Zionist Terror — 09 June 2017
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Suicidal Terrorist Attacks on Iran’s Capital tied to the Israeli Mossad

It cannot be a coincidence that the capital city of the Islamic Republic of Iran was attacked just after the presidential election and the anniversary of the death of the country’s former supreme leader, Ayatollah Khomeini. Regardless, why would five average or below-average people, turned terrorists, risk their lives, taking on single-handedly the entire security apparatus of the powerful Islamic Iranian nation? Why would they do so merely to kill, randomly, common people, including a gardener and a security guard, in cold-blood? Moreover, why would they do so to their own people, that is fellow Iranian nationals, people who pose no threat to them and who are going about, minding their own business?

What could possibly have motivated them to do so? It was a senseless act, and there was no means, no hope, that these terrorists could either prevail or escape. All they could do was to commit carnage and then sacrifice themselves. Who in their right minds would do so?

Thus, there can only be one conclusion. Rather than a random terrorist attack this was an attack by foreign espionage agencies, using Iranian proxies, to destabilize the country. It was an act of war, make no mistake.

According to the Mossad it is necessary to find such individuals, all to do its dirty work. It would recruit the individuals, ideally finding disgruntled locals, keeping fellow Jews largely out of it. Note various Mossad chiefs their newfangled agents would require possibly an “ideological tweak” to keep the selected proxies motivated. They would be instructed in a way to favor Western nations and their norms, while demonizing the Islamic faith and their leaders.  Money would be dispersed to these desperate individuals, possibly up to $2000 per month, placed in an off-country bank account. Training would be required. They would be taken out for a period of time to one of the Mossad domains: Jordan, Raqqa, and/or Mosul. There, they would be trained by joint agents of the Mossad and US special forces.

Regarding the now dead terrorists, who struck the Iranian capital, this methodology has now been confirmed. According to Iranian officials in 2016 these men had left the country for “training” in Zionist-operated domains, Raqqa and Mosul. There, presumably, they were trained for the ‘operation.’ Per Iranian officials:

This follows precisely the Mossad code book, that is to use foreign nations to undermine and corrupt the nation in-question, that is the entity that purportedly poses a threat to Jewish world interests:

This was precisely the tool used in the past for the assassination of Iran’s Muslim scientists:

It is too dangerous to utilize Iranian Jews for this process and/or Israeli Zionists under disguise. It is well known that the perpetrators are usually caught: or killed. Thus, any direct connection to the Jews and their US collaborators must remain hidden. Per Seymour Hersh:

And, again, per Robert Johnson:


It is clear that the Mossad is behind this, along with other terminally corrupt, arch-murderous Zionist agencies. It’s merely the modern version of Irgun and the Stern gang, re-booted. Says Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, whose father was a former key figure in the Irgun criminal gang, 2016, regarding attacking and undermining the Islamic Republic (demonizing it, here, saying it runs ‘terror cells,’ when it is strictly the Zionists who do so):

The cowardly Cohen hit the Islamic state with a cheap shot using mere hired thugs, all to create mayhem and chaos:

Thus, this latest attack was strictly an attempt to undermine the country, create chaos, foment  fear, and create a lack of confidence. It was timed just after the presidential election: no coincidence.

Regardless, ISIS claimed responsibility and so the role of the Mossad is fixed. After all, the head of that entity, whether ISIS or DAESH or whatever, is a Zionist Jew, whose real name is Simon Elliot:

Who elected him other than the agency of Israeli Secret Intelligence Services? Here is this Zionist mole and Mossad operative slinking around behind McCain:

Image result for albaghdadi; image; jew; zionist;


Once again, there is no way they could come out of this alive. It would be not much different than five crazed men put up to attack the US or UK capital/parliament buildings. They would have to be insane to do so: or fully overcome by drugs. Regardless, all such attackers would be quickly finished off.

Ideological fanatics are the ideal domain for the Mossad and its US/UK collaborators: such as agents of the MEK. There are a number of them within Iran. In other words, antagonists to the legitimate, elected government can readily be found.

What were these madmen thinking? By no means could they benefit themselves. There wasn’t even the acclaimed benefit of gaining paradise, as they would get the opposite: to roast in the fires of Hell. Therefore, they were not ‘Islamic fanatics’ of any kind but were, rather, agents, mere thugs, working on behalf their Mossad, MI6, and CIA masters.

