Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 15 July 2016
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Staged American Witnesses, Fake Blood, and Fake Wounded in Nice Truck Attack Hoax

What is a Washington, D.C., so-called think-tank agent, Mark Krikorian doing being a star witness for the obviously arch-staged purported Nice civilian truck attack? It fully demonstrates that there was no such attack and that, rather, it is all merely fabricated, a mere hoax.

Some 84 people were supposedly run over by a truck driven by a madman, a person who actually loaded actual grenades in the truck. No one finds this plausible.

Who is perfectly positioned videographer and ‘witness’ Krikorian?

Mark Krikorian

Mark Krikorian

Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies

United States Public Policy
Current, executive director at Center for Immigration Studies

Per Wikipedia:


Clearly, then, Krikorian is nothing other than an embedded Zionist agent and was not merely there by accident, mere happenstance. It cannot be a coincidence that his video was one of the key ones showing the slowly moving truck moving down the lane, though there was never any video evidence of it striking anyone.

Per the ADL Krikorian is listed as an antagonist to immigration, surely of Muslim or Islamic immigrants. Then, what could be a greater plot against the activities and/or immigration of Muslims into France other than a staged (seemingly highly murderous) terrorist attack?

What wounds could this woman possibly have that could account for the red matter seen on her body? What about her head and face? There are no wounds visible. See also the acting by the woman in pink, with that feigned look of  concern. Too, why isn’t this women rendered supine instead of having her roam around, bleeding out like that?


It has all the appearance of fake blood splattered and painted on. How could she have that much real blood coming out of her belly without having a potentially life-threatening wound? Does that not say all about the nature of this as nothing other than a fully staged scam?

Said Krikorian:

“I actually had researched whether there were gonna be large-scale crowds events, here in Nice, as the kind that would attract terrorists…and the European soccer events had just finished: several of the matches were held, here. But that was weeks before we got here and I figured, ‘Well, that’s OK…I completely overlooked the idea…Bastile Day, of course, is their big 4th of July, so, so, Yeah, I was actually not all that surprised once I had found out what happened.”

The man is  a prophet and has a crystal ball, courtesy of the arch-Zionist CFR. He also added that he experienced the macabre, when seeing what he called “the most grim” element of this staged event, which was ” a whole convoy of vans from the Nice city’s coroner’s office.”

This is obviously mere Islamophobic words, pure fraud: mere fearmongering. Krikorian is setting the world up for this war-mongering Zionist plot, all for his arch-antagonistic Zionist masters.


What happened to the fenders and grill matter on this truck? Notice also the perfectly lined-up bullet holes on the far side, left screen. That is an indication of target shooting, not the shooting of an actual moving vehicle by people in shock-mode.


These are supposed to be corpses. Where is the evidence that they are real?

This is supposed to be a dead body. Everyone can see that it is staged, that is via the placement of the pink-clothed doll.

ATTENTION EDITORS - VISUAL COVERAGE OF SCENES OF INJURY OR DEATH - A body is seen on the ground July 15, 2016 after at least 30 people were killed in Nice, France, when a truck ran into a crowd celebrating the Bastille Day national holiday July 14. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

Here is additional obvious staging. The imagery makes no sense, that is on the basis of a real event.


A close-up or zoom-in of the image shows three possible elements of a hoax, a hugging couple, crisis actors ‘caring for’ a crisis actor/fake wounded, and a camera-person in line, capturing it all.


The camera-person also simultaneously captured the hugging couple; it’s all mere camera-shooting as a part of the staging, which is glaringly obvious. That truck could have rammed into large crowds all the way down, yet this is never seen in the Krikorian footage. This is a set-up, a mere scam and hoax: a Hollywood-style production.



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  1. Another consplicay yes?

  2. Consprlacy in Japan yes?

    • Looks like me when I’m on the rag and can’t catch the icecream truck.

  3. This is very powerful they used a 9. That’s why so many ppl are run over. This is the most powerful I’ve seen so far.

  4. Ex 3) Nice France Truck Massace PsyOp Dummies & Mannequinns Emerge!

    77 People Dead in 777 Coded Nice Truck Hoax?? …..Not!!! Dummies! Get Real!

    Silicon Dummies & Plastic Mannequinns Don’t Die!


    • Incredible how so many claim every tragedy is fake or a hoax. There are still pinheads who thnink 9-11 was an inside job…that there were no jet liners flyinginto the twin towers in New York, or claiming that there was no plane flying into the Pentagon. This despite 100s of on-the-scene witnesses. A close friend of mine was visiting relatives in France and was at this fkreworks display in Nice when the truck came blowing through. His father in-law was knocked down by the truck and his legs and pelvis broken. My friemd suffered a badly sprained ankle as he scrambled to get away from the path of the truck. This wasn’t staged. He personally saw the carnage. This wasn’t a hoax.

