Soon the ones, who are responsible for false news, will find out (when they will be punished).

      • No this is not fake!! His eyes are bugged out because he was shot in the face. Sometimes the eyes will pop out from over pressure, his skull is broken and his eye sockets are sliding around. His legs are crossed to show that the body has been searched. Seriously, you guys have never shot someone or something?

    • Exhibit 27) San Bernardino Hoax Shooting FBI-DHS PsyOp Coordinator &
      Hoax SpokesLiar David Bowditch Zionist Jew & Douchebag Says The PsyOp is Officially A Terrorism Investigation!

      Notice how they morph the changing script of this Hollywood Screenplay PsyOp from a just a mass murder shooting by Eeevile Guns into being also by Eeevile Mossadlim Terrorists. All the while letting you know these fictional Crisis Actors (mere fake scripted characters) were Muslims & having all the zioFake Christian activists who are largely Crypto Jew Zionists & other Muslim haters like zionist psychopath Pamela Geller push it from the start as a terror attack by “evil Muslims”…and get people angry that somehow Obama & the Media is covering it up, that it is by EEEVILE MOSSADLIMS… Yet ofcourse the media had been showing these fictional killers as Muslims from the start. But by doing it gradually, then more & more overtly, this is causing more people to be divided & conquered & more to be angry at the Muslims & Arabs & to gradually have more & more (attempting to be fair minded) people to think it must be that being Muslim will often led to extreme hate & murder of non Muslims. & And this is exactly what the zionist jews– complete Psychopaths want!

      Zionist PsyOps Agendas:

      (a) Use Constant Fake (PsyOps) Mass Murder Shootings to:

      Make mass murder shootings seem constant & neverending…and the only solution: Gun Confiscation.

      b) Use Constant Fake Terror Attacks by supposed Muslims in PsyOps to:

      Make it seem real Muslim Terror Attacks are are constant & never ending & that bombings & drone assasinations & missile attacks & wars & Invasions, Occupations of Arab, African, Asian, European & Middle Eastern countries is the only solution…And make us tbink we must do it where ever the “experts”(Zionist Jews & Israelis) say to do it!

    • The ENTIRE event is a gigantic fraud upon the world.

      Why isn’t the media asking ONE basic question: “where is the female deceased?”

      In its futile attempt to make the event believable, the media’s version contains elements that is very simple to disprove. Take for example the following sentences:

      “According to police, the couple donned themselves with assault rifles…”

      “According to some reports, the duo had GoPro cameras strapped to their body armor…”

      Then, there was supposedly a “violent shootout on a RESIDENTIAL street in Redlands.”

      All of this is part of the script, all part of the phony fake show. The phrase “according to police” is vague and ambiguous. Which police? Who said they had GoPro cameras? Where is the evidence? If there was a violent shootout, where are witnesses who can verify with their call phone cameras?

      In these scripted events, the media first sells the world on the foundation lie, as in the foundation part of a pyramid. This is the base lie that must be accepted by the masses as fact. The base lie here can be summarized in a few sentences:

      “Shooters storm a holiday party, killing 14 and injuring 21. One male and one female, both Muslim, storm off in a black SUV, killed by police in a shootout. Third suspect detained.”

      Once the sheep have been duped by the foundation lie, then the media can provide an unlimited amount of ornaments to support its foundation. Ornaments are just additional lies. However, when it becomes abundantly clear that the foundation lie is exposed, then the ENTIRE pyramid of lies collapses.

    • Citing photoshops found on the internet as evidence of a hoax is pretty fucking retarded. That dummy pic is from some kid on the internet, it was not from authorities..

      • Feileacan,

        Instead of picking on ONE element, try to view the entire case objectively. Where is the female deceased in the photo? Why doesn’t the media mention the whereabouts of her body in the photo. This is not in reference to the silicon dummy, this is in reference to the photo SHOWN BY THE MEDIA of the supposed male shooter on the ground, face down in handcuffs. Who took the photo? Who claimed the bodies of the deceased? Who notified the next of kin? How did the media get the names of the victims and wounded so quickly?

