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Zionist Collaborator Donald Trumps Proves Himself a Pro Israeli Extremist

Updated, Nov. 9, 2016

Through steadfastly supporting Netanyahu and all Zionist organizations Trump reveals his hand as an Israeli agent and as a collaborator with the hostile plots of world Jewry

What an arch-Zionist collaborator he is, Donald ‘Bankruptcy’ Trump, fully collaborating with all the key Zionist agents known. Trump is beholden to the Zionists and is their proxy agent, B. Netanyahu, make no mistake about it. Those who think otherwise have been fooled.  He is merely arch-Zionist agent, just like all the others: like Clinton, Cruz, Rubio, Sanders, and more.

Yet, it is said by some that one is better than the other, that, somehow, it would be better to have Mr. Trump than known hard-core Zionist agents such as Clinton and Cruz. It’s irrelevant. It’s all a stage, fully run and controlled by powerful pro-Israeli, pro-Zionist power-brokers.

Trump even appeared on the Alex Jones show to supposedly justify his Islamophobic remarks. Here, both these Zionist agents joined together, blaming the Muslims for acts committed solely by the Zionists. Through this, he is covering for crimes committed by rabid, extremist Zionist agents. Now, how can a person run a country who lives in such a delusion?

In fact, what more proof is need of his role as a Zionist agent than that? The entire world knows that it was the Israelis who were doing the celebrating, no others. Then, in what is nothing other than a fulminate lie Trump comes forward, aggressively and inanely blaming the Muslims, supported by that other arch-Zionist agent, Alex Jones?  Who, then, does he work for other than rabid, extremist Zionist Jews?

Even so, did Mr. Trump even speak an iota of truth of what happened on 9-11? Did he say even a word about the Israeli hand, not mere Israeli involvement but, rather, the role of these criminal elements of debauchery are raw butchery? What of the people who were forced to their deaths, falling to be crushed into the pavement and all the others, wounded with crush injuries and also lacerations from falling glass? Like the criminal elements of real-life murder investigations, Trump commits what is essentially a crime, attempting to disguise the culprits, the actual murderers and property destroyers in this case, by casting aspersions against the innocent.

It was Netanyahu and his devious Mossad goons who were responsible for the 911-related vast carnage as well as the destruction. It was strictly Zionist agents, mere so-called IDF demolition experts, who did the filming and celebrating. The Muslims had nothing to do with it. Yet, how many people were greatly harmed by this? How many were killed? No one even knows the full scope of this crime against humanity: an Islamophobic plot by the Zionists, one that by no means can be taken lightly.

Here are screen captures which demonstrate hard, absolute proof that rather than any Muslims or Islamic elements it was Israeli hostile ones who were responsible:

5 dancing Israelis

The front groups or cells which coordinated the hit were represented by Israeli-created false-front moving companies, including Moshe’s Moving Service and Urban Moving Systems. It was in this regard Zionist Jews alone who operated these false fronts and who also funded them. Clearly, then, 9-11 was a Zionist plot, with all the blood spilled being on the hands of the Israelis and their US-, Australian- and European-based collaborators.


It was Netanyahu in coordination with Zionist elements within the US government who was responsible for the murder and mass carnage that was committed on 9-11 as well as all those fatalities that resulted in the aftermath: such as those who died of irradiation toxicity and asbestos poisoning. God only knows the suffering which resulted to those first responders who out of duty and responsibility helped clean up the Zionist-produced corruption.

The number of Americans and others who were ultimately murdered and/or permanently disabled by Netanyahu and his cohorts amounts to an unknown number of people, perhaps as high as several thousand. Yet, the Muslims did it. They are the problem. Sure, they are, right.

Here he is at the Republican Jewish Convention, speaking great fabrications and exaggerations. This supports the Zionist cause, make no mistake about it.

The Zionists have both sides of the equation cover; no one can demonstrate otherwise:


All of Mr. Trump’s key advisors, including all his attorneys, are orthodox Jews:

Trump, whom Greenblatt said has a “good relationship” with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, recently appointed Greenblatt; attorney David M. Friedman, a senior partner at Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman LLP; and Dr. Richard H. Roberts of Lakewood, N.J., to lead his new Israel advisory committee.

Once again, world Jewry has all its bases covered in order to maintain its arch-corrupt New World Order rule.

Regardless, for Islamic people Islamophobia does have consequences, especially when spouted from the national platform. Even so, why would Trump support them? They represent the opposite of his nature, so opposed that they are to all the licentious Trump-related activities: gambling, indecency, liquor, financial corruption, false witness, and more.

Why wouldn’t he seek to ban Islamic people, to wage war against the, to even murder them? They represent the polar opposite of that that is Donald Trump:


Here the Zionist mole is seen operating as the Grand Marshall for the Salute to Israel Parade, New York, 2004. Even so, he isn’t merely the Grand Marshall but is also the grand pro-Israeli hoaxer for promoting its filthy lies, a Grand Imperial Puba he is.

