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People Were Bused in for Staging in Las Vegas Shooting Hoax

Breaking: people were bused in for staging in the Las Vegas shooting hoax, proving, once and for all, that this was entirely fake. This was a movie, with all injuries and deaths fabricated. It can be seen that these people are being ordered about and coordinated after departing the bus, the direction of their movement marked by the arrow:

Suddenly, the coordinator appears:

The woman can then be seen raising her arm, giving directions, while the other woman looks on, smiling:

This is not possible in a real chaotic event with actual mass casualties and with a gunman running amok, shooting randomly at people. No doubt, these people were bused in for participation in this scam. It is obvious from the video, undeniably so. Fakes are fakes. There is nothing that can be done to make them appear real. Even bodies laying about and fake blood can’t do it.

Here is another image of the smirking woman, along with the coordinator – she is obviously coordinating the activities and there can be no other conclusion.

A smirking, smiling person can be seen again, here, beaming in her smirk as she performs a fake hug for the cameras. No one is going to act like this except in a fake and a hoax.

Massive numbers of people were brought in through various means of mass transportation in this heavily planned and orchestrated hoax. All these people are actors, which is obvious. Regardless, there is no evidence of any injury, here:

Where are any actual injuries that would account for real bullet wounds in this woman? Why is she laying about on the ground in the event of a gunman on the loose, if she is not potentially fatally injured?

Moreover, not a single person can be found actually injured, including the woman above. Let anyone prove it. Let anyone in this world demonstrate a real gunshot wound to any of the purported victims.

Smirking, smiling faces do not coincide with a real event involving a murderous gunman. No one is going to act like this before the cameras. This means the entire event is an arch-fake, a true hoax, not a false flag and certainly not a real event.

Here is a college freshman, who claims her foot was nearly shot off and that the bullet is still in her ankle:

No one finds this plausible in the least, that is not even in the most remote degree. She could not be this ‘chipper’ if she suffered a real gunshot wound to the ankle and if, in fact, she really did have a bullet lodged into that tissue.

This is a fake, like all the others. There is nothing to see, here, other than fabrications and acting. Too many people are happy. How much were they paid to participate in this and to account for how gleeful they are?

URGENT UPDATE: all of videos have been taken down. If anyone has any information regarding this, please post.


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  1. I believe that some of the events attempt to establish that it was a leftist facilitated black ops meant to take attention away from the anti-white America NFL events that will cost the cultural marxist ZioJesuit gaming empire millions in lost revenues and in keeping us goy asleep with their Talmudic hedonistic nonsense…

  2. Youtube is taking down truther channels, it has been going on for months, with the excuse of “community guidelines”, while fake truther like Alex Jones/Paul Joseph Watson are not hit and can keep their clickbaited garbage channels. Some truthers just create new numbered channels or move to other video sites or put MP4s on their webpages.

  3. This may be a red flag but this is not a hoax. I am a supervisor for CSC. Erick Silva was a guard with my company and he was killed. We had another guard who was grazed in the head and another who was shot in the leg/shoulder. This was real, people died and were injured. I don’t believe it was one shooter, there is more behind this than they are saying but as far as the real life injuries and people dying that part is 100%

    • Just what is a “red flag?”

    • This was a hoax. I am a supervisor for an agency I cannot name, what I can pass on is that if anyone was actually hurt in Vegas it was an accident. The entire event was nothing but a FEMA drill. Your tax money has to be spread around after all, and private agencies like the one I may or may not actually work for, have security clearances and non disclosure contracts and National Security treason laws and compartmentalization, to ensure that people keep quiet.

      Some private agencies fake corpses. Some provide stunt drivers, Some crisis actors. Some the transportation and food services. It’s a growing industry.

      • Many thanks for an honest person in the know who posted this. It is as fake as can possibly be. I wonder how many people fell during the hoax, skinned a few knees, and/or sprained ankles. That’s the extent of any ‘wounds’ or injuries.

        • Hahahahahahha! You would believe anything that suits your agendas.


          • It’s a proven hoax. It doesn’t matter if you are playing tricks or not. No one can prove otherwise.

  4. You said that the burden of proof lies not with the person making the claim, but with someone else to disprove.
    The burden of proof lies with someone who is making a claim, and is not upon anyone else to disprove. The inability, or disinclination, to disprove a claim does not render that claim valid, nor give it any credence whatsoever. However it is important to note that we can never be certain of anything, and so we must assign value to any claim based on the available evidence, and to dismiss something on the basis that it hasn’t been proven beyond all doubt is also fallacious reasoning.
    Example: Bertrand declares that a teapot is, at this very moment, in orbit around the Sun between the Earth and Mars, and that because no one can prove him wrong, his claim is therefore a valid one.