        Why are supposed family members always ready and willing to speak to reporters hours after an event of a supposed mass shooting.

        You see, in any REAL event, these things would take time to develop. In a SCRIPTED event, however, these things appear as sound bytes on CNN in rapid succession, which is impossible unless the script is known in ADVANCE. The script is known in advance because the event is STAGED, as in a DRILL, just like the Sandy Hoax drill.

        • Instead of picking on ONE element ? You must be kidding. If the image is infact of another person that’s one big frigging element.

  2. I’m not saying you’re wrong but don’t forget they can just as easily get a few dead gangsters to use as bodies or even have a hoax and really kill someone at the end who had nothing to do with it for example. anyway, I’m glad you’re speaking openly as one should!

  3. If he’s dead his foot wouldn’t be resting on top of the other one, it would have fallen down (total muscle failure). The one head almost looks like CGI stuff done around the nose which doesn’t even appear to be of the same material or essence as the rest of the fake face.

    • Correct. The hoaxer is alive and well, and that red food coloring didn’t hurt him a bit.

  4. “No one is able to find any female named “Tashfeen Malik”. The name is very unusual for a woman and there is no record of any Tashfeen Malik in the U.S. or even abroad in Arabic.”

    “Tashfeen Malik (King) is a nom de guerre for a Muslim Jihadist from the annals of Muslim history.”

    • Tashfeen Malik is a man. Not a woman. I posted about him here. His name is used to represent this fictional woman terrorist. And his Picture was used to represent some versions this fictional shooter Syed Farook. Other pictures are of the real Syed Farook of Riverside, Califirnia. We are supposed to be the Syed R Farook of the US Navy & Nuclear Missile crew member specialist has a three year younger dead terrorist mass brother named Syed R Farook. And that the older one has a wife named Tatiana Farook..& that his same named brother has a wife named Tashfeen Malik aka Tashfeen Farook who looks like Tatiana. But neither of these people exist.

  5. Today a hoard of media was allowed to rummage through the so-called perps’ house. They handled and photographed everything in the house.

    This is laughable because if this was real the house would be under FBI seal for at least 6 months and no one would be allowed to go inside.

    Is the FBI telling us this was a hoax? What could be more obvious.

  6. This man in the Maryland Terps Shirt is zionist extremist hatemonger & warmonger Psychopath Jew Lubavitcher Ezra Schwartz of a wealthy Potomac Maryland Lubavitcher family who faked his murder supposed in Israel with full complicity of Israeli Government to blame on innocent Palestinians & mass murder more of them. Both him & his sister Molly attend & have positions at University of Maryland. See other research I did on this zionist Mossad enemy agent genocidal criminal fraudster. It makes me sick to be share being a Maryland fan with this maniac!

  7. Well folks its been more than 51 hours since the Christmas Party ”massacre”. Its State Law that dead bodies must be removed within several hours of their death for health and safety reasons [I could be wrong but I believe bodies must be removed within 3 hours and that has long passed.].

    So far no bodies have been removed from the ”scene”. Plus, I’m still waiting for the bodies to be removed from the Charleston AME Church and from the Sandy Hook School. I guess I’ll be waiting forever.

  8. Satanists-illumnazis, worshippers of the occult’




  9. Its now almost 3 days and no Coroner vans have been seen anywhere near the ”crime” scene. I suppose the 14 ”dead” bodies are still in the Party room. Will they leave them there for several months?

    CA State Law requires that toxic-bio-hazard spill experts must be sent to a bloody crime scene to decontaminate and clean the bio-hazard area. No de-contamination trucks have been seen. Its against the Law to allow the on site custodians to be anywhere near spilled blood which is considered a dangerous bio-hazard.