Therefore, like the other ‘candidates’ Trump works for the Zionists. He is an Apartheid-supporting Islamophobic racist, whose sole purpose is to support the machinations of the arch-Zionist cabal.

Yet, in fairness they are all pro-Israeli collaborators, all attempting to ‘score points’ with the so-called Jewish lobby. Here is what Trump said in response to the original Islamophobic remarks when questioned by CBS’ Scott Pelly, that is, RE: “There is a problem with Muslims:”

“Yes, there’s a problem in this country and it’s Muslims,” Trump replied, seemingly endorsing the proposition. “Look, I have many, many Muslim friends, living in this building. Muslims, they’re phenomenal people, but like everything else, you have people where there are problems.”

“You can say there are no problems with the Muslims,” he continued, “there’s no problems, no terrorism, no crime, they didn’t knock down the World Trade Center. You know, the people who knocked down the World Trade Center, they didn’t fly back to Sweden.”


Mr. Trump knows full well that it was rather than the Muslims the Israelis, that is the low-level Zionist demolition moles, who ‘flew back,’ not to Sweden or anywhere else but directly to the Israeli entity. Regardless, it’s all merely a scam by the Zionists to create the necessary distraction, a virtual mass diversion. The plot for full Zionist world government is fully in place, regardless of who wins or; rather, is granted that the Presidency of the United States will, once again, be ‘owned’ by the Zionist world power.


Trump Protects 911Terrorist Netanyahu from John DiNardo on Vimeo.



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  1. Anybody who thinks the world is flat should have there ***** cut off don’t be an idiot and there are aliens

  2. why don’t moe ppl type into this site besides cowboy and rudolf i say ban them both ban anybody braindead enough to think the world is flat

  3. Hi Dr. K., no more news?? Its May 3, 2016. Problems?

  4. Rudolf just to let you know i didn’t type in that deviant stuff toward you that was someone else however i don’t appriciate your sick comments anytime there is a news event that is put out by the MSM I will post if it is connected to my life. I appriciate all the youtubers putting out truth about hoaxes and codes and subliminals. From now on Rudolf.. peace no more insulting each other you can check Dr. K’s networking and you will see that I didn’t say that deviant stuff toward you and I would like an appology. And my dad is a good man but had some criminality before i was born but i don’t care he always treated his family like gold and i was a delinquent too.

  5. Love you dad, and he loved disco and he was skeemin on women back in the 70s if it weren’t for that i wouldnt be here today. And with no prospective employment formyself he saves me from being a broke nobody on the street. I don’t care what you did to those devil and they started tappin the family bless you dad yur the greatest. one of yur favorites: The BeeGees!!

  6. “Trump even appeared on the Alex Jones show to supposedly justify Islamophobic remarks. Here, both these Zionist agents joined together, blaming the Muslims for acts committed solely by the Zionists. .”

    Alex Jones (aka Bill Hicks) will never admit to the truth about 9/11, and neither will Trump.

    Both are very familiar that the mainstream media IS the weapon of choice for creating mass deception. Your post is inaccurate, however, regarding the number of supposed victims on 9/11. Although it’s true that many suffered ill health as a result of breathing the toxic dust, there is ZERO proof that there was “murder and mass carnage” and that “some 20,000 people” were affected due to 9/11.

    Remember, NO COMMERCIAL PLANES were hijacked or crashed anywhere on 9/11. IT WAS a MEDIA driven SCAM. The entire world trade center complex (buildings 1 through 7) were planned for destruction. The media showed a fake, a phony, a fraud, a cartoon plane penetrating the South Tower. WTC 1 and 2 were evacuated and didn’t have many tenants occupying the floors prior to 9/11, as evidenced through FOIA requests by NJ Port Authority records. Yes, Israeli intelligence and criminals from the U.S. intelligence were behind 9/11, but they could not have ran the scam without CNN and other mainstream media outlets.

    Trump will support the official story, and hence the official lie of “3,000 people killed by the evil doer Muslim terrorists” on 9/11. This actually protects the media by failing to disclose the reality that NO PLANES CRASHED on 9/11. Trump says “Muslims brought down the towers” which of course is a blatant lie. The towers were BLOWN UP, but not by Muslims in a cave.

    Dr. K, by now you are fully aware of the facts surrounding 9/11, so it’s surprising you would write such a post which includes a speculative number of deaths which there is no such evidence to support your story.

    • The issue of deaths and injuries on 911 is a most curious issue. There were definite injuries and deaths. Determining the number is seemingly beyond this site. Perhaps it was more like the low hundreds. Yet, a greater number of injuries and deaths occurred in the aftermath: that of the severe damage done to the ‘first-responders’ and agents of the clean-up.

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