**Breaking News** — 08 January 2017
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The Fake Wounded and Other Arch Phonies of the Ft. Lauderdale Shooting Hoax

What an absolutely inane hoax it is, yet advertised as if real: this so-called random, senseless shooting at Ft. Lauderdale Airport. That fake is easy to recognize by the phony wounded and other obvious actors. See the woman below. She is not wounded to any degree. Rather, she is lying among a spill of fake blood, mere water soluble tempura paint, which is obvious for anyone to see:

It can seen to be nothing other than paint. An actual obvious design has been painted on her face. Simultaneously, there is no wound of any kind on that face. As well, no one can demonstrate otherwise.

Moreover, here is the star of the show, that faker hiding in the corner, the one supposedly suffering from a gunshot wound:

Image result for esteban; santiago; images; Ft. lauderdale

What about this looks like a real gunshot wound? Moreover, what is he doing sitting about in that security zone? It’s obvious that this was an arena where no one could witness the set-up, that is the faking of the wound.

It’s an obvious fake. Where is the wound that could account for the red matter, as seen? There is no blood associated with his body, no oozing or spurting of any kind. There’s just a bunch of phony blood poured on the pavement, all the same color, never resembling the real thing. In fact, anyone can see that this is staged and that there is no concern, here; there was no Muslim madman, who ran about amok, wildly shooting innocents.

Watch out, though. These are so obviously fake that, perhaps, the Sheeple public might actually catch on to these frauds.

One issue that is very real is the potential for dehydration; and it’s not from blood-loss but, rather, from running about, attempting to create a sense of realism. Thus, it is always the case that there is plenty of water about, courtesy of the arch-Zionist-controlled DHS, actually, courtesy of the terminally

Then, there is the inane acting, and there is plenty of it. It is as if the Zionists and their criminal associates aren’t even trying anymore, that they are just heaping these hoaxes upon the people, one scam after the other, without even the slightest effort to make them appear realistic. We, thus, placed two of the most obvious canned/phony videos below, in case anyone had the slightest doubt:

What in the world is this supposed to represent? They are dragging him off like as if he is a cartoon character.

Image result for esteban; santiago; images; Ft. lauderdale

No one can find this plausible to any degree. These are all paid actors fulfilling a role, all fully compromised: all signed in under non-disclosure. Will, even so, anyone speak up? Will a single soul in Ft. Lauderdale speak the truth and claim this for what it is, a terminally inane scam? Does life meaning nothing that the entire world can be told that there were deaths and injuries when it is all fake, when it is nothing other than a concocted lie?

Image result for esteban; santiago; images; Ft. lauderdale


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  1. Heavens! This website has become a Babylonish zahadum ruled over by Zorroastrium ishtars – all hamurabis of the Zionist matrix.

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      (Brokeback *** Gabriel fraud posting as me) CowboyJANUARY 9, 2017 AT 6:24 AM

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  2. Ex24) Zio DHS Hollywood Airport Hoax Massacre Shooter Crisis Actor Fictional Character Esteban Santiago Ruiz
    Real name Luis Esteban Lopez Ruiz
    His spook Pilot father is Pilot & works at FAA!

    The fake shooter also works at Disney World under a different alias/variatio from my research.

    His apparent Father is a pilot & worms for the FAA


    These 3 search reaults are all his pilot/spook/FAA father with 3 ages but same guy & it shows the linkage to Crisis Actor & supposed aunt (of Fake shooter) Maria Ruiz

    Esteban M Ruiz 
    age 49


    Fort Lauderdale, FL; Miami Beach, FL; Brigantine, NJ; Miami, FL; Hollywood, FL ; Hallandale, FL ; Hollywood


    Maria Ruiz, Blanca Ruiz, Mirna Coria


    Federal Aviation Administration

    Esteban A Ruiz
    age 57


    Fort Lauderdale, FL; Miami Beach

    This intelius search shows both have Kissimmee, Florida addresses:

    Esteban Ruiz 
    age 58


    Kissimmee, FL; Orlando, FL; Brooklyn, NY


    Hilda Ruiz, Glendaly Ruiz, Luis Ruiz, Kimberly Ruiz, Mark Soto, Steven Ruiz, Donna Ruiz-soto, Israel Ruiz, Emoelia Ruiz

  3. Ex23) ZioDHS Hollywood FL Hoax Shooting Victim Crisis Actor who Nobody Will Help!

    All Made Up for a Hoax Shooting Date & Nobody Wants his act! No Ambulance for this guy until the director says so!