  5. Why are nearly all your pictures so fuzzy, etc that the faces can’t really be seen. I say it is because the pictures of the fake victims are also fake. These victims don’t exist as portrayed. They are not who they claim to to be. They are made up people. Also, there might be some crisis actors but I claim that the pictures shown of crisis actors are also fake pictures. The same people and organizations that create the psyops such as these also create the pictures and stories that pretend to bust the psyop. They create the psyop then create the opposition to the psyop that exposes it as fake. It’s all fake alright but they want us to know that it is fake. Both sides of the issue are controlled. I haven’t found a conspiracy forum that is not controlled fake opposition. Is this forum the exception?

  6. There are psyops galore and opposition just as galore. And it is all fake opposition totally created and controlled by the same entities that brought you the psyop to begin with. The opposition to the psyop is nothing more than an extension of the psyop.
    Look closely at the old bags riding that bus. They all have the same face. That is why they are presented with fake lighting and fake shadows and all faces looking a slightly different direction. And that is just a start. Begin training your eye to see one face playing multiple roles. You will find it in nearly every picture, still or moving, presented by the media and that includes nearly every tv program and nearly every movie. Start training your eye with still pictures by comparing one facial feature at a time from the same angle. Look for two or more faces presented from the same angle. A slight degree change in angle significantly changes the appearance of the face. Crowds and audiences and kids programs and movies are easiest to see as are soap operas and most anything low budget. It takes an hour or two training to convince you and after a few months you will no longer be fooled by any of it. It is designed so you don’t see it. Don’t give up. Notice the endless things they do so you can’t compare faces. When you can’t make a good comparison you know what’s up.
    Now let’s see how this forum handles real truth. I bet this truth goes nowhere.

  7. Also revisit the Paul Walker hoax. With your trained eye you can prove its a hoax by Google image cast and crew. Like all tv and movies one face is used to play multiple roles. Those characters were illusions from the start. The accident and all the characters only exist in the totally controlled fake media and in the minds of the totally controlled duped domesticated herd. Shut your mouth and open eyes. We live in a media created world stage of illusion and delusion.

  8. Another interesting area to compare faces is rock bands or probably any band. Google image them. I haven’t found one yet that wasn’t one face playing multiple roles. How do they pull it off in concert? I dont know but the media presented pictures is one face playing multiple roles. Train your eye and you too will be stunned.
    Btw be careful assigning the root of all this deception to anyone or anything. The Zionists seem to be at the top of the food chain and behind it all. But once you pull the curtain back far enough you realize that the whole show is completely controlled and also manufactured illusion and delusion. Just because it seems a certain way doesn’t mean that it is. In fact, what seems true is extremely likely to be bs. Nothing is as it seems. Remember the whole thing including the opposition to it is totally controlled. Don’t believe anything but your well trained eye.

  9. The only probable exception to the all conspiracy forums are fake opposition is That site seems right on. The only red flag is he doesn’t see the extent of one face playing multiple roles. I am sure in a number of cases that he says are family members playing roles is actually one face playing multiple roles. Train your eye. You can’t believe all this without seeing it for yourself. The truth is just not believable based solely on another’s word. The greatest understatement of all is truth is stranger than fiction. Strange doesn’t come close to describing what is upon us.

  10. When comparing faces pay no attention to the bodies. You will find the same face on various sizes and shapes of bodies. Don’t be fooled by age. I have seen seniors and babies with same face. Pay no attention to size of facial feature but instead focus on shape. Notice the fake shadow and light used to change appearance of facial features. Notice how only rarely do they show two or more faces from the same angle at the same time. That is why crowds and audiences can be a bonanza of faces from the same angle. An audience with faces looking all different directions looks fake. Dont be fooled by glasses, whiskers, hair, weird facial expressions, hats, etc. But do notice constant use of those things fitting into a pattern. You will soon recognize the typical combination of hats, hair, whiskers, and glasses. Don’t be fooled by makeup. The whole faces look different but the facial features will be the same. And they do mess with the facial features sometimes but usually leave enough in place to make a comparison. If you can make sure comparison of two or three features you nailed it. It helps to cover up the entire face except for the feature you are comparing. Strange how the whole face will make one feature look different especially the eyes. Often when you cover everything but the eyes the sameness jumps out at you.
    Over the past year I have noticed the psyop pictures have gotten nearly impossible to compare faces. You will notice that. And that is because the magicians have noticed that I am exposing them.
    When comparing moving pictures you must pick one facial feature then remember both the angle and how it looks then wait for another character presented from the same angle. It gets easy with practice but still pictures are easier. And with experience you can get around the different angles better. I can compare features from greater angles than before. Btw, I started comparing media presented faces over 35 years ago. I know what I am seeing.

  11. Also, you will be surprised to find they have been fooling our blind asses for a long time with the one face thing. I have analyzed numerous movies and TV programs from the fifties and a few movies from the forties. Same ****. Someday I will look at the silent movies.
    Also sometimes the ears are the only thing you can compare and often the ears will tell the story. But they often mess with the ears. Sometimes I see the shape of the ear will be the same until you get to the lobe. And they often use fake light to change or disappear the lobe. Look for that fake light on the ear and nose or anywhere on the face.

