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Shooting of Black Teen 16 Times in Chicago is a Fake and a Hoax

How can the acclaimed shooting of a black youth in the middle of the street, Laquan McDonald, be real? There is no reason for the police to have shot him there. He was running after the police car, and, then, at the time of the supposed shooting, he starting walking, in fact, walking somewhat away from the cops and their squad car. Regardless, who in the world would ever be chasing a police car in the way demonstrated on the video?

It makes no sense in the least. No person in Chicago would do so, certainly no black youth. Yet, it can be seen that throughout he was “running after the vehicle.” No one can find this plausible.

The dash-cam begins with the police cars, flashing lights on, following each other. Then, something bizarre happens. The cop car turns right where there is a man with his hood up, who even seems to signal to the second cop car which is recording the action.


What are the odds that someone with a hood up would be right at the turn for the cops and then would signal to them to go in that specific direction?


He is definitely pointing in the direction of the arch-hoax, psyops site:


Just after this what is seen? It is an element beyond belief. In this screen capture there is someone actually running after the police vehicle. Why in the world could this ever occur? It makes no sense, unless it is a fake, fully staged.


He can, in fact, be seen jogging after the squad vehicles in the video.

At this point he stops jogging and begins moving away from the police. It will be noticed that there are no cars approaching on his side of the street. No doubt, the cops have no basis to shoot a man from that distance. They know it is being fully recorded. The youth poses no threat. This could only be done as a provocation, that is as a staged event: a mere fake, a Zionist-orchestrated hoax.


It looks like an act. He seems to brace his fall. Moreover, there is only evidence of two or three shots fired, presumably blanks, not by any means 16. After that smoke from the shooting of the blank is seen, he still lifts up his head, looking towards the cops, as denoted by the red arrow, right screen. How could he do that after being shot by this point, as alleged, some 12 times?


He is moving fairly continuously; only two smoke strikes are seen, both seemingly above the head. Moreover, his body does not react to the impact of bullet strikes to the body, it doesn’t lurch.  So, then, with only two blast reactions where are the 12-plus other bullet strikes?


If he presumably reacted (by falling) to the first shot, why not the others?

His graduation image is corrupt, if he even had any graduation. The use of digitally altered images is proof of a scam and a hoax.


Regardless, Chicago city files on this individual indicate that by no means was he a graduate of anything.

PhotoShop Cut Lines: Hard proof of a hoax?

There appear to be a number of PhotoShop cut lines on the purported graduation image. The image cannot be regarded as anything other than terminally corrupt.


If this is viewed carefully, there appears to be massive use of the paint-brush tool on the right side. This is hard proof of faking and scamming. This means that this is a hoax and that this youth never died and that, rather, the shooting was staged. Regardless, it can’t be all pixilation:


There are multiple defects also on one of the few other images available of this individual. Does this person even exist in the real world?

Here is further evidence of PhotoShop corruption. Zionist agent Jamie Kalven, the person responsible for first ‘leaking’ the claim of 16 shots through his article on Slate, says that prior to the ‘shooting’ McDonald was essentially “invisible.”


In this version of the image it does even appear as if he has a real right eye. There’s a hole there instead of an eye:


Clearly, this is corrupt. The eyebrow on that side is immense, black, and curves too severely downward. An obvious cutline is evident slicing through it. This is a PhotoShop hack-job to the extreme. No one can find this to be a real, natural image. This would indicate that the shooting was staged.


In the long form of the image what is seen? It appears that a thumb has been added to the imagery. It’s of an entirely different color than the rest of the hand:


One million per shot: who believes such nonsense. How could anyone confirm it if no lawsuit was filed, how convenient?


It’s all an act. See the image of the supposed brutal, bloodthirsty, ‘racist’ cop. He’s obviously an actor. This is staged. Who can demonstrate otherwise?

He was placed in the dark-colored clothes and dark hoodie to increase the drama of it all. These criminal minds are pulling the people’s chains, attempting to wildly manipulate their consciousness.