  4. Ex1) (66& 777 coded) JEWrusalem Hoax Truck Attack Blamed On Palestinians 4 dead, 17 injured “soldier 18 to 21″(666 & 777 code) Murderous Ziotrash & Babylonian Talmudists Psychos At It Again!

    And here in this hoax PsyOp hatemongering , warmongering Judeac Talmudic occult script we have the 66 code as consecutively 4&20&20&22is 66:
    ” four soldiers killed were Erez Orbach, 20, from Alon Shvut, in the West Bank; Yael Yekutiel, 20, from Givatayim, near Tel Aviv; Shir Hajaja, 22, from Maale Adumim in the West Bank; and Shira Tzur, 20″


  5. Ex26) Hollywood Airport Hoax Massacre -Another Laughing Happy Hoaxster Crisis Actwhore Duping Delight Buffoon Busted! Grinning Ear to Ear!


  6. Ex2) Jerusalem Nitwit Yahoo On Fake Film Scene: 1st Nice FR, then Germany, Now Israel CLAIMS Hamas & Palestine mortal enemies of it’s ISIS, are now ISIS! Truth is ISIS is Israel Secret Intelligence Service

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the scene of the attack and said the perpetrator was “by all indications a supporter of the Islamic State.”

    “This is part of the same pattern inspired by Islamic State, by ISIS, that we saw first in France, then in Germany and now in Jerusalem.


  7. Ex3) (33 coded) JeWrusalem Hoax Truck Attack 3 women soldiers hoax killed (out of 4) & 3rd Hoax Attack Nice, FR, Berlin & Jersalem! 33!

    ISIS CRISIS ACTORS COMEDY TROUPE HOAX-THON hits Israel–Home of ISIS it’s greatest hoax & terrorist asset!


  8. Ex4) ISIS Crisis Actors Truck Attack Hoax-a-thon Hits Israel– Home Of ISIS- Israeli Secret Intelligence Service- With a Fake Attack blamed on Palestinians & ridiculously linking them to their mortal enemy ISIS!

    3 Hoax Truck Attacks in a row by the bloodthirsty ziotrash Israelis & zionist worldwide, pure psychopaths with hatemongering & warmongering intent!


  9. Ex27) John Travolta Lookalike used in Zio Hollywood Airport Hoax Attack-I mean this guy is a dead Ringer John Travolta down to his famous cleft chin!

    I bet he works in Orlando & Miami as a John Travolta lookalike maybe as even a high dollar male stripper or a singer & dancer if he can sing!


  10. Ex27-b) John Travolta Lookalike used in Zio DHS Hollywood Airport Hoax Attack-I mean this guy is a dead Ringer for John Travolta down to his famous cleft chin!

    John Travolta from Pulp Fiction with Samuel L Jackson:

  11. Ex28) Air Canada Blows The ZioDHS Hollywood FL Airport Massacre Hoax-Admits no such passenger & no such gun checked in! Admits Hoax PsyOp is a Lie! Busted Ziotrash Enemy of USA & Mankind!


  12. Ex29) Zio Hollywood Hoax Airport Shoot-a-Thon Hit Florida- With Ridiculous “Chariots of Fire” Women In Stretch Pants Running in Slow motion Scene!

    Synchronized slo-mo all femal chariots of fire on the tarmac! As real as Berlin & Nice France Prestine Clean killer trucks without blood!

