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Was Monsanto’s Academi Behind the Contract Hit on LaVoy Finicum?

Featuring Thugs, Bullies, Criminal Elements at the Burns Martial Law Psyops

Is the Monsanto-owned entity, Academi, formerly Blackwater Security, behind the contract hit that was perpetrated against Constitutional freedom-fighter LaVoy Finicum? Academi is a major contractor for the arch-Zionist controlled DHS:


Academi was formerly known as Blackwater, that criminal entity responsible for the torture and slaughter of countless innocents in the Middle East. It is run by that extremist murderous agent, Erik ‘the criminal’ Prince:

Prince is well-known for enriching himself over the blood of others. The terminally vile Islamophobe is corrupt beyond belief, make no mistake about it. Even so, the surname Prince is a Jewish one. Is he a fraud, a mere crypto-Jew, posing as a Christian evangelist?

Prince, through Academi, runs the largest mercenary army in the world, first known as Blackwater, later called Xe Services and more recently “Academi.” 

According to a report by J. Scahill the Prince entity has now been sold to that other arch-criminal clique, Monsanto. Blackwater was renamed in 2009 after becoming famous in the world with numerous reports of abuses in Iraq, including massacres of civilians.

It makes sense that it is the former Blackwater that is responsible. It is by far the largest so-called private contractor of the DHS and US Department of State for “security services.” 

The Prince entities include Academi and Total Intelligence Solutions, also Terrorism Research Center. The purpose of the entities is to support the schemes and plots of multinational corporations, with ‘clients’ to include Monsanto, Chevron, and Barclays Bank. 

Total Intelligence Solutions was associated with that brutal CIA mole and arch-promoter of murder and torture, Cofer Black:


It was Black who set the stage for the false blame against Islamic people on 911, along with fellow Zionist mole George Tenet:


The ruthless black was in charge of the torture committed against various innocents held in Guantanamo:

…Black, Chief of the CIA Counter-Terrorism Center (CTC), was in charge of renditions and the interrogation of detainees captured and held abroad.  That puts Black at the immediate head of the chain-of-command for operational decisions made up until that date in the torture of CIA prisoners held at “black sites” around the world.

It was Black who made contact with Monsanto, 2008, as the former director of the Prince entity,  entering into a contract to spy on and infiltrate organizations of animal rights activists, anti-GM, and other dirty activities of the biotech giant.

It would, then, make sense that this filth of the earth is really who was on the ground in Burns long before the refuge protest. This is the typical appearance of the mercenary agents of Blackwater aka Academi:


Typically, these mercs, as in the Academi moles above, wear khakis or jeans for pants. This is precisely what was seen in Burns several days, even weeks, prior to the refuge protest:

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 2.35.01 PM

Clearly, these are the same types of individuals as seen in the Academi image, one of which is wearing blue-jeans:


Does anyone have any doubt that the man below is capable of blood-thirsty murder? 


The murderers of LaVoy Finicum also wore jeans, just like the man above:


There can be no doubt that they are mercenaries and aren’t even irregulars or replacements; they are hired guns pure and simple and the important issue is that they were there in Burns before anything had been initiated. This means that there were a number of moles reporting to these criminal minds, informing them of the upcoming refuge take-over plans. Clearly, then the entire event was a set-up by powerful agencies of the federal government, using the mercenaries as the lead force.

Per the videographers unmarked cars were seen, mainly bearing California plates, also bearing in some cases Minnesota plates. Academi is a California entity:


In the Internet domain one of the standard types of vehicles used by the mercenary entity is as follows:


They are, like the criminal elements of Craft International, murderers for hire, and they seem to be quite broad, fully boastful, of it:


Mr. Finicum stood no chance against such evil forces. Singlehandedly, he took a stand. The world abandoned him. Thus, he was senselessly killed, God rest his soul. They knew there would be no consequences – or so they thought.  

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 2.41.50 PM

In the video it was found that the mercenary vehicles had California plates, as would be expected from the former Prince now Monsanto entity. 

mrfinicum333 vehiclesfinicum

These vehicles and their operators were fully in place before any Constitutional protest occurred. The entire group was under heavy surveillance, particularly the Bundys. Moreover, the number of paid moles that had invaded their cause was legion. 


Anyone who would have went there would have been under extensive surveillance, fully compromised. This is known as a honey-pot, a federal or, rather, corporate/industrial complex trap. Another California-plated vehicle can be seen, here, also there fully in advance. A similar vehicle, if not the same one, was seen at the site of the murder. This links the men guarding the cowardly sheriff to the killing:

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 2.53.11 PM

“AT” stands for “anti-terrorism” and may also present “assassination team one.”


