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The Fake Grievers and Other Arch Hoaxers of the Kalamazoo Shooting Hoax

What a litany of arch-terminally falsifying hoaxers they are, these fake death promoters of the Kalamazoo DHS-orchestrated shooting hoax. It’s merely yet another arch-Zionist gun control hoax, make no mistake about it. Who will claim it as true? Only the most extreme fraudsters conceivable will do so.

Yet, it is said that the family of one of the purported shooting victim, who wasn’t a victim at all, Abigail Kopt, is truly grieving, which is obviously fake for anyone who will carefully scrutinize it. Even so, it is said:

14-year-old Kalamazoo shooting victim’s family: Teen fighting ‘for her life

Sure, she was, right. She was fighting for her life. One minute her mother speaks of her in the past tense, as if she is dead, while in the next breath she says, ‘Let me make it clear she is still alive.’

She’s a bit adamant, isn’t that obvious? What about the supposed father of the near fatally wounded girl?


What is he seen to do upon entering the press conference? Is he doing anything other than smirking? Then, too, notice the staging in the background with the two men bearing scripts. It’s all a hoax, and there can be no doubt about it. No one died, and no one was injured.


Per orders from her masters she is faking the tears.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 1.01.01 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-25 at 1.00.45 PM

Why fake the tears and use tissue as a mere prop if this is real and if her daughter truly was nearly mortally wounded? Wouldn’t her being on life-support be a sufficient issue for the flowing of real tears versus this fake?

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 1.01.13 PM

It is clear in a zoomed in version, with color-enhancement, that by no means is she shedding any tears: not in the least.


This is an absolute, terminally corrupt fake. The woman is a mere crisis actor, likely committing this fake primarily to solicit donations. In fact, the fraudsters have already purged the general public for some $8000, what a litany of arch-hoaxers they are. Oh how the vulnerable, gullible goy are so readily bamboozled, especially by the mere issue of death:


She pitched for those funds hard with a fairly convincing act, but it wasn’t so convincing after all, since she faked the tears. No one would do that unless committing an act of deceit, unless maliciously attempting to defraud the public.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 1.01.53 PM

The husband was given much less air-time, since he was hardly convincing, not hiding his smirks to any degree:

parents of abigail kopf_1456190000577_362410_ver1.0

He can’t help himself. With those major dollar signs in his arch-Zionist eyes, the smirks are continuously forthcoming. No wonder all the TV time was taken over by the so-called mother.

Yet, she did little better, revealing herself with every possible sign of a liar and arch-fabricator, including that terminally obvious evidence of fraud, the jaw-jut. Liars-in-chief, they are Zionist assets, make no mistake about it.

kalamazoofraudst4er koftzionistmole

Kopf is an Askhenazi Jewish surname. No wonder he was smirking:


Mr. Gene Kopf has to read from a script in order to get it straight and to prevent himself from falling over in ‘tears:’

Gene and Vicki Kopf read a statement in front of local

Yet, there were numerous fake grievers in association, including countless goy, who supported the Party line with much hoaxing and fabrication, including the standard element of the hoax, the fake grieving before-the-cameras only hugging huddle:

vigil resized_1456149027216_353773_ver1.0


Hoax index: beyond any possible measure or calculation. There were no dead. It’s all fake. It wasn’t even her grandmother, but, rather, a mere kind-of grandmother. What a terminally corrupt litany of lies it is.

Barbara Hawthorne was shot and killed in the Cracker Barrel parking lot during the Kalamazoo shootings in Michigan, police said. Hawthorne worked for Kellogg's for 22 years and retired in 2008, the company's CEO said in a statement.

Barbara Hawthorne was shot and killed in the Cracker Barrel parking lot during the Kalamazoo shootings in Michigan, police said. Hawthorne worked for Kellogg’s for 22 years and retired in 2008, the company’s CEO said in a statement.

Why is the old woman, who is supposed to be such a good ‘ol fake grandmother, grabbing the young girl on her hip? Would any legitimate older role model do this to a young girl? Who finds this normal to any degree? Are they, then, lovers? They are not dead. No doubt, they are alive and well paid off for their role in this corrupt act.

She is not of blood relation, she is just very close to the family,” she said. “She was with us when Abigail was born and she is basically her adopted grandmother. She took both my girls under her wing and has basically raised them both with us.”

What is she doing holding onto her on her hip? Moreover, what of the other individuals? Are they gay, too? The gay community is continuously being leveraged for these frauds. The questions must be raised.


The homosexual community is constantly taking bribes at the behest of the arch-Zionist DHS. This is a filthy lie. No one can prove otherwise.




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  1. She looks like a typical Down’s Syndrome Khazar.

    Here’s a video example of an autistic, borderline Down’s Syndrome Khazar:

    Tell me they don’t look alike! They could be cousins or sisters.

  2. Zionist Jew Savage Terrorists Called Settlers in Palestine!

  3. DHS Sandy Hook Hoax Liar Kyle Kromberg a lying Zionist Jew & Crisis Actor who claims he was a classmate of fictional character Adam Lanza (Played by Ryan Lanza).