  5. Ex 80) Orlanda Homo Hoax Massarce

    Fake Doctor Crisis Actors of Orlando!


  6. Ex 4) Nice French Riveria “Run!Run!Run! Down The Runway” orders Drill Director!
    Chop Chop! Run look Scared! Stop smiling!
    We gotta’ fool tge dumb goyim with this runway fashion show/ terror drill hybrid! Faster with those wheel cheers! After you go out of site down the alley way & around the block trade your dummy & wheel chair
    to the next team of wheelchair pushers & if make sure your dummy is given a diffent hat before the next team pushes him down the the rescue runway again! Then switch costumes before you take a rest & push your next dummy VicSim down the Wheelchair rescue runway! Don’t worry the fake blood is water solable & won’t stain any clothes!


    • Can’t wait till they come and take your dumb *** away and call it a hoax. Your a hate monger. Everything is a hoax. Visible injuries, nope not real-photoshopped in. Injuries not shown- see, not real. I don’t believe everything I read and I don’t debunk it just because I’m paranoid. I love when you guys call us sheep- look at you, nothing really happens these days. That’s right, follow along the conspiracy train just like the others. Here little sheepy, let me lead you because your a mindless moron without a single original thought and you would forget to breathe if we didn’t remind you.

  7. Ex 6) Nice Happy Hoax Truck Massacre – & The Super Slow Motion Truck! You think the Zio Director would have had the footage edited & sped up 2 atleast double or triple speed!

    One of agenda if these fake Car & truck massacre is to make all cars & trucks remote controllable/takeoverable.. Where the government & zios can murder anyone by car or truck “remote controlled wrecks” or have masscare at any time using any car ir truck. Most cars are already remote controllable/takeoverable drones because they have both computers linked to Radar/cell towers/**satellites & tgey now have this insane electronic steering which breaks down infinately more than traditional reliable powersteering running of belts & a pump & hydrolics. And everytime the new unreliance, remote controllable Electronic steering breaks down it cost 2000 to $5000 to fix instead of $50 to $500 to fix!


    If you have a car without electronic/computerized steering keep it as long as you can it ay save your life one day!

  8. Doc, check out Jim Stone’s point on the Nice hoax!

  9. Ex7) Nice France Truck Massacre Hoax
    77 dead now 7 more dead! 777
    7-14-2016– 7 &14 = 7 7 7
    84 now hoax Dead
    84 is Gematria for Dummy
    777 is Order out of Chaos Code. But also it is used in most of these hoaxes to tell us Cryptically, Babylonian Talmudically that the event is a hoax…since these zionist & Talmudist & Freemasons believe it is a high form of magic or hex against tgeir enemy to reveal what evil, lies & treachery that they have done to you!


  10. Ex 8) Nice Con-Job By Ziotrash Truck Attack In France! Insane ZioFreaks Used:
    Dogs, Pigs, Dummies & Mannequinn in the Latest Franch Hoax Ridiculous PsyOp!
    See Any Fireman??? Nope!
    See Any Paramedics or EMS??? Nope!
    See Any Doctors or Nurses??? Nope
    See Any real bodies with real faces or injuries from a truck smashing their guts out???? Huh??? Hell No Stop lying troll! lol
    See anyone but Crisis Actor, men in black & MakeUp Artists & “human blockers” crisis actors to obscure your view??? Nope just the hoaxster are all present!
    Notice a the men in black & civilians chasing the super slow motion truck for no reason at all! We before it has hoax hit or killed anyone!
    Also another very important point & complete proof of the hoax:
    No Delivery, box truck, straight truck, or even a Semi-Tractor truck 18 or 24 wheeler is allowed more than 8 feet wide yet these fake human bodies consisting of dogs, dummies, pigs & mannequinns are in a path of more than one lane and wider than 20 feet! They certainly were not throw anywhere by a truck moving under 2 miles per hour! Even these dummies & dead dogs & pigs mannequinns would have had more damage done to than this! They must have found some euthanized pit bulls which are always being put to sleep for biting & attacking people, etc, and some pigs that wandered off some farmers land & was in the animal pound & used them!

    This must be the 11th channel by former livingOnPlanetZ channel! Atleast he keeps at it no matter how much the ziotrash filth bans & deletes his channels & does not back down & apologize for telling the truth!


