**Breaking News** — 23 December 2016
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Once and for all the Assassination of Russian Turkish Ambassador Andrey Karlov is Not a Hoax

Updated, Dec. 24, 2016 with an additional video

The purpose of this post is to isolate those who for suspect reasons are attempting to fool the people. There are those who are claiming that the murder of Russia’s envoy to Turkey, Mr. Andrey Karlov, is a staged event and mere hoax. This is not the case. The fact is his killing is very real.

Even so, who is it that is calling it a hoax? It is mainly Internet videographers, many of whom are doing so purposely, others who may be merely deceived.

There are clearly countless staged events that could readily fool people or that could easily be determined as fraudulent. This is not one of them. While it first glance it may seem to be another fake it’s not so. It can be clearly seen that regarding this the ambassador is being shot. Slow motion proves the strike, which exits in his upper left chest, a shot which proved largely fatal. Apparently, another bullet was fired into him when he was on the ground. Despite the fact that the killing is clear and blatant, Zionist agents are attempting to dispute this, purposely fooling people: maliciously bamboozling them.

It’s all a plot by the Zionists. Here, they have slaughtered yet another Christian man, in their minds only a goy, and have fully escaped any scrutiny.

This was a well-planned act. There is no doubt the fact that this was an act of the Israeli Mossad orchestrated by rabid, extremist Zionist Jews. Mevlut Altinas aka Mevlut Goldstein, Turkish special ops agent, was selected as the assassin, in fact, patsy. Just how he was drawn into this crime is unknown. Somehow, from his position in special ops he was recruited: specifically to murder the ambassador.

The first image is seen just as the shot is fired. Notice the strain in his face compared to his formerly relaxed posture. Notice, too, that he has his glasses on at this time.

In the video it can be seen how the envoy reacts to being shot by reaching behind his back. The impact and pain reaction causes his shoulder to be raised up: immediately after the strike.

Apparently, blood can be seen leaking out as the lapel is lifted up and out by the gunshot impact.

Next, the exit impact can be seen, with the ambassador clearly distressed, clearly in pain. Furthermore, no doubt, that exit wound can be seen as a circular blob of cloth material from the clothing, protruding outward.

No one can say this is anything other than a contract hit. Just what are the details of this contract remain unknown.

The ambassador falls to the ground, when his glasses shoot off. There is blood pooling under his head. He will die shortly thereafter, martyred for the cause of peace.

Bullet casings can be seen littering the floor. There are those who claim they don’t exist, which is purely fraudulent.

Shortly thereafter, as he climbed the balcony the Zionist agent and arch-madman was shot dead, eliminated by the security forces. He can be seen, hear, with a head wound, bleeding from the ear.


Despite this there are those who are claiming that this is not him at all and that it was a supposed ‘switch and bait.’ This is nothing other than a lie. It is precisely the same man. The hair patter is precisely the same, as is the nose and flared nostrils. It’s another lie by the Zionists for means of obfuscation.

He was obviously eliminated. In all likelihood the local Turkish police and/or special forces had no idea what was afoot and certainly were not clued into the plot.

This is the agency of the Mossad which is responsible for this crime. This is its motto, that by stealth and deception that shall commit acts of war. According to the Russian and Turkish press this was a plot to undermine attempts at normalization of diplomatic relations between the countries:

For pundit Andrei Sushentsov, quoted by Russian businesss daily RBC, the ambassador’s killing served the interests of “those willing to disrupt the fragile process of Russian-Turkish rapprochement”.

His view is echoed by influential daily Kommersant. It suggests the attack was aimed at “disrupting the normalisation of Russian-Turkish relations in general and the Turkish foreign minister’s visit to Moscow in particular”.


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  1. U see, doc (or anyone replacing him), the more one tries to deny truth, the more truth will become obvious. And the truth is this Zio Karlov dude wasnt assassinated. We have showed/proved u that but u no, no, no, no, it was true. It wasnt. It isnt. It was a goddamm hoax meant to stir the **** up between Russia and Turkey and finally lead to WW3. End of story.

    • such a disgusting person you are. wish u were a hoax

  2. I ame confused why wil the mossad kill the mossad agent it dont make sense why not staging the kill.

  3. This is FSB stuff8
    Does this explain the unusual cover-up by Nodisinfo who usually jumps and rightly so on any occasion to denounce fakes and false flag events !

    The Russian secret service are playing games with Mossad and CIA who can’t say anything as they use various of these methods readily! Just piling the cards to be used later.

    Pretty coarse fake too if you ask me! Ridiculous even! Come on!

    What is happening Nodisinfo? You Lost your virginal independence? Keep up the good work though.

  4. post direct links – stop trying to direct traffic to your doomed blog

  5. I dont see why everybody is so categorical about it. There are indeed special effects capable of performing in the shown manner without really killing the ambassador. It is even possible to cause the targeted ambassador light injuries so he doesnt have to act but just temporarily looses conciousness. But since it is intended to look genuine you cant outrule that it is. And if it is fake it is for a good purpose and serves the globalists right.

  6. It would be nice if your prayers were realized but:

    It’s a well established fact that Rudolf is unlayable. Not physically capable and shunned by all humans.

    Cowboy would sooner give up his guns than take medication.

    There is no hope for Christinne…

  7. who knows?
    there’s that much fake news and so many false flags/hoaxes, its hard to tell;
    but, if you use the “rule of thumb” qui bono?, then, yes, it could well be real;
    Putin doesn’t strike me as a liar!

  8. This is so clearly a hoax, it’s laughable … looks like this site has been compromised …

  9. It is a hoax!!!! This site has been compromised and the Dr. is gone!

  10. This was a hoax. It has been proven to be a hoax. One way you know that it was a hoax is because of the staging, also there was a camera crew their. In one video the camera crew is scene. This is a hoax.





  11. The assassination of the Russian Ambassador is a hoax. I have proved it. I can destroy what is said here. The reason the Ambassador’s left collar seems to move because of being hit by a bullet is because; if you look real closely, the Ambassador moves his jacket so that it appears that he was shot, he was not. He is a crisis actor.

  12. The assassination of the Russian Ambassador is a hoax. I have proved it. I can destroy what is said here. The reason the Ambassador’s left collar seems to move because of being hit by a bullet is because; if you look real closely, the Ambassador moves his jacket so that it appears that he was shot, he was not. He is a crisis actor. You can also get bullet casings when blanks are used. I know, I’m retired infantry; and with my knowledge of the infantry, I know that this was a hoax..

    • Not real convincing Terry. Not even a good try.

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