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People Were Bused in for Staging in Las Vegas Shooting Hoax

Breaking: people were bused in for staging in the Las Vegas shooting hoax, proving, once and for all, that this was entirely fake. This was a movie, with all injuries and deaths fabricated. It can be seen that these people are being ordered about and coordinated after departing the bus, the direction of their movement marked by the arrow:

Suddenly, the coordinator appears:

The woman can then be seen raising her arm, giving directions, while the other woman looks on, smiling:

This is not possible in a real chaotic event with actual mass casualties and with a gunman running amok, shooting randomly at people. No doubt, these people were bused in for participation in this scam. It is obvious from the video, undeniably so. Fakes are fakes. There is nothing that can be done to make them appear real. Even bodies laying about and fake blood can’t do it.

Here is another image of the smirking woman, along with the coordinator – she is obviously coordinating the activities and there can be no other conclusion.

A smirking, smiling person can be seen again, here, beaming in her smirk as she performs a fake hug for the cameras. No one is going to act like this except in a fake and a hoax.

Massive numbers of people were brought in through various means of mass transportation in this heavily planned and orchestrated hoax. All these people are actors, which is obvious. Regardless, there is no evidence of any injury, here:

Where are any actual injuries that would account for real bullet wounds in this woman? Why is she laying about on the ground in the event of a gunman on the loose, if she is not potentially fatally injured?

Moreover, not a single person can be found actually injured, including the woman above. Let anyone prove it. Let anyone in this world demonstrate a real gunshot wound to any of the purported victims.

Smirking, smiling faces do not coincide with a real event involving a murderous gunman. No one is going to act like this before the cameras. This means the entire event is an arch-fake, a true hoax, not a false flag and certainly not a real event.

Here is a college freshman, who claims her foot was nearly shot off and that the bullet is still in her ankle:

No one finds this plausible in the least, that is not even in the most remote degree. She could not be this ‘chipper’ if she suffered a real gunshot wound to the ankle and if, in fact, she really did have a bullet lodged into that tissue.

This is a fake, like all the others. There is nothing to see, here, other than fabrications and acting. Too many people are happy. How much were they paid to participate in this and to account for how gleeful they are?

URGENT UPDATE: all of videos have been taken down. If anyone has any information regarding this, please post.


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  1. I knew this was a hoax the moment I saw it on CNN. Mom says I watch too much television and that TV is the opiate of America. I warned Gerald next door not to donate to these scams. Instead he sicked his Dog onto me as I was riding my pushbike to the Drug Store. I ask anybody, is this a low act or what? I know Gerald doesn’t like me because I’m different, as in slow. Well I can’t help it as I’ve had I very traumatic life.
    I gave up take crack a couple of months ago, but you know the saying–

    The Devil moves with the best laid plans.

    I relapsed into addiction again and I guess this is why Gerald secretly hates me whilst trying to be my friend. What a two faced moron eh?
    Vengeance is sweet and back in the olden days when milk was delivered in bottles I snuck over to Gerald’s place at nite and grabbed a bottle then opened it, tipped some out then urinated into it and put the lid back on. Lol coffee anybody?

  2. I believe that some of the events attempt to establish that it was a leftist facilitated black ops meant to take attention away from the anti-white America NFL events that will cost the cultural marxist ZioJesuit gaming empire millions in lost revenues and in keeping us goy asleep with their Talmudic hedonistic nonsense…

  3. Youtube is taking down truther channels, it has been going on for months, with the excuse of “community guidelines”, while fake truther like Alex Jones/Paul Joseph Watson are not hit and can keep their clickbaited garbage channels. Some truthers just create new numbered channels or move to other video sites or put MP4s on their webpages.

  4. This may be a red flag but this is not a hoax. I am a supervisor for CSC. Erick Silva was a guard with my company and he was killed. We had another guard who was grazed in the head and another who was shot in the leg/shoulder. This was real, people died and were injured. I don’t believe it was one shooter, there is more behind this than they are saying but as far as the real life injuries and people dying that part is 100%

    • Just what is a “red flag?”

    • This was a hoax. I am a supervisor for an agency I cannot name, what I can pass on is that if anyone was actually hurt in Vegas it was an accident. The entire event was nothing but a FEMA drill. Your tax money has to be spread around after all, and private agencies like the one I may or may not actually work for, have security clearances and non disclosure contracts and National Security treason laws and compartmentalization, to ensure that people keep quiet.

      Some private agencies fake corpses. Some provide stunt drivers, Some crisis actors. Some the transportation and food services. It’s a growing industry.

      • Many thanks for an honest person in the know who posted this. It is as fake as can possibly be. I wonder how many people fell during the hoax, skinned a few knees, and/or sprained ankles. That’s the extent of any ‘wounds’ or injuries.

        • Hahahahahahha! You would believe anything that suits your agendas.


          • It’s a proven hoax. It doesn’t matter if you are playing tricks or not. No one can prove otherwise.

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