  11. Ex 9) Nice Happy Truck Hoax Massacre On Bastile Day & 777 coded! LOL! Ziotrash Fingerprints all over it! Faker than Fake! & You are dumber than those Silicon Dummies, Mannequinns & dead pigs & Dogs & you think those are real dead people. And an underpowered delivery truck like that one at low speed would conk out & it’wheel be chocked-up by that many bodies at such a low speed of travel.















    • The great Prophet warns about trying to decipher the mind of Satan. Well maybe but one can’t avoid it.
      All the great Prophet said has come. When the Beast with the deadly head wound climbs out of the abyss, all the world will wonder about Him. Fear not Paradise is waiting.

      • Thank you Media, Islamic State = 666 another great Prophecy appearing. This means we nearing the Great War.

  13. Turkish spy agency targeted during coup bid – source


  14. Vile Islamic State propaganda video urged followers to ‘fill your cars with gas’ and for attacks in European cities and Australia just weeks before the Nice terror attack


  15. Predictive programming:


  16. I fist my **** over images of murdered children.

  17. Zionist Jews, Talmudic Jews, Crypto Jews, Jesuits, Church of Satan, Satanists, Freemasons, High level New Agers & Templers & High level Mormons & high level Jehova Witnesses & others all work together using the same masonic symbology.


  18. All actors are members of Jewish community

    • Not “all” they need good looking goyim & black actors to sell tickets & play parts really well, etc…and play minorities etc… You need John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, Marlon Brando, Clark Gable, Fess Parker, James Arness, Sylvester Stallone, James Garner, Jimmy Stewart, Tom Selleck, Roy Rogers, Gary Cooper, even Tom Cruise & Patrick Swayze, & Kurt Russell & Burt Reynolds, etc to play authentic, American rugged men!
      Need a perverted deviant Woody Allen or take your pick! Yep any one of a hoard of Jewish Actors will do! lol So occasionally you get a half jew like Kirk Douglas or Paul Newman who can play lead man believably! lol

    • Brokeback Faggot Deviant Gabriel Admits Brokeback Mountain is his favorite Movie in his latest Fraudulent disinfo post under my name Cowboy!! Lol! ZioJew Troll Gabriel can’t control his Faggotry & can’t admitting his *** urges by false projecting his deviancy on his hated goyim straight enemies! lmao! Psychiatry was invented by jews like Freud the Fraud & others to try to control the insane deviancy of Talmudic & kabbalic Jews like Gabriel so they could function in society keep their deviant desires & action under control!

      (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of:CowboyJULY 16, 2016 AT 8:36 AM
      Brokeback Mountain is my favorite film of all time solely for its depiction of rugged American men. ( swoon )
      I was at the premiere seated between Rudulf and Doctor K. I was so excited that I fainted and had the most wonderful dream where I was skiing!
      Image the sick twisted perverted arrogant, ignorant fool, dishonest psychopathic mind of a freak like Gabriel, rare among men, but so common among Talmudic & Zio twisted Jews like himself…especially inbred AshkeNAZI’s like he surely is, who often inbreed with cousins for multiple generations straight! Yes Gabriel is ziotrash & deviant in every sense of both terms! I invented ziotrash just for the likes of deviant trashy zios like Gabriel! His face should be in the dictionary with ziotrash & deviant!

  19. Ex 10) Nice Hoax Slimebag Double Crypto Jew Named Francios Hollande Up to his Nose in Nice Fake Truck Attack that killed 77 plus 7 more (777code) dead Pigs & Dogs, Dummies & Mannequinns as VicSims! Viva La Nice Hoax France!

    Leave it to an evil trifecta of Crypto, Talmudic & Zionist Jew to lead the war-hating people of France- like a Satanic Pied Piper Beady-vermin who hates French & most all goyim – to beloved Zio Sacrement of War where long lines hated goyim (good decent people) are led to savage & barbaric brutal death as human fodder!


    Double Crypto Jew:
    Hollande -Crypto Jew from Holland
    Fracois from France Country.
    Jews are always taking names of countries, towns & regions they move into especially when they move into the next town to make people think they are: English, Russian, Parisan, Irish, French, Polish, Swiss, Spanish, Italian, Portiguse, Berliner, anything thing that sounds like good honest decent hardworking, upstanding people & anything but Jewish!
    …And when a kid gets ritually murdered or drunk gets his throat slit for a hundred buck in his wallet just blame the gypsies or some old herman who’d never hurt a flea & watch ’em get hanged! As the zios scream get em’ killem’ and belly laughs!