  12. I am now done with exposing or trying to expose the one face thing. The alternative media is totally controlled and I am getting nowhere. I’m done. This was my last effort and I will be surprised if this forum is legit. I expect nothing probably not even a comment. I will check back to see if this truth gets any legs here but I am done. Humans are domesticated herd animals controlled and herded by mostly deception with a lot of fear thrown in. The mind control is deep and not likely to be overcome. Dumb cows.

  13. When you get the time compare the faces in city and state governments. This one face thing goes down into even some of the small town governments. Notice how many of the obvious psyops involve small town police forces and small businesses. The magicians and their minions saturate from top to bottom.

  14. We are being had by masters of deception and it’s been so for centuries. Never underestimate the enemy. The magicians are light years ahead of the herd.

  15. The conspiracy crowd is stuck on focusing on issues and that is right where they want us. Have you noticed that there are so many issues that you can’t even begin to cover them. You can at best work on one issue and rarely and emphasize rarely does an issue get satisfactorily solved and that is where they want us. Look at how much time you waste on these bogus bs psyops that never go anywhere. They are fake from the start and anyone brought to ‘justice’ is also fake. While you are concentrating on one issue a hundred more pop up. We are going round in circles. We must get to the core of the problem. We must destroy the root. You understand that. Just look around and you will know we are going nowhere.
    When you back engineer the bs you don’t come to a common thread until you reach organization itself. Organization is not the root but it is the essential tool required for the psychopathic magicians to run amok. We must forbid organization period so the sovereign individual can come to the fore without manipulation and control of organizations. Every organization given time will exist mainly to perpetuate the organization and benefit those at the top. That is the nature of organization. Never forget that. There is no known way for humans to control the organizations we unleash on ourselves. And no enslavement or crimes against humanity on a major scale can happen without organization and they will always happen with organization. Organization is devolution always moving toward the oldest form of socialization, the social insects who are so specialized the individual can’t survive outside the organization. We are at that point. We are near total enslavement and extinction.
    The sovereign individual is evolution.

  16. Let me round this out. These typical psyop killer events are fake. We can probably be sure in certain ones like this that an event took place. Most likely there was a concert. And most likely some kind of uproar took place at the concert most likely fake such as maybe recorded gunfire and people running for cover. I don’t know I wasn’t there. But it make sense that they had to stir up the crowd or thousands of people would be saying nothing happened. But the pictures presented by are media are created in a studio using one face playing multiple roles. And lately they have made it nearly impossible to compare those faces. A few years ago they were much more careless in what they presented but they know they are being exposed. The one thing they do not want the herd to know is the one face thing. It is used in nearly every tv program and movie. The talking heads on tv are one face playing multiple roles but talking heads require a well trained eye to see it. We are being deceived by masters of deception. Never underestimate them. We are domesticated herd animals being herded with deception. This is no amateur production. Now as far as bused in crisis actors i say bs. Sure there are loads of people bused to these events by small bus companies who make their living doing this. They haul gamblers to nevada all the time. It’s legit. If there are any crisis actors you ain’t going to see them bused in. You are the stupid ones not the magicians. And as I said these psyops are created in a studio using one face playing multiple roles. The one face thing is what they want kept secret. Anything else that you think is a legit revelation is bogus. The magicians are creating all of it in a studio and feeding it to us with the totally controlled msm and the fake opposition alternative media.

  17. Turn on your tv news and watch the talking heads puke their mostly lies that are often created out of thin air like our money. Go into it remembering that like nearly every picture presented by the media they are using the one face playing multiple roles thing. However with a news ‘team’ I think they often use two or maybe three faces playing two or three characters each. Talking heads are possibly the most difficult to see the one face thing because they do a much much better job than usual with the disguise. That is because they have two or three heads sitting beside each other for a relatively long period of time. And during that time they often show two faces from the same angle at the same time. They try to keep faces at different angles because only a small difference in angle significantly changes the appearance of the face. Until you have a well trained eye you won’t likely see the sameness of the talking heads and even then you will usually need to look for much more time before the sameness pops out. But in the meantime notice how the head that isn’t talking spends most of the time looking at the head that is talking. That is done to change the angle so you won’t accidentally see the likeness. Also with talking heads watch their mouths as they talk. That sameness will give them away.
    Thank you for doing your duty by training your eye. Now how about some feedback.

    • When you watch the talking heads talk or when looking at any picture notice how they often have one character showing only top teeth and next one only bottom teeth. And notice how they use varying degrees of smiles showing different amounts of teeth. It’s all done to change appearance. And don’t let the facial expressions fool you. Expressions really change appearance. That is why you so often see ridiculous expressions on a face.

  18. You are not just slow – you have a screw loose. I suspect there is a good reason that your neighbor does not like you.

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