They could not, regardless, be Islamic fighters, even ill-conceived ones. That’s because they shot dead unarmed and innocent people, actual Muslims, during the holy month of Ramadhan. Some 17 Iranian nationals were martyred, may God give their families strength and rest their souls, while another 50 were injured. Many were shot at point-blank range by the crazed gunmen, who fired at people randomly.

So, they couldn’t have been holy warriors. Why would they be willing to kill others and even themselves, surely ending their own lives: over mere financial gain?

This criminal mind even shot this poor man in the back and likely killed him. The poor man possibly had been already shot and couldn’t move at this point.


Answering this question of what motivated the terrorists, what was behind the plot, is essential. That’s because it will lead to the ultimate perpetrators who surely orchestrated this assault from behind the scenes.

Islamic Iran has cracked Zionist-installed terrorist cells previously. In one case the terrorists said they were paid 600,000 euros to carry out bombing attacks at 50 locations in Tehran and other big cities in Iran.

Regarding the five, once again, the Iranian statement is that that the five had left Iran after being recruited by the Takfiri Daesh, aka the Mossad/Haganah/Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. terrorist group and had participated in the group’s atrocities in the Iraqi city of Mosul and the Syrian city of Raqqah.

After they were killed ISIS matter, along with weapons and bomb-making materials, was captured:

The ISIS flag was designed by the Zionists, not any Islamic group and the last work reads like “Jews.”

Even so, it can be no coincidence of the involvement of the United States, particularly in light of the visit by Donald Trump to the Saudi kingdom just prior to the assault. The US Secretary of State himself has stated that the purpose of the Saudi visit was to undermine the Islamic Republic:

So, while the terrorists were Iranian in blood they were Zionist in spirit and also in their scheme. They worked for Zionist Jews and the US-based collaborators, not for any so-called Sunni or Islamic group.









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  1. Doctor K — never taking responsibility for the vile actions of his own people. It’s never, ever the muslims. In Doctor K’s twisted world, it’s ALWAYS somebody else. Usually the Jews. That strategy has gotten you nowhere, and it never will.

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    Another video reposted by this friend who reposted dozens of his videos & who certainly is on this PsyOp where he gives a date of June 7, 2017.


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        The fake ear, fake arm & elbow & lack of massive blood splatter & brain splat from point blank suicide shots prove total fake!

        • You got some serious issues in your head.

          First of all:
          If you watch videos of the aftermath in Columbine you would see there were ambulances and police in action there.

          Second of all:
          No laws for tougher gun control were passed.There were no types of weapons who were banned for sale after Columbine happened.

          Third of all:
          I got a headache reading your comments.I was barely able to understand you because you throw up words like some mentally challenged kid with no effort to form a proper sentence.

          The fourth thing:
          I’m surprised you didn’t claim the death of millions of people in USSR was fake and hoax.That doesn’t seem like you at all since according to you no one ever dies and death doesn’t exist.

          The fifth and most important:
          Are you totally nuts?Ears are not fake,compare it to the pictures of the kids.The arm and elbow don’t look fake,they are with normal anatomy and are in a natural position in a aftermath like that.On the picture you posted half of Eric’s head is blown off.And in case you are completely blind there is blood splatter on the books next to the bodies and if you pay attention you’ll notice small red chunks on both sides of Eric’s body who are most likely from his brain or head.If your confused,he pointed the gun up in his mouth and the blast went upwards with the main part of the splatter,while the picture was taken looking downwards.

          You didn’t prove nothing and neither did the guy you copy paste from.Your so called facts about fake things aren’t facts with standing ground,it’s nothing more than your personal opinion while you try to look like some relevant investigator when it’s obvious you’re not.Most important you’ve lost your grip on reality not able to differentiate the events that occur so it’s easier for you to assume everything is fake because it saves you effort on thinking.

          • Why are you even trying to reason with this Cowboy character? If you’re a newbie here, know that he is a mentally ill individual living in a community halfway house in the Baltimore, MD area. All he does is post the nuttiest of conspiracy theories 24 hours a day. There are some days when you can tell when he is obviously off his meds.

            The authorities know who he is and have an eye on him. But you can’t have an intelligent debate with someone who has such deep rooted psychological issues. So just ignore his rantings. There are others within this forum who you CAN have a civil debate with. But not Cowboy. Just wanted to let you know.

      • You are right that this was a real school shooting; those who survived were wounded terribly. Since then, unfortunately, a number of school shootings have been faked.

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    • What a bunch of gibberish! Looks like Cowboy failed elementary math class, LOL!

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