Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 18 July 2017
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All the Injuries in the 1995 Oklahoma City Murray Building Bombing Were Faked

In a most elaborate hoax all the injuries in the 1995-era Oklahoma City Murray building bombing were faked. Just how these fakes were achieved has yet to be fully identified. Even so, they were fabricated, nonetheless. This means that, for certain, no one died, although minor incidental injuries may have occurred, accidental ones, unintended, though this is unconfirmed. Yet, as far as injuries occurring within the buildings or in their surrounds this was all staged. That can clearly and categorically be seen by the following images. Where are the bomb-blast injuries? Where is the expected dust? Where are the actual wounds and lacerations that account for the degree of red matter?

A person can see the fraud, here, as this image depicts a staging zone for the fake wounded:

Image result for Oklahoma city; bombing; murrah building; fake blood; attack; image

NOTE: despite the destruction seen in the area there is nothing real about this ‘catastrophe.’

In the DailyMail caption it was said that these people were injured by a “car bomb.” No one can find that plausible. As well, it was feigned as a triage unit. It is not. Rather, it is a staging zone for crisis actors, and there can be no other possibility.

Here is one of the most obvious crisis actor shots available. It can be seen, categorically, that there is no real blood, here. There are no wounds. Surely, there are no lacerations that would account for the pattern of the red. Regardless, why wouldn’t someone wipe up that red color and stem the ‘bleeding?’

Why leave her roam about like this? It makes no sense.

There are no such evidences or injuries, period. This is clearly Hollyw00d-style imagery, with men in white shirts being drizzled through fake blood-bladders and blood packets.

See the hard proof, here. As the camera pans out a top-level camera-man is found right on-site, capturing the staged imagery. Actually, a careful assessment of the video-derived imagery shows a tripod to the left screen and another camera person (right-screen), though not visible in this image:

Clearly, these men are actors. There is no other possibility.

Here is another example of this degree of fraud. Yes, fraud it is, which is to feign an attack on a public building, destroy that building, and destroy associated infrastructure for a lie: to grossly deceive.

It can be seen that this is moulage, too, mere water-soluble paint, a sophomoric act, purely inane.

Clearly, this is an arch-fake, phony show, a mere fraudulent representation, where there is nothing real about it and where all these actors are surrounded by a litany of media moles. Such canned imagery is hard proof of the scam and the hoax.

In this image she looks directly at the camera, appealing to the public sensibilities, creating emotionalism, on behalf of her evil masters.

It appears, too, that she was ‘dressed’ in this regard by various moulage moles on the yellow tarp, which is tainted by fake water soluble blood:

There’s a gurney right behind her. Why would she be placed on that stretcher?

Here, she looks directly at the camera:

Even so, it seems unfathomable from a cursory view of the imagery, as it is emotionally jarring: much red matter, numerous people bandaged, and the children, the horrific injuries of those children, some of which were coated in dust, greased over in grease, and covered, once again, in red matter. Plus, supposedly, children and adults were buried alive: shocking, emotionally jarring.

For instance, the father of this child says he was burnt up, in fact, burned over his whole face and, actually, his “whole body.” Does this child look like he is suffering from burns or any other real injuries? Plus, if this child was really burned and injured, what medical staff would allow what is seen, here? The mother with an ungloved finger is pressing about the child’s face, in fact, pressing on his nose. No proper medical personnel would allow this to be done. Regardless, the fact is there are no burn injuries on this individual.

Nor are there an penetrating wounds. There isn’t a single laceration to be seen. It’s all moulage, no doubt about it. Moreover, to think that they did this, which was to manipulate human emotions just for the sake of treacherous lie and fraud, may God condemn them.


Here are additional fake injuries. Once again, all that can be seen is red matter. There is not a single injury, not a single, visible wound of any kind: no abrasions, cuts, scrapes, puncture wounds: no harsh trauma or blunt injury of any kind. In no instances is the skin penetrated by anything, not even by a chard of glass. Moreover, regarding the child there are no lacerations or injuries. To use a child like this, to use such a one to perpetuate a fraud and a lie, to do so for wicked intent – what could be more treacherous and wretched than this?

In the following example there is extensive use of moulage. Notice that there is little to no red matter, though, on the sheet:

It’s all paint. Once again, no wounds are visible.

This individual was coated with diatomaceous earth, then drizzled with fake blood. There are no wounds visible that would account for the red matter. Regardless, what are all these people doing on the streets giving interviews?

This man looks like he is transporting a Ziploc bag of fake blood, although this is yet to be confirmed.

Now come additional crisis actors ready for the camera-shoot. Who can doubt that this is the case, in other words, that these men are not wounded in the least and that they are staging this? With all these people standing about bleeding all over, where are the emergency workers to triage them and rush them to the hospital?

Here is an obvious example of painted moulage. How could this be a real wound? There is no bleeding and no laceration. The EMT or actor is playing around with gloved hands, acting like he is palpating the abdomen.