    This Hollywood Florida Hoax is getting as fake & phoney baloney as Orlando Homo-*** Holohoax! Not all the faggotry but all the bullsh#t buffoonery & pageantry with John Travolta Lookalikes a choreographed chariots of fire women’s yoga jogging team! And the hoax shot vicSim outside that all the EMS refuse to help for 20 minutes until the director arrives to say action!


  13. Ex6) JeWrusalem Israhell Mystery Babylon 66&77&11 Occult Hoax Coded Ridiculous Hoax Massacre Fake Victim VicSim Erez Orbach name proves Hoax!

    Erez Orbach in Jewish Gematria Equals: 734 aka 77
    Erez Orbach in English Gematria Equals: 606 aka 66
    Erez Orbach in Simple Gematria Equals: 101 aka11

  14. Ex5) Jewrusalem Truck Massacre Hoax Jan 2017 Fake Victim-VicSim Alon Shvut-Up Your @$$ Hoaxer
    21 aka 777, 792 Aka 18 aka 666, 132 aka 1&32is33!

    Alon Shvut in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1209 12&9is 21 aka 777 code & also 1&2&9 is 13

    Alon Shvut in English Gematria Equals: 792, 7&9&2is 18 aka 666 , & also 79&2is 81 which is 9×9 like 99 aka upside 66 it ia also like 2 pairs of 3×3 aka 2–33’d

    Alon Shvut in Simple Gematria Equals: 132 for 1&32 is 33!

  15. Ex7) Jerusalam Fake Truck Massacre fake Dead Jan 2017 Victim Yael Yekutiel Fake Name 77 Coded!

    Yael Yekutiel in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1175, 1&1&75 is 77 also 1&1&7&5 is 14 also a 77 code!

    They call themselves Jews but they are the Synogogue of Satan! …Jesus

    To the Jews, Scribes, Phyracees & Seducees: You liars just like your father the devil! …Jesus the Truth teller 2000 plus years ago!


  16. Ex31) Hollywood Airport Hoax Shooter Crisis Actor Littleton & Aurora Colorado Combined fake Brother Bryan & Luis name as Bryan Luis Ruiz– Aurora is Home of Aurora Crisis Actors Studios & Aurora AIR Force (Hoaxy) Base!

    Twitter account as Bryan Luis Ruiz:


  17. How about posting some pics of your Spring Valley trip on your blog?

    What’s that? You never actually went? Didn’t think so.

    Do you ever tell the truth about anything??

  18. Ex32) ZioDHS Hollywood Airport HoaxShooter Massacre- Another John Travolta Lookalike Crisis Actor Cop Picture Yet More PulpFiction Ridiculous! W/ Obama & Michelle Lookalikes!

    The Obama Lookalike is really creepy like the Grim Reaper Movie Obama! And the Michelle Obama lookalike looks too much like an actual woman to be Michael/Michelle- with a 1960 “Supremes” hairdoo!


  19. Ex 33) More Jogger Girls/SloMo Jogger Crisis Actors That Is! @ Hollywood Airport Hoax Shooting PsyOp! & *** in Girl pants! LOL


  20. Hoax on the move!
    Rudolf’s hoax visit (twice) to Spring Valley!

    Arch!!! Ouch!!

  21. More Donald Trump Hoax Assasination-Inauguration PsyOp Predictive Programming!


  22. Yes Donald Duck Trump Hoax President Elect Hoax Assasination Predictive Programminng! Sctipted Long Ago!


  23. Ex 34) Hollywood Airport Hoax Massacre Slimebag, NASA ActorNOT Fraudster, ZioPuppet, Orlando Pulse Traitor, Gun Grabber Senator Bill Nelson!

    NASA Fake Spaceman Bill Nelson is as slimey as they come!


  24. Ex35) Hollywood Hoax FL Airport Massacre Marrano Jew Esteban “Santiago” Ruiz Is Luis Esteban Ruiz Is Actor Director Luis Ortega, 33, Aunt Maria Ruiz Rivera aka Maria Ortega!