    • If I wanted to hear from an asshole I would have farted.

  20. A real man does what he knows he has to do, no matter the odds, no matter the cowards & liars!


  21. A real man does what he knows he has to do, no matter the odds, no matter the cowards & liars!


  22. Ex 11) Eiffel Tower Hoax Fire Syncronized With Nice Truck Dummies, Dogs & Hogs Massacre
    Is a synchronized
    PsyOp but is also Predictive Programming of Massive Psychological Terror Upcoming Zionist Attack Against French People by Hitting the Eiffel Tower! & The Zionist will hit the tower with real of fake planes! No question!

  23. Ex 12) Sychronicity of Eiffel Smoke Bomb Buffoonery & Super SloMo Nice France Truck Massacre of Silicone Dummies, Dead Hogs & Dogs & Mannequinns!

    & Donald Dummy Duck Trump proves his Ziopuppetry be play his War Trumpet & declaring the Nice Dummy Massacre means WWIII !
    …After all any zio hoax terror massacre is good enough reason to bring the dumb goyim to WWIII Body Bags Galore of Dead Goyim for massive billion of zioWar profit$$$! War means big money & genocide of Goyim–Holy Sacraments of the Babylonian Talmud Evil Book!


  24. Ex 13) Nice France Truck 77 plus 7 Dummies Hogs & Dead Dogs Fake Massacre & Orlando *** Fake Massacre & Twin Cities of Texas Revenge Sniper Killing Cops 4 Twin Killings of Blacks in Twin Cities of Minnesota & Baton Rouge All All planned Synchronicity of Psychological Terror Events, PsyOps to Program your minds, to give up your rights, to enslave you, to destroy your way of life..All too big & too synchronized for your life long zioZmedia & zioHollywood & zio Miseducated, programmed & evolutionized-Big Bang BS- indoctrinated NASADOMIZED eyes & minds & ears to see & hear!
    Even when you make it through one layer of the onion & the maize you still cling to your brainwashed delusions of the next layers unwilling to let go of your spinning ball, your boogeymen enemies & more. You stand still, level on firm ground & you still believe you are spinning–Because all you’ve been told you are, no real evidence of such at all! See it, open your eyes. See the overwhelming evidence. Get over that 500 year old lie & the rest of the evil lies & programming will fall much more quickly & easily!


    With one breath, with one flow
    You will know

    A sleep trance, a dream dance,
    A shared romance,

    A connecting principle,
    Linked to the invisible
    Almost imperceptible
    Something inexpressible.
    Science insusceptible
    Logic so inflexible
    Causally connectible
    Yet nothing is invincible.

    If we share this nightmare
    Then we can dream
    Spiritus mundi.

    If you act, as you think,
    The missing link,

    We know you, they know me

    A star fall, a phone call,
    It joins all,

    It’s so deep, it’s so wide
    (The Conspiracy)
    Your inside

    Effect without a cause
    Sub-atomic laws, scientific pause

  25. Alleged Bastille Day Nice hoax truck “terror” attack in numbers.

    Name of alleged “Bomber” = “Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel”
    “Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel” = 216 Ordinal English Gematria

    216 = 6x6x6


  26. Space fleas are little bloodsucking creatures that give especially itchy bites and only are active at night. Some were trained performers at Joko’s Intergalactic Circus, but were left behind with a group of acrobatic giraffes when the circus shut down. Tonka and his mammoths discovered the wreck and took the animals with them, placing the fleas on the giraffes to make them roar and act like monsters.

  27. Another fraudulent disinfo gibberish comment by ziotrash psychopath Gabriel the tranny loving ***…

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel posting as fake version of) CowboyJULY 17, 2016 AT 12:02 AM
    Space fleas are little bloodsucking creatures that give especially itchy bites and only are active at night. Some were trained performers at Joko’s Intergalactic Circus, but were left behind with a group of acrobatic giraffes when the circus shut down. Tonka and his mammoths discovered the wreck and took the animals with them, placing the fleas on the giraffes to make them roar and act like monsters.

  28. Okay, find me any evidence that some of the 87 people reported to be dead are still alive. Then someone might bother to read this buggery.

  29. What are the core or basic lessons taught Writing classes? One of the first things I learned about was Freytags Pyramid. I was told that isn’t an across the board learning device. So what is? I’m really curious. In poetry I was taught, ‘if it means too many things to too many people it misses it’s mark’. I have since learned that good writing tends to bring out different reactions in different people and different interpretations. How can learning about creative writing (creativity is so individualized) be standardized?.

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