**Breaking News** — 19 June 2017
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London Finsbury Mosque Attack is a Hoax

Updated, June 23, 2017

In what is an obvious cover-up fake the so-called ‘potential’ terrorist attack against worshipers at a North London-area mosque, specifically the Finsbury Mosque, is an arch scam and a hoax. Thus, the reports that a large white van ran over and/or struck actual people is a terminally corrupt lie.

See the mass police presence. What does this have to do with anything? Obviously, this was staged well in advance, with plenty of high-level media agents on-site:

How could there be that much organized police presence for a sudden, spontaneous, unpredictable event of a fatality and some 8 injured from a car strike?

The one world arch-Zionist-controlled government thrives on hoaxes and this is no less one than all the others. The always insane elements of FOX News reported that, incredibly, the van ran over “hundreds of worshipers.” It even reported that a man ‘jumped out’ of the presumably moving van and actually stabbed a person. None of this is plausible to any degree. Therefore, it must surely be fake.

This was contrived by the British government as a cover-up hoax, a distraction. Just why it was utilized is unknown, unless it was relied upon as an associated cover-up or disguise for the Grenfell High Rise fire, which itself is suspect in its cause and scope.

The extensive fire has reportedly resulted in some 30 fatalities, a number which is under extensive dispute. That’s because there is no hard evidence of any fatalities. Plus, claims that people fell to their deaths is unsubstantiated. In fact, there isn’t any evidence that a single person was harmed, including any firemen.

Even so, the mosque hoax is poorly contrived. Moreover, even a cursory review reveals that it is a fake and a scam.

No one was hit in the head. No one was run over. Obviously, it’s all fake, just like all the others.

It’s all a one-world order and all the orthodox communities appear to be participating in the arch-Zionist-run plot. Thus, it is said:

Community leader Abjol Miah said anti-Muslim sentiment has increased lately but was optimistic about the possibility of people coming together.

“People are going to wake up tomorrow…communities from all different backgrounds, and they’re going to be in shock to hear worshippers in front of a mosque were attacked in the same way that people were attacked on the London Bridge,” he said.

Thus, it is the case the Muslim groups are vitalizing the plot, giving it substance, even saying that the world must condemn what are nothing other than schemes and fabrications instituted by warmongering pro-Zionist elements. Therefore, chief agents of the Finsbury leadership are saying, ‘We condemn them all, Manchester, London Bridge, Westminster, and, now, this,’ that is in their own contrived hoax.

What a waste it is. What the world should condemn is the telling of categorical lies to support the criminally minded One World Government at the expense of the people: at the expense of the truth and real justice – at the expense of the actual and holy nature of the month of Ramadhan, where the purposeful telling of lies is banned.

Image result for London; mosque; finsbury; attack

The application of fake blood can be seen, here, by police or other moulage moles, and it does appear that the individual, left screen, is using a fake blood packet. Categorically, that is applied fake blood. There are no real injuries, here.

Image result for London; mosque; finsbury; attack

Here is another fake injured person. For some reason the shirts are commonly removed.

Officially, one person died. Yet, there are actually people going around saying three or four died and that, incredibly, no one seems to know what happened to them. They are waiting for the police to tell them, actually, to explain to them what to say next.

Here is the supposed suspect. What is he doing? How does this make any sense? Isn’t he supposed to be suffering head injuries and according to some reports, now, in a coma? Does he look comatose to anyone in this image?

Image result for images; finsbury mosque; attack van; victims; wounded

It’s all a stage, and this includes all orthodox communities, those of all the supposedly great religions: all playing the scam in unison. Yet, per the Qur’an regarding fabrications and deception this is disallowed. It’s even worse than this, since a follower of the truth is supposed to wage against this, and ask for God’s “curse” against the liars. Noted the Prophet of Islam:

“Beware, I inform you regarding the greatest of the mortal sins: Associating anything with almighty God, disobeying parents, and lying.”

Yet, why would a person who devoutly believes in this way actually side with the enemy, the warmongering Zionists, to spread the lies of these hoaxes and even endorse them? It is the polar opposite of the Qur’anic dictates, which is to wage war against deceit and corruption in all its forms, regardless of the source.

Hoax index: not measurable, beyond the pale – off the scale, a total fake, make no mistake.


See this revelation from a Youtuber, credit to his channel:

It is an incredible assessment, as true as it can be, a real eyewitness account of a poorly contrived fake.




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    • Ex9) ZioPuppet *** Don Lemon & All Jew Crew of Gloria Allred & other Mossad Assassin Ziotrash Happily Celebrating Their Expected Takedown & Extraction of Cosby’s Wealth! They Live!


      Oh How the Heathen Rage!

  1. Part 2
    Eustace Mullins Tells Why Kennedy Was Murdered By Evil Zionist Jew Banksters- He Decided To Destroy Their Debt & Power Over USA by Printing United States Notes!

