**Breaking News** — 13 February 2017
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Sandy Hoax, Fake Blood, and the Quebec Mosque Shooting Hoax

It would be convenient to believe that, somehow, a crazed, politically motivated individual went bearzerk, killing and wounding a number of Muslims in a Canadian mosque. Moreover, it was also be convenient to believe it was all motivated by Donald Trump’s rhetoric. This is the mantra that currently exists. Yet, is there any basis for it?

Why would the rather feeble-appearing individual, Alexandre Bissioinette, do this? He reportedly shot the place up, “spraying bullets,” from a powerful weapon, an AK-47. Then, supposedly, he ‘gave up,’ saying he was ‘sorry.’ No one finds such a narrative plausible.

Why, too, would arch-hoaxer Lenny Pozner join the fray, siding with the fake dead and wounded of the Quebec Mosque Shooting Hoax, while calling those who contest it “hoaxers?” Thus, it is said:

Lenny Pozner, who lost his son in the Sandy Hook shooting and founded Honr, an anti-hoaxer organization, said that he’s not surprised a truther movement was created around the event.

“It’s a social movement, all of this, the patterns are the same. Any mass casualty event is labeled a hoax, any errors in news reporting is immediately used as evidence as a hoax,” Pozner told VICE.

In Pozner’s Sandy Hoax there were no images of actual (faux) blood on any walls or the ground. There was no crime scene. Moreover, there was no evidence of any actual fatalities. It was all an arch scam, and despite any protestations otherwise there can be no doubt about this.

The same is essentially seen in the Quebec City mosque hoax, with the exception of apparent ‘blood’ and ‘bullet holes.’ Once again, no significant evidence is offered of actual eyewitness accounts, read dead and injured, or true bullet entry or exit wounds or strikes from actual semi-automatic weapons.

Regarding Pozner, he sent an email to this site, complaining about the consequences of illicit, corrupt Sandy Hoax funds. This was related to actual in-fighting, in this case in regard to Mossad agent Alexis Haller and himself.

Here, Pozner claimed that Haller pilfered a degree of the money donated by the bamboozled public, that is in relation to that arch-phony Noah Pozner fund. It was illicit from the beginning, and he still was complaining about it? He wanted it all. How much more greedy can an individual get?

What right did he have to that money? He was there merely acting, like the rest. He lost no son or anyone else on that day. The taking of that money amounts to fraud and deception: in other words, wanton theft.

He can be seen milling around in the background with the rest of the endless litany of Newtown Zionists and various arch-actors. Does he appear to be frustrated or upset about the bullet-ridden body of his son?

Caption: Here it goes, finally, there is an emotional reaction from one of the Pozners (e.g., Veronique); son looks on to evaluate her acting capacity. Actor Lt. Vance also looks on at a supposed image of the fake dead child.

The people involved in the ‘mosque shooting,’ like Sandy Hoax, are merely actors:

Just look at the looks on the faces of those looking on. This truly is an act, a total fake. Who can demonstrate otherwise?

Yet, it is said that they all gathered together to celebrate the dead, incredibly, to “celebrate Khaled, Aboubaker, Abdelkrim, Azzedine, Mamadou, Ibrahima.” Who in the world in the midst of an AK-47 shooting, where bodies are blasted apart, says such a thing? They are celebrating imagery and memories such as these, the corpse of a person shot dead by high-powered weaponry (Warning, graphic image below)?

No one in their right mind would celebrate the blasting away of a person, actually six of them, with an AK-47 in a holy site. As well, it was said by the institute’s leaders that they were shot in their heads (although they also claim shots fired into their backs and/or abdomens). Would there not have been, then, brain matter splattered about? Would the crime scene not have been properly dealt with by detectives, forensics, and HAZMAT? Why did no one purge the site of real blood before allowing in people from the streets?

We are going to have a prayer for those who could not finish their prayers. We pray for them.

What an emotive tactic that is. Yet, if it is so serious, why is this man smiling and smirking during his interview?

Yet, it is said:

They had their dream to send their kids to school, to buy a house, to have a business and we have to continue their dreams. We have to continue their dreams the same way they extended their hands to the others. It is up to others to extend their hands toward them.

Now, unfortunately, it is a little bit late. But not too late.

The society that could not protect them, the society that could not benefit from their generosity still has a chance. The hands that didn’t shake the hands of Khaled or Aboubaker or Abdelkrim or Azzedine or Mamadou or Ibrahima, that society can shake the hands of their kids.

We have 17 orphans. We have six widows. We have five wounded.

In other words, open up your wallets and donate. This is a gross violation, let it be said, of the true Islamic faith. All those involved must apologize immediately for their acts, restituting those who have been bamboozled into donating.

Here is one of the purported wounded. Does this man look like he was actually shot in the shoulder by an AK-47?

(that is in “cold-blood). Note: the ‘she’ in the above caption represents the reporter.

There is, in fact, no evidence of a wound of any kind. There isn’t even a tinge of blood or serous fluid in extravasation from that ‘wound.’ Now, in contrast, here is a real gunshot wound. By no means can the two be compared:

The bandaged man has neither entrance nor exit wounds and, once again, doesn’t have a drain. Nor is there any seepage of serious fluid or blood: not even a drop.


Yet, despite the fact that it is an obvious fake, what do key people say such as Mr. Hassan Guillet (the purported imam): “We ask Allah for them to get them out of the hospital as soon as possible.”

So, almighty God is now being leveraged for hoaxes? How much more corrupt can it be than this?

Now comes the anti-‘Trump’ association, not to defend the rhetoric but, rather, to expose the nature of this arch-scam:

Alexandre, before being a killer he was a victim himself. Before planting his bullets in the heads of his victims, somebody planted ideas more dangerous than the bullets in his head (attributed to Guillet).