What about this? What is this supposed to represent? It appears to be Igor the Dummy. What real human being has fangs like that? With a color like that, surely, this is a dapper cadaver dummy. The lengths to which the government went to perpetrate this fraud and to heap this lie upon the American public, all for an arch-treacherous, deceitful agenda.

This means that Oklahoma City was a total lie and that no one died and no one was injured. It also means that no actual day-care was bombed and that this, too, was fully staged.




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  1. Come ‘‘new readers’, meet your resident disinfo agent Cowboy!

    His posts are so prolific and wide ranging that it is not often possible to make sense of it. So for your benefit, I’ve prepared a summary of his recent ‘truther’ ‘research’:

    – Posted numerous tweets in US Pacific time rather than in Eastern US time and claimed that this was ‘hard proof’ that certain individuals had advanced knowledge of crimes several hours before said crimes occurred (disproven)
    – dishonestly edited the obituary of a man, in an effort to provide ‘hard proof’ that the family were name-changing arch zionists crisis actors, removing information that the deceased was a Christian, an avid hunter, a life member of the NRA and a Republican Committee contributor (characteristics not typical of zionist crisis actors but ones he admires and suggestive of a family that might carelessly allow a 14 year old access to a firearm which was then used to shoot up his school thereby busting his hypothesis)
    – failed to read a name caption on a photograph and wrongly claimed that the victim of a shooting was actually the shooter and then absurdly tried to claim that the victim was a crisis actor playing both the role of the shooter and the victim (disproven)
    – claimed that the victim of the above crime was in fact a bodybuilder from Kentucky based on a single image in which the two looked nothing alike, but had similar ‘nipples’
    – using an obscure photograph the source of which is unknown, claimed to have located one of the Dunblane massacre victims alive, well and living in Australia
    – confused Austria with Australia
    – accused two women of being men based on his opinion of their appearance
    – claimed that Jews are systematically involved in the torture and ritual murder of non-jewish children internationally, over hundreds of years
    – claimed that the woolly mammoth is a hoax (an elephant with hair)
    – claimed dinosaurs are a hoax (deduced from reading Childcraft Encyclopedia)
    – repeatedly claimed that space travel is a hoax and flip flopped on the reality of rockets
    – enthusiastically espoused a theory that the earth is flat and in doing so claimed that engineers receive no training in how to calculate curvature of the earth when building major works (disproven)
    – suggested that the sun and moon are scientific hoaxes
    – unjustifiably and angrily accused multiple opposing voices of being a single poster named Gabriel. Now new readers, watch him come back here and call me a ‘zio trannie, homosexual and pervert liar Gabriel” for simply posting these facts. (I am not Gabriel)

    Cowboy’s ‘thruths’ are only limited by his fruitful imagination and his opinion alone forms the evidence base for all of them.

    Perhaps you ‘new readers’ actually agree with some or all of the above assertions. If so, you should hang around and assist this fool by providing the empirical evidence he is so incapable of supplying on his own. Alternately, you may wish to join me and others in ensuring he is held accountable for this profuse pattern of lies and disinfo.

    “Everything I posted above here is off the top of my mind”- Cowboy March 3 2016.

  2. Cowboy’s posts are the product of a deranged mind. We’re probably dealing with a paranoid schizophrenic or something along those lines. Some of his crazier posts have to do with dead celebs who he says are still alive… David Bowie, Prince, etc. those are some of my favorites- comedy gold!

    He doesn’t grace this site as often as he used to. He is, however, a frequent contributor on Rudolf’s blot. The Rudolf page is a blast and Rudolf doesn’t allow comments from anyone but his 3 actual readers (which include cowboy and christinne). There’s another poster there that recently accused cowboy of being on drugs and hating women. Good stuff!

    You can also find cowboy a lot on the YouTube comments sections of hoaxer videos (the only things he subscribes to when you check his profile). Even those fools don’t respond to cowboy’s posts.

    The whole thing is sad but it’s morbidly fascinating

  3. The assassinations of Abraham Lincoln ,JFK, and MLK. The Manson murders, almost all serial killers , spree shooters and school shootings.—- All faked and staged events with NO real blood or REAL VICTIMS. Just part of the matrix we are living in. Read Miles Mathis’s papers if you want to know all the details. We are truly being hoaxed to death and they will never stop

  4. You can find cowboys post on you tube what a knobhead you are gaybee like anyones taking bothered about your stupid posts

  5. Protester Fake Shot in Charlotte 2nd Day Of Riots & Protests of Hoax Shooting Of Keith Lamont Scott- No Gunshot,No Blood/& Cam Blocking Technic Used! Busted!


    No Gun Shots! No Blood No Shooting, Camera Body Blocking Technique Used Watch guy with yellow strips & other guy using A robe or something to block camera! Also see woman removed from fake shot guy!