Here is yet another example of such wild manipulation. Clearly, this is all staged.

This is staged. Here is what appears to be yet another PhotoShopped image. Notice how fuzzy his face is compared to the background, even compared to the imagery on the shirt.

The Arabic reads “kafir.” This word does not stand for infidel but, rather, means darkness and corruption: that is corruption of the mind for refusing to recognize the existence of the almighty Creator.



The three dots are not seen on his actual images. Notice also the lack of definition of his normal features about the lower lip area and chin. It looks like extensive use was made of PhotoShop paintbrush and blur tool. In fact, part of the lower lip has been erased.


Clearly, then, part of the lip has been erased by the paint and or blur tools, while cut lines abound throughout.

This is a PhotoShop hack-job, which is proof of the scam and arch-hoax.


A pattern of three dots is notable on the right chin, which is a typical consequence of PhotoShop manipulation.

Feb. 10, 2015 — Activist and writer Jamie Kalven, obtaining the autopsy reporter through a public records request, writes an article for Slate that includes the finding that the teenager was shot 16 times.

McDonald’s mother, Tina Hunter, doesn’t seem to care anything about him and doesn’t even show up at any of the events. No one even knows where she is or even if she exists at all, despite the presumed intake of some $3 million dollars. The lack of any involvement of the mother, while having a mere great-grandmother, among others, speak for him is also confirmation of the hoax and scam.


Johnson says McDonald’s relatives do not want the video released because it would be too painful for their family and the community to watch over and over again, but they do want charges filed against the officer who remains on paid desk duty while local and federal authorities investigate

Regarding the great-grandmother, there is no emotion whatsoever. Her constant looking away and refusal to make eye contact, her total indifference, is suspect.

The Hunter family is tied to the civil rights movement. It could not be a coincidence. Regardless, what’s he so happy about, that the joke is in favor of his stock while the vulnerable, gullible goy get siphoned dry?

The Associated Press

Reverend Hunter says that Mr. McDonald was a joker, a mere prankster. No greater truth could ever be told.


Hunter is apparently a Zionist Christian with deep ties to the Chicago-based elements of the Zionist regime. The involvement of pro-Zionist players of the Jewish-orchestrated civil rights movement is hard proof of the nature of this as nothing other than a hoax.


It appears that the shooting was faked through the use of blanks. Regardless, only two shots can be seen. The claim for 16 is a treacherous lie.


Pastor Hunter to host Israeli Counsel General in music unity and healing program


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  1. Ex1)Laquan McDonald Chicago RaceWar Hoax Dead DHS Crisis Actor Lives In Long Beach & Was Never Shot by a Cop, Not Dead!

    This DHS RaceWar Traitor, ziopuppet is
    20 years old, tied to gangs, informant & likely embeded in US Navy as DHS/SPOOK crisis Actor.

  2. Exhibit 2) Laquan McDonald Hoax Dead Crisis Actor– No record of any 17 to 25 Laquan McDonald in Chicago ever existing exists at all. No news story even list his mother or father either. He never lived in Chicago, but he lives in Long Beach still to this day.

  3. Ex1-b)Laquan “Hit Squad” McDonald Chicago RaceWar Hoax Dead DHS Crisis Actor Lives In Long Beach, CA & Was Never Shot by a Cop, Never died, found alive & well.

    This is his 2nd Facebook account in Long Beach, California:

    Again This DHS RaceWar Traitor, ziopuppet is
    20 years old, tied to gangs, informant & likely embeded in US Navy as DHS/SPOOK crisis Actor.

  4. Exhibit 3) Laquan McDonald Killed By Cop PsyOp- Crisis Actor/Criminal gets a get outta’ jail free Card for Crisis Acting Treason for DHS! Out jail in obe day in April 2016!

    His Grandma is played horrible Crisis Actor
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    Laquan RaceWar Hoax Granny CrisisActor gets a “Get-Outta’-Jail-Free-Card” to commit fraud & treason for the zios & DHS!

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