It is a similar, if not the same, vehicle. See the criminal mercs next to the vehicle. What are these cowards afraid of, the two women in the back seat? They made no attempt to arrest anyone. They were there merely to kill and slaughter.


Even at this point how could Mr. Finicum do anything? They were by now shooting at him. He had no choice other than to seek the aid of other protective sources, notably the County Sheriff. If he would have gotten out of the car, he would likely have been shot dead in the street. These men are assassins, arch-cowards, all-together. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 2.56.55 PM

California plates are also seen in the aftermath: on the vehicles responsible for those who are tormenting and harassing the locals.


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.36.23 PM


It’s the same blue lettering with the white background, tying this criminal enterprise to a California-based merc entity, most likely Academi.


These men are unconstitutional, law-breaking, criminal mercs, not law enforcement. They are there to intimidate the locals into submission. Some of them may be foreign agents. Surely, the Rothschild clique is involved in this treacherous act, that is through its likely ties to Rosatom.


No wonder there are endless mercenaries, there. Rosatom is a most powerful entity.

“Rosatom” The Most Powerful Corporation on Earth

“Rosatom” The Most Powerful Corporation on Earth

This is what Mr. Finicum went up against. No wonder he was martyred; it was all to eliminate his growing influence. No one could doubt his sincerity. That’s why he was so powerful. It was also why he was so greatly feared.

He said he was tired of the atrocities, tired of being spied on: fed up with all the corruption. Let the world join him in this fight. He has led the perfect example.

The people must unite to fight off this criminal clique. Mr. Finicum led the way by giving his life. Better for him to have gone this way than to be locked up in a cell, unable to hardly move.

Among those few freedom fighters that were there were also a number of mercenaries as well as a significant number of federal moles.


It doesn’t matter that they were arrested. That is all fake, a part of the scam and criminal enterprise.


Who is this man with the Craft International-style hat? He’s surely no rancher or ranch hand. What is he doing there?

No matter, the hit had been decided sometime in the midst of the protest, even though the man and his fellow Constitutionalists posed no physical threat to anyone.

The brave men, this heroic figure, appears to be doing the untenable: drawing fire away from the other victims. There can be no doubt that at this point he has raised his hands very high, as he trudges through the deep snow.


Mr. Finicum at this point points to someone: after he was struck (possibly to the shooter).



…or, perhaps, the first tazering.


The poor may was all by himself, dragging up his left leg after being shot. There was no one there to help him in the least. Ryan Payne had bailed out. Now, that’s curious. Payne was military, though a spy. Finicum is merely a rancher. Yet, the military man abandons him?

The area is red. He appears to be bleeding. What a nice, harmless man. Yet, he was a threat in a different way: to the criminally corrupt enterprise held by the Jewish mob and its collaborators.

Senator Ron Wyden said ‘something had to be done,’ while Gov. Kate Brown solicited approval from the Obama White House. Both these local Zionist moles are culpable for this murder.

The conquest of America’s uranium assets through chicanery and mere bribery has been set in motion. That aggression ties to the arch-Zionist Rothschild cabal. This was a Zionist-ordained contract hit, with both Wyden and Brown playing key roles, along with Valerie Jarret and Jerry Abramson. The Jews and their criminal collaborators have vast blood on their hands. They have slaughtered one of America’s finest persons, all for filthy greed.

Whether Academi or any other it is irrelevant. The fact is Mr. Finicum posed a threat to the established order. Thus, he was eliminated.








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  1. Gabriel you despicable ziotrash stop posting your disinfo fraudulantly under my name!

    • Take that preemptive strike beating you zio trash scumbag Gabriel lol

    • Zionist Jew Troll Coward Gabriel made both of these stupid fraudulant posts atop thread under my name in disinfo-fraud confusion campaign:

      Cowboy on February 15, 2016 at 3:18 am
      Gabriel you despicable ziotrash stop posting your disinfo fraudulantly under my name!

      Cowboy on February 15, 2016 at 3:52 am
      Take that preemptive strike beating you zio trash scumbag Gabriel lol

      • Stop it Gabriel you are getting under my thin skin! Stop it or I’ll tell DrK!
        Mossodomite Zionist fraud troll etc…

        P.s wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  2. When will u make a post on the Glendale school shooting hoax, doc? This Oregon/Finicum obsession or what the hell is has already gone much too far.