    They a recorded speech at Waldorf Astoria Hotel to American Newspaper Publishers Association announcing the need to oppose the NWO Zionist Conspiracy! So they murdered him!


  2. Ex1) London Finsbury Van Attack PsyOp Shows London & UK Outdoing, Los Angeles & Paris & Louisiana & NYC As Zio Hoax Capital of World This Year 2017 So Far!

    Filthy Rothschild servants Ziotrash Actwhore$ Queenie Liz & Theresa May & are provening they are as good at being Ziopuppets as any treasonous male ziopuppets in the World!


    If only all these traitors could be convicted & hung & a bunch of Rothschilds we could end these zionist genocidal wars & murderous occupations.

  3. Ex2) London Eeevile White Christian Goyim Van Attack on Muslims Reverse of ZioHollywood Same Script of Eeevile Muslim Hoax Attack on Whites & Christians!

    As long as it’s Eeevile Goyim attacking the other Eeevile goyim group the real genocidal racist killers called zionist jews staging the PsyOp Tricks are happy!


  4. London Towering Inferno Smoking Gun!! Tower Demolition Application Filed in 2014 Found on Govt Website & Files! Frank Lucky Lowy Lowlife Will Make Out Like A Bandit off this PsyOp!

    It will be this zionist psychopath scoundrel Lowy who will get massive UK govt Subsidies & cheap loans to redevelop this site! & It was planned all along! If you think this mobster Lowlife Lucky Lowy just happened to get knighted by the Queen at the same time this Tower was burning than your head is as dumb as a bucket of steel bolts! These Talmudist freaks get off leaving you messages & codes that they were behind specific terror attacks & PsyOps!


    • Corrected Link! Corrected Link!

      London Towering Inferno Smoking Gun!! Tower Demolition Application Filed in 2014 Found on Govt Website & Files! Frank Lucky Lowy Lowlife Will Make Out Like A Bandit off this PsyOp!

      It will be this zionist psychopath scoundrel Lowy who will get massive UK govt Subsidies & cheap loans to redevelop this site! & It was planned all along! If you think this mobster Lowlife Lucky Lowy just happened to get knighted by the Queen at the same time this Tower was burning than your head is as dumb as a bucket of steel bolts! These Talmudist freaks get off leaving you messages & codes that they were behind specific terror attacks & PsyOps!


  5. Ex3) London AntiMuslim Van Attack ActWhore Cindy VANzella Supposed Witness Admits She Did Not Even See It Happened! So Why Is She A Witness??? LMAO

    Also why was CNN reporting this fake Van attack PsyOp before BBC???


    What is the chance of a witness of a Van Attack being named Vanzella??? As likely as a guy named Godzilla getting into a car wreck with a guy named King Kong!

  6. Smoking Gun of Preplanned PsyOp London Towering Inferno & Demolition App Filed 3 years Earlier!

    Lucky Frank Lowy the Lowlife Zio Mobster will get $$$ to redevelop it! Watch!


  7. Rothschild London Economist Cover Predictive Programming of London Tower Inferno & Right Vs Left Fighting Via Staged Events, Etc All on ’17 over!


  8. I called this a complete hoax within 5 min of watching coverage…..clearly as authentic as Sandy Hook…..

    • right on, a very poor fake, indeed.

  9. Ex7) Finsbury Van AntiMuslim Attack Hoax- Bearded Rabbi Mossad Agent Detected Playing SWAT Cop in Costume & Machine Gun


  10. Ex8) Finsbury 777 Coded AntiMuslim Van Attack PsyOp


  11. Please give me this as an intial post:

    Ex8b) Finsbury 777 AntiMuslim Van Attack Scotland Yard Hoax SpokesLiar Actwhore Says Cops Were Right There Already When It Happened!

    Watch this zioPuppet Slime admit cops were there already! Because it’s a fake staged PsyOp!


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  12. Ex30a) Congress Shooting -FBI Hoax SpokesLiar Tim Slater: Tom Hodgkinson “Shooting Was Spontaneous” He just came to DC & Scouted Out Place for Weeks Before Randomly Shooting At Congressmen! Sure!

    More Stupid Ridiculous Lies so people can argue whether he planned it ahead of time or not! And partisan political whores can argue over whether left wing rhetoric or right wing rhetoric cause him to go on a shooting spree or RINO Congressmen! He Planned nothing The script writers & directors & PsyOp experts planned the PsyOp, wrote the script & everyone followed it!


  13. Ex30b) Congress Shooting -FBI Hoax SpokesLiar Tim Slater: Tom Hodgkinson “Shooting Was Spontaneous” He just came to DC & Scouted Out Place for over Month Before Randomly Shooting At Congressmen!