    Maybe the hoaxers are hoping that people will forget about these pesky details….such as a room full of dead bodies and what happened to them.

    • Yes, it is very simply to decipher this case as a STAGED DRILL rather than a REAL shooting. Indeed, the bio-hazard clean up crew would certainly have to enter the crime scene to clean up the blood. But there is no clean up crew, because there is no real blood.

      If the media wanted to unravel this case, then it could easily do so by asking simple questions. However, the media IS part of the scam, and thus no such questions will be asked.


    I don’t know much about guns, but would that much smoke even come from guns firing? The guy is so **** at acting though it makes it laughable.

  11. Crisis actors exposed, the doubles and media blunders…. Pictures state 1000 words.

    The Numerologist tears San Bernardino shooting to shreds.

  12. Exhibit 32) San Bernardino Hoax Massacre Shooting Hoax ClownLiar

    San Francisco Giants’ Nat Berhe says Cousin Killled in San Bernardino Hoax Shooting

    So this lying zioPuppet Pro Football player decides do a little Treasonous Crisis Acting to get a head start on his acting-media Career before he retires from football in a few years… What a lying disgrace! Your cousin died?? Bull$h#@!

  13. Exhibit 34) San Bernardino Hoax Massacre ZioScam VicSim Sleazebags steal $280,000 Already!

    Zionist Jews Celia Behar & Renee Wetzel & VicSim Fake Dead Fraudster Mike Wetzel Criminally ZioScam $280,000 Already! These ZioCrooks belong in Prison for stealing all this money from people under false pretenses! Plus they are all committing treason by working with a foreign enemy power to disarm & steal the rights of all Americans for the zionist Psychopaths & Israel!

  14. Exhibit 35) San Bernardino DHS Hoax Massacre Sleazebag Celia Bahar ZioScamming Fraudster Media Whore

    Publicist, PR Propagandist, unscruppless zioScamming ConArtist, web writer-blogger, former TV producer with the morals of an alley cat, filthy mouth of a sailor, zionist Jew Celia Behar! Trust her as you would a pirate with a knife to your throat or a serial killer at your door!
    This lying Psychopath zionist operative will have raised $300,000 by midnight today with her cohort off his fake death -sleazebag VicSim Michael Wetzel who fake died in this San Bernardino Hoax Mass Murder PsyOp!

  15. I have constantly been complaining (via the internet) that these shooting hoaxes lack realism
    because of the absence of blood. I see that my complaints have been addressed, and THEY
    are starting to make the hoaxes slightly more realistic. It’s nice to know the Evil Elite are listening.

  16. 1) Zionist Hoax London Tube Stabbing-Machete Attack PsyOp By ISIS Crisis Comedy Actors
    See staged PsyOp Performance here with big pile of fake blood & no victim. All fake, all theater!

  17. Exhibit 44 (a) San Bernardino Hoax Mass Murder PsyOp

    Zio New Yorker Liar Rag Does Hit Piece on “Awful” San Bernardino Truthers RussianVids & RedSilver J & ExplorerOne

  18. Exhibit 44 (b) San Bernardino Hoax Mass Murder PsyOp

    ZioTrash Liar New Yorker Rag Does Hit Piece on “Awful” San Bernardino Truthers RussianVids & RedSilver J & ExplorerOne for Exposing the zios’ Ridiculous Fraud San Bernardino Hoax Massacre by Eeevile Mossadlim Hoax Terrorists!

  19. Ex 46) Hoax Busted All To Hell & He Admits It’s Hoax & They Leave It in The PsyOp News Story Anyway!!! People are so programmed to ignore all such admissions! Brainwashed into dumb goyim.

    Exhibit 46) San Bernardino Shooting Hoax – Landlord Doyle Miller Says “It’s Not Real And That’s The Problem” Busted Hoax.
    People are willing & programmed to ignore everything that does not fit the mainline govt’ line, zio News Media Script, DHS Screenplay!

