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Fake Amputee with Fake Amputating Doctors Detected in Oklahoma City Bombing Hoax

In an elaborate hoax doctors and medical institutions conspired with federal government hoaxing agents to fake the amputation of a fake victim in the Oklahoma City Murray Building bombing hoax. The hoax agent doctors were David Tuttle and Andy Sullivan.

Regardless, this is how they fooled the people. The criminal minds behind this scam wen to such a level that they would orchestrate this fraud. The woman would be placed in the already demolished building and staged to look like a real bomb-blast victim, who would, eventually, lose her leg. It was all staged, Hollywood-style, to fool the public and to give powerful emotive forces to the hoax.

“In April, usually on Wednesday’s in the morning, we typically had a disaster drill at the hospital because all the tornadoes started in late April, early May,” remembers Tuggle. “So I assumed it was our regular disaster drill.

It was Tuttle who kept making comparisons of it all to a standard “disaster drill.” The person at-large is Daina Bradley, who was purportedly in the building at the time of the detonation. It is said that she was caught there after the bomb-blast and “was in a small hole, pinned by a cement support column.”

This column had purportedly “landed on her right leg between the knee and the ankle.” If so, she would have suffered extreme crush injuries and would likely died from blunt trauma and internal bleeding. Regardless, how did it conveniently only strike, though, the right leg, leaving the left one free of all trauma?

Thus, it is said, she required an amputation, apparently, because she couldn’t be extracted. At this point, per the image above, was when the amputation was decided. Yet, where is the evidence that any concrete pillar was impailed upon her?

Yet, it is said:

“Daina was conscious but she was cold, in a little pool of water, and there were a number of firefighters, rescue workers and paramedics who were down there with us, trying to figure out if there was a way we could lift the cement pillar,” says Tuggle.

Once again, where is the concrete pillar? How is it on her leg? Furthermore, what about the left leg? Why is it free of all damage?

Image result for Daina bradley; Oklahoma city; bombing; images

The left leg can be seen all the way down, even to the tip of the shoe, which is clearly visible. As well, she is wearing shorts. Why, then, is it impossible to see the right leg or even any component of it? As well, notice the gas mask. What good is it if it isn’t attached? Plus, there is a fresh chunk of concrete placed next to her head, obviously as a prop. As well, chalk dust has been placed on her forehead and chest to create a sense of realism.

Yet, it is said:

The problem they faced was that the pillar crushing her leg was supporting what remained of the building. A fire fighter was touching the column with his bare hands and if he felt any vibrations had instructions to clear the building.

Remember, too, she is supposed be covered, at least, partially, in concrete, that is “with a mound of concrete covering her right leg.”

Now, let us have another look, with the image lightened up and rotated left. There is no mound of concrete on the right leg, because there is no such leg:

There is no leg there at all. Just as in the Boston Smoke Bombing Hoax actors she’s a pre-amputee.

Sullivan, an orthopedic surgeon, claimed he layed across her torso, reached down and began to cut. It is also said he had “given her only a sedative instead of a complete anesthetic,” because he was afraid she would die from having weak vital signs. “She was screaming the whole time, begging them to stop,” says firefighter Pat Hopkins, who witnessed the procedure…

Incredibly, it is also said that Sullivan was “unable to see” well enough to do a good amputation. Yet, it can be clearly seen that he could see via at the minimum via flash-lights he clearly could see.

Even so, according to media reports “Sullivan operated by touch, as he severed the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding Bradley’s knee…”

Here, it was reported, he went through four carbon blades that became dull. Finally, “he reached into his back pocket for his own pocketknife,” which he supposedly used to finish it off.

They didn’t do an IV, Sullivan reported. However, he claimed he placed a tourniquet, a nylon rope. Then, he stated the incredible, which was that he left her after being told to leave the building, because another bomb had been found, at which time he said Bradley screamed,  ‘Don’t leave me, don’t leave me. I’m going to die!’

NOTE: here are the tools acclaimed to have been used, preserved in the Oklahoma City National Museum. Obviously, this is staged, a mere further element of a hoax.

