**Breaking News** — 11 August 2016
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Nice Hoax for all to See – Zak Zaurus Videos

Here are two excellent videos which offer absolute proof of the degree of the hoax and scam that is the purported Nice terrorist truck attack. It’s a non-attack, that is it didn’t occur in the least. It’s a fake. Nothing happened, here.

It’s just a movie set, even though it has been embedded into the historical record as if true. Entebee, too, was made as if real. The same is true of the HoloHoax. Regarding the latter photography was forged and it was also used from other starvation victims who had nothing to do with an actual genocide against Jews.

Of note, it is made clear, there was no engine noise regarding the approach of the fake, rather, digitially-installed truck.


There can be no doubt, then, that this image was fully installed by CGI and was layered in, digitally. It cannot be regarded as real to any degree.

Regardless, as always, Zaurus is thorough in his research and categorically proves the fraud. It’s fake. Now that this is being realized what is happening? Comments are being denied on the net, now that people are posting against this terminally hideous scam.




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  1. Dr.K, you’re beating this one to death.

  2. Exhibit 40) Nice Terror Truck Hoax Ridiculous Fake Victim/VicSim Mannequin

    Apparently the knee joints of this mannequin looked very narrow & fake so they stuffed some sports knee pads under the stocking & socks. It’s very apparent that all these manniquins & dummies used in the Nice PsyOp were dressed using excess old clothes & rags from some local theater’s costume department. Ofcourse no one would be wearing some much heavy old clothing & rags in the middle of the summer in the far south of France during a Bastile Day Celebration. lol
    All of the fake bodies are all fluffy & not smash, no blood, no guts. Fake, fake, fake..

    • It’s all a bit too pretty.

    • It was 73 degrees at 10p that night in Nice, cowboy- an easily checked fact.

      In fact most of your speculations are easily checked… But that costs money. And you don’t want to work that hard.

      Money that the REAL media spends to report on these matters while you sit in your basement making spurious conjectures.

      Spend some money, talk to the people of Nice, talk to the police, the medical workers, etc and come back with proof that this was all a hoax. You’d be an international superstar!!! You would change the course of history and put stop to further Zionist scams if you convincingly uncovered the treachery.

      Thing is though, real journalists have already done what I’m suggesting…

      The options for the thinking man or woman are to believe THEM or you… Not a hard choice.

      • Put another way-

        Reporters, investigators from media organizations the world over- foreign and friendly nations alike- have had boots on the ground, conducted extensive interviews, and have provided a generally consistent story.

        Meanwhile, cowboy (a guy who can’t spell, believes in a flat earth, etc) analyzes YouTube and Facebook and thinks he has all the “truth”.

        It’s both sad and funny.

  3. George Michael I model myself on him

  4. Exhibit 1) The Nice Crisis Actors- Sleaze “NataLie” Bleach Blonde-

    This wretched ZioPuppet Witch Claims Muslim men were pulling down an American flag as the Eeevile Hoax Terror Truck Was Massacring people! lol! Nata-Lie-a-Lot is another Gene Rosen chosen Liar genocidal Hatemonger working for Israhell & the zioSlime!

    Listen to this despicable liar’s phoney French accent speaking in English! What the hell is her accent part French , Israeli, Scandanavian??? She’s probably some has been actress who’s now a talent agent or producer in Brooklyn, NYC or LA or Miami.. Or maybe she is a costume or set director in this PsyOp doubling as a lying Crisis Actor! Certain her make & messy hair is design to disguise her identity.


  5. Syrian Army & Hezbollah take on the confluent Jayesh Al-Fateh (Armies of Conquest) (Armies of Satan) to recapture South Aleppo, Features in RT.

  6. Former Turkish footballer apparently one of the masterminds of the fake Turkish coup BS the way they spinning lies

  7. Exhibit A) Sandy Hook Crook Fake Massacre PsyOp School Re-opens August 29, 2016.

    See Next Video I post as ziopuppet
    Ziotrash Goons harrass & keep out all researchers & truthers from new Newtown – Sandy Hook Crook School!
    Never stop exposing Sandy Hook! Beat this evil Zionist DHS Gun Confiscation PsyOp to death & all these treasonous PsyOps!


  8. Exhibit B) Sandy Hook Crook PsyOp New School Opens August 29- Free Tours Now open to the public…..

    ….But in violation of the law..NOT to everyone! If you are a truther or Sandy Hook researcher then the ziotrash Sandy Hook Crooks will curse you & thuggishly keep you out with crooked cops!


    • Of course they’re not going to let Foulpig, Fatzer, Cracey or Tony Mead through the door – or anyone else whose been busted harassing families and desecrating memorials and graves. Why the hell would they? But presumably that don’t know who you are Cowboy. Do why don’t you go and report back on your adventures? Be more interesting than any of the other crap you’ve posted on this page.