    • Cowboy,

      Unfortunately, there is a large segment of the population that will NEVER accept the reality of the hoax unless and until FOX news admits it’s a hoax.

      In other words, it’s the TV that will tell them what to think.

      Here, the landlord clearly uses the phrase “it’s not real” which goes to the crux of the argument of a staged event.

      Whether he says it’s real or not, it doesn’t matter, since it’s also hearsay. There are a host of improbabilities that suggest a staging of a DRILL based on the media clips themselves.

  20. You people give wingnuts and buffoons a bad name.

  21. Bullshit.. there’s no way anyone got that close to take that photo. Plus the dude had a fucking beard. Stop spreading lies

  22. Show proof from a legitimate source that these pics are legit.

  23. I mean honestly it looks real to me. Not to say i dont think sandy hook was staged but id have to have a little more evidence of what a dead body is supposed to look like. Also, real or not, i shouldnt have viewed this article while eating dinner. Good meal = ruined.

    • Alex….its sad that you’re so easily fooled. Seen any shoot ’em up movies lately? Did that look real to you too? Probably did.


    (Sing this to the Fleetwoods’ Come Softly to Me (1959)

    Doo dooby doo, Dumbed down, dummies dumbed down
    Do dooby do, Dumbed down, dumbed way down
    Do dooby do, dumbed down dummies dumbed down
    Doo dooby do, dumbed down dumbies dumbed down)

    Helicopters all flyin’ around,
    NBC and Fox are in town
    Get it started what is the deal?
    Too late, we gotta go real.

    We waited waited so long
    For your orders and our lines
    Got loose ends but can work it all out
    It’ll be years ‘fore it all falls apart.

    Bang bang they shot them all down
    Bang bang they all hit the ground
    Bang bang that most awful sound
    Bang bang Ms Muslim’s the one.

    Smashed cell phones but texting her blues
    Overwhelmed with thoughts of the news
    Pledging allegiance as she blew them away
    Don’t fret All deleted that day.

    Husband and wife transformed overnight
    Jihady style what a terrible sight
    Pipe bomb factories galore
    For $28 5 and not a cent more.

    Stop at 14 – Here come the cops
    We roll away in that cool black box
    Stop at home, they’ll never look here
    Believe me, we got nothing to fear.

    Here they are – How can we flee?
    No worries, the mileage is free.
    Just loving that big suv
    But all handcuffed never again free.

    No doubt a Radical job
    Carnage everywhere and not even a sob
    Wheel ‘em out, triage right in the street
    Hurt so bad yet not even a peep.

    Cut the scene, Get that ambulance out
    What the hell were you thinking about?
    Make it work we’ll do it your way
    Fuq you and have a nice day.

    Brave dudes taking bullets for you
    Do whatever they say we must do
    Just toe toe toe the line
    Keep heads down and wait for the sign.

    I want, want you to know,
    That I know know it’s your show
    And I’m dummied, dummied way down
    So please, please, don’t take me downtown.

    I swear I won’t tell a soul
    And do hope that you’ll let me go
    Only these two, it wasn’t those three
    Your story will stay safe with me.

    Mr Marquez what can you say?
    He tied it up, so neatly that day.
    Nice guys are so rarely found
    Too bad he’s not sticking around.

    Our country, we miss it so much
    Free thinking, and brotherly love
    Liberty and Justice for all
    So deep, deep from our soul.

    Perpet perpetual war,
    The tried and true way to go
    Never sure what could be in store
    But they think they’ll keep it under control.

    You’re my obsession and always will be
    9 11 sandy hoax – Wee,
    Twin towers no maybe three
    Who cares that’s old history.

    What time do the Cowboys come on?
    Don’t fuq up the recorder this time.
    Forget the kisses and all of your love
    That went out, with the lonesome white dove.

    Come softly to me
    Bring your isis and any others you see
    Any show you want we can make
    Just please please save my 401k.

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