Now, it is said that he left for 45 minutes then came back. At this time, according to the story lines, the firefighter cut through the “reinforcement bar that prevented Sullivan from reaching her leg. Still, the right-handed surgeon could only use his left hand.”

He then claims he started to slice the leg, when “she started kicking and screaming,” whereupon he pinned her other leg down against the wall. He also claims he cut through a large vein. He even said that he twice “mistakenly thought he’d finished the amputation.”

None of this is plausible.

Look at what he also said:

“We’d pull her out, and she was still attached, and she would scream. So, I finally went back in,” at which time he claimed he “completed the amputation with a pocket knife.”


A movie is being made on the basis of this hoax. In it Bradley, among others, will be featured.

Also to be featured in the film are Dr. Raymund King, a doctor at the Oklahoma University Medical Center, and Diana Bradley who was the last survivor to be removed from the rubble.

There was no leg in the first place. It’s all an elaborate lie and scam: a horrific fraud, make no mistake. It all demonstrates the extreme degrees to which the so-called federal government will go to further its treacherous agenda.


Doctors Sacrifice a Leg to Save a Life – Vol. 43 No. 18


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  1. Yes, a dastardly arch hoax designed by the Ziotrash to defame, discriminate against and demonize the God-loving, gun-sucking, government-hating white supremacists of America.

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  8. Obviously, Cowboy can’t tell the difference between true stories and fake news. What an idiot posting this “investigative” trash.

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  12. pffft…. pretty much every man and his dog knows the OKC bombing was a bunch of BS… @ the very least: a false flag….although…i’v never heard of it being labelled a hoax b’fr now….but… does tend to make sense and “tie in” with the claim that Tim McVeigh was never, actually, executed….the execution being a ‘staged’ event…

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  14. Zero proof of hoax, just an agenda. Three types of people support this.

    1) Stupid people who are so lacking in intelligence that they don’t even know how stupid they are.

    2) People who are genuinely psychologically disturbed (I feel sorry for you).

    3) People who know it isn’t real but want clicks.

    These people are just scum. If you are convinced it’s a hoax, why not go out on the streets and hold up banners saying so and hand out pamphlets explaining your view. You won’t because you are cowards. Hiding behind your screens like the pathetic worms you are. Anonymous dipshits.

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    • Jews keep on winning, advancing and prospering in all walks of life due to culture of education and success. While haters like the Phantom remain whiney losers obsessed with and jealous of Jews.

      • I feel very sorry for guys like Phantom, cowboy, rudolf,etc. they have devoted their lives to hate. Very sad way to live. A psychological problem I imagine.

        Would be like me creating a hate site about eskimos. Posting everywhere about eskimos. Devoting my life to hateing eskimos… an utter waste of life that would be.. but that’s what these people do.

        • uh…what……do “esquimos” control the banks, the media, the government, the military and the universities?
          do they start wars and enslave nations?
          are they nation-wreckers and purveyors of pornographic filth up to and including kiddie-porn snuff flix?
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  17. This sounds like the vacation of a lifetime! Sign me up!

  18. Good one cowboy.
    Those clowns are certainly typical of the flat earthers. Not the sharpest tools in the shed, eh?

    • another NASA “nebbish” …. jews and their lies….the bigger the jew…..the bigger the LIE …. right, Hymie?

      • Ok. We’ll, you’re a loser. It’s probably too late for you to do much about it so go check out jewwatch and post little ditties with a comic book icon as your avatar. That’ll be a very productive avocation for you.

      • Whoops- I left off something funny…
        you called me “Hymie”. So I’ll call you “Slimey”.
        Right, Slimey?

        (See- I can be as childish as you are but I’ll admit it doesn’t come naturally to me).

        See ya, Slimey. Don’t let the Jews ruin your day, lol.

  19. more likely than not, it was an insurance scam…..
    it stretches credulity to think that ice could gouge a hole through ¾”-inch thick steel plate/the ship’s hull;
    a fifty-calibre round would have trouble getting through that……
    as for actually occurred…..who knows?

    • hmmmm …. most certainly worth a ‘look’ ….. a quite classy little docco on what may well have been an insurance ‘swindle’ ….

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