    He Planned nothing, ideed, The script writers & directors & PsyOp experts planned the PsyOp, wrote the script & everyone followed it, according to script. Nothing in the fake shooting spontaneous at all!


  14. Seattle Cops Shooting Of Tiny Pregnant Woman with 3 Kids & Family Present Is (33, 44,77 &666 coded) Zionist DHS Gun Confiscation Agenda Hoax!

    1st the script repeats “30yr old woman” twice for 33° code. Then Script says
    kids were 11, 4 & 1 for a 44 Death & Destruction code & 14 aka 77 order out of Chaos code.
    The PsyOp fake happened on June 18 fot 666 code!

    A twitter tweet in the story gives a 3:57 posted time by Magnuson to subliminally give a 357 Magnum Gun Imaginary. & 3+57 is 60 aka 6 for another 33 code!

    Now this version of the script says she took out a knife & contradictory other version says she took out 2 knives!
    (Ironically & against common sense contradictions in script actually makes the stories seem more real to zioMedia programmed, brainwashed people!) How does one confuse 2 knives for one??? He doesn’t! BS! And story says she was tiny! & One cop says Taser her & other cop says I have no taser so they step back & shoot her! Right! & In front of children and other family! Ridiculous script, ridiculous Hoax!!! Then it says after executing her they took the children with them in police vehicles! LMAO!!! So you murder a woman & take the kids? Why take the kids after they just saw their mother shot to death? Obviously with all these family members present in the morning after 10am You would leave the kids with those family members or call the family or closest family member like Grandmother or aunt & have them take them! If no family members were present sure you could take the kids & sort it out later, but with family right there on scene & with traumatized kids you don’t take the kids from their family! What is this?–> “We are the govt’ we killed her so the kids go with us, victor gets the spoils!” ???? Idiotic PsyOp script!


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  17. Ex2) Seattle DHS RaceWar PsyOp Cops Kill Tiny Charleena Lyles 2 Knived Pregnant Black Woman w 3Kids & Family Present


    As I said Also after killing her the cops took her would-be traumatized kids instead of leaving them with family who were admittedly present!

    So the fake dead Crisis Actor’s name is:

    Charleena Lyles which in Jewish Gematria Equals: 698 & 6+98 is 104 aka 14 aka 77 Gematria Equals: 840 –8+4 is 12 aka 66 aka double 33 Charleena Lyles in Simple Gematria Equals: 140 aka 14 again & 77 Order Out of Chaos again!

  18. EX14) Tulsa Cop RaceWar Hoax Completely Proven Fake By New Video Showing Bullets would Have to Go Around Corner of Tiny Door Opening or thru Glass!

    So this is supposed Tulsa Cops bodycam videos & Cop Car Videos & Super Stop Store video together!

    Watch as cops come towards him & say “don’t go into” the store while he’s far away in parking lot, he keeps going towards right from left side to front of store as three armed cops walk fast towards him & merging into same direction as him from left to right. Cams switch to the store inside camera & 2 employees act concerned & look outside and see what is going on. One even goes outside & comes back in acting scared and yet insanely does not lock the door like any employee would do when someone is to be thought dangerous approaches store! Anyway it’s obviously Completely staged and the action inside is not timed properly to coincide with the action outside! And the bullet tajectory from any of those cops is impossible, much more impossible than before this new footage–since now we now see all 3 cops coming from left to right & shooting left to right from outside vantage point. Yet bullet would only be able to hit him inside from right to left! Watch the footage and see difference in time & angles & direction etc!
    Anyway the supposedly mentally ill bad guy with two knives enters the store unshot. Then after he comes through doorway, he’s supposedly shot, he flops to the ground like fake shot in an old Western Cowboy movie, but only after he is fully inside store & doorway is only open about 4 or 5 inches (but closing fast) & where a bullet could only enter from outside right of store (without breaking glass door) but the 3 cops are coming & shooting from the outside left so none of their bullets could have shot through the slightly cracked-open door before he was fake shot inside & fell!


    Again this new footage was not needed to prove it was a hoax as even the store cam footage already proved that! No employee would go to the door & go outside & see a guy approaching with knives & act scared & then insanely not simply lock the quick lock door! You simply turn the little knob in less than half a second! This new footage just proves it to the less discerning because it is so clearly obvious, as long as you look at it & think!

    This deceptive PsyOp Photo is to give you the impression that the door was wide open when the Actor was shot. But it was not! This is after the other cops opened the door! Yet this the same position of the cop when he supposedly shot him! And the door was almost completely closed then! So bullet would have to go around corner of closing door or magically thru the tempered glass door without breaking it! Both ridiculous & obvious impossiblities! Total Hoax!


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    Zionist Jew Mobster & Mossad Agent Assassin Gloria Allred & fellow ziotrash Mossad agent Margie Shapiro!


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