He then calls the youth a “little kid.”

Now, here is the cue for the fraud of it all:

Day after day, week after week, month after month, certain politicians unfortunately, and certain reporters … certain media were poisoning our atmosphere.

Here is a bit of subliminal referencing by the imam: “We don’t want to see it. And we didn’t see it, and it happened.”

(source for these quotes: http://pk.shafaqna.com/EN/41180).

Of course, he didn’t see it. Nor did anyone else, because it really didn’t happen. This is proven, in part, by the use of fake blood. One of the most obvious examples of this is the drain dumping scene.  How convenient it is that the real bleed-out occurred right next to a drain with plenty of foot prints surrounding it. Did the murderer stomp around about the body after shooting the (faux) victim?

Notice the fact that all the red matter is on the ground. There is no arterial spray pattern seen on any of the upright objects. The two white hoses are curious. Do these represent elements of a blood bladder?  The clot is suspect and looks like nothing other than congested fake blood:

Once again, the color is uniform, just as it is in the Japanese example.

Fake confirmed by basement ‘blood’ stain with possible fake blood tubes detected


Let us look, again, at what may well be a blood bladder device of sorts. Once again, notice the lack of arterial spray in this image and the absolute lack of any blood spray on upright items, including the lawnmower, the foosball table, and, particularly, the cardboard box:

There is zero spray on the cardboard box. How is that possible? These could very well be fake blood-bladder tubes, as the highest density of the red matter is in the tips of the tubes’ proximity:

The phony clot is also distal to the tips of the tubes. Moreover, no doubt, that fake blood did drain downward towards the drain with gravity.  As well, this is a generalized splatter pattern and by no means resembles arterial spray or pouring, as occurs in a gunshot wound to the head and/or major arteries.

Notice, for instance, the power of arterial spray, here. Yet, the cardboard box in the above image is free of any red matter.

How about the steps? What is seen, here? Like the others it is a major phony. What are these uniform patterns which are seen? Notice also how the red matter is right on the edge of the steps, as if it has been carefully painted there.

Those drips and patterns look like they have been painted on by moulage moles, especially the pattern on the right. It’s not natural. That’s for sure.

Here is another pattern. It’s fake. That’s for sure. Compare this to real blood stain patterns from gunshot wounds:

How do they resemble each other even to the least degree? The color is greatly different as is the splatter pattern. In fact, there is no comparison.

One is a real crime scene tainted with actual blood. The other is purely staged, fake to the extreme.

This is a fake. There can be no other possibility.




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    Fake murdered vicSim is ridiculous fake named Teeon Milledge (Like Peon Goyim Milled-ground to death with bullets)
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  2. Sandy Hook Crook Israeli Mossad Terrorist Ziotrash Jew Fraudster Eliezer Pozner alias Leonard P Osner aka Lenny Pozner as despicable as They Get!


    • I for one will be LMFAO when Wolfgang loses this case big time. It’s not LP avoiding discovery, it’s your fat-cat friend Wolf.

      BTW what has Halbig done with the more than $100k he’s raised from gullible idiots (although I don’t imagine that you spared a dime)?

      Why is he unrepresented? Why is Jonathan Reich languishing on Rikers, also unrepresented, after Wolf used his case as an opportunity to collect funds?

      Why also is Fatpig doing everything he can to avoid discovery, when what he should be doing is focusing on exposing the so-called hoax?

      You hoaxers have been saying for years that court cases would bring the opportunity to expose this debauched act of treason. So many court cases, where’s the exposure?

      Look at your friend Peekay. Caved in at the first opportunity. No guts, no grit, no proof. Just grifting…

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        My love for Rudulf is real and I can shout it to the roof tops.
        Sorry homerbuford.

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        Cowboy FEBRUARY 14, 2017 AT 7:16 AM
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  7. almost ALL “mass shootings” are hoaxes….
    the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, April, 1996 was, also, another hoax….
    (pity they didn’t have “android phones” back then….it would’v been totally exposed!)

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  22. Ex1) Ben Taub (Freemason& Jew) Houston Hospital Hoax Shooting Aborted! SWAT Finds No Shooting Happened (Never mind they already released pictures & reports!!)

    Pictures of the Hoax shooting & drill being carried out already were release before the Ziotrash & DHS aborted the shooting being portrayed as a real event. This means someone may have caught them who was not in on the hoax. Be aborting it this way they can claim it was just a drill if anyone seriously raises hell or suspecions.

    Ben Taub was a wealthy zionist jew & 32 degree Freemason. He was also a retailer, real estate developer & Banker & Ran boards of many Banking & Insurance & other corporations simultaneously.


  23. Ex1-b) Ben Taub (Freemason& Jew) Houston Hospital Hoax Shooting Aborted! SWAT Finds No Shooting Happened (Never mind they already released pictures & reports!!)

    THIS Ridiculous Picture of SWAT TEAM & man hoax shot in Strecher Proves it was a drill being carried out to be portrayed as a real shooting:


    Again pictures of the Hoax shooting & drill being carried out already were released before the Ziotrash & DHS aborted the shooting being portrayed as a real event. This means someone may such a clean paramedic or Doctor or Cop have caught them who was not “in on” the scam hoax. By aborting it this way they can claim it was just a drill if anyone seriously raises hell or suspecions. But since we know it was reported first as a real shooting & know these fake shooting pictures were release we know 1 billion percent this was a drill style staged event intended to be portrayed as a real shooting for the zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda!

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  25. Sure Cowboy. But you really shouldn’t try and blame others for the posts you regret.

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