    So Maria Ruiz alias Maria Rivera aka Maria Ortega aka Maria Roman, etc is really Grandmother of fake shooter & mother of his father Santiago Esteban Ruiz

    As Actor Director Luis

    Luis A Ruiz
    Union City, NJ

    Angela Ruiz, Maria Ruiz, Lisbeth Ruiz, Jr Ruiz

    Luis F Ortega
    age 33
    Get Full Report on Luis

    East Brunswick, NJ; Perth Amboy, NJ; Jersey City, NJ; Englewood, NJ; Union City, NJ

    Leira Ortega, Buford Ortega, Fernando Ortega, Orlando Ortega, Celba Alfonso, Fausto Ortega, Maria Ortega, Jose Ortega, Jenice Ruiz

    Father Pilot- FAA-Spook
    Esteban Ruiz
    age 54

    Union City, NJ; Jersey City, NJ; North Bergen, NJ

    Jose Ruiz, Maria Roman (alias of Maria Ruiz) , Lawrence Roman

    ——— FLORIDA also intelius search
    Esteban M Ruiz (alias Santiago Esteban Ruiz aka Esteban S Ruiz & Esteban E Ruiz)
    age 49 (Fake age really 54 to 58)
    Hollywood, FL; Miami, FL; Hallandale, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Miami Beach, FL; Hollywood, FL

    Maria Ruiz (alias Maria Rivera, Maria Ortega, Maria Roman, etc) Blanca Ruiz, Mirna Coria

    Federal Aviation Administration

  25. Ex35-b) Hollywood Hoax FL Airport Massacre Marrano Jew Esteban “Santiago” Ruiz Is Luis Esteban Ruiz Is Actor Director Luis Ortega, 33, Aunt Maria Ruiz Rivera aka Maria Ortega!

    So Maria Ruiz alias Maria Rivera aka Maria Ortega aka Maria Roman, etc is really Grandmother of fake shooter & mother of his father pilot FAA official & CIA Spook Santiago Esteban Ruiz!

    This is an official court picture of Supposed Esteban Santiago Ruiz he is probably really birth named Luis Ruiz his Acting name is Luis Ortega! Compare this picture to the one on Ex35).

  26. Ex 36) ZioDHS Hollywood FL Airport Hoax So Many Zio Jew Crisis Actwhores In this Video & Hoax! Youtuber Jewrassic Liars Loves Jews & Ziotrash! He LOOOOVVVVES ‘Em to death!


  27. “Ask Google” Anything & It will answer you!….Except Curvature of the Earth! It wil not answer you! LMAO!!! It does not exist!


    • I said “Ask Google” not Google idiot Frizz aka Gabriel ***!

  28. Hey Cowboy your head is as flat as a dead car battery, fool

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    Accordingly, we request all residents to furl the i$rae£i flag

    We are pleased to inform you, we have received an outstanding rating, and a breathtaking Testimonial from a notorious Academic from NaZZweiler

    Thereafter, we require the Pomona parking lot to be re-named: Professor’s Plaza…..:))

  30. Oy!
    Give in Sharkie.

    Dong is back.

    Where’ your sis now, exactly..?

  31. Not EVERY event is faked!
    I believe many other and this could have been a false flag event but my father in law Dennis was the man in white sneakers pushing a young woman to the ground on the TMZ video.
    He served in the airforce and told us he saw people that he sadly knew were dead from gunshot wounds.
    When it hits home and people say no one died it really makes you wonder about idiots like peekay22 from you tube half way across the world seeing things he thinks are signs on video.
    People died in this one, Dennis has guns, knows about ballistics and it was tragic. If we truthers say everything is fake and no one died everytime without proper evidence then we set ourselves up for a fall.
    Like I say he is shaken up, people died, was it a false flag…..maybe, but we need to be careful

    • Poster: all the US-DHS forces were already there. This was a gun control fraud. Who did he claim he saw shot dead?

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