    • Dr K thanks for watching the video & doing this Post-thread. Please do one on The MD Hoax Cops vs Homelessman Shootout PsyOp & Also one on the Glendale Hoax. & Please keep posting on Oregon & Finicum’s murder. More & more will come to light…& even Christinne will see the light on this! lol

      Now important info on…
      Ex25?) Oregon Criminal Conspiracy by Zionists & Feds to steal Ranchers’ Land & to Murder Lavoy Finicum

      This is a whistle blower listen especially after 50 second Mr. This woman was interviewed before the Murder of Lavoy Finicum. She discloses about So-called antiTerrorist Snipers from Ft Cambell Ky Army Base being at Portland, Oregon Marriot Hotel days prior to their assasination of Lavoy along with other Special Forces & Mercs, still & other private mercs & Army Delta Spc Ops already arrived in Burns, Harney Co
      from Portland & Ft Cambell KY. So these basically are Special Forces doubling with simultaneus as formerly Blackwater & other Merc. Contractors & tripling as FBI Snipers so as to able to deny violation of the Constitution & the Posse Commitatus Act which disallows Federal Troops to be used against American Citizens ever. Also the crooked appointed Sheriff (Ward is it?) has set up paper work most likely under order of Mob Boss Nazty Grasty in collusion with the zios & Feds to temporarily deputize all these assasin sniper criminals. But that never is legal as you cannot serve to master under common law or the Constitution. And the know only a few select independent government or non govt’ groups (independent of crooked DHS, Treasury Dept, Justice Department and FBI, etc.)
      can investigate & take action against such treasonous government actions such as: the The state Provost Marshal, various umbuttsmen, Congress, the media (lol), the GAO-Govt Accounting Office, elected attorney generals, elected judges, Congressional Research Service, Congreesional committees, Congress’s Provost Marshal, individual US Congressmen, US Senators & state legislators in Oregon, Harney County Commisioners (lol), and Grand juries in Oregon.

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  4. Senior Israeli officials urge sectarian partition of Syria

    • wh0cd53592 [url=]TADALAFIL USA[/url]

    • LOL ! Can you say “hoax”?

  5. On this below Post Coward dishonest ziotroll Gabriel under 1 of his many his zioTroll names “Evidence Please” reposted a post of mine but dishonestly changed it & jumbles other comments of his own with it to confuse people & spread his fraud & disinfo.
    Regardless of Zionist Jew Gabriel & his lies, fraud & disinfo, The facts stand that both Lesbian Zionist Jew Sayanim 40 yr Reporter of Jayne Miller of Baltimore WBAL TV & radio posted on her twitter account about the proven Fake Harford County Maryland Homeless man vs Cops Shootout 2 hrs and 14 minutes before the first “Shooting” even officially happened & she did this more than once. The Harford County Fraudster Sheriff Jeff Gahler also posted about the event long before it officially happened. This proves it is a complete hoax. But further I have proven multiple Crisis Actors involved in this DHS treasonous PsyOp against the American are linked to DHS & searches even show they have DHS office phone numbers! lol But also I linked them to Ft Meade-NSA-Odenton, MD Headquarters! And Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md Home to BioWarfare Chemical & Nuclear Missiles & Storage & testing, along with Edgewood Arsenal. Both those bases are also full of Army & AF embeded NSA employees & contractors. I know what is done there, I live here in Maryland. I know people who work at all of these places. Jeremie Evans Crisis Actor is proven by radaris & his own linkedin account to be army embeded & Aberdeen Proving Ground contractor for GE & Northrop Grumman embeded & NSA. So is his Crisis actor mother Elizabeth Rupp aka Beth Evans and sister or wife Lindsay Evans, & his brother Nathan Evans is linked both to CIA in Herdon, VA & DHS. None of the lies, fraud & disinfo by Gabriel or any of his troll names or anyone else can change the proof I have shown! Also it makes no difference how many times the media & government agencies posted this about event prior to it happening, that only probes it a hoax more, not less! lol It’s fraudster Gabriel’s ziotwisted, insane non logic, no common sense, non critical thinking mind and psychobabble reasoning saying how if several of govt’ agencies, agents & zioMedia outlets posted about it before it happened than some how that was all a series of mistakes but that it was still somehow real in this crazed ziotwisted “Double think” disinfo lying mind of Gabriel! Such unbelieve disinfo by this fraud & deviant zio!