  4. Exhibit V) KalamaZoo ZioDHS Uber Fake Taxi Driver Hoax Shooting Spree PsyOp!

    “They were ready to harvest her organs” the Rabbis organ traders were counting the Shekels all the 14 yr old’s organs would bring in Maryland & NYC hospitals for wealthy transplant needing Patients… when it was discovered the crisis actor Abigail Kopf wasn’t a goyim & they’d have to let her live & lose all the organ snatching & selling big $$$!! lol

    Ofourse she never got shot & never died & never came back to life….But had this been a real shooting & if she was a non- chosen aka hated goyim the zios may well have let her die to get those valueable organs for the zio Mafia Organ trade!

  5. Exhibit W) Kalamazoo Zio Happy Hoax Around Town Rididiculous Random Shooting Spree While Fake Taxi Driving!

    Look at this crazy picture the media used where they photoshopped VicSim Crisis Actor Happy Hoaxer young Abigail right into the press conference picture with her parents! Talmudically, Occultically telling us she is alive and well and in on this hoax with her zionist Jew parents! Telling Us: “Yea, we faked it & you can’t do $h#t to stop Us you dumb goyim! And we’re gonna’ keep it up until we trick you dumb goyim into giving up your guns like we did to the Russian people 99 years ago! & Then we, the self chosen master race racists, can slaughter tens of millions of you barbarically like we did 99 years ago to the Russian goyim!”×376.jpg

  6. Exhibit X) KOOKY KHAZAR KalamaZioZoo Komedy Zio Hoax Shooting Spree Just For You from A Bunch of Zio Jeeeews!

    Are these two fat Buffoon Crisis Actors Brothers? or just 2 zioJew CrisisActors Picked out to look alike for this DHS zioHollywood Hoax?

    Jeff Getting Hoax SpokesLiar Prosecutor &
    Jason Dalton Hoax Uber Driver & Insurance Adjuster Friendly Happy Family man Mass Murderer & Cop Bar Drinker!

  7. Exhibit Y) KalamaZoo Zio Hoax Strong Smell of Bull$h#t Reeking Havoc!

    All ZioScammers of Kalamazoo & surrounding Areas come one, come all & sell your Arts & Crafts & wares! Or bring your clown suit!
    Help make this a more profitable treasonous affair for the fake VicSim Khazer Zio Kopf family Scammily!

  8. Exhibit Z) Kalamazoo Krazy Kreepy Khazar Kosher Kopfs Hoaxsters!!!

    A Special Message from the Facebook accounts of Evil Lying Zionist Genocidal Crisis Actors Gene Kopf & Vicky Kopf:

  9. More NASA Hoax Buffoon Goons & Their Fraud & Fakery!

    • Cowboy, you are clearly the biggest sheep of them all if you think that video is evidence. What a deluded clown you are.

  10. I am from battle creek and recently graduated from the same school (Harper Creek) as Abigail. Why is there all these weird accusations of hoaxes with every shooting. There was eight people shot in Kalamazoo by this guy. Abigail is in the hospital with a gunshot wound and is beginning to recover. There is no hoax. This guy must have just snapped.

    • What grade was Abigail in? Who is her best friend? What is the maiden name of her mother? Are you going to visit her in the hospital Joshua!

      • No I’m not going to see her because I didn’t know her personally. Harper creek isn’t that big I do know people on Facebook that know her. So what are you getting at. She is a Harper creek 7th grade student who hasn’t been at school since the shooting. Where is she?

        • Jake, i wouldnt give these imbeciles the satisfaction of a reply, you’ll only get shouted down for it and called a shill/troll/liar. They need to return to their mommys basements and continue with their lonely existences. (Incidently its these very same paranoid fools that end up as the next Adam Lanza/Lone nut job, shooting up innocent people cos they think the worlds against them)

          • I know I should stop watching these videos and reading these articles. I just wanted to say something for once. I see these people being disrespectful every time a tragedy happens and it finally reached my backyard. These people will continue disrespecting the families of victims until it happens to them, but I hope we can fix our society before it does happen to them. Thanks fatstuff

  11. Exhibit 60) David Bowie Hoax Death

    Annie Lennox Admits Cryptically to Braindead/Brainwashed UK audience that David Bowie is Alive!

    • Christinne,

      I understand your skepticism. Reverse speech, however, is a very real phenomenon. Its interpretation does vary in many cases. In other cases there is no denying what the reversed speech is saying.

      Anyone can learn to analyze reverse speech. All you need is a computer with a microphone and a freeware audio software such as Audacity. Record yourself, reverse it, and slow it down about 10% using the speed/tempo scale. Make liberal use of the loop feature. You would be amazed what comes out of your very own mouth.