      • That’s what I’m saying. His over utilized internet resources have become tired and unreliable.

        You should do some real research too – but I guess copy/paste is all you’re tiny mind is capable of.

  9. Exhibit C) Sandy Hook Crook PsyOp School ReOpens 8-29-2016- Actor Gene Rosenslime Sees Camera Crew & Makes U-Turn like a mouse to cheese! & Gets a big surprise!..

    Rosenslime fraudster buffoon’s addiction to cameras & fame runs him straight into a trap of being on camera with Wolfgang Halbig & truthers & New York Magazine Film Crew! Way to go Eugene you freemason zionist jew pedo-esque bozo the clown!


    • Just can’t wait to see the hatchet job New York Magazine does on Foulpig. He is naive in tne extreme. It’s going to be so entertaining watching his nutjob supporters descend into yet another frenzy of fury. And of course, Wolf will use the opportunity for more fraudulent fundraising…

      • A great job extracting money from gullible nutcases. Name just one thing he’s achieved with the more than $100k raised through begging and even intimidation of his vulnerable flock.

        • Amen to that!

  10. Exhibit D) Sandy Hook Crook PsyOp
    School Re-Opens & Newtown Ziotrash Israeli Agent Pozner & Lewis FAKE Lawsuit Keeping Sandy Hook Fraud Alive

    Lenny Posner fraudster doesn’t even live in Newtown SandyHook Crookville as far as I remember. He’s an Israeli Lobbyist in DC- Maryland. This bum has been falsely claiming copyright on not for profit use of his supposed son Noah’s public domain pictures from his Ex-wife pictures, not even his! Lol! Posner used fraudulent copyright claims with no proof to have this poster HowISeeIt’s main channel banned & deleted. Only because youtube refuses to obey their own stated policies, guidlines & procedures, (& fair use protectios law) since ZioJewtube is run by zionist jews & so is it’s owner company Google! Youtube bans truthers falsely accused of copyright violations which are well within fair use laws protected freespeech on videos that are not even for any profit!..while youtube simultaneously violates millions of music artists’ copyrights– even profitting from it greatly as the artists get nothing! Anyway youtube violates it’s own procedures & due deligence often when banning truthers & their videos, refuses to follow it’s own procedures like not investigating accusations as it’s own policies require! And refusing to respond to emails as require by it’s own stated policies & procedures. ODD TV & HOWISEEIT were both banned without warning & denied any appeal, due deligence, no email answers, nor investigations by youtube as their own stated policies require! Youtube is a zio criminal operation!
    Anyway this fraudster criminal Posner recently threatened me on this site! I told him where he can go! Lol None of these Crisis Actors can or will sue any truther! They can’t. A lawsuit would open them up to being forced under subpeona powers, evidence could be forced under subpeona, which subpeona powers allow, they could be forced under oath & questioned under oath with cross examination power & perjury prosecution power! NO CRISIS ACTOR WILL SUE ANY TRUTHER! They can’t! It could blow their whole massive DHS PSYOPs operations wide open! We should pray for them to sue truthers! Any lawsuit by a Crisis Actor will only be a fake predetermined Kangaroo Court lawsuit between all parties who are in-on-it! Like Posner & So called Scarlotte Lewis suing Newtown— it is a fake lawsuit design to hide evidence of their operation as long as they possibly can & to steal more money for the fraudster criminals from the dumb, hated, brainwashed, ziomedia programmed goyim masses!


  11. ExD2) Sandy Hook Crook PsyOp School ReOpens- Ziotrash Lenny Posner Israel Agent-Traitor Opens New Troll Page Using Childhood picture of HowISeeIt-SandyHook Truther!


    • Go Lenny!

      • Robin Weigal (HowIseeit) is somewhat reminiscent of Albert Fish. Both grew up in an environment of mental illness; both have a history of obscene communications to strangers; both have a patent dislike of children; both have effeminate tendencies mixed with unhinged rage; and both are irrefutably insane. If only Robin would force needles in his body and go sit in an electric chair then we’d all be better off.

  12. Exhibit C-2) Sandy Hook Crook PsyOp School Re-Opens- Sandy Hook Crook Police Deny Access To PsyOp School & Harras Truthers, Halbig , NY Mag Film Crew


    • Did you watch the video Cowboy? Wolfgang and his crew never attempted to even go near the school. They just hung on the sidewalk outside the firehouse. No access attempted. No access denied. Why don’t you stop lying?

  13. Ex E) Sandy Hook Crook PsyOp School ReOpens- Brand new $50 Million Stolen by Deception from the dumb, hated goyim to Push the Zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda & Take all our rights! Pure Fraud! Pure Treason!


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