    Gabriel’s confusion, dishonest fraud post as “Evidence Please”:

    Evidence Please on February 15, 2016 at 5:32 am
    CowboyFEBRUARY 14, 2016 AT 5:39 PM
    Gabriel, coward & liar, aka “Evidence please”:
    Jayne Miller posted the tweets earlier that morning to her account as the timestamps prove. She was there with the photograghers & DHS & the Sheriff’s department & state police earlier in the morning while everrything was being setup. They had to make sure they had parking spots reserved Crisis Actors & police ready, etc. Jayne posted the tweets to her own account to have them prepared & have ready to re-post them to WBAL, etc, knowing that when she reposted them later onto the WBAL website almost no one would ever re-check & see what time they were originally posted to be later re-tweeted for the PsyOp Hoax Homeless man vs Deputy Sheriffs fake Shoot Out & Triple death event. And the Treasonous fraudster Sheriff Gahler Happy Hoaxer “Gayliar” did the same proven thing as Jayne Miller.
    Again the timestamps are proof Gabriel. & as always everything you post is ziotroll disinformation. Just like all your disinfo posts under multiple names on this site & your very most despicable deviant cowardly fraud of posting gibberish & lies & disinfo under my name. Only the most despicable coward like you would post on a site under other posters’ names Gabriel! Trying being a man and posting your lies & attacks & disinfo as Gabriel!

    I haven’t looked very hard but we now have 4 (add baltimore sun) different agencies posting tweets/articles about this event up to 4.5 hrs ‘before’ it occurred. There are at least 17 tweets and 2 news feeds with hundreds of retweets – and according to you because these conspirators needed to get their feeds out prematurely so they could be freed up to find parking spots for crisis actors. And you are the only person in the world that would notice – so no biggie on their part. Your logic seems beyond the realms of normal imagination.

    But seeing as you have fallen into this rabbit hole of times and dates you must concede that Dr Hook knew about the Sandy K conspiracy at least 10 months before it actually happened – and was therefore in on it, planning it and drawing sheep like you in…

    • Lying Zio Troll Fraudster Gabriel posting as Evidence Please:
      There is no time zone issue!
      Zionist Fraudster Jew Reporter Jayne Miller lives in Baltimore!
      I live in Baltimore!
      Sheriff Gahler is one County above Baltimore. All in Maryland. One Time Zone! Same Time Zone, you Zio Pathological liar!
      It is Eastern Standard Time Zone same as Washington, DC & New York City.
      There is no other time zone near here. No other time zone exists until you reach halfway across Kentucky or Tennessee or Indiana Etc… So your lies & disifo fail as usual, lying zionist mossadomite Gabriel!
      You think all your disinfo postings & lies under different names & most despically under other posters’ names make you more credible & superior but it does not. It reveals what a gutless coward & fraudster & pathological liar & disinfo agent & ziotrash piece of scum that you are Gabriel.

      • To ziotroll Gabriel posting under his Ziotroll name Evidence Please contuing to try to confuse people:

        I don’t need to be logged into twitter to see Zio Balimore WBAL reporter Jayne Miller’s posts in Eastern Standard time zone. She lives in Eastern time zone– Baltimore time. It shows up in her time zone. She always works in Eastern Time zone only. Period. Again Jayne Miller made posts atleast two posts about the Abingdon, Harford County, MD supposed shootouts between Cops & a supposed homeless man beginning at just after 9:30 am EST about 2 hrs & 15 minutes before the time that even the first shooting admittedly, supposed happened. This alone proves it was a hoax, PsyOp which never happened. The Sheriff posted about the supposed shootings long before they happened also. His Harford County Sheriff’ Office official twitter account is also set in the same Eastern Standard time zone. So Gahler’s prior time to the event posts about the event also prove the entire series of shootings & events & 3 deaths were hoax! Clearly none of these post were made or shown in Pacific time zone on Maryland twitter accounts as I viewed them. It is just disinfo from you Gabriel to confuse any reader of this. Anyway this is fraud but much worse treason against the people of Harford County, Maryland & USA since this is in part being done to trick the American people into accepting Gun Confiscation. And this was done also to spew hate and anger against homeless men to get people to accept losing other rights by the trick of taking rights away from the hated framed homeless people, which actually takes everyone’s rights away.
        (Also I never said I don’t use social media to do research, obviously I do.)

        This above reply is to this post below of coward, fraudster, disinfo agent Gabriel posting as Evidence Please:

        Evidence Please on February 17, 2016 at 5:53 pm
        And so you were logged into twitter when you viewed the tweets? If not, you were viewing them from Pacific time. Is that so difficult for you to understand? NB you’ve already said that you don’t use social media. I am not Gabriel.

  6. The “drone camera” zooms in right before the crucial assassination footage. Anything after this point is most probably faked CGI.

    They fooled us once with 911. Don’t let them sucker you in again with this supposed “real” footage.