      As a bonus, as you are recording you will catch extraneous EVP’s when you are not talking. A high-quality microphone is a plus for seeking these out. I have been researching this for nine years now and have recorded thousands of these. Sometimes I leave the microphone on in an empty room for a few minutes. When I analyze it later, there are always EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena … entities outside of human perception making contact) that have made specific contact utilizing the recorder.

      Cowboy is correct on this one. The sigh/laugh she gives comes from an outside entity using her body as a vehicle for communication. I have heard this tone thousands of times while analyzing audio clips.

      • I should add, the Moon Landing Hoax has been heavily pushed by Hollywood recently. This is just another example of it. Why? I have no idea. But for some reason the powers that be want to make sure they keep the ruse going.

  12. That Kopf woman looks mentally retarded. What an ironic family name for her, lol….

    • Whats even more ironic Chistinne is a clearly mentally retarded person such as yourself, accusing someone else of looking mentally retarded. Takes one, to know one though i suppose…..

      • Christinne has a head like a dropped pie.

    • Another Fraudulant disinfo comment by cowardly douchebag zionist jew Troll Gabriel aka Sbag & Fatstuff aka Fat zioPig boy posted under my name as Cowboy! The douchebag deviant Gabriel could only go one day without his fraud posts! What a pitiful piece of ziotrash $h#t Gabriel is!
      His ziotrash fraud post disinfo:

      Cowboy on February 26, 2016 at 7:01 am
      Christinne has a head like a dropped pie.

  13. The day my lovely son massacred his school friends: A look inside the mind of the mother of the Columbine shooter

  14. Jake-

    My personal theory is that this site itself is a hoax. I don’t think it’s possible for a webmaster and three or four other regulars to be so incredibly stupid. Wait a year or so- I think we’ll learn that what I’m saying is true.

    If, on the other hand, this site IS “real”, let the same argument comfort you- the site is run by a disturbed webmaster and is the meeting place of not more than a handful of equally demented posters. Most (of the handful) are outside of the USA and all are demonstrably unintelligent.

    Ie – don’t let the site bother you. It is what it is- an aberration in cyberspace.

    Also- keep this Mark Twain quote in mind here always:

    “Never argue with stupid people, they will only drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”

  15. WTF HOAX REPEATS? Somalia al-Shabab: Deadly attack on SYL hotel in Mogadishu

    Somalia al-Shabab: Deadly attack on SYL hotel in Mogadishu

  16. Exhibit 1) Kansas Kosher DHS Hoax Hesston Multiple Mass Shootings at Excell Factory & 2 other Spots!!! LOL!

    1) First notice first they are mentioning 2 Dead & 14 Shoot in this early scripted report. So they were already going for a 77 Hoax code & also 2×14 is 28 or 7777.
    2) & Notice they claim all the employees left the building out of one side. Probably because most were off today & they wanted as many as they could to exit & be on the side where they were filming.
    3) You know in a real shooting employees would be leaving out all directions of a massive building complex like this with offices, warehouses, parts storage, Factory area, repair & maintainence areas, etc. No way would every crisscross dangerous indoors thru halls & corrodors, and factory space, etc, thru a massive building complex taking forever to get the hell out of a building with shootings ging on! Completely ridiculous Hoax Script Buffoonery!
    4) Also in Kansas you’d have to have most factory & warehouse & maintainence men off that day & selectively pick who was at work or they’d be going after the shooter with tools & going to their cars for guns and hunting rifles to get the killer. Or you’d have to do the fakery in an office area or somewhere very controlled with cops already inside a small area to tell the men you already got the shooter & neutralized him.
    5)Now if you listen after the 2 min mark Crisis Actor false witness comes Rebecca Burton on via hoax cell phone possibly with a voice changer & she hoax witnessed a shooting Nearby on Hesston rd & some intersection & claims she saw the shooter shoot a passenger in a Chryler 300 & the car go off the road & guy fall into a ditch & the driver run around to help him or her. & 6 cars stop. Ofcourse in Kansas everybody damn near does stop does stop! Run out of gas & 3 cars will pull over to help you as quick as you get out of your car. Anyway then this liar claims she saw cops going to the next shootings site etc! So we have atleast a triple location multi-Shooting Hoax in this DHS Treason Gun Confiscation PsyOp in Kansas!

  17. Ex A) Hoax Dead Nancy Lanza Linkedin in Sandy Hook as her Alias Annie Haddad

  18. Exhibit 1) Common Core NWO Zio Fake Education/Brainwashing Standards

    Duke Pesta- Speaker/Professor

  19. Exhibit AA) Kalamazoo Zio Kosher Shooting Hoax Dead & Back-to-Life Crisis Actor Playing Abby Kopf is Of Her Hoax Ventilator
    ….She’ll be up & doing handstands & Cartwheels within A week!

  20. I’m impressed. I thought anti vaxxers, flat earthers, and the people who run natural news were the dumbest people on the planet. But you guys, you Alex Jones junkies and other conspiracy nutbags, you really are head and shoulders above the rest of the world’s woo pushers. You should have your guns taken just for spewing this brand of psycho alone.

  21. What a load of shit.

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