    Blood added & Gun shot added in this footage!!!


  6. The last time I did research on OKC Bombing I did find several of the supposedly dead victims were alive and well. But I don’t know that no one was killed.

  7. US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Eisenhower Nuclear Tech Female Sailor Wrecks Into Sailor Husband’s Car (@ Norfolk Gate) Shoots Him & Gets Killed In ShootOut With Cops! Hoax!

    Yes 1 Billion % Hoax Like DC Navy Base Hoax & NSA Tranny *** Shooting Hoax @ NSA Gate! These treasonous Zionist DHS Gun Confiscation Agenda hoaxes just get stupider & more ridiculous!








  8. San Bernardino New Hoax Find! I Just Found Silicone Dummy In Staged Pic of Fake ISIS CRISIS ActWhore In SB Fake Zionist Medua & DHS Shooting!

    This is not the first Fake Dummy I & others discovered at San Bernardino Hoax of 2015! But this one which I just discovered is clearly a Silicone movie dummy!

    Copy & spread far & wide! It again, alone, proves San Bernardino is a Hoax & treasonous DHS PsyOp!


    This non bleeding silicone dummy was suppose to be the ISIS CRISIS ActWhore shooter!


  9. Hollywood ReCreated Fake Musician Kurt Cobain As Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo -Yes He was Just A Bleach Blonde Jew ZioScammer & Still Is!

    Still Stealing Songs & still gets the support of Ziotrash Hollywood!


    Hollywood fully behind him & his new fulltime band with Happy Days ActWhores all a his call & service! And sleazybag old ziotrash pervert Hugh Hefner as well!


    Yes He’s another ziotrash jew
    fake white rapper too!


    Same face, same voice same fake white singer, same ziotrash jew song stealing fraud!


    Same Ziotrash Jew ActWhore Fake Musician!


    Kurt Cobain /Rivers Cuomo is just another crypto jew like fake Reportwhore Chris Cuomo & his Brother Politico whore Andrew Cuomo! Maybe Perry Como was a real Italian American but not these zioFraudsters!


    Perry Como


  10. Zero proof of hoax, just an agenda. Three types of people support this.

    1) Stupid people who are so lacking in intelligence that they don’t even know how stupid they are.

    2) People who are genuinely psychologically disturbed (I feel sorry for you).

    3) People who know it isn’t real but want clicks.

    These people are just scum. If you are convinced it’s a hoax, why not go out on the streets and hold up banners saying so and hand out pamphlets explaining your view. You won’t because you are cowards. Hiding behind your screens like the pathetic worms you are. Anonymous dipshits.

    • why don’t you go **** yr-self, eh?

  11. You sorry POS! Stop using my username!

  12. any bizzo on whether or not the 1999 Columbine HS ‘massacre’/shooting was a hoax?
    i recall reading lotsa stuff @ the time which pointed to it being a gov. psy-op…. but….most of it was ‘del’ years ago………

    • pffft!
      “conspiracy theorists” are those who question the statements of known liars….that’s all you need to know, you effin’ (((shill)))

      • you’d know…… (((shill)))

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    • eat shite and die, you jew rat!

  14. But you’ve got to admit, it’s highly entertaining and downright hilarious to listen to their kookie conspiracies. Comedy gold!

  15. More round earth zionist PsyOps lies from Gabriel – the evil, sodomite, mossadomite, ZioTrash ZioWorm perverted satanic lowlife tranny fagboy Talmudist troll freak who crawled out from under a slimy rock. LOL!

    • are you an anti-semite?

  16. there’s plenty of good jews…. the General Cemetry is chock-a-block with them……
    why do they drill holes in jews’ coffins? …… so the worms can crawl out and PUKE!
    why do they bury jews @ 12′ instead of the standard 6′? ….. b’cs, even in death, jews stink….and….dogs will dig up their bones and scatter them b’cs they don’t like that particular smell ☹

    • So says (((Phantom))) sitting in his gay purple tights, living in his mother’s basement. This guy is an obvious loser with a capital L.

      • the stuff abt burying jews @ 12′ instead of 6′ is historical…..
        it might be anecdotal, but i, personally, did not ‘invent’ it…..
        a !Google! search will quickly confirm it…..

  17. What a stupid fucking post. While false flag events do happen (and this most likely was one), people have to actually die in order to achieve the agenda. My Grandfather is one of the men in the pictures that you claim to have “fake” blood on him. I assure you that he actually worked across the street in the journal records building and still pulls glass shards out if his skin to this day. Stop being completely fucking ignorant and spreading disinfo about these events, taking away from the hell that these victims have gone thru.

    • False flags mean people die, so it is under evaluation. Hoaxes: no death, like this one.

      Errors are always corrected. However, what about that glass? Where is he pulling it out of? It would be infected to the extreme by now. 25 years of glass in the skin isn’t plausible. What’s Granpa’s name?

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