  7. Yeh, never give a Zion Devil a Bible and nukes, they don’t understand either.

  8. This is one of the posts on Twitter of Fraudster Sayanim Zionist Jew Reporter Jayne Miller made about the Hoax Maryland Homeless Man 2 Shoot Outs With Cops 2 hrs & 14 mins before even the first shootout supposedly officially happened. Fraudster Sheriff Gahler proveably did the same thing proving him a treason fraudster wprking for the foreign run enemy (zionist run) DHS to disarm the American People!
    No lie, fraudulant posts or disinfo post made by zionist Jew troll Gabriel or any other liar under any name can change these facts. But also I can prove that this fraud traitor Sheriff Gahler is also illegally working for a paid position & has a phone number at DHS! & I will show that.
    Possibly also this criminal also has an illegal simultaneous paid position with Maryland State Police!
    Also that reminds me there is also evidence that others have found that appointed despicable coward, treasonous, temporary Sheriff Ward of Harney County Oregon also illegally has a simultaneous job at BLM!

    • Gabriel aka Evidence Please fraudster liar disinfo Queen:
      You debunked nothing, zioJew Sayanim Reporter Jayne Miller posted her first posts about the Hoax Harford Shootout around 9:32 am Eastern Standard Time Baltimore Time. The posts still stand lie-O Zio! She lives in Baltimore. She posted about the supposed real the events before they happened proving it a hoax. Her account in using Eastern Standard Time. I live here in the same time zone. Not Timoktu time nor Katmandu nor Paris Time nor Pacific Time! Your repeating of your same disinfo stupid ridiculous arguments about time zone issues cannot change the facts. All parties involved here including me are in the same time zone Eastern Standard Time. Lying and making false arguments does not change it, nor debunk the truth. Nor does make this treasonous hoax a real event.

  9. 95 percent or more of the ZioChristian Zionism cancer that infests so many in Pentecostals & Baptists & other denominations is derived from the footnotes deception in the Scolfield’s bible financed by zionist Jews, written by a con-artist sleazebag ziopuppet, and published in Briton by freemasons in around 1911! I used to have two of these bibles, over a hundred years old now, but someone stole them. Anyway this Satanic false Christianisty, zioChristianity of basically idolizing & worshipping the Jews & helping the zionists psychopaths murder people for them in wars & brutal genocidal occupations & forced starvation because of the lie that those ( who Jesus said were the Synagogue of Satan) “are God’s chosen people” based on total fraud, lies.& misinpretation of the Bible by these evil monstrous scoundrels!

    • Paul was not a Crypto Jew. He was an evil ruthless tax collecter and an admitted jew. Jesus coverted him from being an evil Talmud following Jew & Paul was the strongest against any genocidal racist zionism & Judeism be left in Christianity! He opening spoke out against Churches judeizing at all. He demanded that all satanic occultic rabbinical Judeism be removed from all churches & teachings! He traveled from church to church area to area to fight Judeizing in churches. So Paul was no Crypto Jew at all but the biggest anti-Judiac in the church! Remember Judeisim is completely different & opposite from the Hebrew bible or old testiment! Judeism had little resemblance even 2000 years ago to what most Christians & Muslims & other dumb goyim naively think it is and what being of thevJewish religion is!

  10. This Blackwater aka Academi & Craft, etc are all modern day Rockefeller style Pinkerton goon murderers & assasins for hire!

  11. Exhibit #8) Glendale Happy Hoax Hugger Crisis Actors In The AZ EZ Lesbo Hoax School Shooting PsyOp Treason Operation

  12. Lavoy Finicum one day before his murder by the Feds Zionists.

  13. WELL OF COURSE THEY DID – CIA knew of impending ISIS attack days before Paris: ‘System was blinking red’ shortly before terrorists slaughtered 130 people in French capital

  14. The things you believe.. You’re such a douche-brain. Boobus ItaliANUS …::)

  15. As I was just saying.. …:)

  16. Man Buried Alive In Florida, Seffner Sinkhole Is Hoax, Ridiculous ZioScam Hoax!

  17. The FBI’s Mercs Infragard

  18. A Portland, OR Infragard Leader Eric Hardin:

  19. Exhibit 75) Breaking Update! Zio DHS San Bernardino Hoax Mossadlim ISIS CRISIS Actors Shooting Massacre!

    Zionist Jew District Judge “Sheri Pym” orders Apple Computer To Hoax Hack Hoax Dead San Bernardino Isis Crisis Actor’s IPhone!
    …To find some fake evidence for the DHS & FBI Fake Investigation in the fake DHS orchestrated fake Shooting Massacre & Terror Treason PsyOp Event to blame on Eeeevile Mossadlims to stir up genocidal hatred & fear & anger amongst the American people against Muslims here & abroard & achieve more genocidal Zionist wars!

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